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by | Jul 23, 2008 | 7 comments

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  • As Matt Dery told us a couple of days ago, the Pistons are giving Will Bynum a contract. It’s a two year deal with the second year as a team option.
  • Matt Watson of DBB’s liked what he saw of Bynum in the Summer League, but DBB reader living in Israel isn’t that convinced.
  • Speaking of Matt, he had a chance to catch up with Amir Johnson for Fanhouse recently in Vegas.
  • I promised myself I would try to support our sister team The Shock this season, but sadly still haven’t made it to a game. I am sorry that this is the first thing I am reporting on the Shock this season. I am sure you all know what happened last night at the Palace, it’s just a shame that all the major media will bring up “The Brawl” again. Not that the scuffle wasn’t bad enough, but Detroit’s Cheryl Ford was injured trying to hold back a teammate and had to be wheeled off the court. (YouTube footage)
  • Devean George as a Piston?
  • Our own Team Need4Sheed member Sreko gave us a little insight on Mr. Bynum after the signing news along with a link to a YouTube Video. “Will Bynum is one of the best play makers in Euroleauge, living in Europe I got to see a lot of his games,he’s explosive,can shoot the ball but i don’t think he can pass very good. See his dunking abilities! ….Serbia Pistons fan”


  1. Steve

    Im listening to doug and gator on 97.1 The ticket at work right now and they jus reported that the pistons have offered chauncey and tayshaun 2 times so far and have been rejected each time, both for melo and t mac.

    Also they had one source for the artest trade yesterday and now 2 more sources have confirmed talks are going on right now for artest comming to detroit. and dumars has said hopefully this will make people realized im not doing nothing and jus sitting on my hands. So artest talk is serious and he has been trying to get a superstar here.

    we will see.

  2. blaze5611

    damn that music sucked in that dunk video…. interesting that two teams that can’t make it out of the first round won’t take our allstar point guard and tayshaun…. makes me feel like alot of teams don’t really respect us… hopefully chauncey and tay remember how undervalued they were around the league next year when they need a little extra boost(if they are still on our team)…

  3. Richie

    I thought that Bynum made some pretty good passes in the summer leage, though in most of the footage I’ve seen from his Euro games he often goes for an and 1 against a double team rather than passing to an open man, which as a basketball purest, I personally am not fond of. However, in todays NBA when fould have more and more to do with the game, maybe that’s the best kind of player to have.
    Anyway, we’ve only seen slivers of his abilities since we haven’t been able to watch him in the NBA yet. Not that it will nessisarily matter. He’s on the bottom of the list including Chauncey, Stuckey and Lindsey so I’m not sure how many minutes we can expect out of him, especially if Lindsey decides not to retire.

  4. amer-ican prince

    I just heard about the Shock altercation and just popped right on over here. I might be laughing a little if they didn’t say Cheryl Ford got hurt and Rick Mahorn pushed one of the players, wow. Don’t know too much about it, but I don’t think it ranks near the palace brawl like people are saying, but still talkworthy.

  5. KneeJerkNBA

    The girlfight wasn’t nearly as crazy as Detroit-Indy. I’d give it a slight edge over Knicks-Nuggets, though. None of these ladies ran away like ‘Melo did.

  6. illmatic774

    artest rumors emerge… brawl 2.0…

    its a sign! artest and the pistons are a match made in heaven


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