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by | Aug 4, 2008 | 23 comments

Hoops Addict is running Floor Burn Tournament and I was lucky enough to get our very own Jason Maxiell on the ballot. What is it all about you ask? I will let Ryan explain:

“Each night ESPN, and YouTube are flooded with clips of players soaring through the air for rim rocking dunks, buzzer beating three-pointers and blocked shots that make your jaw drop in amazement. While those are all entertaining plays, teams who win championships need players who are willing to get a little dirty and do the little things needed to help their team win. As valuable and crucial as these players are to their respective teams success, these players rarely get the credit or respect that they deserve.”

If Jason isn’t deserving of the honor, I don’t know who is. The Tourney runs for a couple of weeks, so I expect you to flood the site and vote JMax up. If this man doesn’t take the honor simply for this than Pistons fans should bow their heads in shame.

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Or things like this…
Courtesy of The NBA, Detroit Pistons and ABC

And who could forget the ever popular BIG DENIAL in the playoffs!

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and ESPN

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  1. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    We all need to vote for Maxxi… he needs all our support. Two reasons:

    1. He emasculated Tyson Chandler in that block… I mean, seriously, after that game, Chandler regressed back to the 3rd grade!!!!

    2. Of course, THE BIG DENIAL. Sure, we lost the series, but that block to Garnett is still a pretty darn good one and should be remembered as the stuff of Pistons legend!!!!!!

    So, let’s keep voting!!!!!!

  2. Natalie Sitto

    The man with the Phrase…EL, shame on me for not linking to The Big Denial.

    I just fixed my ridiculous oversight.

  3. Richie

    He get’s my vote!

  4. Richie

    The baby eater is currently up 84 votes to one. I have to credit Nat’s publicity for that.

  5. The Fluidics



  6. baggtara

    # Jason Maxiell (98%, 187 Votes)
    # Delonte West (2%, 3 Votes)


  7. Harris

    Be sure to flood NBA Gauntlet to help Chauncey Billups beat Baron Davis as the better PG!

  8. Richie

    No doubt fans will vote Barron over Chauncey. Barron Dunks which makes him better, remember?

  9. Dominic

    Agreed with Harris, go over to and vote Chauncey over Baron.

    Richie, no need to be a cynic

  10. Richie

    Maybe you’re right, Domminic. I may be a rather cynical from time to time, but a month ago I put up with multiple people claiming how much better Barron is than Oh Captain my Captain. The reasons? Because he dunks, has a beard and is 3 years younger. Now people will be going to vote for Chauncey because the possibility of a trade has been nullified. I show flashes of cynicism for a reason.
    Here’s a flah of optimism: Maxiell is now owning Delonte West 407 votes to 16.

  11. Steve

    check this shit out arenas says kwame is gonna tear it up here in detroit.. heres the link mother fackos…

    p.s comparing baron to chauncey is irrelevent now but anyone with any nba knowledge would pick barron over billups.. hes just an overall better stats.. and yes hes the same kind of player and leader so dont pull that card.

  12. Dominic

    Steve I disagree with picking Baron over Chauncey sure Baron is funner to watch and has better stats than Chauncey but that is just the way GS runs the offense. They have one of the fastest offenses in the league which gives Baron more possesions. Detroit has the SLOWEST offense in the league yet Chauncey’s stats are comparable to Baron’s this means that while Baron handles the ball far more than Chauncey, Chauncey still shows up in the statistical department. Chauncey can run an offense better as well.

    Yes Richie I was the one that made that beard comment lol I didn’t imply the beard somehow gives Baron more skill than Chauncey, only Sheed’s beard gives power

  13. Dominic

    Nice use of Walt Whitman btw Richie

  14. Richie

    I agree, Dominic, for the same reasons that I brought last month. Chauncey is close to Barron throughout the stats, despite having far fewer positions and exceeds him in both FG and 3pt percentage. I’m a Barron Davis fan, but I qualify Chauncey above him in general, and he’s definately better for the Pistons than Barron would have been. That’s my opinion anyway. I’d have to be a pretty ignorant person to claim that anyone who disagrees with me doesn’t have “any NBA knowledge”.

    Maxiell 446 votes
    West 19 votes

  15. Richie

    Steve, I'm afraid you exaggerated Gilbert's analysis of Kwame. He didn't say that he'd "tear it up", just that Detroit would be good for him because of guidence form Sheed & Dyess and they give the bigs offensive touches.
    What I found interesting was what Gilbert had to say about Juan Dixon.

    "Juan Dixon — Juan is one of those players out there that needs a team, because he can really help out with scoring. He needs a team to just let him play. I’ve played with a lot of players in my time in the league, and he has to be one of the top five I’ve played with in terms of points per minute. He’s just a high volume scorer. If you gave him 40-plus minutes of playing time, he’d give you 20-plus points per game average. He’s like a bigger Ben Gordon. We’ll see where he ends up. I’ll take him back in D.C. right now."

    Maxiell- 583
    Delonte- 33

  16. Ronnie

    And they are talking about him in trade talks?!?!?! Are you kidding me? I will jump on a different wagon if anything of trading with Amir or J Maxx goes on. My secdond fav team in the East in ATL so if they trade either or I am going with ATL because Joe D. has got problems for trading away somebody who epitomizes blue collar hard work. Damn J. Maxx is a beast. When I have my first baby I want to feed it to him. Mmmmmmmmm BABY EATER!!!!!

  17. Steve

    Richie what r u like 40-50 of age? come on now dog tear it up means he should be sweet that was my own wording, i dont pladurize shit i read thats y i left the article so others can see for themselves. but my bad dog ill jus copy and paste next time for the older folk. since ur not hip with slang.

    ronnie..amir johnson was a 50 somthin draft pick, if we get the chance to trade a LATE 2ND ROUND DRAFT PICK for a superstar im doin it without blinking! “if dumars passes the opportunity to get a superstar if amir is envolved he should be relieve of his dutys cuz he doesnt have the manhood to be a GM” -MIKE VALENTI 97.1 ticket

    and i agree amir really aint even that sweet. hes OK at best. grow up. u jus care bout watching ur fav players and dont care about a championship if ur sayin jumpin ship if maxiell and amir r gone..weak man. weak.

  18. Richie

    Come on, Steve- are you this desperate for attention? I don’t get what your point is with constantly accusing me of being old, but why are you telling me to stop acting old, then telling Ronnie to grow up in the same post? Do we all have to act the same age that you do?
    Why is Ronnie “weak” because he believes in his favorite player(s) more than you?
    And regarding the thing that you accused me of being “40-50 of age” over: I know what “tear it up” means. I think you’d agree that in your slang (that apparently I’m “not hip to” because I’m just an old man) “tear it up” means to perform exeptionally well. Not just decent. Gilbert said this would be a career year for him, and with his career thus far, improvement on his current career wouldn’t neccesarily mean that he’d be performing exceptionally well.
    Whether Gilber is right or not isn’t my point. My point is that your interpretation was different from mine and that’s OKAY. You can think what you want to, bur it works both ways. Just because someone sees something differently doesn’t mean that you have to get mad at them.

  19. Steve

    im not mad at all playa, do what u do. I jus dont understand the emotional attachment everyone has on these players, i could care less who leaves as long as DETROIT MY HOME TOWN is on the map again as the best in the NBA, but to say im not gonna a fan because of a LATE 2nd round pick is traded is asinine, i dont get it i dont feel sorry for these dudes, they get paid more than they should, and i can say THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU so why worry bout there lives LIVE YOUR OWN!, all they want is that paycheck to get that new bently dogggg.. thats all im sayin. peace 8 MILE BET A PILE

  20. Richie

    Steve, people don’t want to keep their favorite players due to some empotional attachement, or because we’re concerned that without them their personal finances will suffer. That’s something you made up. Beleive it or not, people want to keep their favorite players because they like they way they play basketball and appreciate what they’ve done over the years. That’s it.

  21. Scott @ WFNY

    Man, Natalie. You’re leading a barrage against my D-West…

  22. NBA Blogger

    I love Need4Sheed.
    check out my bball blog

    Check it out guys

  23. gMac

    @riche, I agree with you. I don’t want to see JMax go because of his play. Same goes for Dyce. They play their hearts out as pistons.
    But the same excitement of watch Defino dunk, Amir hustle and Herrmann finger roll can not possible be the same as those core players. At the end of the day, I would be ok if they are gone. But some ppl hang on to Amir like he’s the next KG, while he hasn’t played much yet. If it’s a good trade involving him, why not!


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