Good Times

by | Aug 21, 2008 | 24 comments

With the lack of Pistons news lately I was happy to revisit some good times from the not so distant past.

The closing minutes of Detroit’s Championship in 2004.


Another fine Pistons Mix by Team Need4Sheed member Christian Russe.


  1. Steve

    Man those were good days, i remember i was so drunk that night i couldnt even walk i jus kept screaming and stumbling on people then went down to main street and then 2 of my friends got arrested haha great night and great game! i miss mike james and okur man.. imagine okur with sheed and dyess of the bench holy shit!..

    that other video? fall out boy or panic at the disco or what ever emo bullshit that was with that video does not belong, the music ruined it for everyone.

    haha i got fans.

  2. gMac

    Larry Brown’s wife is HOT!!!

  3. Ronnie

    I was overseas in Europe when they won the championship which sucks. But we all watched it while eating breakfast. Damn I wish I was here for it.

  4. Altan

    of course steve was drunk, hhaha

  5. Altan

    good times, good times

  6. Jess

    I want another one of those games 🙂 Call me selfish but I dont care! There is no better feeling than a championhip for the fans or players! Thats a sweet victory.

    I actually caught that all on TV a few days ago.

    Can this season just start already?!?!

  7. ChiDetrings

    Thanks for those videos Natalie, I been dyeing for some Pistons action.
    Would anyone here know of anyway I could buy the Finals games and/or playoff games of 2004?
    I’ve been searching NBA stores and Pistons merchandise and I can only find the 2003-04 Championship DVD which is only highlights of that season.
    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  8. Dwaun313

    Wow… That last high light video really makes me feel bad about wanting a Josh Smith for Tay trade. I watch all our games, and i feel like i been sleeping on Prince. It’s probly because it isnt as consistant as it should be. But man, that boi defenitly got skills. After watching that, i was reminded of when he did the between the legs dunk in the rookie sophomores game. He got the hops, a nice jump shot, and greay D. I just don’t understand why he wont hit the gym and become the animal he supose 2 be! Josh smith isnt nuthing but a stronger tay, with a worse jump shot, and a lil more hops. If Tay would hit the gym, i wouldnt even THINK about trading him…. HIT THE DAMN GYM TAY!!!! BULK UP!!!!

  9. Richie

    Dwaun, dont’ feel bad about sleeping on Prince- you’re not the only Pistons fan to do so. On a team with so many big personalities, it’s only natural for the quiet one to go underlooked.
    I don’t think he needs to bulk up though. His body isn’t meant to be heavier. He’s in excellent shape and choses to spend more time developing his game than he does developing his muscles. He doesn’t play like Ben Wallace or Sean Kemp, he players like Andre Kerolinko and Tayshan Prince and that’s fine by me.

  10. Dwaun313

    I’m watching the USA play Argetina right now. And I got one question… Why in the hell did we get rid of Delfino?!!!!! And now he’s not even in the NBA anymore. Thats just sad, becuz that dude is a GREAT player. As good, if not better, that Ginobli.

  11. amer-ican prince

    Watching the Olympics too and I was with you about Carlos then I realized why, last game he scored like 15 in the forth to help Argentina win then this game with everyone hurt he is just walking around for a lot of this game and they were playing better when Delfino was on the bench in the second then when he is in. He is too inconsistent that’s the issue. Although I think he is a good backup but he never knew how to be complementary to the starters as well as aggressive when he needed to be(plus Carlos asked for the trade)

    dwaun313 did you hear someone on the US is yelling ‘ball don’t lie’ after a missed free throw. I think it’s either Dwight Howard or Carmelo Anthony. If Dwight’s the one saying it then I love it. But if Carmelo’s saying it then he needs to get his own material and stop jockin’ Sheed (not a fan of Carmelo) Not sure if you knew who it was.

    Again just to reiterate Carmelo Anthony sucks (as a team leader and on defense he’s obviously a good scorer but that’s it, plus he is way selfish)

  12. blaze5611

    darius miles signed with the celtics.. i’m glad to see this for two reasons… 1.i’m glad for darius because i like him as a player 2. it seems the celtics are taking a step backwards after losing posey and gaining a player who hasnt played in 3 years and was thought to have a career ending injury

  13. Jess


    Chauncey Billups, Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace are looking pretty safe for one more run as a unit for the Pistons. Joe Dumars says “I would be very surprised” if something big happens now. Read more at True Blue Pistons.”

    I dont know about you guys, but Im excited to hear about this! I always have faith in these guys even when they keep proving us wrong year after year. Im just excited and ready for the season to begin.

  14. mannie32

    ChiDetrings – teams aren’t allowed to sell tapes/dvds of games… they can sell u highlights of seasons, such as championship seasons (u can find that online if u look it up)

    but teams are restricted from selling dvds with actual full length games on them

  15. palaceprince

    i saw that too jess.
    I have mixed emotions right now. i am very happy that the core is staying together and that they have one more chance to redeem themselves but i was also looking forward to see a deal get done and to help this team get past the hurdle of the conference finals. All in all I am very very glad to have the guys stay.

  16. Dwaun313

    amer-ican prince. Yes, I did catch that, and i rewinded it when he said it, just 2 see who said it, and it was actually Lebron who said that.

  17. The Fluidics

    Whoa, that game was pretty intense.
    Congrats to USA basketball, double gold in 2008. Those guys looked thrilled too. Super pumped right now.

    Aside from all that, I gotta say, Dwight Howard shouldn’t have been on that team. He’s just not a smart player. Maybe in 2012, but he just wasn’t ready for this one. Thankfully Bosh picked up his slack. Tay looked good every time he was on the floor, Wade was sick, Kobe was great tonight. Way to go USA Basketball!

  18. illmatic774

    A healthy Wade might be the best player in the league. he looked unstoppable.

  19. mannie32

    Tayshaun is an olympian!! we should be proud… he played well yesterday

    and of course kobe was unstoppable in the second half, so clutch… while d-wade was important to team usa in the first half

  20. The Fluidics

    I taped it. I’m gonna watch it again. Good game.

  21. Pistonscast

    What’s Going on World.

    John W. Davis here from We have a great Chauncey Billups versus Isiah Thomas debate show that I wanted to share with you. We discuss which Piston Point Guard is better with Sports Economist David Berri the co author of the Wages of Wins. We would love for you to check out the show and feature it on your website. The show has the rocky theme music going and old archive soundbites from Chauncey and Isiah. It simply gets you in the mood to consider which player is better!

    Chauncey v. Isiah Debate:

    David Berri Article on Why Chauncey Billups is statiscally better than Isiah Thomas:

  22. xxxriphammyxxx

    Whenever I get upset, I know what video to watch, this will cheer me up from anything. This may sound sad, but that night was one of the top 5 moments in my life. I will never forget when Big Ben launched a 3 from the top of the key and missed everything by 5 feet.

  23. Dominic

    it’s not sad riphammy lol It was soo awesome when the clock was stopped at 3:13 I had to ask do they plan this stuff?


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