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by | Jul 16, 2008 | 40 comments

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  1. A

    Here’s why Biedrins for Billups makes sense: he’s a top-six center in the league (after Howard, Bynum, Yao, Chandler, and Camby), and he’s only 22.

  2. Steve

    trade the whole team i say they all suck, trade everyone cept maxiell for lebron,


    who could fuck with that lol

    palaceprince read my response on the last blog kid.

  3. Natalie Sitto

    I understand, but Dumars said he didn’t want to trade one of his starters for a teams second best player.

    But now that Davis is gone maybe he’s the teams best player now.

    Yes I guess it makes sense but I’m not sure that I like it.

  4. gMac

    As much as I hate Paul Gasel, I think he’s better than Biedrins. You still gotta put Timmy D and Amarie in there for comparison sake. It’s not like Biedrins is a true center that can give you points like Duncun, Bynum and Yao. You can’t look at his stats, because the style they play. Heck! Sheed is better than him!

    I say let’s get T-mac. Get this over with.

  5. Steve

    yes T MAC, pistons will be the sweetheart team, national games, all star game starter, rigged games in our favor, and boston will shit their pants when they play us. DO IT NOW!

    i am listening to 97.1 the ticket they said joe is talking to golden state for biedrins and talking to atlanta as well for a tayshaun smith swap.

    Josh Smith



    i like the T mac roster better but both would be nice.

  6. gMac

    The game has changed. We can’t play those D we used to play when we got our ship back then. The refs are calling every little pussy calls for the super stars. And as far as I know, only Chauncy gets those simi-star calls.
    Watching NCAA hoop makes me so sick of how the NBA games are officiated.
    Having ball movement and just take good open jumpers is not good enough. We wanna a guy who can get inside and gets those calls.
    Remember how Larry B used to get pissed at Billiups taking too many jumpers and ask him to just get fouled inside?
    Flip on the other hand always says “Well, we are getting open shots… blah blah blah”…

  7. blaze5611

    i would love a tayshaun strait up for josh smith… i would also like if we got t-mac… if we get Biedrins i will be so pissed, we dont need that much hair gel on the court at one time… and dont you dare but him in the top 6 centers.. if you have even seen golden state play the only reason he got points is because he just stands around at the basket… i know some people want that but thats not how that pistons really play… please just get j smith or t-mac

  8. Steve

    u know i agree blaze, but i have a feeling richie will write a 10 page essay saying why not to get t mac or smith haha he loves this core so very much hahaha, so we will wait for that one.

  9. Retrokidz201

    I jus pray that we can get tmac.i dnt think biedrins is as bad as yu guys r saying.I’m not protecting his rep or anything but I wouldn’t be that upset with the first line up steve gave.nd lol.steve I’m waiting for that essay to.lmao

  10. blaze5611

    hahaha yeah he is gonna have a hard time with any change considering he has had his head so far up chauncey and tayshauns ass that he doesnt even realize that some change could actually help our team

  11. amer-ican prince

    They probably had more salary cap room than we do, but I can’t believe that the Clippers got Marcus Camby. And for so little? I’m just speechless. I was hoping he would be in a Pistons jersey next year.

    Still have hopes for Josh Smith, but truthfully I don’t feel that feeling you get when you know something’s going to happen.

    I think Joe might need to consider getting a third or fourth team involved in order to make something happen. We don;t need to blow up the team, but something needs to happen

    I can’t get over Marcus Camby to the Clippers

  12. palaceprince

    wow steve you are so cool. im sick and tired of your bull shit trying to intimidate me online. Oh and another thing this is a PISTONS site. And if your going to call Tayshaun Gayshaun then you don’t belong here. Come back and talk when you are a real Pistons fan not a poser.

  13. Steve

    haha at least u know im cool bro. haha poser.. thats funny.

  14. illmatic774

    just because h’s not a fan of prince it doesn’t mean hes not a pistons fan.

    and regardless if theres any truth to the mcgrady stuff, i still think its pretty cool that hes interested in coming here. we need more people saying thy wanna come to detroit.

  15. akhalil101

    Steve really, go to hell. “Yeah lets trade the whole fickin team for lebron.HAHA” Seroiulsy, why dont you just go to another website and trash on my home team. Serioulsy but you are like fucked up.

  16. Steve

    i call tayshaun gayshaun because of a personal experiance i had with that scrawny bitch, my hate has nothing to do with his play.. even tho he jus happens to suck, i seen how he was treating children at a meet n greet at great lakes crossing, he refused to sign a 3 yr olds toy ball, and he was telling shy kids to hurry up alot of people were very pissed off and one kid even said lebron would have signed things for me., hes a peice of shit and will always be one in my opinion. but u must love him palaceprince after all he did make 2 blocks in 6 yrs haha what a good player.

  17. Steve

    akhalil101… wow.. another fan of mine..

    I said that JOKING considering i only left 2 people on the team. i wasnt talking shit about the pistons what so ever..i thought it would be funny for people to imagine a 2 man team of lebron and maxiell i found it humerous. thats only cuz im so fed up with all the rumors i jus wish somthing would happen, i was saying that as a joke.. u know that word “joke” meaning “not serious”.. but as for going to hell? naw im cool on that i heard it tends to get too warm.

    but i love responses from my number one fans welcome to the club man.

  18. akhalil101

    I know you were joking bitch but you are always dogging on my team. Detroit is the best team in the NBA and there is nothing thats going to change that. Palaceprince and richie, i hear you man. Steve is a retard.

  19. The Fluidics

    You stay classy Detroit…

  20. Steve

    Detroit Classy? what detroit u livin in dog?

    and for akhalilabibi or whatever ur bin laden ass name is, feel lucky this is jus an online thing, and for the record man, UR TEAM SUCKS! THEY WONT WIN ANOTHER SHIP AND IS FAR FROM THE BEST IN THE NBA.

    that is unless a genuine trade is made for Mr.McGrady or another good player or even a little tweak envolving GAYshaun and Josh Smith.

    I dont know why everyone is so blind to see this? Me Blaze and Retro knows what needs to be done why cant everyone else?

    I think u all have little man crushes on ur favorite players, people get traded thats life get over it, but i would see somone bout ur infatuations with these dudes if u aint a chick lol.. seriously

  21. gMac

    Steve’s got great points (as always :D). But maybe you should be a bit more polite.
    Although it’s hard to convince anyone who actually BELIEVEs we are the best team in NBA?!!
    Wake up people we are not that good, it’s ok to bash your team if they are not getting anywhere few years in a row.

    Best team in NBA….you call yourself a real fan?! I guess that’s why people still watch the lions

  22. palaceprince

    okay steve i see how you can not like tayshaun.

  23. Jess

    I still check the site everyday but I just dont have much to say. I just want to see everything unfold. Im sick rumors. Its time for some action.

    And damn Steve, you know how to get on everyones nerves.

  24. Steve

    lol what can i say its my talent pushing peoples buttons is my hobby lol, its all out of fun tho.
    i do it for entertainment and to spice this blog up a bit, keep it rated border line PG-13/R instead of keeping it G rated if i wasnt here. lol

  25. gMac

    Nice touch on the Avatar, man!
    Let’s get T-Mac already.

  26. palaceprince

    ya steve i must say you do keep this thing interesting when there is not much pistons news going on.

    james posey signed with the hornets. when is joe d. going to make a move before all the good players are gone. I think there is going to be a big trade because joe is not signing anyone when the good players are getting deals from other teams, also he saving his cap space.

  27. blaze5611

    i’m glad a few people who are real are finally speaking up instead of just making excuses for our team.. jess i completely agree with every word of your post, steve has plenty of good points sometimes they are just delievered poorly.. i think we are all just getting pissed off because nothing has happened yet.. i mean i know there is the select few that thinks curry will change everything and sunshine and flowers are gonna fall from the sky but its not gonna happen.. i’m not even gonna talk about possible trades i just think that something needs to happen soon or this blog might explode


    I’m with everybody else. I’m sick of rumors. Is something going to happen or not? I haven’t really been on the tmac bandwagon but I’ve officially decided it would be great to have him. Especially if he’s actually interested in coming here. I was so excited to here about all the rumors earlier this summer about different players, but I never really got the vibe that any of would like playing in Detroit. I think if that’s the only trade we made this summer we would be much better next season. I’m excited to see how Curry will do to. He sounds like a no nonsense guy who will actually play our bench consistently.

  29. Retrokidz201

    Man.steve I jus think people dnt understand.the guy who cnt take a joke doesn’t kno wat a joke is.nd fcuk this core.I say we get josh smith nd biedrins.onli bcuz I jus read that houston is not giving up tmac for tay nd chauncey.bcuz they already have alston.nd jackson at pg nd they already have shane battier which is a mirror image of man stop bombin steve.if he wsnt here.this shyt would b ass.b greatful

  30. The Fluidics

    We should trade Rip and Tay for some Vowels for these comments.

  31. Steve

    good look retro.

  32. illmatic774

    biedrins, tmac, or josh smith, seriously ANY of these guys will do. get something done. if it doest work out as planned at least we made an attempt to get better. this core is officially stale. AJ has been warming the bench for three seasons; he’ll never learn to gain the feel of the NBA with sporadic minutes.

    i like cb but if you already committed to stuckey as the future he needs to play/blossom now. plus if you hold off on the stuckey era, CBs trade value will plummet as he ages.

  33. wapmak27

    steve can i have your autograph?

  34. palaceprince

    im not completley sold on biedrins because he doesn’t seem like he will be better than any of our core guys. If we get biedrins we should get another player like Harrington or someone. Josh Smith would be very good and T mac would also be good.

  35. Steve

    Wapmak27 I charge $10 usually, depends on what you want me to sign tho, paper is a $5 minimum, soo jus let me know and ill give u a quote. i also ship for free.

  36. wapmak27

    sounds like good shit

  37. Dan

    I just don't see how TMac would be a good fit, unless you include RIP in the trade. RIP & TMac in the same lineup makes no sense. I don't see Dumars trading RIP since he's been the most consistent player on the team. I think Billups, Prince, & Sheed are really the only 3 he wants to deal. I'd like to see Sheed traded because his attitude and lazy play are killing the team.

  38. Dan

    If we don’t trade Sheed, I think getting Biedrins would really improve Sheed’s game. We’ve been using Sheed as a center when he really would be more effective at PF. He could post up WAY more with fewer double teams with Biedrins in the middle, and we’ve all seen what Rasheed can do when he posts up instead of jacking up 3’s constantly. If teams decide to leave Biedrins open, he’ll have no problem scoring inside since he shoots 60%FG. He managed to average 10 points on a Golden State team that does nothing but run the ball. Imagine what he could do on a half court team like Detroit. I say he easily averages 15pts 11 boards and around 2 blocks a game.

  39. Dan

    …and if you think Biedrins for Billups is such a bad deal, how come Chris Mullin isn't jumping at the offer? Keep in mind Dumars wants Biedrins, but Mullen countered with Harrington for Billups. Clearly Mullen and Dumars see something in Biedrins. Everyone thought Ben Wallace & Atkins for Grant Hill was a bad trade at the time… (I didn't) and look how that turned out. I think this could be a similar situation. If the trade did happen the Pistons would probably also get a draft pick or throw in player (I'll take CJ Watson)

  40. Dan

    Stuckey is probably going to be a superstar and should play as much as possible. So whoever Dumars gets for Billups is fine with me. If Atlanta is dumb enough to trade Josh Smith for Prince, we have to do it. That guy is awesome. I’m not surprised Denver traded Camby away for nothing. If you consistently watched Nuggets games you would have seen that Camby plays with no intensity whatsoever, like he doesn’t even want to be out there. Josh Smith on the other hand plays like every game is the NBA finals…a refreshing change from what Pistons fans are used to.


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