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by | Aug 25, 2008 | 21 comments

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  • Vote Jason Maxiell AGAIN….he made it past Powe, now he’s up against David Lee in the Conference Finals of Hoop Addict’s Floor Burn Tournament.
  • Joe Dumars talks to Keith Langlois…“I think that I would be very surprised if anyone called at this point to offer the type of deal I was open to and had been open to doing. I don’t expect that call. So therefore, I expect us to go to war, if you will, with the guys we have on this roster we have right now, with the 14 guys we have now. And I say that just because I don’t expect to hear from anyone at this point about the size of the deal we were talking about doing.” Joe Dumars on the possibility of late deals.
  • Lindsey Hunter caught up in a mortgage fraud situation.
  • Tayshaun Prince more than excited about getting his Gold.
  • “I enjoyed it but I kept thinking I might have been part of one of the best Olympic basketball games for all time.” Tayshaun Prince on being part of USA Basketball Via Slam
  • Inside Hoops talks to Chauncey Billups.
  • Pistonscast has the Isaiah Thomas vs. Chauncey Billups debate.
  • Detroit Athlete of the decade tournament, my Pistons vote went to Ben Wallace in Round One, but Chauncey won out and went on to Round 2.
  • Rip Hamilton endorses Rip it Energy Drink, I was going to take a picture of the billboard that I pass on a daily basis off The Lodge freeway, but the website is much better. Thanks to K-Dot for the link.
  • Senseless diss of Tayshaun Prince by ESPN’s Pat Forde “Unless the USOC convinces Phelps to try modern pentathlon or subs him onto the U.S. basketball team in place of Tayshaun Prince, the show will go on without him. The question is whether anyone will care.” Hey Pat…where is your Gold Medal being showcased? Feel free to email Pat with whatever you feel necessary.
  • UPDATE: Team Need4Sheed member Yuko got a response from Pat about his Prince comment: “Yuko: Thanks for writing. I covered Tayshaun for four years at Kentucky and
    know him pretty well. I like him. I know he’s a good basketball
    player. It was a joke. Take it as such. Pat Forde”
    FYI Pat if your comment was meant to be a joke, it didn’t come off that way. We’ll let it go for the simple fact you answered the email.


  1. _7

    I’m inclined to back Hunter on that one. The guy is an NBA star, and that fruad case probably wouldn’t of netted any individual member more than a few hundred thousand after it was divided. Why would Lindsey Hunter want to get involved in something like that when the net gain is so small compared to what he probably already makes in the NBA? It doesn’t make sense. Clearly his name was just misused by some real scum.

  2. Richie

    Odd that they’d diss Tayshaun after he played his role to a T, rebounded, played solid Defense, and went 3 for 3 in a gold metal game in which every pooint mattered. Kobe jacked up bricks the whole tournament, scored a couple of buckets in the 4th quarter and will be praised for ages.

  3. Altan

    vote against shane, and vote for turiaf 🙂

  4. palaceprince

    i agree richie, tay played what he needed to do. If anyone should be dissing it should be michael redd or boozer who were very inconsistent.

    What Joe was saying about keeping the same guys means that kwame is here to stay for a year or two. I dont see how he can fit into the big man rotation with MC trying to play the bench a lot.

  5. Dominic

    I agree with Redd and Boozer Nat, you can even throw Dwight Howard into the mix. His inexperience showed when he couldn’t even defend a pick and roll and needed, who? TAYSHAUN to teach him how to properly do it. So yeah get rid of tay from our olympic team. He obviously doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing

  6. mannie32

    BTW guys…you’ll be happy to know that someone out there actually went through the trouble of creating a team USA Tayshaun Prince highlight package. i have no idea why (i appreciate his play and all, but highlights?) but im sure you’ll enjoy

  7. Altan

    ur funny mannie32 hahahahah ….no

  8. illmatic774

    1. Chauncey has absolutely NOTHING on Isiah Thomas.

    2. Why so sensitive about the “diss”? Everyone knows that Tayshaun wasn’t going to make a difference between a win and a loss. Him and Boozer should be fortunate that they were even invited. Not a big deal at all.

  9. D20juan

    1.What about class??? 2.and tay tay is one of the best all around players in the league. how can u diss on that?, he was brought in for his defensive presence! he can shut down the best players in the world, block your game winner…..from behind, then cross the lane and sink a left handed shiver thats unblockable!!! dont diss tay, praise his talent and love for the game! embrace your love for the game and give your topps tay tay rookie card a hug!!

  10. blaze5611

    make sure to vote for ronnie turiaf to ensure that jason wins outright by at least 80%…

  11. mannie32

    haha u got rick rolled buddy

  12. thereal

    im glad they did diss tay he blows hey nat stop takin peoples words so serious your acting like tay is some god..what did he do to get that gold medal except keep the bench warm for the real stars and get water…get a grip tay blows so does joe d and his stupid reasons on y he picks up everybodys garbage thinkin its gonna turn to gold

  13. Steve

    i agree thereal hes a garbage picker of the nba for sure..


    rock financial jus dropped the pistons and will no longer be their sponsers cuz they want all their attention on cleveland since they sponser them too.. u know what that means?… NO MORE GAY COMMERCIALS!!! 800 333 ROCK! every fuckin game lol… A QICKEN LOANS COMPANY… now all they gotta do is stop airing that ugly comcast lady who looks like she jus took the nasiest shit b4 the commercial we will be in business!

  14. gMac

    lol, I hate that comcast lady too. Her head just can’t stop moving. I just wanna shoot her everytime.

    Hopefully, we still get thunder stix at the games!

  15. amer-ican prince

    Man i hope Lindsey’s innocent, the fact that the FBI are investigating him isn’t that big of deal because they are probably just getting the facts. The fact that he was apparantly involved in another mortgage scam as the victim kinda leads me to believe maybe this is just Lindsey being duped by others. Although some things do seem suspicious. Just hope Lindsey didn’t do nothing wrong and he can play again

    It doesn’t seem like that guy was dissing Tayshaun specifically I think he just randomly picked an end of the bench player, could have easily been Redd or Boozer, and used his name. it doesn’t appear to be a diss on Tayshaun just a bad way to use his name to make a bad joke.

    By the way I love getting rick rolled. Even though it’s meant as a joke I still love it everytime it happens/ Does it make me weird that I like that song and am about to download it? I don’t care I love any kind of music that either keeps me hyped or cracks me up. And that song does both.

  16. Richie

    I still don’t get why people come to this site claiming to be Pistons fan and dis our most versatile and durable player in Tayshaun Prince. I don’t need to to go into total depth of everything he does, but I know that such people weren’t comlaining when he stuffed Reggie Miller or Hedo Turgalu in the playoffs when their teams had chances to reverse the trends of their series’. They certainly weren’t crying about how bad of a player Tayshaun was in 2003 when he shut down T-mac in the playoffs and allowed us to surge back to overtake the sereies over the magic, and they weren’t complaining when he shut down Kobe Bryantin the finals four years ago- kind of like he always does when we play the Lakers. His many good performances outweigh the few bad ones and maybe someday more people will appreciate that.

  17. The Fluidics

    I’ll say it: Prince is the most important piece to this team. Hate all you want, this team is about defense, he is the key to shutting down the opposing teams top player, every single night.

  18. gMac

    I’d say Tay is a very useful player on any team. But come on!! Most Important?!!!

    I think he’s a great role player. But you can’t put him at the level of Rip or other star players on any team.

    Name one thing Tay is doing better today than he was during the 2004 season? Nothing…
    I’m sick of ppl saying he’s the best defender and blah blah balh, Most superstars get by him EASILY!. It’s scrubs like Michael Redd, Andre Iguodala ,Hedo Turgalu that have problem playing him. Did you not remember Lebron just blow by him time after time in the Gm 5?!!!
    Have you seen Shane Battier play Kobe? That’s what lock down D is like.

    Yes, he’s the most versatile, certainly most durable player we have. But come on, I actually think Rip guards Lebron better than him.
    It’s always the same group of people who think Amir is the next best thing talking here about Tay. He is great, but his no all star like the other two guys on our team.
    Don’t be blindsided by your passion. It is what it is.

  19. Steve

    Gmac you dont understand! Tayshaun and amir r the best players ever!! jordan in his prime cant match to the skills of tayshaun and lebron james is no match for amir! they r soo good and shoot 100% and the pistons r the best team in the whole wide world they dont need a championship to prove that! they just are ok! ur gonna make me cry if u tell me otherwise!!! LOL PFFFT

    these people are all BLINDsided by their passion for sure man its almost rediculous how bad these fans are with these guys, they r jus regular dudes if one gets traded who cares i have no attachment to em they get paid millions and they dont give a shit about any of you, grow up people.

  20. amer-ican prince

    gotta agree with gmac especially the line “Name one thing Tay is doing better today than he was during the 2004 season”

    Truth is he really hasn’t grown in ability or talent, he is just getting more opportunities to score and he is letting his defense sag a little. Don’t get me wrong he can play some d ans score a little but I wouldn’t say he’s the most important I’d say Sheed is. Now Sheed has to realize that.

    Ps Tay used to be my favorite til I started to figure him out a little. I don’t hate him or nothing but he does get a lot of slack for the way he plays.


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