Happy SheedDay!

by | Sep 16, 2008 | 12 comments

September 17th is the day we give thanks here at Need4Sheed.com

It’s that time of the year again to with Rasheed Wallace a Happy Birthday. I was 34 years ago today that Sheed came into this word to spread cheer, threes and technical fouls for all to enjoy. We may have not been invited to the party, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wish him well.

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Thank you Sheed for all the excitement, entertainment, passion and the pride you display every time you step on the hardwood. Thank you for being a team player and helping the Pistons become the elite team they once were. Thank you for all the Guaransheeds whether they come through or not, it just means we know you are going bust your ass to get us the win. Thank you for all the charity work you do even though you don’t like to publicize it. Thank you for adding comic relief to a sport that can be at times a bit too serious. Thank you for wearing the throwback “short shorts” after you were fined by the league for wearing yours too long, (I can’t tell you how hilarious that was). Thank you for calling people out no matter what the consequences. Thank you for ThisThis and most of all THIS!

I like to pay homage to the man in my own way. Some say it’s an obsession, but if you know me I’m just a fan of the man, his skills and his passion. I wish him a happy, injury free, Championship Year (as long as he’s still with Detroit come February).


  1. Eric

    Even with all of the on-court frustrations we’ve had with ‘Sheed these past few seasons, he’s done so much more positive than negative for both fans and community that he deserves all the credit in the world.

    I hope he stays in DET until he retires, most definitely!

  2. dirge

    Every team wishes they had Sheed… not just his skills, but the heart he brings to the game, locker room, and community. He'll always be one of my favorite players, right up there with Dumars and Bill Laimbeer (yeah, I know how popular big Bill is outside of Detroit…) :>

    Happy birthday Sheed!

    Oh, and there is absolutely no point in washing your car out here in Seattle, either 🙂

  3. lyndakay

    Happy Birthday, Sheed! Luv ya, baby.

  4. Steve

    Thats fxcking horseshit, i have 2 sheed jerseys and both #36 make up ur fxckin mind you fxcker.

  5. mannie32

    the elite team they ONCE were? harsh words for a team that lost to the champions last year and put up what most people would consider a better fight than the lakers did (another elite team)… so i would still say detroit is an elite team

    that’s not to say they havent fallen short of expectations, but that’s another story… they’re still elite

  6. amer-ican prince

    Steve your post made me laugh out loud. It was totally unexpected. I was actually considering buying a Sheed Jersey before, now I’m kinda glad I waited. My sympathies Steve and anyone else who has to buy a new jersey.

    I like this from the standpoint that I think Michael Curry being head coach is reinvigorating Sheed, And from what I can tell this change is Sheed saying he’s ready for a new chapter or that he’s ready to go back to that old school Sheed.

    As long as he’s not relying on a change of jersey to carry him through then I am all for it

  7. Richie

    I too consider the Pistons an elite team to this day.
    Happy Birthday Mr. Wallce.

  8. Jess


    Thank you for everything you’ve done for this team and for not giving a shit about what anyone has to say or think about you. You bring that excitment every night and thats what makes you, you. And thats why I love you and everything you do (on and off the court).

  9. palaceprince

    Happy B Day Sheed! Thanks for everything!

    Last year when Sheed was “Slim Jim” I thought that he was really focused and I thought the Pistons would win the championship and now I know Sheed is more determined becasue he changed his jersey but there still has much work to be done.

  10. Julie Staples Watson

    That picture is great! And I love the Blaha shirt that Sheed is wearing. Nice post.

  11. mannie32

    what are u people talking about? did i miss something???
    since when did sheed change his jersey number again? as far as i know he’s still 36

    i could be wrong, but where are your sources coming from??

  12. manuel alvarenga

    happy late birthday rasheed i didnt forget beacuse im your number 1 fan i just couldnt get on because i didnt have internet.


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