One More Year – Walter Herrmann is Back

by | Aug 1, 2008 | 30 comments

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Detroit Bad Boys was a buzz with the news earlier today about Herrmann, but it looks like Walter’s future with The Pistons is now official. According to The Detroit Free Press:

“The Pistons have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with backup Walter Herrmann.

The 6-foot-9 small forward was an unrestricted free agent and salary information was not disclosed.”

Nothing better than some floating layups form the Argentinian baller for another season in Motown. Let’s just hope he gets a little playing time to show off his moves…and his hair for that matter.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and FSN Detroit


  1. Richie

    I’m glad to see that we’re keeping him another year. Maybe Curry will make better use of him than Flip.

  2. kmm12

    Yes…Please play Walter more. He’s very under appreciated and can produce much more than people give him credit for. Give him a legitimate shot to back up the three…if not find another place for him that isn’t the end of the bench.

  3. palaceprince

    WALTER!! Im happy hes comin back. He was aa fan favorite everytime he stepped on the floor.

  4. Sable

    Yes, I’m glad he’s coming back as well. Having been here for half the year, the hope is he’ll settle into the backup small forward spot and he’ll get decent minutes to produce.

  5. Dominic

    Raping the Cavs defense in that vid

  6. Steve

    sweet hes back…

    all bullshit aside.. i jus got done listening to terry foster on valenti and foster on 97.1 the ticket, they said david stern does not want ANY player on team USA to be traded until the olympics are over so they have their head where it needs to be to get the gold, hense they believe there will be a trade for josh smith envolving amir johnson and tayshaun, thats why kwame was brought in. im excited now but not too excited yet.

  7. claire

    awesome, Herrmann is still here!! I definitely hope he gets to play more this upcoming season.

  8. gMac

    I was gonna say, could this mean we want to stack ppl up on the SF position? Where would Tay be….

  9. Jan Scholl

    Must be the hair! I hope he never cuts it. Johnny Damon, not cute, Stevie Nash-sorta cute but cuter with the hair. Walter, keep the hair and the moves.

  10. wapmak27

    freaking herrmann can destroy douche bag kwame brown

  11. Chad

    whats with all the kwame brown hate..

    why is he so different from any of our current starters (besides prince and rasheed to a degree)

    keep in mind that when it comes down to it kwame makes 4 mil a year and is better at basketball than any of us will ever be at anything.. call me crazy but i dont see much of a reason to ridicule him.

  12. mannie32


    i was worried we were gonna lose him to overseas… i hope he’s the first off the bench for the SF position

  13. Sable

    Yeah, it cracks me up that people are murdering Kwame with his comments and in the next breath talk about how we should’ve gotten Artest. You know Artest is bad news, but Kwame? He’s just a guy who hasn’t lived up to expectations. From what I hear, he’s a good teammate and he’s got a decent work ethic. So let’s just see how things pan out for him here in Detroit.

  14. Richie

    I think Kwame is a win-win situation. If he doesn’t live up to his expectations then Amir, Walter, and Maxi get his minutes under the Coach Curry Montra then trade him away next year. If he does live up to his expecations than we get what we want from him.

  15. mannie32

    “If he does live up to his expecations than we get what we want from him.”… at this point, living up to his expectations would be sucking… so we hope he goes past any expectations

  16. r0cketb0y3

    Herrman is the equal of jarvis or better.
    Plus he is cheaper.
    good move

  17. Justin

    I am glad that they are bringing him back. I kind of would have like a little longer contract but at least they signed him. I love his style of play. The reckless abandon he plays with on the basketball court. The freakishly big hands. I am with you guys in pushing for more play time for him this year. With Jarvis leaving that leaves more time for Walter right?

  18. Richie

    Mannie, by “his expectations” I mean what Joe expects of him, not what blog readers expect of him.

  19. amer-ican prince

    Clearly we don’t know what to make of the Kwame Brown thing yet. And truthfully I’m not sure we all agree on exactly what would be success for him and what won’t. I don’t know who else was drafted with him that year, but he wasn’t deserving of number 1. I’m not totally versed in the rules for trading players they just signed (from what you guys have said they’d have to wait a couple months before they could trade him) Not a big fan of his but like I said I don’t know exactly what I expect of him, partially due to not sure if there is going to be any big trades coming.

    I do like bringing walter back, hopefully he will be used correctly this year (Flip didn’t know how to maximize his players, I’m hoping Curry will be more capable of utilizing everyone to their highest potential though that’s probably next to impossible for a 1st year coach)

    Tayshaun better be working on his right handed dribble and how to defend better for next season, hopefully he is not at his peak yet

  20. Joe

    “Herrman is the equal of jarvis or better. Plus he is cheaper.
    good move”

    That pretty much sums it up. Good move.

  21. Richie

    I’m not sure that Hermann will get more minutes due to Jarvis’ departure. That’s if we end up giving Sharpe some playing time or not. I can’t wait for the season to start so we can see what roles the team is assigning to what people.
    +Who’s going to back up Prince?
    +Some people think Kwame will be starting, others think he’ll barely play.
    +Will the core still be in tact?
    +Will Amir get quality minutes?
    +Is there a big trade brewing?
    Stay tuned to find out.

  22. mannie32

    unless kwame somehow dramatically improves by training camp (haha highly doubt that) i doubt he’ll steal the starting spot from mcdyess… i think he’ll play, but behind mcdyess, sheed, maxiell and very likely amir too

  23. Richie

    I’m thinking the same thing about his role, Mannie.

  24. xxxriphammyxxx

    I don’t see why Amir doesn’t get some minutes at SF. The Pistons have no guys who can take the ball at the rim. Why we have always tried to have a jump shooter backing up Tay I will never know. Flip only wanted outside shooting. All 5 starters look for their jumper to score. Amir would be a great player to mix in the rotation at SF. He has plenty of athleticism to defend the position. The Pistons need Amir to get some minutes at SF, he would kick ass.

  25. mannie32

    maybe because amir isn’t a SF? i personally think that would be a very bad idea (just my opinion, no offense intended), but that’s just me… haha i highly doubt he could contain SFs

  26. blaze5611

    riphammy amir is damn near a 7 footer he could not back up tay.. tay himself cant guard players like PP and lebron how do you expect a 6″11 center/pf to do that…

  27. gMac

    mannie32 said…

    11:35 AM, August 02, 2008

    EVERY sport sounds better with Spanish play by play!

    Walter has some quality most of the pistons don’t have. He always try to drive first. I wish Tay and CB can do it Way more often, like Larry brown used to ask them.
    Although, he might not get much playing time. What’s on his side is he’ll be playing in the Olympics. More exposure.

  28. Richie

    I’m on RipHammy’s side here. I was suggesting 2 years ago to try Amir beyhind Tay. Amir is still listed as 6’9 (rumor is that the measuring devise was broken the day they tried to meausre him this year, but nobody really cares about it that much). Regaurdless, two issues for the last two years was finding a back up for Tayshaun and finding minutes for Amir. Amir is’t the typical PF- in that he weighs 5 pounds less than Tay. He has the mobility of a gaurd and the length of a PF, I’ve always thought he could be a decent swingman, maybe even just in short bursts. I’m not saying it’s the grand solution, but there are 82 regular season games, what’s the harm in giving it a try early on?

  29. thereal

    wow good shake up joe kwayme now the hermanator… were’s john crotty and david wood when u need them


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