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by | Aug 17, 2008 | 16 comments

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  • Keith Langlois believes Tayshaun will play some PF next season.
  • I really did enjoy the little time we saw or Theo Ratliff last season, looks like he’s off to Philly.
  • Baller of The Day Joe Dumars: A non Pistons blogger’s appreciation for Joe Dumars.
  • Team Need4Sheed member Mike Zeldis pointed out something interesting. “Of the players on our current roster according to the stats show that our best defensive tandem last year was Prince and Johnson with a defensive rating of 81.” Surprised?
  • Tayshaun makes the most of his time in Team USA’s win over Spain.
  • Pat Sullivan, a little more than happy to be back with The Pistons.
  • Since Joe was the Baller of The Day at , here is A little video Joe I made a while back.


  1. Dominic

    Nat I can tell you really like that Joe D vid. That’s like the 3rd time I’ve seen it 😀

    I went to a flea market today and I found a replica 2004 detroit pistons championship ring for $1 I couldn’t pass it up. It feels heavy duty, not cheap and plastic

  2. Richie

    The Johnson stat doesn’t surprize me. Mostly because he’s a very efficient player who gets bi numbers in small minutes- the problem his his foul trouble.
    The Prince stat surprizes me though because he’s not the kind of player who gambles. He almost always forces a jump shooter to shoot over his length rather than jumping and getting caught in the air for a cheap foul or drivin opportunity. He seldom records a steal because he’s usuallt the one making a defelction into a teamate’s hands (the most famous instance to site is on Rasheed’s miracle shot against denver). Prince doesn’t get statisticle credit for these things, but he does the every night the whole time he’s on the defensive end.

  3. Richie

    For the reccord that is one of my favoirte high light reels, Natalie.

  4. ric

    really!!! prince/johnson best defensive tandem!????? who cares right???? since i remember few people could put their love aside on johnson, or skinny average guy, or etc etc. and more concern on josh smith “i would trade them in a heartbeat or without thinking about it” i told ya those are comments worth remembering.

  5. Dwaun313

    I use to think that those teams from like 88-97 would have NO CHANCE against ANY of the current teams in the NBA. But everytime i see one of those vids, it reminds me that i must just be 2 young 2 remember, because those guys were actually REAL GOOD. It’s funny to me, because i really thought that Iverson started cross overs… Boy was i WRONG. Every time i see these old vids, these guys were dunking and dribbling the way these guys do now like forever!.. But anyway, yeah, i love those videos Nat.

  6. Natalie Sitto

    Dominic, sweet find! I actually have a couple of those, they gave them away in 2004 when they put up the banners on the opening night of the season after the championship.

    Richie and everyone else who liked the video, I am glad you enjoyed it. It’s not every day that I actually do a mix so I’m quite proud of this one.

    Dwaun313- Welcome

    Ric, I still stand by my comment. I just want to see this team win another championship. No matter how they have to do it.

  7. blaze5611

    ric get over yourself… amir gets very few minutes and plays good defense.. he is very skinny for his height and with the minutes he gets he is fairly average… quit trying to be an asshole to anyone you can and just praise amir for playing defense well when he gets his limited minutes… i’m just as excited as you to see him get real minutes this year but for now he hasnt proved anything…

  8. blaze5611

    oh and natalie your music choice for that video was awesome…

  9. BallerBlogger

    Very cool video Natalie.


  10. BigAL2588

    greta vid natalie

  11. BigAL2588

    great vid natalie

  12. ric

    sorry blaze, didn’t know i was being an asshole, maybe a smart ass….i’ll be more sensitive towards you next time timmy, i mean blaze. hehehe.

  13. blaze5611

    of course you don’t say shit about how you were wrong you just try to make fun of me like a 5th grade school girl… who the fuck says hehehe??

  14. Steve

    Blaze.. my little sister says hehehe didnt u know that amir is the best player ever? soon were gonna forget about jordan cuz a anorexic late 50s pick is gonna take the throne of the basketball god. pffttttt some of these people make me sick, they r fans of the pistons..not a fan of the game of basketball..

    giving up tayshaun and amir for josh smith is a no brainer for a basketball fan..

    giving up amir for lebron james is a never moment for a pistons fan..

    cuz everything amir touches is gold to these moreons.

    complete difference in knowledge of the game.. i feel sorry for the ones who only know about pistons and not other players they r really missing out and making them sound like a dumb shit.

  15. xxxriphammyxxx

    Giving up Tay and Amir is not a no brainer for Smith. He will never be a legit #2 option on a real contender. The guy is an athletic freak, with no fundamentals. However, he is what the Pistons need. We have nobody to bang the basket on the team, noone can attack it, Smith can, he would actually thrive exceptionally well in Detroit with Rip as the #1 option, Chauncey #2, and Sheed or Smith as #3. Smith would open up so much. But, the fact that he is so unpolished, gives me doubts. Amir should be the backup SF on the team we have now. All he is missing is experience and muscle, which has improved every single year. He is exactly what Detroit needs at the backup 3 spot. Athletisism, rebounding, defense, hustle. No more of this 3 point gunner BS that Delfino and Hayes tried to pull, it isn’t the right fit. There are too many shooters on the team. The Pistons need guys like Josh Smith, or Amir Johnson coming off the bench.

  16. mindfeck

    You guys slacked off, and now Baron Davis is beating Chauncey Billups at NBA Gauntlet.


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