Jason Maxiell Is Brutally Honest

by | Aug 27, 2008 | 13 comments

If you needed another reason to Vote for Jason Maxiell this may be it. Maxiell would give the Obama a run for his money with this kind of honesty. Forget answering questions that may keep him out of hot water at home. Jason makes no bones about who comes first in his personal life.

And the Blankman comment just shows what kind of guy Maxiell is. If you didn’t have appreciation for the man before, this has got to do it for you.


  1. Jess

    LOL. His dog? And I didnt know Jason is engaged. Congrats!

    Ive always liked JMax and Im happy he’s on this team.

  2. Richie

    Wow, not many men have the courage to publically choose man’s best friend over man’s best woman. Kudos, Jason.

  3. mannie32

    hahah much respect there!!
    i’d choose a rottweiler (great choice of dog) over a woman any day of the week and twice on sunday 🙂

  4. mannie32

    speaking of obama he delivered tonight… can’t vote for the guy though cuz ima republican… haha jokes, i can’t vote cuz i’m a canadian (liberal/democrat at heart)

  5. Steve

    mannie no one was speaking of obama?..

    im a republican.. and barack saddam hussein obama bin laden is full of shit. Hillary even said he can say a speach, but he doesnt know shit. i guess u all forgot about his minister and how he was raised to hate other races. God that would be hard for me voting a president that hates white people. plus u know when i get my hard earned pay check i like knowing the fact i get to keep my own money and not give any of it to the poor or people who need health care or welfare, if they want it so bad they can get a job like every hard working american did.

    but wow seein there might be a president whos name rymes with osama and middle name is hussein? kinda makes me scared.

    open your eyes and let go of that tree u liberals.

    heres a little memory refresher.


  6. mannie32

    read the post again, nat makes reference to obama… anywho didnt mean to start a political debate, just loved the speech… ur free to your political views

    but yea not to prolong the debate, but it’s one thing to attack a man’s political views and ideas but another to attack him and his name, etc. … it’s cool that you’re a republican but dunno why you would bring up irrelevant facts like what his name rhymes with, his alleged racism (though he’s half white – not that it should matter, and he no longer associates himself with that preacher), etc. stick to the politics, stay away from personal attacks

    now back to the basketball we all love

  7. Richie

    Yeah, I’d love to crush your ignorant ramblings on this subjct too, Steve- but it’s not about basketball so I’ll just roll my eyes instead.

  8. Steve

    and id love to box u richie, but i jus roll my eyes, and id crush u in a debate. i bet ur the biggest tree hugging democrat there is.

  9. dirge

    This reminds me of those riveting “my dad can beat up your dad” debates in kindergarten.

    I guess that’s what “fans” do when the basketball news is sparse.

  10. Dwaun313

    Wow… I just had a heart breaking racist discovery, wich makes it hard for me 2 be who i am any more. But i been tryna move past it. And then i come on my FAVORITE site on the internet, and there racism in here to… Sad.

    For the record, my discovery was detroitiscrap.com And all the other white only linked pages. I cannot believe that type of stuff is allowed 2 be displayed on the internet. It makes me really wonder about all my very close white friends. Is this REALLY what u think of me, of us? Sorry for not talking basketball people… Go Pistons…

  11. Richie

    Dwaun, on the interent, anyone can say anything, whether it makes sence or not. Your real freinds should be held responsible for the ignorance of other people.

    Steve, Steve, Steve- you’d like to box me, you think I’m a “tree hugging democrat”, and you care more about what a person’s name rhymes with than who a person is. What can I say, you’re just too full of good points.

  12. D20juan

    u guys are always fightin on here, whats wrong? u guys need some therapy, or some lovin! no wait i got it, why dont you guys all go get dogs, then you’ll have a friend who gives a crap what your pieholes are sayin! i come here to read about the pistons and read how different people view whats going on with them. this is stupid

  13. mannie32

    haha agreed D20juan… i do need a dog 🙁

    well pistons season is almost here, kinda… pistons are coming to toronto on nov 5th, im pumped


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