Pistons have interest in Artest?

by | Jul 21, 2008 | 26 comments

According to SacBee.com blogger

“Detroit: Could this be why Artest was so interested in interviewing brawl instigator John Green a while back? It would be a brilliant PR move if the Pistons were looking to put a package together for Artest.

And from what I was told from one source close to the Pistons, they are. I’ve yet to get this info from more than one person, so stay tuned. But much like the Mavs’ situation, this could be one of those where the player the Kings want (perhaps Tayshaun Prince) would be different than the one offered (Jason Maxiell, anyone?). Pure speculation on my part in terms of the potential pieces.”

If this ever happens I would be shocked. All these annonomous sources havent’s made good on a single trade yet so I’m not holding my breath, especially on this one.

Question:Is this guy discounting Jason Maxiell’s potential and game by that comment?


  1. Gaurav

    I am praying this one doesn’t happen.

  2. Dominic

    Nat I don’t think he’s insulting Maxiell, I think he is proposing we offered Maxiell for Artest. He is comparing the Mavericks offer that The Kings refused (Brandon Bass and Jerry Stackhouse) to the offer Detroit mightve made and the kings refused (Jason Maxiell) this is actually a compliment to Jason. THe fact he might be traded for an established All Star in Artest is amazing to me and it just tells me how far he comes

  3. Chris

    I wanted the Pistons to go after Artest ever since Ben Wallace left. Think about it, who else in the NBA could play good defense on guys like Pierce, LeBRON better than him? I think we’d need to give up Tay in order to get Ron, but I think he’s worth it. Ron’s only 28, a year younger than RIP. He’s got the outside shot and he can get to teh hole. I’m rly interested to see what happens with Tay. The other option would be a trade for Josh Smith.

  4. Richie

    I’m looking forward to the trade deadline to be overwith. Not only to end the suspence, but to end the rediculous trade suggestions and complaints like this:

    How about we trade everybody and get this line up?

    Chris Paul
    Kobe Bryant
    Carmelo Anthony
    Kevin Garnet
    Yao Ming


    Steve Nash
    Ray Allen
    Tracy McGrady
    Tim Duncan
    Shaqile O’neil

    In Reserve

    Brett Favre
    Mohammed Ali

    If Dumars doesn’t pull off this trade by tomorrow he SUCKS and should be fired at once.

  5. Steve

    now u get it richie! how old are you? u sound like an angry old man.

  6. spartanfan9108

    bringing artest to detroit would be absolutely amazing! i mean come on ur getting a proven all star who alongside sheed possibly would scare the hell outta other teams…the only thing that i personally would not like is if jmax is traded away..he is the future of the pistons.

  7. Reece

    hahahahaha brett favre.

  8. Ben

    I’m reading all this about dealing Tay. I can’t understand it? Tayshaun gets no credit from anyone. Look at what he did in the playoffs. The Pistons WILL make it back to the playoffs, and when they do, don’t you want Prince in there? Look at what this kid has done. You’ve got a Pistons team whose greatest weakness is it’s aging players and people want to see Tayshaun Prince leave? This is a guy who has helped take this great team to the Conference finals ever since he was drafted. If anyone should be traded (and I don’t think anyone necessarily should)it should be one of the older guys. But think about this, the Pistons had the second best record in the NBA and should be considered the second best team in the NBA. I live in Seattle where the goal of our sports teams is to MAKE the playoffs. From my perspective, it looks like the Pistons are panicking when they shouldn’t be. Firing Flip was wild enough, don’t try and mix up the roster so much when the one you already have is working.

  9. Steve

    I would personally drive to Sacroemnto and pick ron up and drive him to detroit while leaving tayshaun at the bus stop. WOW can we say championship?! artest can shut down the big boys, lebron, garnett, pierce all them superstar forwards plus he can drop 20 every night. can u imagine artest playing along side sheed?! can anyone say mahorn and laimbeer?! rebirth of the bad boys!

    i would do it in a heartbeat


    and sign devan george like they r close to doing to back him up?! wow and we have that bench holy goddamn lol im excited

    r u fuckin serious!?

  10. Timothy

    I was going to wait until the Devan George article was posted – but meh:

    Walter Hermann needs to play this year. He showed so much promise in his limited minutes last season.

  11. Steve

    Hermanns defense looks like a crack head trying to take crack from his dealers pockets while listening to techno.. im happy with george.

  12. LillyOgle

    are you guys saying you want artest just recent fans or soemthing? i would boo him everytime he came on the ct to play even if he was wearing a pistons jersey. i mean do you all forget the cheap shots hes taken at rip or the spitting his gum into detroit crowd or trying to FIGHT US! the last thing the pistons need to make it as champs is some low life wife beater who doesnt even deserve to be in the nba in the 1st place, why do you think hes on the kings?

  13. KneeJerkNBA

    I dig Ron Ron and think that if you can get him for anything other than Chauncey or Sheed, it’s worth considering.

    My one concern would be that he wouldn’t have the proper respect for a rookie coach.

    Oh, yeah- and that he’s crazy as fu*k.

  14. roscoe36

    steve wiat a second just a couple of weeks ago u wanted to trade the whole roster and said that if we kept the same roster it would just be ridiculous and we would keep losing just like the past 3 years… now ur sayin u would like to see sheed and ron ron wtf?!?? ur hypocrite

  15. Steve

    no no roscoe.. u dumb shit, i said JOKINGLY lets trade everyone except maxiell for lebron, a 2 man team WHICH ISNT POSSIBLE, i personally NEVER wanted rasheed to go, my beef is with GAYshaun, i have 3 sheed jerseys one being portland b4 he was even a piston hes always been my fav player other than terry mills which i have an autographed oldschool logo pistons ball by t mills, if u even know who that is since half of you started watching after 2004.

    think b4 u talk roscoe

  16. roscoe36

    i dont care how many jeseys u have and of who and i dont care that u have an autographed oldschool logo pistons ball personally i dont give a shit.. i wasnt talkin bout the trade u said for the whole roster besides max for lebron but all u have been sayin all summer long is get rid of chauncey get rid of tayshaun if we dont have a roster change itll be the same outcome

  17. Steve

    and im right! 4 yrs, same core some outcome..JACK SHIT. they r chokers, this core is stale and if we dont make a change were gonna lose in the 2nd round this time since the east is even better. so enjoy another 50 win season and an early playoff exit jus to see ur fairy tale crushes play together..ur so blind.

    and if ANYONE can find a comment from me dissing rasheed i will pay u handsomly.

    go buy nba live 2008 make ur team how u want it and jus play that cuz u cant handle reality.

  18. Richie

    You’re being a bit harsh, Steve- not that I’m surprized.
    Firstly, why is it that you can joke about trading everyone for an impossible 2 man team for no reason and it’s supposed to be funny, but when I joke about trading everyone for an impossible roster because I’m sick of the trade talks I sound like an angry old man?

    Anyway, I’ve heard you criticize me time and time again because I disagree with all the people who think this team should be blown up. Now a few people also seem to think that this team has done very well for itself and it’s okay for you to swear at them and call them blind because they don’t see things your way?

    You’ve suggested trades all summer long because you think that you have the best possible solution at all times, yet when other people think that the team doesn’t need such radicle change you tell them to go buy NBA live and make thier own team because they “can’t handle reality?” I think you might have it a bit twisted.

  19. Steve

    Naw i jus dont understand how people could be happy losing every yr in the playoffs with these same guys, all it is now is same dudes, better teams to play and they r gettin older everyday, this team will never with another ship with this core if a change doesnt happen itll be another 50 win season but knocked out by another east rival..its getting old. if u dont see that then i feel sorry for u really i do.

  20. blaze5611

    i think that ron ron would be a nice addition.. and yeah some shit went down a while ago but i’m not about to hold a grudge against him.. i’ve always admired his game but i really dont think joe d would ever trade for him.. especially his golden boy tayshaun… i think i would rather see tayshaun leave then maxiell though.. i really don’t care what happens anymore i’m just waiting for whatever is gonna happen and then root for the team i’m left with..

    and roscoe36 you are ignorant and being an asshole about it… you should look up what hypocrite means before you go using grown up people words haha.. you go throwing around insults that aren’t warranted and then when he calls you an idiot and proves you wrong you just say you don’t care… your mom must have just forgot to change your diaper this morning or somethin… i’ve been following this blog for a long time and steve never said trade the whole team other than a joke one time… just because he isn’t blowing our starters like you are doesnt mean he wants the whole team to go… your a joke

  21. Richie

    Steve, it’s legitamate to feel disappointed becuase the team has come so close. I don’t blame you for that. However, a team coming close to winning it all several times in a row isn’t as bad as many people make it out to be. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I don’t think that a team needs to be blown up jsut because it was close but didn’t win. If the pistons would have won 6 more games this year they’d have that trophy that people seem to consider what holds the elixer of life. You can think and say what you want, but I think that’s a team that needs to be adusted- not blown up.

  22. palaceprince

    just watching the Shock game and there was a big fight that broke out. Candace Parker was ejected for LA and Rick Mahorn got kicked out as well for pushing an LA player down… once a bad boy always a bad boy.

  23. david

    This is rediculus. I will be very disapointed in Joe D if he is even consiering getting ron artest. Artest has problems left and right and after the brawl a couple of years ago some of you people still want him. Some of you guys are crazy. But i doubt Joe D would do this because he is looking for people that are not only skilled but also committed and how can ron artest be committed when he is usually suspended.

  24. David

    steve and richie, you sound like such idiots. no one cares how many jerseys you have.

    as for Artest bring a “brilliant PR move,” I couldn’t disagree more. It would be crazy, every espn show and writer would have a feast, but at the end of the day we would have a lot of pissed off fans. Some fans would be happy, but only happy because we’re getting a good player, not because we’re getting a lunatic who tried to beat up fans a few years ago. brilliant PR move if your goal is to have stephen a. smith and bill walton talk about you nonstop for a week. terrible PR move if your goal is for the fans to be happy, to sell tickets, not to mention win games. the current roster may choke in the playoffs, but with loony ron artest, I’d be very surprised if we won 50 games. you can’t just sacrifice a player like tayshaun and act like it’s no big deal. it’s the chemistry between the starters that makes the pistons so good. Bringing in the NBA’s biggest psychopath is probably not good for chemistry, nor is it good for michael curry.

  25. yourwrong

    I wanted to say, as a huge Kings fan and remote Pistons fan (in other words, when the Kings have been eliminated i root for the Pistons – mainly cuz i love sheed); Jason Maxiell is a beast, he is a monster, he is going to be even better. That said, he is not someone who would particularly fit into what the Kings would do.

    Tayshaun has a much higher value. And we have asked the Mavs for Josh Howard before considering any offers. If we are going to trade Artest, and not trade Kenny Thomas (which is what we are requiring form the Lakers), we would need a more established young player. Tayshaun is a borderline perennial all-star (i still think he should’ve made it at least twice), who can shoot the outside shot, play great D, and occasionally get in the lane to the rack.

    If we could get Tayshaun, we would be happy even without ridding ourselves of “Kenny Thomas’ contract”.

    Plus, Maxiell is an undersized 4. And half of our cap consists of undersized 4’s.


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