Kwame Brown the newest Piston?

by | Jul 28, 2008 | 73 comments

As reported on

“Kwame Brown’s agent, Mark Bartlestein, told on Monday night that the former No. 1 pick in the 2001 draft has reached a verbal agreement on a new contract with the Detroit Pistons.

The contract is believed to be a two-year deal worth $8 million, with Brown — who spent his first four seasons as a pro in Washington after being drafted by then-Wizards president Michael Jordan holding a player option to return to free agency after this season.”

So Kwame is The Answer? Really?

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Thanks to WDFN, Pistons4Life and the rest of Team Need4Sheed for making sure we didn’t miss a beat.

UPDATE: After having this one sink in a bit I think we could be happy with the signing. We picked up a legitimate center for a good (not great) price. Yes, he’s a bust as a #1 pick, but that’s on Jordan not Joe. For the role we need him in he should do well (we hope).

Maybe we should give this one a chance Pistons fans, like most of you I was a bit stunned when I first heard the news, but we might be in for a surprise. I just hope this doesn’t hinder the development of Amir, Samb or even Maxiell.

I’m not devastated, I’m not optimistic, I’m just not sold.

What’s next, the return of Fennis Dembo? Funny, had you asked me this morning which was more likely Kwame or Dembo I would have picked the latter.

I can’t believe I’ll be making a Kwame Brown Cartoon.


  1. Jessica

    Is Kwame Brown really signing a two year contract with the pistons? Who is Kwame and can he really help us win a championshipp!!!!!!!!!

  2. mobius909


  3. ReCharredSigh

    this doesn’t make any sense at all. AT ALL. forget talking about his lack of talent; kwame brown has close to 0 percent desire to work hard and get better.

    can somebody even point out ANY type of advantage in making this deal?

  4. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    This deal really sucks, hopefully joe has something up his sleeve.

  5. Steve


    nice shake up cheif..

    hope he is wat hes looking for..

  6. Retrokidz201

    lmao.steve ur hilarious man.ur mi bro on dese blogs.nd man joe d is a wiz at bringin it guys who didnt hav much of a great begining.i.e chauncey billups

  7. Retrokidz201

    On some real shyt.i had a dream dat the team stayd put nd we won it all.not sayin this is wat i prefer but i wont leave this team if it happnd.jus watch

  8. Thought Industry

    In plain speak: this deal sucks. Kwame Brown is the antithesis of hard work and blue collar effort. Yes, the Pistons have been somewhat of a refuge for misfit characters to resuscitate their careers but the one thing every player Joe has picked has in common is their desire to be a great teammate and passion for the game.

    Kwame has neither. Maybe we can build a package deal with the governor to remove two Kwame’s from Detroit for the price of one.


  9. odanneboy87

    here’s the thing. I don’t like Kwame. but ya’ll need to relax. it’s a 2 year deal, 8 mil. so what, I know he lacks work ethic, but I think if Joe D has anything to do with it, that can change.

    he’s god awful for a #1 pick, but not horrible. I’m not saying I love it, but I’m just saying give it a chance. who knows.

    In Joe We Trust

  10. xxxriphammyxxx

    Good signing. The Pistons lack of size killed them in the playoffs. Kwame obviously isn’t going to be a major major player, but he is big and stong and can defend the post as well as rebound well. His talent stops at that, but really, a hole the Pistons were missing.

  11. Junior

    All that comes to mind is how Perkins was killin us in the ECF and this is Joes way of throwing a stonger body on him….

    Look people, joe always likes to have these type of guys on the team…Whether it be Elden Campbell or Dale Davis. Its not all that bad.

  12. James

    Good move. It’s a low risk high – high reward signing. A 2 year deal at $4 mil per year is not much at all.

    If you just look at him as a 4th big man (and not always compare him to what #1 picks usually do) you’ll see a big athletic center (something we don’t have) who’s a good overall defender, but doesn’t bring much to the table offensively.

    Also, look at Joe D’s track record of picking up talented players from other teams who played much better once they came to Detroit; Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton…I’m not saying Kwame will turn out that well, but at only 2 years at 4 mil per give it a shot.

  13. James

    Also, we now have 5 big men…is this signing a precursor for something else? What’s interesting is that Kwame Brown worked out for the Hawks last week and he reportedly did very well…could we possibly be doing a sign and trade with Kwame and Tay for J. Smith?

  14. James

    Sorry for the triple post…

    I forgot, you can only sign & trade your own free agents…so guys like Herrmann or Dixon.

  15. palaceprince

    i thought about this and i don’t mind it. kwame was a #1 pick and I know that is not good enough but we know he has talent. i watched him a lot with the lakers cause i get fsn west and he showed some very good signs in some games. he is probaly going to start and that means that dyess will come off the bench where he does really well. don’t be to quick to judge him he will have good mentoring with sheed and dyess by his side.

  16. wapmak27

    please, listen to mr smith on espn

  17. Steve

    This move’s, um, interesting.

  18. mannie32

    wtf? haha i thought it was a joke… i got the news from a close friend who knew i was a pistons fan when he texted me while i was watching step brothers… i was hoping he was fucking with me

    well all i can say is: a) he better not be in the starting lineup, and b) he better not take too many minutes away from the young bigs

    this reminds me of the nazr signing, except i liked and still like nazr… that’s the big difference… also, pistons fans are known to be hard on players when they dont deliver right away (see nazr), and kwame is known for being really sensitive… bad mix… i can see it already, kwame will make on mistake, the pistons fans will hate him, and in return he will suck even more… it’s a viscious cycle

  19. benix86

    Kwame Brown r u serious come on the only good thing that he will do is….. oh wait there prolly is nothing at all he will bring to the pistons we need to let our young bigs play or they will never get better i hope he will be involved in a trade that is just about the only good thing he will bring and DONT TRADE TAY!!!!!

  20. Eric

    Good stuff. I also thought it was a joke, and would get angry, but after seeing some of the people go nuts around here, I’m going to reserve judgment until after he’s played 10 games in a Pistons uni!

  21. Richie

    I have mixed feelings on this. It’s really going to depend on the role he’s given. I’ll be very disapointed if he gets in the starting lineup. I think that Detroit has plenty of big bodies in the front court and this just seems like adding to the logjam right now. If we needed size, I’d rather see Samb get the nod- he has true center height, is gaining the weight he needs to fill out and I’ve always been pleased with his shooting touch. I won’t get too animated about this until I find out whether he’s just a trading tool or not and what role they have cut out for him if he’s going to play for us.

  22. melodeath1221

    Ok, people you guys think this actually think this is a real signing? I mean im sure it he will sign it, tho i think its away to get a trade done, with out giving up our bentch that has high potential. The original proposal roumor for josh smith was Tay and Amir. Tho Tay and Amir would be too much. So i think this could be an oppertuinity, to get Josh Smith, for Tay and Brown. If you add the contracts together, it equals, 13.5 million, i think Josh would be very happy to a contract for around that.

  23. john

    As a Laker fan of 20 years i can honestly say that Kwame Brown was the biggest joke i have ever seen put on a uniform. He was traded to Memphis and couldnt even get playing time with a bunch of scrubs. The fact that real players like James Posey and Kurt Thomas are making the same amount of money or in Kurts case, much less just doesnt make sense. Detroit…. You overpaid, if you had signed him for the minimum you would have still overpaid. Heres hoping you can trade his expiring contract a year from now for someone. (He has been traded for Pau Gasol and Caron Butler so thats a good sign for you guys haha).

  24. Michael

    Um … we can't trade Kwame Brown until December 15th, 2008. That's a rule in the CBA for summer signings. Sooo … if he's healthy he's going to wear a Pistons jersey on the court come opening night. I wouldn't be too surprised if he even starts.

    People can keep hoping for Josh Smith, but this means any Smith deal is probably off. Either way, Kwame is a Piston for at least next season.

    Piston fans will come to find that if they embrace Kwame instead of treat him like they did Nazr, it'll be a good move and Kwame will respond. He's not lazy, he's just had all his confidence booed out of him. If we don't boo him, he won't suck.

    We need size. Fact. Kwame Brown weighs about 50 pounds more than Cheikh Samb and is only a couple inches shorter. Samb likes to shoot jumpers, Kwame likes to play the glass. Advantage: Kwame.

    +1 palaceprince, riphammy, & james

    -1 everyone doing their best Stephen A. Smith impression with a classic ESPN overreaction and especially random Lakers fan (Lakers fans generally know nothing about basketball, I would know, living in LA. This guy appears to be no exception since he thinks players never have differing level of success on different teams. Except, that has already happened in Detroit with Billups and former Wizard, Ben Wallace).

  25. claire

    the phrase “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst” suits this situation perfectly.

  26. Steve

    Ok so i slept on it, and i thought bout it all night, It really isnt that bad of a deal, sure he had problems on other teams but it kinda reminds me of a scrub no one wanted either his name was Ben Wallace. Everyone flipped out cuz we traded grant hill for ben, our all star for a 5 and 5 guy at the time jus like kwame..with the right guidence and the mentoring from rasheed wallace and antonio mcdyess and billups and all them he can gain his confedence and break loose, we wont know until the season starts and im looking forward to seeing brown play, hes big and very athletic i think this is the perfect team to come out of his shell and make the pistons look like a threat with a big center again.

    heres a video of kwame that made me think alot different of him, he was obviously loved by some.

  27. Bennett

    I mean he is a big body, which will be a nice change from having a 6’7″ center in big ben a few years ago or a 6’9″ center in dyess. we all know sheed is a 4. I think its a good pick up- worse comes to worse he plays backup to AMIR! That guy needs minutes at the 5, as well as about 25 pounds but thats a different conversation

  28. gMac

    No! No! No!.
    Joe just lost me. Kwame is the worst big man every. Jordan wants to choke him on the court coz, he’s that stupid. He has the worst hands for a big man. Kobe hates him so much coz he CAN’T FINISH when given a layup. Ben Wallace knows what he’s capable of. Kwame is like Naze, both are horrible players think they are good. Most dangerous situation.

  29. gMac

    Where is Darko? Menphis?!!
    I will take Darko back over Kwame Period!

  30. Steve

    i think this was a set up so dumars can trade amir with tayshaun cuz that what atlanta wants for josh smith, and id do that trade in a heart beat, amir johnson very late in the 2nd round and tayahun who was late first round for a budding superstat? in a heartbeat i wouldnt hesitate, and if dumars passes this up hes gonna lose ALOT of respect.

    plus i kinda wanna see this deal happen cuz i wanna see everyone cry that amirs gone and ill laugh my ass off.

  31. Steve

    budding superstar***

  32. gMac

    Ok, fine. I take that trade any time.
    But why do we want to get Kwame?!!
    It’s not like Amir was getting any minutes? Who’s Kwame replacing? If Joe end up keep Kwame, I would think he’s just as dumb as Kwame. Drafting Darko, keeping Flip … Now this?!!

  33. kittylimits

    The only cool thing about this is that I’m pretty sure they made the agreement at the restaurant I work at, as I sat Scott Perry, Michael Curry, and Kwame at a table where I am a hostess at last week.

  34. Natalie Sitto

    I never thought I would say this but I was thinking the same thing Steve it. A package that sends Tay and Amir for Josh Smith sounds right, that’s why we would need Brown.

    If this isn’t part of another deal Joe is working on I will be shocked.

  35. Travis

    this deal could be all right….like i’ve said since the end of the season, were going to have a VERY similar team next year. Hopefully sheed and dyess can teach kwame some offense. He’s got great defensive skills which is why joe d got him.

    Lets just pray that he’s not another ben wallace. On the offense it could be 4 players and kwame standing around.

  36. KneeJerkNBA

    Kwame would make a fine basketball player if he could catch the ball, dribble the ball, or shoot the ball. As soon as he learns these three simple things, he’ll be awesome.

    He’s already a gifted cake tosser so maybe the Pistons staff is going to build around this talent.

  37. Steve

    Nat i can be serious when i want to be. Im not always 100% satan lol

  38. Steve0

    I love in SOCAL and go to every lakers vs pistons and every clippers vs pistons.

    EVERY TIME i’ve EVER been to a lakers game Kwame played like GARBAGE.

    The entire crowed literally hated the guy. I still remember on moment when kwame was pulled out on the bench and the pistons were putting a decent beat down on the lakers. The entire place was fairly quiet. A fan yelled out “HEY PHIL DON”T PUT KWAME BACK IN… EVVVEEER! HE SUCKS” It was so loud i’d have to imagine EVERYONE in the place heard him.

    I’ve never seen someone miss so many lay ups in my life.

    I only PRAY training with the pistons and JOE can turn his career around. At least we didn’t have to trade anyone for him.

  39. Steve0

    Seriously enough of the STUPID

    “In Joe We Trust”

    That shit is laughable. Who hired flip? Who wouldn’t pay our last real championship winning Ben Wallace to stay? Who drafted Darko?

    Screw in “joe we trust”

    In Billups, In Prince, In Rip, In Sheed, In Dyse we trust.

  40. wapmak27

    steve0 if you give up that faast, get out of here please

  41. RadioAciveChimp

    I’m gonna bet this has something to do with a trade. And if not, I still like it. Only 4 mill. a year and he’s a big body. It’s a gamble with nothing to lose.

  42. Richie

    Steve0, you may want to think a little harder before you dis Joe. Flip brought us 3 50+ win season and 3 deep playoff runs, Ben Wallace’s numbers and overall playing ability plummetted the year after Joe refused to pay the extra 12 million for him. I hated losing Ben at the time, but would you really want to be paying 60 million so for a guy who had ended up being a 6/10 guy the next year and is a 4/7 guy now?
    As for Darko, many GM’s have defended Joe and said that he was the choice they would have made as well. A GM can only draft based on potential, he can’t force a player to fullfill that potential.
    Speaking of potential, I’m kind of interested to see what Kwame can do in his neeew soroundings.

  43. amer-ican prince

    I agree with what a lot of you are saying. my problem with Kwame is that he doesn’t seem to want to work hard, could be a misconception, or could be true i don’t know. I hate bringing in players who went to the league from high school, to me a lot of those players are paycheck players. Amir I think has a good work ethic and he is a good teammate so I don’t categorize him in the same league as some of the other straight to nba players. it wouldn’t be horrible if he was used to trade for Josh Smith, although that means Tay’s gone which would make me a little sad.

    He does give us a banger down low and for all his shortcomings we do need that badly, Sheed knees or whatever keep him from that, and even Jason Maxiell is settling for fadeaways rather than get to the basket. We don’t need Kwame to be great, just to fill a role. If he stays I think he’ll be situational player. We’ve got a lot of young guys I want to see get more minutes this year. I just hope this isn’t the shakeup as someone said earlier. Cause if it is, it’s not a very big one

  44. gMac

    @richie, Flip brought TWolves 9 wining seasons and 9 playoff apperences. But I rather be a celtics fan to suffer for years and taste the fruit of finally wining it all! And I lost my faith in Joe when he failed to see how bad Flip is as a coach.
    Rasheed had talent when we got him. Ben was one of a kind defense player. He’s raw ability and his timing was above regular player. Kwane had 7 years to be a good role player, yet he’s still a joke. I actually think his the biggest joke in NBA. He has no basketball IQ or skills.
    It’s funny how in the news they say ‘Pistons sign 7 year veteran Kwame Brown’. This is 10x worse than paying Naze 5 Million a year…

  45. illmatic774

    if its his confidence thats suffering then it would be retarded to boo this guy and give up on him before he even sees the floor. hes finally getting an opportunity to have a new start.

    he’s not living up to be the number 1 pick in a weak draft by an awful GM. he’s not trying to be the replacement for Shaq (there may never be a replacement for Shaq).
    he’s here to try to fill a need that we didn’t have before. i’m gonna give him a chance.

    but i WILL be pissed if Joe doesn’t follow this up with another move. Will Bynum and Kwame Brown aren’t gonna catapult us over the Celtics. I could do without Prince (not quite talented enough) and Mr. Big Ego (Stuckey will be better in 2 years)

  46. xxxriphammyxxx

    I am fucking sick of Pistons fans bashing Joe. What has he done that is so bad? The Pistons have been in the Conference Finals 6 strait times, that has only ever been done 1 other time? What more could you want? It is not easy to stay the good in the NBA, Pistons fans that bash Joe D. for signing a 5th big man they don’t like should have their Pistons fan pass revoked.

    Pardon my language, but it irritates me as a Pistons fan to have to hear that shit.

  47. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    There is no way the pistons will win a championship with KWAME BROWN as the center – Steven A. Smith

  48. illmatic774

    nobody cares what SAS thinks, quite frankly…its cool to make fun of Kwame Brown in the media.

    but PLEASE tell me that Artest/Smith is on the horizon, and I don’t care if you have to lie to me. No team needs 5 bigs.

  49. gMac

    Kwame started only 1 game from Memphis out of the 15 games he played. MPG 13.6, PPG 3.5….
    Mind you that’s the worst team in the NBA, with ppl like Darko. And he still can’t get minutes.

    Darko started 64/70 games for Menphis, PPG 7.2,MPG 23.8.

    I will give Joe some time to make another move, but if he actually got Kawme and think he could help. I will give you my Pistons fan pass.

  50. Richie

    I agree with RipHammy, and Gmac, I still don’t see what your big complaint is. You tasted winning it all 4 years ago. The team has been incredibly competitive for impressively long since then. I maintain that this is just a sports team and the duty of a fan is to support them when they’re down, enjoy them when they’re up, and appreciate them for giving us something to cheer about in a time when cheers outside the sporting world are few and far between. Don’t take these years or these players for granted. They are something special and for some reason that’s just not good enough for people who won’t be satisfied unless everything goes right every time. 29 teams, 1 trophy- crunch the numbers and you’ll realize that if you can only enjoy a team that wins a championship than brace yourself for a LOT of disapointment because your ‘favorite’ team isn’t going to win it all every year. Not by along shot.

  51. illmatic774

    Artest is gone. I guess all this speculation was just a long shot.

    JOSH SMITH OR BUST. PLEASE JOE, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO (without giving up Stuck)

  52. mannie32

    yup artest to rockets… maybe he can help them get betterm they didnt have to give up much… we all know t-mac isnt a winner, but with help from artest AND yao would be sad if they cant get out first round

  53. illmatic774

    the same could have been said about KG before this year. teams win. Having inferior teams (hell, though they were up 3-1 against us they were still an 8 seed) and injured key players doesn’t make T-Mac a loser.

    Houston is now the BEST defensive team in the league with TWO go-to scorers.

  54. Sable

    What are the expectations for Kwame Brown? In my mind, we’re bringing him in to play defense, rebound, and block some shots. Kwame is a big body who plays pretty good post defense. That’s all we really need him for, to match up with big centers. On offense, he just has to set some good picks and crash the offensive boards. It’s essentially what we brought Theo in to do, but he didn’t perform when the playoffs rolled around. Theo got pushed around and was a step slow, both on pick and roll and protecting the ring. More often than not, he wound up getting posterized rather than blocking any shots. So now Dumars goes with a younger guy who still has tantalizing athletic potential. If he fills his role, great.

    The hope is that he prospers with us. I wager he’s never been in as stress free a situation as he’ll be in with the Pistons. He just has to contribute, not meet any great expectations. He’ll have supportive and gregarious teammates rather than huge egos like MJ and Kobe to deal with. He’ll be surrounded by young hard working guys, hopefully inspiring him to work hard as well. What’s more, he’ll have Arnie Kandor as injuries have had alot to do with Kwame’s inconsistency.

    Now if Kwame flames out, he becomes an expiring contract next year, which makes him great trade bait. If no trade is to be had, his contract comes off the books the year after that when all the major free agents hit the market. So I see this as a positive signing for us potential wise.

  55. Dominic

    Yeah, looks like both the trade rumors for Artest and McGrady won’t happen. McGrady won’t want to leave now that he has some help. If Houston can get a guy that can distribute the ball and play defense (kind of like Derek Fisher) they will be a force. Sorry I just don’t see it in Rafer Alston I think he’s a very good backup. But Houston will be interesting to watch

  56. xxxriphammyxxx

    Gmac, you do realize that Kwame is going to be the 5th big of the bench right? He signed a similar deal to what Dale Davis/Theo Ratliff have, to be a situational big man, and not a major contributer. Joe signing a 5th big man doesn’t warrant him hate. Detroit should build a statue in his honor for what he has done with the Pistons, not burn him at the stake.

  57. gMac

    I don’t know…. 4 million a year is kinda high for Kwame. I used to watch Washington all the time when Jordan and Rip were playing. I’ve also followed and cheered him when he screwed up Kobe’s playoff run 2 seasons ago.
    I just can’t believe Joe actually think he has a use. Signing him is as a 5th big man is a worse option than playing Elton Campbell NOW… (where are you Elton?)

    And he has no trade value at all.

    Anyways, Joe D gets Josh Smith, I’m gonna shut up.

    @sable, Why do people always Assume offensively useless players are good for rebound and defense??? Have you ever watched Kwame play? I’ve seen balls slips out of hands just as much on the defensive end. Steve Nash can rip rebounds away from him.

  58. Richie

    Hmm, I wonder if Steve Nash has a bigger vocabulary than “Josh Smith”?

  59. mannie32

    no illmatic… kg did get past the first round, made it to the conference finals… on a team that wasnt as good as the teams t-mac has been on… had kobe been playing with yao ming, battier, etc. all these years he would have a few more rings, at least one more

    im not saying t-mac should be as good as kobe and should have taken advantage of a great centre to win championships… but he should have taken advantage and gotten past the first round at least once on this team… this is his year, no excuses now… they got artest pretty cheap, so his team became even more stacked

  60. mannie32

    yea as a fan of the lakers as well as a fan of the pistons… i can attest to that… kwame is pretty bad, he’s not even that great at defense or grabbing rebounds (nazr could do both those things much better)… kwame is unmotivated, has butterfingers, is sensitive, and may once in a blue moon have a decent to good game only to follow it up with shiity performance

    i cant predict the future, who knows maybe he has a great career in detroit… but i doubt it

    that being said i dont think it was meant to be a big signing… as people has mentioned… he’s just another big, at worst he’ll be a body out there to foul poor free throw shooting bigs (such as himself lol)

  61. Sable

    I live in LA and so I see plenty of Laker games. When healthy, Kwame was one of their most consistent rebounders, beneath Odom and ahead of Bynum. Problem was, he didn’t stay healthy but I expect Kandor to fix that. I’ve also seen him guard the post and again he was their best post defender, again better than Bynum was. Thus I’m not assuming anything, I’m going by what I’ve seen. Yes, Kwame has small hands but so did Big Ben. It’s more of a shortcoming on offense than defense. Finally anyone with an expiring contract is tradeable because teams are often looking to dump salary in order to get below the luxury tax. I don’t forsee Kwame being a superstar. Heck, I think Amir has a brighter future than Kwame does and he was a second rounder, but that doesn’t mean Kwame can’t contribute to our team By the way, it is also Elden Campbell.

  62. thereal

    breaking news artest has now signed an agreement with the rockets for get this bobby jackson a number 1 pick and gerald green

  63. gMac

    Anyone 6′ 11 can guard at low post. But he is a horrible help defender, often miss defensive assignments.(No bball IQ) Anyways it’s Kwame. I don’t even know if he will get any minutes at all.
    That’s my mistake on Elden, I was just watching Good Eats 😀

  64. Dominic

    Bobby Jackson and Gerald Green? Hell we could’ve put up Afflalo and Amir and that’s a better package. Bobby Jackson is an ok backup SG and Gerald Green is praying his skills catch up to his athleticism. Cmon we coudlve easily netted Artest. And possibly not even give up a starter for him

  65. Richie

    Firstly, Dominic, It wasn’t just Jackson and Green, there was a draft pick included for Artest as well.
    Beyond that, it’s not fair to say things like, “oh, Joe could have traded these two guys, since the Rockets got him for those two guys”. Afflalo and Amir for example. They are not the same players as Jackson and Green. Just because the Kings were willing to take them and a pick doesn’t mean that they would have been willing to take any two of our bench players for him. It’s simply not fair to assume that we should have gotten him for two of our guys just because another team got him for some of theirs.
    Furhtermore, if the kings ditched Artest for cheap, maybe they did it for a good reason.

  66. Steve

    Mike Valenti on 97.1 the ticket on valenti and foster show..

    “If signing “throw up noise” kwame brown was to take the place of amir johnson so a trade can happen for josh smith dumars will be brilliant..if not and dumars returns with the same core of chokers he deserves to be bashed and hes gonna be bashed on this show till as long as im here” -Mike Valenti

    question: Who would you rather have in detroit? kwame killpatrick or kwame brown?

    “i would rather have kwame killpatrick sit on my head and tell me how good of a mayor he really is” -mike valenti

    97.1 speaks the truth thats why they got FM and the shitty pisons 1120 wdfn gets shit on all day by the ticket. and mike valenti is god.

  67. Steve

    1130 WDFN**

    it gets shit on by The Ticket all day everyday.

  68. Altan

    oh my god they gav tht old chump jakson n green to kings for artest, wowwww i wouldve rather got artest for afflalo and som picks for artest, and trade prince and future picks for smith, but nooooooooooooo
    we sign kwame for are hole salary cap…?
    i wouldve rather signed kwame kilpatrick than kwame brown,

    lik would u rather hav this

    PG – Billups/Stuckey
    SG- Hamilton
    SF- Artest
    PF- Smith
    C- Rasheed


    SG- HAmilton
    SF- Prince
    PF- Sheed/dyess
    C- i dont even want to say his name

    i hate my life

  69. wapmak27

    in mike valenti we trust

  70. gMac

    Valenti also said you can pick up a homeless that’s still better than Kwame… AMan.
    I’ll pick the other Kwame too. He looks like he can get some rebounds and bounce a KG around a little.

  71. john

    hey michael, you obviously know more about basketball than me. You think Kwame is the next Ben Wallace or Billups. If you think Kwame will avg anything more than 8pts and 8 rebs ever again in his career you are certifiably insane. You dont know the difference between a stiff (kwame) and players who fell in between the cracks (billups and wallace) and im the one who doesnt know basketball?

  72. xxxriphammyxxx

    No trade value? He has an expiring contract in 2010, the bigass free agent class. Teams will be gunning for expiring contracts that year. The Pistons will have Sheed, Herrmann, and Kwame in that year, and will have many options on what to do.

  73. detroittommy



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