Jordan vs. Dumars – The Jordan Rules

by | Jul 24, 2008 | 25 comments

Great YouTube find on Dumars and Jordan. Of all the teams in the NBA if anyone had Jordan’s number, it was The Pistons. You can thank the handy work of Joe Dumars, who Jordan says was his toughest defender.

The Jordan Rules


  1. The Fluidics

    Nice find Natalie :)

  2. Richie

    Fantastic find! I loved it. Hearing Dennis Rodman use “defense” as a verb made me laugh too.

  3. palaceprince

    that brings me back to the good old days. thanks for the vid.

  4. James

    How old is Joe D in this video? Man, he looks so young…and skinny.


    That brings me back the good old days. Now I’ll have to watch Motor City Madness again.

  6. Dominic

    Yeah can we please get some Lebron rules? I’d love seeng Lebron on his ass every time he tries to beat Tay off the dribble. So what if we get a few flagrants the point is to make him afraid to come into the lane

  7. Richie

    It’s a different league now that it was then. David Stern would probably issue some ‘Pistons rules’ where people get suspended for intentionally fouling.
    Anyway, we wer3 3-1 agaisnt the Cav’s this season, so I think we’re doing alright without giving away more free throws and slowing down the game.
    At least back in the day players could get phisical in the lane without is being called a foul if you gave the driver a dirty look.

  8. palaceprince

    as we saw 2 years ago richie season series dont matter in the playoffs

  9. Richie

    Obviously, nothing in the playoffs matters except for the playoffs. So? It doesn't change the fact that fouling someone every time they enter the lane doesn't scare them- it gives away points. If you want to look at nothing besides playoff success look no farther than the 1990's Pistons vs. Bulls. The Pistons got by with it for a short while before Jordan dominated them anyway. He wasn't scared of contact, and Lebron certainly isn't scared either. In fact (as superior as MJ is/was to LJ) Lebron is a stronger player, who's even harder to put on his back. If you hack him every single time, you're going give him and ones, and risk getting flagrant fouls if you give him the kind of foul needed to garuntee he doesn't finish.
    I wouldn't mind more fouls against someone like Shaq in 06, but that's entriely differnt. Shaq's free throws are very poor and I wanted Flip to empty the Bench and have Cato & Davis foul him evry time he got the ball under the rim until they fouled out because at the time he was impossible to stop him there without fouling anyway. That kind of situation is totally different though because Shaq is an enitely different type of player than LB or MJ.
    Anyway, I've been listening to people here say that the only in the world that matters is championships. No body seems to care about almosts or effort, so based on that, all we have to do is ask MJ if the "Jordon Rules" stopped him from earning more rings than he could put on oen hand.

  10. palaceprince

    good point

  11. Timothy

    This is a Jordan puff piece. I totally hated Michael Jordan when I was a kid lol

  12. Richie

    The real “Jordan Rules” are the ones that the referees enacted when they let him (and other super stars) get away with a lot of little pushes, shoves etc. It still goes on with superstars today, but even MJ admits that he got away with a lot, he just claims that he was good at getting away with things.
    On a brighter note, watching team USA dominate Canada was fun tonight. Tayshaun had an awesome floater-fake pass to Howard for a dunk in the 4th quarter.

  13. mannie32

    Yea tayshaun was very solid, and played his role… also had a nice block.. no turnovers, did everything right that night

    the entire team usa played well… tho im from canada, i was clearly rooting for team usa… i wanna see them win the gold again
    kobe was fantastic, the point guard play was brilliant, melo continues to be the best american international player on the team… and even wade, who i despise so much, played very well i must admit

    oh and michael redd was scorching from downtown, like damn

  14. Richie

    Redd was rediculous for 3. He’s fun to watch shoot because he’s so streaky, and he was clearly on fire last night.Like 6-8 from downtown, right?
    I heard the announcer all Carmelo the greatest international player last night, but I’m not so sure about that. Jason Kidd remains undefeated in international competion, like over 28-0 I beleive, and he’s still playing very well, despite his age, so in my opinion, I’d give him that nod.

  15. mannie32

    yea if ur talking all time you could put kidd in the conversation.. but over the years, ive been watching, like even before kidd came back on scene… melo has been their best player, better than lebron, etc…. not saying he’s the best player overall on that team (that’d be kobe)… but so far he’s proven to be their star with the fiba rules… two year’s ago he was the world championship’s mvp for a reason

  16. Richie

    I know what you mean, Mannie- and I agree. Melo has been tearing it up in the regarud, but I brought up kid because the man’s undefeated in international competition, which, to me, is really worth mentioning.

  17. Steve

    jus got back from mackinaw yalls, i seen that usa game it was sick, but enjoy routing tayshaun on this last month because he will be gone thank the christ that doesnt exist.

  18. Richie

    Could you explain that last sentence, Steve? What doesn’t exist, and what do you mean by saying Tayshaun “will be gone”?

  19. Richie

    I was jsut browsing through the comments from a couple posts back and saw for the first time that “David” said,
    “steve and richie, you sound like such idiots. no one cares how many jerseys you have.”
    I would like a bit of clarity on that issue. I never said anything about owning jersey’s and I know that part was directed towards Steve. However, if someone’s going to say I sound like an idiot, it’s okay, I’d just appreciate if he explain himself. I’m listening.

  20. illmatic774

    Tayshaun WILL be gone, most likely for Josh Smith, and less likely for Ron Artest/filler (Salmons or Garcia). I think Joe has finally soured on Tayshaun whether it be him using fatigue as an excuse for poor ECF defense (answer me this Tay, why are you on Team USA then?) or that statement he made; you know, the one where he says he think we should stand pat.

    Let me tell you this; if we get Smith, we’ll be seeing 7x as many spectacular blocks (check the numbers), good post defense, and extreme high flying, where with Artest, we’ll see extreme strength, stifling defense, and a complete offensive set (and the risk of blwoing up of course).

    Joe did a smart thing by waiting things out in order to deal with other teams in desperation. Regardless of who we deal with, we’ll get the most value.

  21. mannie32

    tay has never said he was tired… it was others in the organization, in fact tayshaun never wants to exit a game or even miss a game… so there’s ur answer, that’s why he’s out there in the olypmics… he loves the game, and makes no excuses.

    the fact is they lost to the eventual champions each year since they last won their title, with one exception… which was the cavbs when lebron went crazy and mcdyess was ejected from a critical game 5 that could have been won over the little things like grabbing a few more rebounds… is that an excuse? no, it’s just reality… they’vbe been a great team and a great team consistently… if detroit is full of excuses so is every other team that doesnt win a title in any given year

  22. blaze5611

    biedrins signed with golden state yo…

  23. Richie

    As usual, Mannie is correct. Tay never said he was tired and he never made any excused for his opponents doing well agaisnt him in the series they lose. Pierce this year- who was the Finals MVP and Lebon last year, who did some nearly impossible things which frankly couldn’t have been defended much better. Maybe the guys he was defending did so well in their winning efforts because they were the best players on there teams and Tay did his best to defend them.
    The man’s an Olympian and I’ve grown rather sick of people begging to get rid of him.

  24. illmatic774

    Well he’ll be gone soon, so hopefully you wont having to hearing anybody begging to get rid of him. he’s got a good attitude and is a likable guy but we’re going to need a younger (i know, it seems like he was a rookie just yesterday), strong, and more athletic guy that can guard the better SFs of the game, and Artest and Josh Smith make us undeniably better at least from a talent standpoint.

  25. Steve

    hahaha this shit doesnt get any better man.. Reports on ESPN said dumars tried to trade tayshaun for Josh Smith..and get this..they said Smith was too expensive hahahaha..this frachise is pathetic when it comes to finance, Bill Davidson is the CHEAPEST owner in the league, They sell out the place multiple years, the concession at the palace is highway robbery, not including play off ticket sales the last 6 yrs.. and Davidson says smith is too expensive? pleeease bill sell ur team to Mike Illitch!! he knows how to win and he is never afraid to open his check book..I seriously dont fxcking care anymore, Dumars is soft, all talk no walk. all he did was get the hopes of the fans up for a change and he jus sits and does absolutely NOTHING! He thinks a 2nd round draft pick can take the bench spot to play behind hopefully Artest? Dumars is smoking crack and until i see a change in this team i will no longer believe or have faith in that owner or GM cuz i think this frachise is soft. and everyone is like we lost to the champions blah blah yeah and every yr were older whats ur point? dumars offered chauncey and tayshaun 3 times and no one wants them.. one word comes to mind.. OVERRATED. im done im sick of this waiting bullshit, shit or get off the pot dumars its getting tired.


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