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by | Jul 16, 2008 | 58 comments

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No changes need to be made.

I know he’s looking at several opportunities to see what’s out there. But … this is a team where I’ve been there six years and I’ve been to the Eastern Conference finals or better every year of my career. A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to say that. A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to experience winning an NBA championship, getting to the finals. Those type of things don’t come without hard work. I thought my whole team did a good job of that throughout my career there. Like I said, I think we should stand pat because the coach that we have (Michael Curry), he’s a very experienced guy even though this is his first year of coaching. He’s a very experienced guy. He’s been with us. He’s played with us – our core group of guys – and I think it would help out tremendously by having him as our coach, knowing what to expect from him. He knows what to expect from us.” Via Kentucky.com

I think Pistons faithful would have to disagree Mr. Prince. I’ll give you a vote that I predict will be quite lopsided.


  1. palaceprince

    i somewhat agree with tayshaun. i think it might have been flips fault. I don’t think it is the players because they have made 6 straight ECF and won one championship. But whatever happens I trust Joe. (as long as it is not a trade for Biedrins)

  2. jake h

    tays kinda right…we shudnt change the whole team..maybe a few ajustments like a real center..this teams on the verge of winning an nba championship again…boston wont hang in there

  3. palaceprince

    i agree jake. we do need a true center but maybe we can get a free agent and not break up the core. Well who knows.

  4. mannie32

    i dont think tay in any way said it was flip’s fault… he just said the truth, it takes a LOT of hard work to do what they’ve done… everyone on the outside saying they’re complacent is talking out of their asses because they arent the ones out there busting their asses and getting to the ECFs each year

    i agree that the team doesnt need to blow up.. but i agree in dumars seeing what’s out there… there could be a trade that makes them better, if so do it… but by no means is it a neccessity to blow this team up

  5. Steve

    yeah stand pat.. lose again sounds fun.

  6. Chuck

    Make a change if something comes along that really makes us better, but we all know it’s going to be tough to get equal or greater value for what we have. Unfortunately, that probably means staying pat (which is a better option than making a bad change just for the sake of making a change, so from that standpoint I agree with what he’s saying).

  7. jake h



    championship team

    tayshauns too inconistant
    Tmacs hungry for a championship
    stuckeys fresh
    chaunceys old

    if Joe D. does do somethin crazy hell have a good purpose

  8. illmatic774

    cool. now joe d has more incentive to trade this guy.

    been there done that team, experienced coach, and been there done that patented third round exit. seriously, what the ****… is this tays way of begging joe not to trade him to a crapy team or is he just omplacent/delusional?

    we need FIRE! not this conservative bull****.

  9. mannie32

    yea steve… trade for t-mac, let him get injured, come back for the playoffs, and we flame out in the first round… sounds soooo much more exciting

  10. Steve

    yeah mannie lets keeps this awesome core together that chokes when its time to perform, ur bunch of losers and gayshaun wow what a homo he is.

  11. Eric

    Man steve, it’s amazing that you still have the privilege to post here when you’re consistently so incredibly offensive.

    Now that the season’s over, it’s looking more and more like a big deal might not go down, and I wouldn’t mind keeping the guys for one more year. If they lose this year, then we KNOW it wasn’t the coach, especially if Curry demands accountability like he says.

  12. Steve

    eric u dont like it? go to church pray to that invisible god in the sky for me. lol

    keep this core together for 1 more yr eric? seriously? how many times do they gotta lose in the playoffs for u to change it up? 6? ur all rediculous.

  13. Natalie Sitto

    Steve, I can understand why so many people have a hard time with you. Its one thing to try and make your point but you can be very offensive at times. The sad thing is it makes people disregard what you have to say because of it.

    I wish you could tone down the language and threats. This blog takes a lot of my time and the last thing I want to do is be a babysitter.

    I’m asking you as a fellow fan to please be respectful.

    As for the vote….I’m shocked at the results thus far.

  14. Julius

    I’ve always thought this. Tayshaun is totally correct. There are so many teams and people put too much weight on winning the championship. Everyone is trying hard to win the champion ship, but the pistons have done well for the past six years. Is it all or nothing for these people? If so they’re going to end up being like almost every other team and being nothing. The disapointment may suck, but there is also hope. The hope comes only cause this team does so well.

  15. akhalil101

    Steve you got to fuckin calm down. not every suggestion anybody do you have to dog about it. People o have an anouncement.. Steve is a straght up bitch.

  16. Steve

    FINE… ill tone it down for the christian bible thumpers in this chat that watch G rated movies and never heard cursing before (All though their hero mr rasheed swears more than i do in a single game but hes ok tho cuz its cute when he does it and oh so funny) but ok as u wish i wont swear)

    as for AKHALILhabibi..be lucky ur online thats all ill say.

  17. Natalie Sitto

    Thank you Steve, I know it’s difficult for you.

  18. Steve

    OH BY THE WAY! no trade will happen…


    No Plan To Trade T-Mac

    GM Daryl Morey said that he has made it clear to Tracy McGrady that the Rockets do not plan to trade him and do not want to trade him.
    The Rockets seem so committed to McGrady that on draft night, Rockets owner Leslie Alexander — who has publicly said he wants to keep McGrady and who would seem to have some say on the matter — invited McGrady to be in his office during all the draft maneuvers. McGrady, who follows college basketball closely, is into this kind of stuff and got there about four picks into the draft. — Houston Chronicle


    Talk Annoys Dumars

    Pistons president Joe Dumars is annoyed by all the talk that he isn’t doing anything to improve the Pistons.
    “Here is what I can tell you,” Dumars said in a measured tone. “I am continuing to do everything I can to improve this team.”

    He believes there is a 50-50 chance something will happen before training camp. Dumars is not allowed to talk about players on other teams. But he reconfirmed that all players on his team are up for grabs, but he refuses to give them away in a fire sale.

  19. akhalil101

    Be lucky i am online? What does that supposed to mean? If you wanna meat somewhere we can settle things out.

  20. Steve

    Your welcome natalie 🙂

  21. Steve

    so we can meat? r we having a BBQ?

  22. akhalil101

    HOw bout you come over to my city were the rael dirt happens. Toledo, OH.

  23. akhalil101

    haha now thats funny.

  24. Steve


    ohio smells like cow sxit.. every time i drive to cedar point its the most smelliest boring state in the usa, id rather go to idaho and look at dirt.

    ay man hows your Cavs lookin this year?

  25. Steve

    i havnt been following them that much in the off season have they got lebron any help?

  26. Richie

    As I’ve made clear that I agree with Tayshaun and Julious.
    As for you, Steve- I’ve basically decided to Ignore the bulk of what you have to say. I, for one, don’t think that you “spice this blog up”. I think you lower it’s overall maturety. I think it’s foolish that you and blaze insulted me in the previous post when I hadn’t said a single thing. Fortunately your manner of presenting yourself has stripped me of any respect for you, so I don’t care. Why would I be concerned with someone who makes hollow threats on line about fighting people because their opinions about a basketball team differ from yours?

  27. akhalil101

    Richie i agree with you 100% percent about steve. Every time somebody says an opinion he starts dogging about it.

  28. Steve

    Richie i already told natalie id calm down which i will, i jus didnt know people were offended with PG-13 language, i guess im not with it..

    I cant speak for everyone but ill quit making fun of you and your opinions.

    Jus calm down throw on an elvis cd or whatever OLDIES you bump in ur ride while u get all them girls and have a beer on me.

  29. Fariduddin

    i agree with Tay! it would very hard to see new faces that would replace any starter. but change is initially hard and we learn to deal with…. we that said i trust that Joe will do the right thing and not make a move to just make a move.
    P.S. why are people getting agressive in cyberspace:)- relax!

    P.S.S. Nat — i got mad respect for you for the time you spend on this site!

  30. mannie32

    steve… okay u think they need to do something.. fine i respect ur opinion… but to believe they need to do something this year is completely short-sited… your like all the people who said Mitch Kupchak was an idiot for not trading Bynum for Kidd… he stood pat and a) Bynum improved (as did vucajic, etc.) and b) they landed pau gasol in what was a much better trade… what was the secret? he was patient… when the fans, critics, his only players pointed fingers… he was patient, and pulled off a much better trade

    same could be said for boston, all these years passing up on trades to get pierce a star next to him, passing up on AI, kept getting younger… then had enough assets to trade for allen and KG, and won a championship

    both examples show patience… something you’re clearly not demonstrating right now… acting like ur a genius and saying we have to make a change right now for the sake of making a change (t-mac? seriously? biedrins? seriously?) is ridiculous, and will likely get you nowhere

    im glad dumars is running this organization and not you… im EXTREMELY happy to see that he’s patient and saying he’ll wait until he gets equal value in return (or maybe a steal a la the lakers and clippers received recently)… plus rasheed’s contract comes off the books next year, that’s a huge asset to us if we keep it

  31. blaze5611

    richie i wasnt really even gonna say anything about this but you had to go and throw my name around… richie the only reason i even started on you is because you were criticizing anything that people said about not wanting the same core and or that we weren’t happy with losing in the ecf’s every year.. you should keep you mouth shut about me and have someone change your bedpan because you are such a annoyance it might help… just quit throwing peoples names around and talk about pistons and quit being a jackass.. we dont need to hear you calling us spoiled or saying we are not true fans, change your diaper, get your head out of your ass and just talk sports…

    yesterday josh smith said that he doesn’t want to return to the hawks.. the problem with us trying to get him is that it would have to be a sign and trade and he is looking for damn near max money so i don’t know if we would be even be able to make the contracts match without giving up to much…
    aretest recently said he is unhappy also and i dont think that it would take all that much to pry him from the maloofs because i feel like they want to take the team in a different direction because of kevin martins breakout… i’m gonna say the t-mac trade is dead and just as the melo trade was put to sleep… i really dont think getting a 10 and 10 center is gonna help us that much so if we give chauncey up for one i will be so disappointed..

  32. Lama

    i agree w/ tay one hundred percent. we can just be trading players just to trade them. We have the talent the problem has been something else and maybe this new coach will be the one to figure it out. i think joe d should wait this out see how the players react to the new coach and if there isnt really a difference then u have until february to make a change. tay likes his team and he knows that they work well together i trust joe and i understand why hes frustrated but he should definitely listen to the players.

  33. Steve

    Yeah if biedrins is the only dude out there left, i say forget it, win 50+ games and fail again this time in the 2nd round. Then wait for sheed to expire, sign him for veteran big man on the BENCH and sign a potential star. Thats all i can say right now, im disapointed that he didnt do anything after all the hard talk. but then again he goes out to lunch with matt millen so who knows. I jus wish hed tell us somthin instead of being the quietest GM on earth.

  34. gMac

    Let’s all be selfish for a second!!! Maybe Tay said all that because he knows his name is floating around and he doesn’t want to get traded. It’s like Flip saying we are gonna win it all…

  35. Steve

    97.1 the ticket mike valenti is ripping dumars apart i have never laughed so hard in my life!! tune it!

  36. Richie

    Hah, so I’M the one throwing names around, Blaze? The only thing I said that was I think it’s foolish for you to insult me on a post in which I made absolutely no comment. So you can bring MY name up and blast me when I say nothing, but when I say that I think you doing that is follish I’M the one throwing names around?
    Then you accuse ME of being the person who’s an annoyance and should just talk about sports? So basically you can say whatever you want about other people, even if they don’t say anything, but they’re not allowed to defend themselves, let alone have oppinions of their own? Riiight. My bad. Please forgive me.
    PS- I’ve accused people of being spoiled for getting 6 ECF trips and a banner and still complaining about how bad the ream is, but I never said they weren’t fans just because they were spoiled. It’s bad enough to be a hypocrit, just don’t go putting words in my mouth.

  37. illmatic774

    this is exactly why we need to part with at least one guy.

    nobody on this team will be tough on another guy. they’re too close. we’re playing buddy ball and that don’t win ships.

    and nat if the polls only gave ip addresses one vote you’d see that no would be easily winning; i notice whenever i pressed refresh last night, yes would go up by one (smeone who unconditionally loves the core no matter how many times they fall short), meaning that there was a ballot stuffer last night (not saying they dont exist for both sides though)

    i’m shocked too at the results. i guess people are content with this team.

    now excuse me while i throw up.

  38. Eric

    Guys, I’m not sure if a Stand Pat vote necessarily implies we’re content with our team. It maybe a realistic gesture, with people understanding that maybe it’s not possible to make changes while keeping ourselves in such a serious level of contention.

    Obviously, the change I want is a full-on 100% commitment to playing EVERY night by EVERY player. But when people want to trade our core away because of their mentalities, they forget that they’re also trading away their immense talent and chemistry. So even if we do get something back in return, it might not be enough to compensate for what we had to give up.

  39. blaze5611

    i notice you said nothing about the pistons yet again… did you forget to take your meds??

  40. blaze5611

    also… the mavs offered stackhouse and brandon bass for artest.. more trades that don’t involve us.. yay

  41. Dan

    I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t want to be involved in any Artest trade…or any Stephen Jackson or Jermaine O’Neil trade either.

  42. Richie

    Blaze, I made the statement that I agree with Tayshaun. I’ve consistantly made that statement and had nothing else to say on the matter. The rest rest of my statements were in my defence when I said nothing to/about either of you to bein with. You come onto this site, speak disprespectfully about people, and then cry about it when they defend themselves. When you have no facts to point out, and only prove your hypocrisy in making them up, you result in immature statements, like calling me old, aparently (I’m not sure what your meds and bedpans references are- maybe you’re saying I’m in a hospital? Maybe you could clear that up). Better yet, you could let it go and practice what you preach for a change.

  43. Dan

    I just don't see how TMac would be a good fit, unless you include RIP in the trade. RIP & TMac in the same lineup makes no sense. I don't see Dumars trading RIP since he's been the most consistent player on the team. I think Billups, Prince, & Sheed are really the only 3 he wants to deal. I'd like to see Sheed traded because his attitude and lazy play are killing the team.

    If we don't trade Sheed, I think getting Biedrins would really improve Sheed's game. We've been using Sheed as a center when he really would be more effective at PF. He could post up WAY more against fewer double teams with Biedrins in the middle, and we've all seen what Rasheed can do when he posts up instead of jacking up 3's constantly. If teams decide to leave Biedrins open, he'll have no problem scoring inside since he shoots 60%FG. He managed to average 10 points on a Golden State team that does nothing but run the ball. Imagine what he could do on a half court team like Detroit. I say he easily averages 15pts 11 boards and around 2 blocks a game.

    …and if you think Biedrins for Billups is such a bad deal, how come Chris Mullin isn't jumping at the offer? Keep in mind Dumars wants Biedrins, but Mullen countered with Harrington for Billups. Clearly Mullen and Dumars see something in Biedrins. Everyone thought Ben Wallace & Atkins for Grant Hill was a bad trade at the time… (I didn't) and look how that turned out. I think this could be a similar situation. If the trade did happen the Pistons would probably also get a draft pick or a throw in player (I'll take CJ Watson)

    Stuckey is probably going to be a superstar and should play as much as possible. So whoever Dumars gets for Billups is fine with me. If Atlanta is dumb enough to trade Josh Smith for Prince, we have to do it. That guy is awesome.

    I'm not surprised Denver traded Camby away for nothing. If you consistently watched Nuggets games you would have seen that Camby plays with no intensity whatsoever, like he doesn't even want to be out there. Josh Smith on the other hand plays like every game is the NBA finals…a refreshing change from what Pistons fans are used to.

  44. James

    First off let me say I’m in the camp that believes a shake up with this team needs to happen in order to give us our best chance of winning it all. Our core group has had a great run and I respect them for the success they have had, but they’ve lost in the ECF the last 3 years and they aren’t getting any younger.

    However, all the people who are getting on Dumars for not making a move yet need to get off his back. I’m advocating a change, but only when/if the right deal comes along. Joe D’s track record with trades is pretty much flawless. He didn’t have to take back Atkins and B. Wallace when Grant Hill left (he could have just let G. Hill sign with Orlando), but he saw something in them. Trading Stack for Rip was genius. Getting rid of Nazr and his contract for two expiring deals was also a good move. Mo Evans (there are tons of 9th-11th men off the bench guys just like him) for the rights to draft Cheikh Samb looks very good as well. My point is, if he hasn’t made a trade that’s ok…it’s because he hasn’t gotten a good deal yet.

    We need to show a little patience. The KG trade didn’t happen until July 31, the Pau Gasol trade happend on Feb 1st, we didn’t acquire Rasheed until the last minute of the trade deadline in February! There is a lot of time left for Joe D to make a trade. There actually may be a lot more opportunities once the season starts and we get closer to the trade deadline. The West is loaded and there will be some very good teams with quality players who won’t be a top 8 seed by the trade deadline. Those teams will be much more willing to shake things up once they see they are unlikely to make the playoffs…right now every team is optimistic about the upcoming season.

    Joe D said he’s going to look at every opportunity to shake up this group but he also specifically said he’s not going to just give guys away or make a trade just to make a trade. A trade hasn’t been made yet b/c the right trade hasn’t presented itself.

  45. Dan

    I agree that everyone should just be patient with Dumars. I'm really surprised at how the local media has been getting on his case. You would think they would know by now the man knows what he's doing. What do they expect should have been done at this point? There weren't any free agents out there that we could use/afford and the trades that have already happened were mostly bad ones in my opinion. Dumars is going to pull of some kind of deal. It might be tomorrow, 2 months from now, or 2 minutes before the trade deadline. Judging from what he's done in the past, it will most likely be a very good deal. The only thing he's ever done that I didn't like was draft Rodney White & Mateen Cleaves. I don't blame him for the Darko fiasco, that's Larry Brown's fault for not playing him. He wouldn't have played Carmello either, and everyone would be talking about what a bust he was and Darko would be an all-star on Denver.

  46. Richie

    Well Dan, I don’t know if Melo and Darko would have exactly switched palces like that, but for the most part I agree. If a trade needs to happen to make this team better and it’s out there to be done, I’m confident that Joe D will do it. His job is to make this team as strong as he can, not to give restless bloggers/blog readers something to talk about.

  47. BB

    There is no guarantee that Darko would have been an All-Star with Denver. He’s had great avenues to show his talent in Orlando and Memphis. It’s just not there. I think there’s no denying that Carmelo however is a HUGE talent. It still kills me that we could’ve had melo, wade, or bosh. Our team would’ve been SICK. Chauncey, RIP, Melo, Sheed, Ben Wallace.

    I love Joe D. What he’s done for this franchise is unbelievable. BUT WOW he sure did blow that one. It still haunts me to this day and probably will until I die.

  48. Steve


    if we got melo we would not have traded for rasheed. everything happens for a reason..although there could be a dwayne wade on this team.

  49. mannie32

    yea i was gonna say the same thing… almost suprised steve said it first…. had we not got melo, likely we would not have received sheed… and we would probably still have been a good team, but very likely we would have 0 titles instead of at least 1

  50. blaze5611

    i’m (sadly) starting to believe that we are not going to make a trade… i know that i have called for a trade extensively but if i can’t get that i need maxiell to start over mcdyss for sure…(ya i hate talking about no change but i fear the worst…) i’d say let maxiell play a center role on offense so sheed can play pf, and then on defense let sheed play on the center because he did quite well against other centers and is a long defender… along with amir getting solid time at center i feel our frontcourt could be lethal while keeping rip and chauncey in the backcourt… richie i won’t lie i also can make a good case for our starting 5 but if it was my choice i would be attempting a trade.. as along as it was worth it..(agreeing with your case.) i dunno i just don’t want to settle for the same thing as last year… i wouldn’t be upset unless i thought that we could have tried harder, i just really hope that curry can install what we truly need which is energy and commitment to the title

  51. Dan

    Of course there's no guarantee Darko would be an all star right now if Denver drafted him, but he would have at least had the opportunity with Denver, because he would have had significant playing time there from the beginning and that is key in developing a talented player. You can't average 5 minutes of playing time per game for the first 3 years of your career and expect to be very good. If Dumars had drafted Mello, he wouldn't have played at all becuase there was just no room for him in the rotation (Prince/Williamson) and Larry hates to play rookies even if there is room. That would have hurt Mello's developement. Basically whichever player Dumars drafted there really wouldn't have been a very big part of the team, given the situation. That's why in recent season Dumars has pretty much forced the coaches into playing the younger guys by making moves that leave them no choice…because he doesn't want another Darko situation. So don't be surprised if Billups is traded before the season begins. Stuckey is the future and needs to start gaining experience right away. Also, drafting Mello would have had 0 affect on Dumars trading Rebraca & Sura for Rasheed. It would have been the exact same team whether Dumars drafted Darko, Mello, Wade or Bosh. The only difference is that Mello, Bosh or Wade would have moved on to other teams with more success than Darko's had. I'm sick of hearing how "awesome" we would have been if we drafted Mello or Wade and how dumb Dumars was for drafting Darko. Sorry folks but Carmello & Wade were a worse fit than Darko (didn't need SF or SG, but did need a big man, which is why we traded for Rasheed) and those 2 "superstars we could have had" would have only gotten garbage minutes.

  52. Pat

    what about looking at darius miles?

    reports sound good so far and he is looking for a team just like detroit to go to. He would come extremely cheap too and we NEED a productive SF to back up Prince as his offensive production is simply not enough for that position on a game to game basis. Thoughts?

    Natalie – your site is amazing and you got lots of support from Toronto!

  53. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks for all the kind word from everyone!

  54. Gabe

    They can’t play Max at C because the guy is at best 6’7, but more likely he’s 6’5 or so. It does create quite a conundrum though because sheed and dyess arent getting it done on the backboards nor downlow. They were getting consistantly outrebounded and outscored in the paint. What’s the answer? I have no idea, but Beidrins surly isn’t it. I like the guy, he’s efficiant, plays hard, and is low key, but the arguement that a player like him would be better served in a half court is absurd. He gets open because the frenetic pace of GS’s guards drew the defence away from Beidrins, allowing him great shots close the basket. His advantage over other big men is his ability to run the floor, which Detroit will not be doing often. As far as I can tell, other than a solid hook, he doesn’t have the kinds of low post moves that would make him a truly effective player in the half court, and his free throw looks like he’s having some sort of spasmodic episode. No thank you on Beidrins.

  55. Dan

    You say the Pistons need a center. You also said you like Biedrins…so why isn't he a good answer?? There aren't that many good centers out there, especially ones that teams are willing to give up. It looks like Mullin isn't even willing to give up Biedrins for Billups. So how can you expect Dumars to get someone even better than that? Ming, Howard, Okur, & Bynum are the only true centers out there better than Biedrins and we aren't going to get any of them. (Amare, Nowitzki, Camby, & Bosh are better suited to PF, like Rasheed, so don't get on my case for not saying those are better centers than Biedrins). You could make a case for Brad Miller, Chris Kaman, or Ilgauskas which are attainable players, but I still think Biedrinis has more potential than those 3. A big man that can run the floor will go great with Stuckey who likes to run. Biedrins will get wide open looks by the basket when teams double Rasheed…which is better than wide open looks to McDyess who's 15 feet from the basket when Sheed is double teamed. He's also great on defense. I don't see how a quick big man who can get open, isn't suited for a half court offense, that requires alot of ball & player movement.

  56. SpartanFan9108

    I pretty much do agree with Tay. I mean come on 6 straight ECF’s , thats amazing. What other team has done that?…NONE. Personally, I think Flip was the main problem and im almost positive that Mr. Curry will lead us back to the promise land. Another thing the Pistons should do is move my man JMAX into the starting lineup permanently, because he is a dominant force on both ends of the floor.

  57. BB

    dan – I understand where you're coming from, but if you really think that Darko would be just as good of a fit as Melo, Wade, or Bosh you're HIGHLY misguided. Darko has potential, but was never a proven player in the sense Melo, Wade, and Bosh were. In his first season Melo won a national championship, Wade took Marquette to the final four, & Bosh arguably put Gtech basketball back on the map. I understand the argument that we might not have brought in Rasheed. However, saying that Darko would be just as good of a fit as Melo Bosh and Wade is ridiculous.

    Again, Joe D is the man. However, I think a lot of people forget that he's human and he's able to make a mistake. Granted in hindsight it's easy to point out someone's misgivings, but it is what it is. Drafting DARKO was a mistake. We had the number 2 pick in arguably the best draft class and blew it. How can you argue that? You can't.

  58. Gabe

    Hey Dan,

    You make some valid points. Perhaps I was a bit shortsighted in my assesment. I’m still skeptical however. Of course it all depends on what we’re giving up. I’ll delay judgment.


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