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by | Aug 13, 2008 | 18 comments

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  1. blaze5611

    i love your around the way updates nat, even during the season they are my favorite update pretty much on the whole internet… those pictures from evans weddings are hilarious! bynums bridesmade is smokin! rip with a beard cracks me up also we need him to keep it so we have our own baron anyways haha

  2. blaze5611

    three team trade went down with the bucks okc and the cavs… nothing special but interesting

  3. Steve

    i jus cant believe NOTHING happend this offseason after all that fire, i knew joe would bitch up jus didnt know when, but who knows i dont care football season is here and thats my shit right there.

  4. Richie

    *shakes head and decides to just ignore Steve this time*
    Rip with a full beard was a bit of a surprize. I don’t think he pulls it off as well as Barron though!

  5. Steve

    *smiles big and flicks richie off* what are were 12? u gotta describe ur movements jesus.. i didnt say anything bad all i said was football is here and thats all that matters because i love the NBA but the NFL shits on the NBA.. the NFL is the biggest thing in america and the best sport on the planet. if u dont like football ur weird. if ur a guy and never played football ur def a (explicit) in my book.

  6. amer-ican prince

    I find it a little unnerving that Michael Curry is so satisfied with Kwame after one sit down ( or however there were) Kwame could possibly be for real when he says he’s not using an excuse, or could just be saying what he thinks everyone wants to hear. I just think Michael Curry sounds a little too content with Kwame’s words before seeing how he acts. But that could just be him trying to talk up his players.

    Unlike most trades and free agent signings. This was the first one (other than maybe juan Dixon) that I thought provided something useful that the team needed. Hated signing Jarvis , Flip, Nazr, Theo (I wanted Dale Davis back), etc. This is one where I’m not automatically screaming what were they thinking. Because we got killed by Kendrick Perkins and PJ Brown and them in the playoffs we need a big banger and that’s what Kwame is, and he doesn’t need the ball to be effective, he get his points off hustle and stuff. He just better get his work ethic right.

  7. Richie

    Wow, Steve- jokingly ignoring you makes me immature, but it’s not immature to throw a hissy fit because someone doesn’t want to give you anymore attention? Get over yourself, and try opening your mind before someone ends up opening it for you.
    “i didnt say anything bad all i said was football is here and thats all that matters…” Do you read anything that you write or do you just have amnesia? You claimed that nothing happened this summer when a couple things have happened- they just aren’t things that YOU wanted to happen, and you swore about Joe D. Don’t make a statement then claim less than an hour later that you didn’t say anything.
    But what I know? I didn’t play football in high school so I’ a failure as a human being, right?

  8. mannie32

    mo williams to the cavs… confirmed… their PG position has just improved… in fact it would be very solid if they can also retain delonte west

  9. Steve

    u were probably in the band lol..

    oh my god richie stop the press i swore on the GODLIKE BEING Jospeh Dumars jesus lord almighty what ever shall we do?! pfft

    richie i think u come on here waiting to shoot downs somones comment, dog me n u gotta go hit some clubs man need to get u some forreal spend a day with me and ull be loose like me man lets get rid of that jacket of strictness u wear u know stop talkin like a encyclopedia! jus not givin a fxck bout nothin ya heard?, well throw down on a bag n toke while watchin
    some aqua teen or family guy maybe get a couple females over n have ourselves a party set some beer pong tables up n call it a night n ull find out im a pretty chill dude.
    what do u say?

  10. amer-ican prince

    richie steve. You guys are awesome! You’re both like always fighting yet you both share a love for the Pistons. Anyone else see a sitcom here or a morning radio sports show? Just keep Sheed’s trash talking etiquette in mind (on youtube)so it doesn’t get out of hand. But ain’t nothing wrong with a little back and forth. Keeps it interesting around here.

    mannie32 Mo is definately gonna help Lebron out, but I really believe they took a step back when they gave up Drew Gooden. He was one of the ones who did really good against the Pistons in the playoffs

  11. Richie

    Well, I was hoping to just ignore Steve on this one, but heck, Amer-ican Prince, when you're right you're right!

    Steve, if we're really going to base the kind of person we are based on what we did in high school, fine. I was not in the band. I was the captain of the track & cross country team, and I was a 2 time MVP and captain of the wrestling team. I'v managed to survive without having played football.

    I don't think Dumars is a God, I think he's a Pistons Legend and intelligent GM that I don't agree with people blatently disrepecting.

    I don't come here to shoot down others, only to express opinion, just like you. Just because our opinions are different doesn't mean my soul purpose is to shoot you down. I don't consider speaking correctly to be a bad thing, and I don't think that people need to hit clubs and 'toke' while ranting about the females they sorround themselves in order to have fulfilling lives.
    "Ya heard"?

  12. blaze5611

    how am i still the only one who thinks bynums date is a fuckin goddess?? enough bickering and just admire her beauty.. also be jealous of rips amazing beard

  13. Steve

    wrestling team ay?

    never got into it, im not a big fan of rolling around on a ring worm infested mat feeling other dudes man hood resting on my leg in tights, plus not a big fan of cauliflower ear but hey man do what u do..

    i jus stuck to the big 3..Football baseball and basketball.. but yo do what u do man. ur jus fun to bicker with cuz u dont stop like me haha

  14. blaze5611

    i played football and rugby in highschool didnt make the basketball team cuz i’m a wide load…

  15. Steve

    i was a center through out junior high i was always the tall kid in class, but then once i hit highschool i was a power forward on most night sometimes played small forward, i miss those days, and football i was middle line backer and played some defensive i pitched and right feild.. now id be lucky to catch my breath on account of smoking.

  16. Richie

    I don’t really see a need to defend wrestling for the sport that it is, especiaially not here. It’s the most misunderstood sport (just above cricket) but this is a basketball blog. Your homophobia speaks for itself, Steve. We get it, you’re straight, move on.
    Sometimes the things we say, say more about us than they do about the things we’re talking about.

  17. Steve

    ur a tool

  18. Richie

    That’s a well assembled, lucid responce.


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