Pistons start the season with a Win

by | Oct 30, 2008 | 17 comments

Rookie head coach Michael Curry started the Pistons off with a win in a different manner than we are used to seeing. Coach Curry utilized his bench early and often playing 11 Pistons, eight of which put up points in the first half alone. Detroit started slow but once they took the lead early in the first half they remained in the drivers seat the rest of the way to a 100-94 win over The Pacers.

Key Points:

  • The Palace renovations look great and considering that building is one of the oldest now in the NBA, it’s still one of the best.
  • Very quiet crowd considering it was opening night.
  • I don’t know if it was shown on the broadcast, but right before the tip Rasheed took the microphone to center court and thanked the crowd for coming out, especially during the hard economic times and reassured Pistons fans that they (the team) were out to prove something.
  • The starters looked a bit rusty to start off the game but as soon as Curry started utilizing the bench Detroit made their push.
  • Rip and Chauncey each shot 5-for-13.
  • Four Pistons scored in double figures, and 10 played at least 13 minutes. Now that would never have happened last season under Flip.
  • Rasheed has not shaken his pre-season shooting woes. He went 4-for-11 for 9 points but his defense was just fine. Sheed grabbed 7 boards, had 2 steals, a blocked shot and added 2 assists.
  • Tayshaun Prince led the Pistons with 19 points on 8-for-15 shooting in 32 minutes on the floor. The jumpers weren’t going down to start but the dunks brought life to the crowd and the team.
Tayshaun Prince with 19 Points
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  • 14 turnovers for Detroit isn’t the norm but they really took advantage of Indiana’s 21.
  • Rebound war won 41 to 38. It was nice to see them grab 14 offensive boards. I love that way Amir keeps the ball alive down low.
  • Detroit shot 44% for the night to the Pacers 49.
  • Lesson Learned – Leave Amir open and he’ll knock down a 20 footer.
  • “It all started with preseason, when I was already shooting a couple of jumpers,” Johnson said. “I’m very confident in my jump shot. We work on it every day and I’m just going to keep shooting if I’m open.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Great to see the Amir get introduced by Mason in the Starting Lineup.
    In my opinion Walter Herrmann AKA Rico Suave was the key off the bench for Detroit. Herrmann sank a couple of key three pointers in the second to help the Pistons take control of the game. He finished with 10 points and the best two came on this circus shot late in the fourth.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and FSN Detroit

  • “Walter Herrmann came in and he’s shown everyone he’s a guy who can come in and give Tayshaun (Prince) a break,” Curry said. “He’s (Herrmann) a very capable player in this league. He’s an experienced guy.” “I was waiting for this opportunity,” said Herrmann, who saw limited playing time last season when arrived in a midseason trade from Charlotte. “This season maybe I can play more minutes. Michael Curry told me when I come to the court I have to play hard. That’s it. ” Via The Detroit News
  • NBA.Com Highlights of the Game
  • How did Danny Granger put up 33 points on Detroit, who was wasn’t guarding him? The kid couldn’t miss, I almost thought it was a mistake when I looked up at the scoreboard and noticed he had 30 late in the fourth.
  • Come on people, I know there is traffic but there is no reason to leave the game with 6 minutes left when it’s pretty close. The building was almost empty when I left, and I always stay till the final buzzer sounds.
  • The new look Pacers really like to run the floor, it made for a different looking Pistons approach that I’m not used to seeing from this team.
  • You always miss things when your’re at the game but Team Need4Sheed Captain (Steve) made sure to text message me that one of the refs called Indiana’s coach “old man”. That’s the beauty of high quality microphones.
  • Dyess just didn’t look like himself to start the game but eventually got into the groove. He put up 8 points with 5 boards. The thing about McDyess is….it seems like if he doesn’t make his first couple of shots to start the game he struggles. When he knocks down the first one, watch out!
  • Scary isn’t it….Amir and Sheed down low. Did I mention Amir blocked 3 shots on the night?
Amir Johnson and Rasheed Wallace
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Solid effort for Arron Afflalo who had 5 points and 3 takeaways in 13 minutes.
  • Stuckey looked solid and had a couple of nice cuts to the basket for layups.  Eight points with four assists in 16 minutes is a nice way to start the season. I do get a little scared when he drives the lane in traffic with no hesitation, reminds me a little too much of Wade (and his injuries).
  • The Spare Tires dressed in appropriate gear passed out candy to the crowd and did one heck of a Thriller dance during one of the breaks in action.
  • My goodness was it just me or was the officiating a little off? I know Detroit took too many jumpers but the foul discrepancy was big. Detroit had 16 chances at the line to Indiana’s 29. Jarret Jack slipped and fell and they called a foul on Prince.
  • Chauncey’s three pointer with three minutes left was the nail.
  • Either the Pacers are better than I expected or Detroit wasn’t quite on their game last night.
  • Have to agree with Dave Dial on this one.
  • For those of you in the chat room last night during the game I’m anxious to know how it worked out.
  • Many of you asked, so I just want you to know that the November Pistons Schedule wallpaper will be up tomorrow.


  1. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    I love the new chat room, it’s great.

    Good job Natalie

  2. claire

    i ALWAYS hate it when fans leave the building early (unless they have reasons to believe that they’re bringing their team bad luck). I didn’t get to watch this game, so I can’t say anything except that I’m glad we won. Btw, is Amir going to be our starter forward for the rest of the season now? I can’t help but to ask…what about Maxiell?

  3. B-City

    In the highlights for the game last night, in fact it was a espn top 10 play was rasheed getting shit on by TJ Ford. Obviously this will happen, just based on size and speed. But the best part was it was the same rasheed we have seen in the ECF just standing there chillin, acting like its not even game time and its the first game of the season. I am so tired of this waste of space and salary. Curry needs to put hoopers costume on this idiot and let him dance and run around the stadium like he does anyways. FIRE SHEED. 3 years now that we cant get over the hump and id say 50 percent of the reason why has been this piece of shit, but lets keep him around in a contract year. wow.

  4. B-City

    and maxiell is a greedy mutha…. pistons offered him a four year 20 million extension and he turned it down like he is too good for detroit. come on now. id take 20 million in a heartbeat. i hope he leaves and regrets every minute of it when he goes to a down and out franchise with no shot at a title just to make the extra couple million. couldnt believe this when i heard it.

  5. Amer ican Prince

    Rasheed stole my dance move for his pregame dance. But I’m happy with Sheed in terms of his emotion. I’ve never heard him talk so much throughout the game. He just seemed to be into it more than when Flip was here. I don’t know what was louder Rasheed’s mouth or Michael Curry’s suit.

    The only player who I thought was any different than last year in terms of playing was Chauncey who was a lot more aggressive going to the basket. I already know I am going to be very frustrated at Tayshaun this season. (I’ll bet he was the one guarding Danny Granger)

    Anyway good win, Ice for Dyess would be nice and let’s roll

  6. gMac

    Lots of pick & roll used by MC. I’m always puzzled by how little Flip used that. We have the perfect players for pick n roll.
    What’s with the Beef on Sheed, b-city?
    I thought Sheed played ok. He was asking for the ball down low. He played well on D, especially trapping and helping the guards.
    It’s just one game! relax

  7. Brittany

    I know this question probably has already been asked and answered many times but,

    Why did Sheed change his number back to 30?

  8. AT

    Max agrees to extension

    4yr $20Mil

  9. Susan

    After last night’s game, I think we should feel very good about the bench. Stuckey, Hermann, Maxiell, Dyess, and Afflalo all played well and contributed something. Most importantly, they were given the opportunity to contribute. Thanks, MC!

    I am officially on the Walter Hermann bandwagon.

  10. Joe

    Couldn’t watch the game, my league pass messed up. Good to hear we used the bench alot, and I’m also happy to hear we’re initialising the pick and roll, flip’s offense didn’t do anything special for us. B-City, i agree that Sheed can be bad for the team sometimes. He has (possibly had) so much potential, but it seems he’d rather waste it camping out at the 3 point line than fighting in the post. His attitude doesn’t help the team, especially when he chooses to sulk when he gets a bad call, rather than getting on with the game.
    I expected us to sleep on Danny Granger, this kid’s a star and should be considered a threat. I really wish we traded Tay for Jackson, that move would of really helped the team. Jackson’s a great offensive player, and if you watched the warriors game last night you’ll see he plays genuine defense as well. With the pistons rotation he could make this team something special (he played 48 minutes last night, and you could tell it had an effect on him by the end of the game).
    A win’s a win, and as I said before, I’m just going off what I’ve heard, so I shall wait until the Washington game so I can see for myself.

  11. bianca-wonka

    Natalie u are doing great with the site. Jut had to say that.

    And I agree with B-City. Although Maxiell has accepted the offer now, sometimes I think people forget how much
    just 1 million dollars is. Like Gilbert said, you don’t turn down contracts like that. You never know where you’ll be come next season.

  12. Jess

    Man, I sure did miss these recaps Nat.

  13. Chih

    I am very excited for the new season. After game 1, MC showed that he will play the young guys. I think Herrmann and Afflalo had great games last night. The Spare Tires Thriller dance was classic. 🙂

  14. Amer ican Prince

    Am I the only one who thinks our offense looks like the Scott Skiles Bulls when we played them in the offense. Hard defense and a lot of running on offense? Obviously the Pistons are more talented but we’ll have to see.

    I really expected to see something different. I didn’t care if it was the worst basketball ever (maybe I’d care a little) but I really thought we would see something different from the players which we didn’t. I hate how perimiter oriented the team is, and I hope that gets corrected. Rasheed Wallace shouldn’t be a decoy, No one was looking for JMax, Kwame didn’t get a lot of burn to show what he could do. And truth be told I? didn’t see any glue guy on the squad other than Amir Johnson and Dyess a little, everyone else appears to be score first then pass. It’s good to be aggressive but we need guys who don’t need to shoot and still provide some veteran leadership (Lindsey Hunter-esk)

  15. Amer ican Prince


    Sheed said he was going to give 36 a go for a little while to honor his brother who died at the age of 36 (not sure if they ever said how it happened). I believe his plan always was to go back to 30 at some point. I guess he felt the time was right with the changing of the coach or maybe he just thought it was time regardless.

  16. B-City

    good to see maxiell took the extension. foot in my mouth really because when i heard he turned it down i lost alot of respect for him, just investing half of your yearly income will make you a multi millionaire so why take a chance on other teams. however im glad he accepted, even though it seemed to be like pulling teeth. i wonder what he will be offered in 4 years.

  17. The Fluidics

    sheed #30= 1 championship
    sheed #36= 0 championships


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