18 Responses to "Rip’s New Look – And No I Didn’t Photoshop This"
  1. Avatar Leo says:

    I love that look
    if only it’d look good with his mask on.. I’m having doubts.

  2. Avatar hermus11 says:

    Love the beard! I don’t know how well the gloves will help his shooting touch though..

  3. Avatar Chih says:

    I have to admit…that looks kinda nasty.

  4. Avatar Steve says:

    Well he’s from PA and there are a lot of Amish folks there…

  5. Avatar Shelton says:

    He looks like a WereDuck.

  6. Avatar Truth About It says:

    Well….it’s not really “his” look…and being from PA has something to do with it, but not because of the Amish thing.

    Check out pictures of the rapper, Freeway.

    All types of cats up there have those beards (could be more of a Philly thing)….However, it also has to do the with fact that Freeway, Beanie Sigel, and other “crew” members are Muslim.

    So, you can go ahead and start the “Rip Hamilton is a Muslim” rumors….actually, he might be….I don’t know…but not like it would matter to me anyway.

  7. Avatar CHendrix says:

    the same picture was in the Grand Rapids Press and it also said that Rip would shave before he played in any games.

  8. Avatar spcneedle says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s going for the Kimbo Slice look.

  9. Avatar Mark P says:

    When did we trade for Baron Davis? Haha, actually I heard he is going to shave it before the season begins. I kind of I like it though.

  10. Avatar riphamcuz32 says:

    no rip tht aint cute he need to shave that ish off

  11. Avatar paulyd0021 says:

    That beard is awesome, I hope he grows it out 🙂

  12. Avatar pistons4life122 says:

    where do you find the meadia day 2008 picturessssS?

  13. Avatar lola says:

    At least he shaved it off!!! No worries people, It was gone at yesterdays open practice!

  14. Avatar KneeJerkNBA says:

    Beard’s cool. Hairline’s looking a little weird, though.

  15. Avatar mobius909 says:

    he looks like freeway. i like the layout nat, but i miss the mugs down the left side.

  16. Avatar person says:

    I saw him at the open practice on Thursday at Oakland University, and the beard was gone.

  17. Avatar Camdyn says:

    This is great info to know.

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