Stuckey and Afflalo Impress in Summer League Play

by | Jul 14, 2008 | 20 comments

Pistons Summer League play kicked off Friday night with an 84-73 win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Rodney Stuckey led the way with 21 points, but others showed promise as well.

Rodney Stuckey
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Arron Afflalo led Detroit to victory against the Clippers with 26 points in their 77-66 win.

“I’ve always said that when Arron plays consistent minutes, he shoots the ball consistently,” said Detroit head coach Michael Curry. “You’re always glad to see everyone play well, but especially Aaron because of how much time he puts in to improve his game. He’s going to be our backup 2-guard this season, so we expect him to come in and play consistent minutes each night and he’ll be a good contributor for us.” Via ESPN

Looks like Arron got the chance to shine because of a sore toe. Seems as though Stuckey was sidelined in the second half of the Clippers game with a bothersome sore toe (not serious), which gave Arron the opportunity to step up.

I didn’t get a chance to catch either game, but I know some of you did by reading the comment section. Apparently the full game is streaming live on demand right now through More thoughts welcome on the boys of summer in the comments.


  1. blaze5611

    good to hear we are gonna play the youngins more.. i like seeing that curry is strait up stating that affalo will be the back up 2 guard… i know summer league doesn’t mean much but its nice to get some new pistons news and see that we are playing well..

  2. Retrokidz201

    see this is wt i like for.the young gettin more pt nd a coach who isnt scared 2 play them

  3. claire

    seriously, this is like the only good news we have so far this summer. It cheers me up a lot to see that Afflalo is not gonna be a benchwarmer this season.

  4. Steve

    yes, u all jumped down my throat when i ranted my hate for flip saunders.. now u have seen the light of not having him around, i think an apology is in order lol.

  5. KneeJerkNBA

    Stuckey’s the real deal. Not sold on Afflalo yet. I saw him play a bunch at UCLA and he didn’t strike me as a guy with much upside. Solid defender, though.

  6. Retrokidz201 im sorry steve.but i think i might b the onli one 2 apologize

  7. Steve

    lol thanks brotha! i didnt expect to even get one! you have been forgiven haha j/p.

  8. Richie

    You think you’re the only one who didn’t like Flip?
    Every coach has pros and cons, and I think Flip did a decent job when he was here. His lack of willingness to play the bench drove me crazy though. Seeing Maxi light up the cavs in the ECF two years ago in a winning effort, then play 4 minutes in the next game. Or watching Amir get 5 blocks and 6 boards in 8 minutes, then get a DNP for the next 6 games. Stuff like that drove me nuts, so having a coach who’s willing to award effort with playing time is something I look forward to.

  9. Steve

    yes richie i was the only one thanks for asking. how did i know out of everyone u would comment on that? Dont make me get blaze on ya haha.

  10. r0cketb0y3

    Wow, some atheltic dunks by pistons bigs in this game.
    Namely Amir,
    and sharpe all thru um down

    Plaisted has game
    and afflalo is sharpe

    They all look like pros to me

  11. palaceprince

    about that chauncey/biedrins trade…. that would be the worst trade I have ever seen. Chauncey is a proven veteren point guard with a finals MVP under his belt and biedrins is a big man who can’t hit a free throw to save his life and doesn’t really have a niche.

    On the game, Aaron was very good and Stuck was also good in the time he played. I am excited to see Aaron getting 25 points because we didn’t get to see that last year at all.

  12. Retrokidz201

    idk much about him otha then he blocks,rebounds,and has the highest field goal percentage in the league…so i need opinions on his game

  13. Richie

    Yeah, Steve, I wouldn’t want you to say something like, “get him.”

    Anyway, I agree with palacePrince. The the Beidrins trade makes no sence to me. He’s a nie young role players with considerable length, but trading him for chauncey would be making a trade just for makin g atrade. I don’t expect that to happen at all.

  14. palaceprince

    he probaly has the hghest field goal percentage because when he does shoot, it is very near the basket and wide open. He can block shots and rebound but do you really want to give up Chauncey for that?

  15. Richie

    Right again, Prince.

  16. Retrokidz201

    idk.but they might through in matt barnes nd a future first draft pick

  17. blaze5611

    i swear to god if that trade happens i will fucking burn my jersey.. that is the stupidest thing ive ever heard… wasnt joe d only talking about getting another teams best player??? i know baron left but beidrins isn’t even the third best player on their team… yikes

  18. Steve

    lol u only got 1 to burn?, if this trade happens i gotta burn 7 pistons jerseys lol, i got chauney,rip,tayshaun “when he was good its for sale its authentic”,2 sheeds, ben wallace, chris webber,

    only one i wouldnt burn is webber and sheed plus i got a teal grant hill jersey too haha.

    but yeah if he gives away chauncey for a spikey haird foreign fuck im done. dumars wouldnt be talked about being overrated that would put the official stamp on him. yes richie im talkin bout dumars im waiting for ur 10 page response of how great he is.

  19. blaze5611

    i was talking about my joe d jersey


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