I’m Playing The Field

by | Jul 30, 2008 | 5 comments

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I’m proud to announce I’m part of a new website comprised of some of the best bloggers on the internet. What’s so special you ask, you will be delightfully entertained by some of the best and most accomplished bloggers on the internet, who happen to be women.

Yes, an all girls club who know and love sports. Bookmark it now Playingthefield.net.

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I’ll do my part to shed a little light on our team and the NBA to the masses, and will throw some SHEEDTastic things for all to see from time to time.



  1. Big Al

    Congrats, Natalie! Looking forward to reading your stuff at the new site!

    The timing of Playing the Field going live couldn’t be better after seeing the fiasco of the Fantasy Sports Girls lowing the Fanhouse to the lowest common denominator.

  2. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks Al, couldn’t agree with you more on the Fantasy Sports Girls issue. Besides, what’s a blog without a little Sheed anyway?

  3. Richie

    Nat- Congratulations!
    Illmatic- I read those peices differently than you did. They both said that they still beleive in their team. Chauncey said that he admited to feeling expendable because he was constatnly being mentioned in trade talks, and he said that was just human nature. I know I'd feel a bit uncomfortable with being thrown under a bus after playing as hard as I possibly could with an injury. Why don't you want the players to have confidence in their team? It's not their job to change it- it's Joe's. Would you rather have them crying about not winning because they were good enough but they didn't have enough help, like Kobe? These guys share the responsibility of loss and that seems much less arrogant to me. Also, Kobe Brant barely scored in the 20's against Boston's team defence and he averaged over 20 shots a game. You're dissing an injured Chauncey for not scoring half in a 4th quarter of what a healthy Kobe scored in whole games? Wow. For the reccord, Billups was more efficent agaisnt the Celtics than Bryant in terms of assit:turnover (5-3.83 vs. 5.5-2). Billups also averaged 19 PPG in his last 3 games with the Celtics and Kobe averaged 21. So why is Billups taking all this heat when he played nearly as well as Kobe dispite his injury?

    Gmac, are you seriously asking what the difference is to the Pistons losing in the ECF 3 years & the Lions tradition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? I think people lose sight of how big the regular season is. It means nothing to Pistons fans because we've been spoiled- even if many of us won't admit it. The regular season is the bulk of the year. It's the majority of time that we rely on the Pistons to entertain us, and for losing teams with hungry fans, they get just as pumped for regular season games as we get for playoff games because all they want to do is get half way to where we are (like the Lions). The Pistons have given us countless things to cheer about over the last several years and it's incredible to me that in a city full of Lions fans, the fans of the Pistons have become bored with winning. We have gotten to the point of saying that there's no point to playing if you're not going to win it all. I don't think there's a point to being a fan if you're not going to enjoy a teams constant effort and high achievement.

  4. Anonymous

    For those that are interested – Wanna Bet episode with Rip can be watched in its entirety at abc.com

  5. Richie

    Thanks for the ABC tip 🙂


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