Josh Smith too pricey for The Pistons

by | Jul 28, 2008 | 13 comments

The Detroit Free Press:

“A team source confirmed the Pistons did approach the Atlanta Hawks weeks ago about a possible sign-and-trade deal involving restricted free agent small forward Josh Smith, but said Sunday that the two teams haven’t talked in weeks.

The source indicated the Hawks were asking for too much, and both sides walked away from any possible deal.”

A. Sherrod Blakely of MLive still remains hopeful :

“Still, multiple league sources confirmed Sunday night that despite no sign-and-trade offer on the table between the two teams, Detroit remains very interested in the 22-year-old restricted free agent.”


  1. Steve

    hahaha this shit doesnt get any better man..they said Smith was too expensive hahahaha..this frachise is weak when it comes to finance, Bill Davidson is the CHEAPEST owner in the league, They sell out the place multiple years, the concession at the palace is highway robbery, not including play off ticket sales the last 6 yrs.. and Davidson says smith is too expensive? pleeease bill sell ur team to Mike Illitch!! he knows how to win and he is never afraid to open his check book..I seriously dont fxcking care anymore, Dumars is soft, all talk no walk. all he did was get the hopes of the fans up for a change and he jus sits and does absolutely NOTHING! He thinks a 2nd round draft pick can take the bench spot to play behind hopefully Artest? Dumars is smoking crack and until i see a change in this team i will no longer believe or have faith in that owner or GM cuz i think this frachise is soft. and everyone is like we lost to the champions blah blah yeah and every yr were older whats ur point? dumars offered chauncey and tayshaun 3 times and no one wants them.. one word comes to mind.. OVERRATED. im done im sick of this waiting bullshit, shit or get off the pot dumars its getting tired.

  2. Dan Dan

    Steve, good riddance man. We don’t need spoiled “band-wagon ass cats” like you anyway (Sheed’s words, not mine).

    Seriously, I think the Pistons’ track record under Dumars speaks for itself. A team become consistently successful by carefully weighing all options and making intelligent contract decisions, not by trying to satisfy the whims of douche bag fans (who probably wouldn’t even be watching were it not for that consistent success). Davidson is a great and level headed owner and Dumars is one of the best GMs in the league. If you can’t see that, you’re the one smoking crack.

  3. Ronnie

    Steve, first of all your age shows in your comments. I dont care if your the biggest die hard pistons fan or just a casual watcher. There is no need for foolish talk on this blog. You wanna talk like that go over to

    Natalie, wanna thrown out a verbal warning here?

  4. Natalie Sitto

    Ronnie….unfortunately it’s been done to death. The pleading doesn’t work other than deleting the comments and I didn’t want to have to be a babysitter on my own blog. Time will tell…

    Sorry for the comments I have no control over.

  5. The Fluidics

    Once again Steve, too far.
    I know you are trying to “shake things up”, but all you are doing is driving people away from this blog, because nobody wants to hear your racist, homophobic rants.
    Eventually, everyone will leave, and you’ll be making comments to yourself because nobody wants to hear what you are saying.
    In the end, it’s just a real lack of immaturity on your part, and you look like a clown every time you comment.

  6. Steve

    hey Kwame, i mean fludics.. im racist? what did i say racist? let me know cuz id love to know what racism i have said on this site. Everyones so quick to pull the race card these days it sickening considering im part latino, LOL my best friend is black from Barbados for christ sakes! i grew up on 7 and dequidre oh yeah fludics im a real nazi let me tell ya, let me take the liberty of saying i have not said one racist thing on this website, if i was racist why would i waste my time blogging on a website dedicated to a BLACK MAN. think before u talk dog.. as a homophobe.. nope not at all..
    fludics go listen to a REAL HIP HOP ARTIST FROM DETROIT EMINEM, not the weak garbage u put out..

    “Im like a head trip to listen 2, cuz im only givin u things u joke about with your friends inside ur livin room, tha only difference i got the balls to say infront of yall and i dont gotta be false or sugar coat it at all”

    thats all im sayin.

  7. Steve

    sounds like ur the racist biggot here fludics not me, i bet u hate whites and latinos too since racism is clearly on ur mind.

  8. palaceprince

    Since this is a Pistons site I don’t think we should just complain about other people, lets talk only about the Pistons.

    So, I was hoping Josh SMith would come because he is very athletic and plays very good defense. Oh well.

  9. Steve

    Josh smith or artest i would be fine, they want somone else along with tayshaun for smith id be willing to part with amir over maxiell for sure, tayshaun and amir for smith.. and if we can get artest straight up id rather have artest.

  10. Dan Dan

    I agree palaceprince. I’m sorry Nat.

    While Josh Smith is a great player, it’d be hard to pry away a young and improving player from a team desperate to relieve the sting of losing Childress to Greece. And I firmly believe it’s not worth a lopsided trade for a player, because that’s the sure fire way to become a one star team that barely makes the playoffs and gets knocked out in the first round. While it’s burned to watch the Pistons booted in the ECF 3 years in a row, and the last three summers have been bitter, I’d take the hope of watching the Pistons play into June over watching them get bounced out in early May any day.

    I want a change, and any change is a risk, but I want to minimize that risk as much as possible…

  11. The Fluidics

    You were saying some anti-semetic shit here earlier this season, I remember everything, so don’t try that on me.

  12. Steve

    prove it dog show me how im so racist. my boy whos black from brooklyn laughed when i told him i was accused of bein racist, then i showed him ur music he laughed even harder, “weak ass 2008 ice-t” his exact words, u wanna be down with the detroit sound play boy? pick up a blade icewood cd or eastside chedda boy cd cop that n quit frontin fludics u racist biggot.

  13. The Fluidics

    Whatevers fam.
    I’m not going through 5 months of post to say something to somebody who doesn’t listen to anything people say, I have less important things to do.
    Needless to say, it was you going of on Flip being a dirty Jew for not playing the bench or something, Nat removed it so it
    isn’t there to show you anyhow.

    The fact that you hate on me so much makes me think I’m doing things the right way.

    Keep living the high life Steve, say what up to your P.O. for me.


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