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by | Jul 30, 2008 | 22 comments

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  • Chauncey speaks Part 1 and 2. The man wants to retire a Piston and thinks the current core should have another go at it. Billups thinks Curry is the key, “We of course changed one big thing and that was the coach and that makes a big difference.”
  • Artest to Houston for next to nothing.
  • interviews Piston rookie Walter Sharpe.
  • Keith Langlois piece on Walter Sharpe and what his showing in Vegas does for his situation.
  • “He’s made a concerted effort to get better defensively,”Curry said. “He’s playing the best defense I’ve ever seen him play. Sometimes he’s a little too aggressive, but we can bring that back. It’s harder to try to make a guy aggressive than calm him down.” Via Keith Langlois on new Piston Will Bynum.
  • Team Need4Sheed member has something interesting to say about new Piston Kwame Brown that I thought was interesting. “I live in LA and so I see plenty of Laker games. When healthy, Kwame was one of their most consistent rebounders, beneath Odom and ahead of Bynum. Problem was, he didn’t stay healthy but I expect Kandor to fix that. I’ve also seen him guard the post and again he was their best post defender, again better than Bynum was. Thus I’m not assuming anything, I’m going by what I’ve seen. Yes, Kwame has small hands but so did Big Ben. It’s more of a shortcoming on offense than defense. Finally anyone with an expiring contract is tradeable because teams are often looking to dump salary in order to get below the luxury tax. I don’t foresee Kwame being a superstar. Heck, I think Amir has a brighter future than Kwame does and he was a second rounder, but that doesn’t mean Kwame can’t contribute to our team By the way, it is also Elden Campbell. “
  • Michael Rosenberg of the Free Press thinks the Brown signing is a smart move. “This is a smart, low-risk move for the Pistons. It might not work out, but it can’t possibly be a disaster. The Pistons didn’t use the No. 1 overall pick on Brown, like the Wizards did. They did not trade All-Star Caron Butler for him, like the Lakers did. They just offered him $4 million a year, for one or two years. That’s a lot of money to you and me, but NBA owners find that kind of cash in the seat cushions of their corporate jets. Kwame Brown is a young, strong, athletic, 6-foot-11 player with limited ball skills. He never should have been the No. 1 overall pick, but he has a place in the NBA. Brown gives the Pistons another usable piece. He has the size and defensive ability to fill in when Rasheed Wallace and Antonio McDyess get in foul trouble.”
  • Rip Hamilton was on a game show called Wanna Bet on Monday. I set the DVR to check it out but my hard drive decided to erase itself, thanks Comcast! Thankfully there is a quick write up on it in the Freep. You can also see him in this YouTube teaser for the show.
  • Our intros are truly the best in the business. Here is a blast from the past, The 1989 Finals intros at The Palace of Auburn Hills.


  1. ric

    its not bad that we lost ron artest…i think trying to get him, as a pistons, would make us desperate…compare ron artest trade for prince OR kwame for $4 mil/yr, i’d take kwame any time of the day….it makes sense in so many aspect, we only spent $4mil, did not have to trade anybody, potential growth @ 26, and if it doesn’t work out we can use him to package in a trade in a year or even this year….with artest, our only hope is it better work, otherwise we lost prince, we lost a little respect to the fans (at least to those who were involve in the brwal), and it may hurt joe’s rep.

  2. Steve

    I jus hope for success thats all, a winning season isnt success, making it to the finals is success, raising a ECF banner if u didnt win it all is success, winning 50+ games and nothing to show for it is not a successful season, i seen a few people saying dont bash joe we been there 6 times, yeah? so? nothing to show for it.. so idc anymore im sick of rumors, im sick of people riding joe ds jock like hes the 2nd comming of jesus.. im sick of it all. I jus want the season to start and i wish Dumars will come out n say what hes gonna do or not gonna do his silence is getting rediculous. O well its FOOOOOTBALL SEASON FINALLY!!! GO BLUE AND uhhh Go Lions i hope lol.

  3. Steve

    Ric i jus threw up in my mouth saying ud rather have kwame than artest for prince.. artest is a better scorer,defender all around better player that would make the pistons a championship team again, if he cant get along in this locker room he cant get along anywhere. But theres another example of fav player crushes not wanting to leave. Its old!

    But dumars is soft like a twinkie and the players tell him how to do his job, billups is crying and dumars feels sorry for him and will keep everyone here for another losing playoff most likely 2nd round this yr. this teams is a broken record that hangs onto 2004 season and doesnt think forward. like i said FOOTBALL is back soon thats all i care about.

  4. ric

    steve, and what are gonna do with artest if it doesn’t work out? if u think joe is done tweaking this team just because he made a move on kwame u’ve got to be a complete ignorant. maybe u r because obviously u don’t understand the point im trying to say, let me put in words that you’ll understand in your own capacity, “kwame is less risky than artest” if u still don’t understand it, get help.

  5. ric

    oh also, im not suggesting to trade prince for kwame, instead of prince for artest….ur so hilarious in a dumb idiot way….maybe u should slow down reading. i thought of a better way to explain to genius like u. hahaha!

    kwame = 4mi/year is better than artest = prince

    are u finally getting it now.

  6. Steve


    u get it now?

    and FYI u DUMB SHIT i didnt say trade prince for kwame, u said ud rather have kwame than artest. read a bit u might get somwhere.

  7. ladyPiston

    ‘. . . $4 million a year . . . NBA owners find that kind of cash in the seat cushions of their corporate jets. ‘

  8. Sable

    It cracks me up how many people think they know how to do Dumars’s job better than he does. Let’s oust Dumars and bring in Isiah because I’m sick of contending for a championship. Isiah could bring in a culture of losing just like Matt Milen did for the Lions and we can have fun counting ping pong balls and hoping we win the lottery. Yeah, down with Dumars!

    Seriously, we as Piston fans have plenty to be thankful for but all I mostly hear is whining.

  9. illmatic774

    instead of hearing about how spoiled we are as fans i got two things to get off my chest:

    1) I’m not sold on this team. We’re still very good but not great because we couldn’t pull off any of the rumored trades. i won’t say fire Joe because i know he tried his best, but if we really thinks this is a Ship contender with our youth buried again then we’ll be disappointed again. i know we are there until late May each year but it would be nice to be cool and edgy with an off season move. Houston is an instant title contender, even with a bit of a risk.

    I WILL DEFEND HIM FOR THIS; that Josh Smith seal seems pretty tough to pull off, considering that its hard to match contracts, the BYC, and finding a third team for a sign and trade

    2. What pisses me off is those Chauncey/Tay puff pieces. Both those and the Tay ones make it seem like they had an effect on Joe’s decision making. what’s worse is that they reinforce those guy’s bad qualities: Tay being to passive and unwillingness to shake anything up, and CB being arrogant (no matter how much he thinks hes speaking the truth). Chauncey seems to think that people put too much blame on him, well thats what comes with leadership. Everyone involved wants to blame Flip, but Flip isn’t the one who couldn’t even score double-digits in the 4th Quarter of Game 6. The players are using having a new coach as an excuse to not be traded. How many times can you get knocked out before you stop thinking that you are the best?

  10. gMac

    We ARE a bunch of lucky fans here. But how can you get excited when your team has just gone through the same shit for 3 straight seasons… It’s no better than being a lottery team.(at least that’s how I felt after the season ended). I hate to say this, I’m so used to us wining 50 games then lose in the ECF. How different is that from Lions fans being used them losing?

    Kawme is a low risk move. But how could you say you rather have him than Artest?
    Screw low risk!!! I rather us take some risks than getting beat again in the ECF.

  11. gMac

    @sable, Nobody here said it’s easy. Some of us are just not as delusional to say stuff like ‘In Joe D we trust’. I take Darko draft off the book. Tay, Maxell and Amir are all great picks. But Flip, and all those role players he traded but we never used started to tip the scale. I just hope Joe is not too pussy to make a move. Especially how easy the other teams are getting those pieces they need.

  12. Steve

    Oh believe me Gmac joe is a pussy hes too buddy buddy with these players to trade em..

    chauncey and tayshaun get the say on where this team stands cuz they want to stay together? thats HORSESHIT! sell the team to cuban please get davidsons old ass in a HOME.

  13. ric

    guys, its hopeless and pointless to explain things to steve, save ur time.

  14. ric

    maybe the melo and stoudemire deal are in line??? they aren’t, something is….will it happen, that’s what we don’t know…remember guys, like joe said, u need a dance partner to do this, as much as joe and the organization and the fans want of a blockbuster trade, someone has to partner with us. so if nothing happened, its not because of joe didn’t make a move, its just because no team wants to make a deal with us (or a good deal that is), so instead blaming joe and the pistons, think first what ur saying.

  15. James

    “Oh believe me Gmac joe is a pussy hes too buddy buddy with these players to trade em”

    Steve…Can you please join the rest of us in the real world?

    Joe D has made trade offers to teams, it’s just that they haven’t excepted them. He’s offered up Tay and CB for both Melo and T-Mac but both teams declined. How many rumors has Detroit been involved with this summer? How many more discussions have took place that we haven’t even heard about? To think Joe D wouldn’t trade these guys if a deal comes along that makes us better is just being ignorant.

  16. mannie32

    sell the team to cuban… haha okay, i love cuban as a celebrity owner… but that’s where i have to laugh… i mean if ur gonna name an owner, how about one that owns a team that’s more successful… guess it shows u guys dont really care about winning, and just care about “risks” and “exciting moves” so u have something to talk about… which would prove why u like cuban… an owner who will make moves to make headlines… and see his team get ultimately worse

    whatever floats ur boat…

  17. Richie

    Once again, Mannie has hit the nail on the head.

  18. illmatic774

    has it occurred to your that a risk is sometimes needed in order to win? And by winning i don’t mean 50 regular season games and the first two rounds. not to sound like an ass but *gasp* perhaps risks can actually result in winning? Be honest, the way we are right now, we’re not Championship caliber, only very close.

    Say what you want about Miami but the Shaq move paid off.

    Boston pulled off the ultimate risks.

    I agree that a celeb owner isn’t the answer but hey, that team might be a champion if it weren’t for Dirk’s game 3 chokejob and the refs for the rest of the way,

  19. gMac

    I’m just afraid , Joe starts to think like CB and Tay and Ric here. He might think this team as is will still be good enough to content, be good enough to sell tickets and win 50 games. Well that’s not good enough for me. This is professional sport, the goal is to get better and win.

    Now , if Joe didn’t have that press conf after the playoff, or if he would just say, our team need to develop young player and get the new coach going next season,I’m cool with that. But if we were to win another ship with these guys. We need to take some risk.
    Honestly, I tell you guys, we will win 55 games next year and loss the way we did in 3 years in conference final, why would you feel excited and lucky as a pistons. consider how we lost those 3 years.

  20. Steve

    Gmac cuz they dont give a shit, they r more worried about watching their crushes and infatuation with these guys all playing together..they jus want to see these dudes run up n down the floor (which kinda makes me wonder if ur not a female)…they want these guys to be the same team for the next 30 yrs lol, no changes..same long as they have amir so they can smile at him when he scores 5 points.. its sickening it really is.. but im with a couple of you we need BIG changes to compete..but it als0 makes my stomach turn when i see people wanting to try AGAIN for a 3rd time with the same dudes expecting a different outcome..its not gonna happen..

  21. detroittommy


  22. Richie

    Illmatic, how was Boston getting 3 perrenial allstars an “ultimate risk”? Steve, get real. I don’t see anything wrong with making a change, but it needs to be a change that results in improvement, not a change jsut so you have something to smile about, talk about and get excited about. If there’s anything the team doesn’t need it’s a gimmic. What does it take for you to realize that jsut because a team is a Chmapionship contender doesn’t mean they’re going to win it, especially not every year. This team won it 4 years ago agaisnt a powerhouse Laker squad with an undeveloped Okur, Darko, Campbell, Hamm and Mike James and without Dyess, Maxielle, Amir, Stuckey, Afflalo and Kwame. Granted, Ben was a big factor, but I don’t see why people think this team is so incapable just because they’ve gotten close and haven’t quite won the whole thing. Whether we admit it we as fans are ALL spoiled. It’s not our fault- we can’t halp it that our team has won so often that we take a playoff berth for granted. We are all spoiled, but it doesn’t mean we all have to be ungrateful.


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