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by | Sep 22, 2008 | 10 comments

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  • Patrick Hayes did some great interviews with Rodney Stuckey, Arron Afflalo and Coach Curry. What I found promising was Curry’s words on D. “I want to be a team, of course, that’s really good defensively. We’ve been good defensively but I want to be good defensively consistently. Let’s understand that our guys have been really good over the last six or seven years, but what we’ve had problems (with) at times is maintaining that consistency and playing at an extremely high level. What we have to do is make sure we do all the little things so we can play at that high level consistently and that’s something we haven’t done in the past. That comes with, I feel, being in great shape condition wise, taking care of all the little things offensively and defensively on a day-to-day basis and we have to do that as a staff and that is what we will enforce going into training camp.” Rodney reiterates “We’re gonna be picking up full court, trying to get back to our old ways of playing Bad Boys defense. That’s something to look forward to this coming year.”
  • Sheed’s Techs.
  • Interesting comments from coach Dave Cowens.
  • I had a chance to go to the Shock game yesterday. Unfortunately they couldn’t finish off Indiana, but I did get a chance to see the improvements they made to the Palace this summer. From the new lighted section number signs to the extra large murals and pictures in the concourse, that building looks and feels new.
  • Rodney Stuckey interview on WDFN’S Stoney and Wojo Show.
  • Cowens likes Kwame.
  • Curry on Sheed, “I know a lot of people talk about Rasheed getting down in the post and I talked to him a lot last year about it. We will call more plays for Rasheed – and not only Rasheed – to get down in the post. Getting points in the paint is going to be one of our main focuses, but it takes a lot of conditioning, especially as you get older, to get down in the post.” Via True Blue Pistons
  • Amir and Sheed side by side?
  • MC thinks Sheed needs to look like this next season.
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  • Scott Perry on Sheed : “You make it a point of emphasis, and if you make something a point of emphasis with a player consistently enough and long enough, you can get results from it. Rasheed is a very smart basketball player. It’s Mike’s job to hold everybody accountable to do what they need to get done to win. And Rasheed has always been about winning. It starts there the consistent stressing of it. That doesn’t mean he won’t take any more perimeter jump shots, because that’s a weapon and a strength of his, as well. But I think Rasheed himself would be the first to agree with you – hey, whatever it’s going to take to win. If you stress it and it makes sense to players, there’s a tendency for them to follow along.” Via
  • I remember this like it was yesterday.


  1. Steve

    Thats awesome they see promise out of Kwame, i personally think he was in the wrong town on the wrong team, In LA it was the KOBE BRYANT show and if somone slipped they ridiculed them for it which can bring down self esteem, when he first played for the bullets he was a walking double double so lots of promise and on memphis.. well its memphis anyone would suck there its a horrible place to play ball. they are the detroit lions of the NBA. But only a few more weeks till pre season and im pumped.. bring it on.

    plus on it shows kwame with the kids in disney world riding the rides with the kids and the smiling faces only could make me smile too. he looks like a genuine class act.

  2. Dominic

    “[We’re] trying to get back to our old ways of playing Bad Boys defense.”

    That quote is orgasmic!!!

  3. Steve

    whoa settle down dominic it sounds like u gotta get a lady friend if the pistons make u orgasm lol

  4. Altan

    i was lik goin nuts when deanna nolan hit game tyin 3 to go to overtime, too bad they lsot 🙁

  5. dirge

    Like most fans, I was a tiny bit disappointed some big trade didn’t get done this summer… but Curry and Cowen’s comments really have me excited.

    Realistically, I realized any big move would mean saying goodbye to players I’ve grown to love over the years. Still… I have a habit of rooting for “underdogs,” most notably roleplayers and bench guys. Trading away two starters for a single star would have freed up some time for younger guys. Realistically, I can’t think of many realistic trades that would have improved the team… and that’s the goal, so I’m fine with the outcome.

    Curry seems like he’s going to make people earn their minutes. Stuckey is definitely going to challenge Chauncey and Rip for minutes; I suspect there will be times when all three will be on the floor at once. Afflalo, with his fantastic defense, is going to definitely earn minutes in Curry’s system, and I’m pretty thrilled Will Bynum was picked up this offseason. He’s looked better and better in his stints in the D League.

    I was surprised Walter Hermann was resigned… not because he was a disappointment, but rather I thought he was unhappy in the NBA. I thought he’d be headed overseas this season for sure. Personally, I much preferred him on the court to Jarvis Hayes. Hayes is a competent scorer, but I think Hermann’s defense is fantastic… and I think he’s a very underrated scorer, especially from three point range.

    The offseason didn’t produce a dominate post scorer, but Kwame Brown being picked up for what amounts to spare change in the NBA is perfect. I know people are rolling their eyes, but I’ve seen him play; he’s a talented, fast, legitimate center. He can rebound and block when healthy, and I think he’ll end up being an upgrade over Dale Davis and Theo Ratliff. He’s 26. If he stays healthy, he’ll be an important roleplayer on the team… and he’s got something to prove.

    Meanwhile, the idea of moving McDyess back to the bench sounds interesting. Both Maxiell and Amir also seem to be energy guys, but I think the Pistons are looking as sound as a team can be without the benefit of a dominate low post scorer. Perhaps Curry will get Rasheed in condition to play down low more often. Whatever the case, with big men like Sheed, McDyess, Amir, Maxiell, Kwame, they’ll be some depth and competition that’s critical for a successful team.

    I see Cheick Samb and Walter Sharpe as projects at this point. Samb has obvious potential. I haven’t seen enough of Walter Sharpe to form an impression yet. I was delighted to hear Trent Plaisted was drafted, though; he looked good at Brigham Young. He isn’t a high enough draft pick that much is riding on him, but I think he has a good chance of making the team in the future, depending on what happens to some of the older (and free agent) big men in the future. He definitely has the agility and footwork to be an asset as a 6’11” 240 lbs. guy.

    Anyway, the #1 reason to get excited is the return of BAD BOY defense. If any coach is going to be able to coax it out of the Pistons again, it’s Curry. The young guys seem competetive enough to challenge any starters that don’t buy into Curry’s approach, so I think we’ll see the much-needed drive that’s been lacking (intermittent, anyway) the last few years.

    Go Pistons!

    … besides, I don’t want to look at the market any more 🙂

  6. mannie32


    cant wait to see impact of curry, stuckey, amir and hopefully an inspired sheed on the pistons this year

  7. Steve

    juan dixon got signed in washington..i liked his shooting they shoulda gave him a better shot o well bust of luck to him.

  8. gMac

    Curry sure says all the right thing. I’m pumped now!!
    “We will call more plays for Rasheed – and not only Rasheed to get down in the post. Getting points in the paint is going to be one of our main focuses”
    Well said, too bad Flip doesn’t understand this.

  9. Altan

    SHOCK MURDERED THE FEVER YAH BITCHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Steve

    who cares WBNA sucks a decent mens highschool team could beat the shock they blow.


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