2008-2009 Detroit Pistons Introductions

by | Oct 30, 2008 | 12 comments

I thought I would get the intros up for you as soon as I got back from the Pistons win over the Pacers on opening night. I am not really sure that I can pinpoint it, but for the first time I wasn’t feeling the changes of the intros. They just didn’t pump me up as they usually do to start off the game. The video was cool, but seemed quite quick and the music just didn’t move me at all. Maybe it was the excitement of the opening game, well I hope so that’s all it was because the intros really make the game special for me.

When pulling the video I noticed that Rasheed made quite a statement after his customary dance. Make sure you listen to what he had to say to his teammates in the huddle.


  1. Sheed's The Truth


    Since you were at the game you didnt get to hear George Blaha doing the commentary, but at one point during the game he said something alot the lines of “there is a need for sheed”. As far as Rasheed’s comment, he was just making a statement that the boys for mo-town are bring that trophy back to where it belongs

  2. The Fluidics

    Nope, there was no music, or the ‘splosions didn’t go at the right time (when the wrecking ball hit.)
    Was there no final countdown?
    Anyways, no matter what, you can’t help but to get jacked when mason introduces Rip. That one gets me every time.

  3. Kyle C.

    I know what you mean Nat, when i watch the ones with Big Ben i get all HyPhY but this one was still very very good. Anyways good win for a new coach and Amir starting. Walter was kicking ass all day he has tons of talent and if flip gave hiam a chance last year who knows what would have happend.

  4. Slough

    anyone else hear sheed say “let these motherfuckers know?” at of the intros in the huddle?

  5. Jop

    I read about a possible trade involving Samuel Jackson of the Warriors and Prince.
    Are we crazy or what? SJax was also the guy involved in the brwal at the Palace, we don’t what him at all.

  6. Jeff



  7. VJ

    First off, Jop, his name is STEPHEN Jackson. Second, thats never going to happen, i mean the trade with prince, and not because he was involved with the brawl, just cause he sucks. And Walter Herrmann was playing out of his mind last night. The Pistons roll 11 deep this year, with all being contributors. And rasheed is hysterical. the last 15 seconds of the video is the reason he is the best player of all time

  8. Jeff

    I thought it was a package deal – Samuel Jackson & John Travolta for Sheed and Tay – LOL

    Also that will never happen – 1 word “Brawl”

    Here is the official word from WOW

    During previous NBA seasons, the Pistons made certain extra games available to our customers through MyTV (channel 20) as part of regular programming. This year, however, Fox Sports has the rights to all of the Pistons’ games, and there is an extra charge to WOW! for customers to see these games.

    At this point in time, WOW! is in negotiations with Fox Sports to reach an agreement that is acceptable to them and us, as well as financially feasible for our customers.

    While we are working quickly to resolve this issue, unfortunately we do not have an ETA available for when an agreement will be reached. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you during this negotiation period.

  9. Jop

    Sorry. sorry LOL I meant STEPHEN Jackson of course

  10. Damien W.

    Your not the only one Nat, I love the ‘Piston’s Wrecking Machine’ but still, the one last year had me going… and any one that had the ‘Other Wallace’ in it had me with goosebumps at all times.

    As for seeing the game itself… Wow, I thought I was the only one who didn’t get to see the game… or any of it. I was watching the tip-off show that they usually have before each game on FSN Detroit, then when 8 ‘o clock actually rolled around, my screen went blank and after about 30 minutes, it went off the air and didn’t come back on until like an hour and a half after the game was long over. I think the purposely did that to me since I live in Ohio. Just wanted to know if anybody else were having the same problems.

  11. Richie

    I understand the concerns for those of you who are missing out on the My20 games back home. From my perspective, however- FNS having rights to the games is awesome, since I currently live in the UP where about 1/3 of the games that weren’t aired on national TV I didn’t get to watch. This year all of them are telivised up here which is exciting for me. Belive me though- I feel your pain fellow Pistons fans.

  12. Kevin

    the pistons are using music from the dark knight for intro.


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