NBA Players Represent The USA In The Olympic Opening Ceremonies

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Though we didn’t get to see much of Tayshaun Prince as our favorite NBA players represented the USA in the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, it was nice to see how excited they looked to be there.

Just one question: Are Carlos Boozer and Dwight Howard too cool to wear the official USA sanctioned Ralph Lauren head wear during their ceremonial walk? Everyone else seemed to be just fine with it. What’s the deal?

USA’S first game is against China Sunday August 10th at 10:15 a.m. ET.

For more info check out Team USA’S Home Page.

8 Responses to "NBA Players Represent The USA In The Olympic Opening Ceremonies"
  1. Avatar Richie says:

    Put it on the calander folks- I’ll be rooting for Kobe.

  2. Avatar The Fluidics says:

    Yeah, I’d be pimpin that hat all over town.

    USA Women won earlier today, 97-57 over the Czech Republic.

    It’s tough to set your DVR for the game, it’s in an 8 hour program block.

  3. Avatar GTjqUoEIpo5AqoohzEEuzMhrPcw- says:

    Ralph Lauren did a great job, they all look very nice.

    Personally, I don’t blame them, it was 86 degrees with 49 degrees in humidity plus all the heat from the fireworks. Our president wilted and look like crap before the Americans came out.

  4. Avatar Harris says:

    The hats are very cool, but other countries all had weather appropriate clothing.

    Last week’s gauntlet winner with Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups!

    I know you guys dislike but respect Wade, so I put him against Gilbert Arenas in the latest Gauntlet. Who would you rather have on your team? It looks like it’s a close race.

  5. Avatar The Fluidics says:

    Great win for the men this morning, the first half was pretty exciting.
    Highlight for me though has to be the triumphant return of John Tesh’s NBA on NBC theme song.

  6. Avatar JOBERT BALBASTRO says:

    I heard someone shout out “Ball Don’t Lie” 3 times…I think it was Lebron. It felt weird coz The only player I know who shouts that is our very own Sheed. lol.

    This was before the end of the 2nd qtr. After a missed freethrow by China.

  7. Avatar blaze5611 says:

    lol why is tayshaun even on this team… his goofy ass sticks out like a sore thumb

  8. Avatar khitz01 says:

    I really hope Tayshaun gets more playing time. He may not be the most spectacular on the team, but boy, he brings a lot to the table, not to mention his defense that nobody on that team can equal. I was really looking out for him during the game and was really disappointed that he logged only a few minutes.

    Wish to see more of him vs. Angola.

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