Pistons Kick Off Summer Leage Play – Watch Live

by | Jul 11, 2008 | 25 comments

Thanks to Team Need4Sheed member Luke P. for reminding me to give you the link to the Pistons Summer league games that are being telecast live via Webcast. The first starts at 8pm today (Friday).

July 11 Detroit vs. L.A. Lakers 5:00 p.m. PST NBA TV
July 13 Detroit vs. L.A. Clippers 7:00 p.m. PST none
July 15 Detroit vs. Milwaukee 3:00 p.m. PST none
July 17 Detroit vs. Dallas 1:00 p.m. PST NBA TV
July 18 Detroit vs. Charlotte 3:00 p.m. PST none


  1. Retrokidz201

    Stuckey nd Afflao looks a lil like a young chauncey nd Rip.I am still on the SHARPE Wagon nd Samb has gained some weight

  2. Retrokidz201

    Stuckey is where amazing happens.if we got t-mac for chauncey nd tay.we would have amazzzzing score.great defense.nd one of the biggest line-ups on the perimeter

  3. detpistonsfan

    where do you live? I live in Macomb and it’s blacked out. I can’t watch it. I watched the other games but this one is blacked out.

  4. Retrokidz201

    yo.we should sign will bynum to bac stuckey at pg.nd amir johnson nd walter sharpe are amazing.nd im likin deron washington game.he jus needs 2 add sum dribble

  5. Retrokidz201

    I guess Curry has d-fense embedded in these young guys head.nd steve remember it ws me who said Sharpe ws going to be good.lol. we r going 5-0

  6. Richie

    Relax, Retro- this is the summer leage. It’s nice to see guys performing well, but it’s jsut foolish to start talking about ditching established veterans and signing guys who make a few nice plays in a summer league game.
    It’s nice to be excited, but don’t get carried away.

  7. Retrokidz201

    if they trade chauncey we would need anotha bck up richie.nd curry likes him.nd hes a hard noise pg.watch his highlights on youtube.i check these players b4 i speak.i dnt do it jus for the fun of it

  8. Richie

    HAH. Wow. “Watch his highlights on youtube.” Watch any players highlights on youtube. They’re awesome- that’s why they’re HIGHLIGHTS. Highlight reels are fun to watch because they’re a collection of only positive things, but they sure as heck aren’t something you can base an educated opinion of a player on. I stand by the opinon that trading Chauncey would be foolish. Stuckey has incredible upside, he’s 2″ taller and he’s faster, but his game is miles behind Billups’. I don’t see why everyone’s in such a rush to make Stuckey a starter and ditch the man who’s led this team with fantastic poise and passion for the last several years. Even the rest of the league is beggining to realize just how good Chauncey is- right about the same time that most Pistons fans are ready to kick him out because we have a second year PG with high potential. Keeping Chauncey and developing Stuckey further with his help can only make Rodney better. What the heck is wrong with Stuckey coming of the bench? It’s not like he’s going to be harnessed there like Amir has been the last couple years. I see Rodney fitting a Vinnie Johnson role quite nicely.

  9. palaceprince

    stuck did very well today. aaron and amir also played their game and trent did well too. I liked to see cheikh played well with almost a double double. i know this is still summer but I like what i am seeing.

  10. blaze5611

    richie we should just keep the team together and never let the young guys play!!! we will get the ECF’s every year!! who cares if the east is getting better and we dropped games to the 76ers.>>!>! i agree with you richie!! lets keep our beloved core together and do the same stuff every year i love it!!!!

  11. Richie

    I don’t see what makes you think the young guys will never play- particularly based on my last comment. Did Vinnie Johnson ‘never play’? Does Manu Ginobili ‘never play’? Does Glenn Davis ‘never play’? Does Jason Maxielle ‘never play’?
    There’s no reason you can’t have active bench players just because you have a fantastic group of starters. As far as getting to the ECF every year, you better beleive I love it. And unlike most of us, I appreciate it. Rasheed, Lindsey and McDyess are all likely to retire after next year so I don’t get why you’re afraid that we’ll never change our core. As far as I’m concerned we should be appreciating them while we still have them. Unfortunately, most of us would rather cry about not winning the championship every single year than realize jsut how special this group of players is.

  12. mannie32

    agree richie

    and u know what’s the most ironic?? most of these same ppl are the same ones that called kobe selfish last year when he called out his teammates… said he didnt know what it meant to be a team

    well these fans clearly doesnt know the meaning of team, at least kobe had reason to be pissed, having lost in the first round two years in a row… our fans are throwing players under the bus for losing in the ECFs 3 years in a row… i just love the hypocricy

  13. blaze5611

    i can’t believe you guys are still on your knees about our core… i don’t care who is traded but we need a shake up… i would prefer that chauncey and tay are the ones to go but for the most part i think we keep sheed because we won’t get equal value… i honestly can’t fathom how you guys really want the same thing back next year when we made the ECF’s with only one ship.. i know you are excited to get shit on by the celtics but i’m not.. i know richie thinks we gave the celtics a good fight and that a championship isnt always what we’re gonna get, but in my opinion we have all the tools to make a trade that will allow us to contend without rebuilding… the only time i call joe d out is around this time when moves need to be made when there was plenty of free agents available that we missed out on… i believe in joe just as much as any other guy but i just dont see him making any moves… even espn insider has a section that says pistons surprizingly quiet//

  14. Richie

    Why didn’t Joe gobble up free agents like everyone else? Because the cap space didn’t allow for it. They were given bigger offers than out expetion would allow Joe to compete with, so I’m not sure why people won’t get off his back about it.
    How do you not consider 6 games against the World Champions a good fight, including the only road win. They did just as well against them as the lakers, meaning that if the Celtics were in the Western conference, the Lakers wouldn’t have made it to finals either. Should they go looking to tear their team apart?

    Here’s whhat I think everyone’s issue is. In addition to being spoiled fans, most of you are just bored. You want a “shake up” more so you’ll have something new to look forward to than anything else. If everyone here is disapointed about not winning the Championship this year that can only mean that you’re truely convinced that the team with have is capable of winning it. So why would you really want to trade them away? It comes from being spoiled, over demanding and bored. “Oh, if we get T-mac, we’ll win the championship! That’s what we need.” Yeah that’s it. Let’s get rid of two proven players who have obviously incredible chemistry with the current group, just so that the fans will have something fresh to look at.
    Everyone was in love with this team during the first half of the ECF. Everyone was pumped at how well they work together and how well they were performing. They fall short to an EXCELLENT team, in the Boston Celtics and now everyone wants them blown up.
    Surely Chauncey deserves to be cast aside like trash. He only played his butt off for us and played through unspeakable pain with an injured hamstring that felt like it could tear at any moment.
    Heck, Tayshaun’s pretty worthless too. He only carried the team to the ECF on both ends of the floor. We should probably package both of them and make a trade for… oh I don’t know, how about Jameer Nelson? He’d be a new face- and I’m sure he has some sweet highlight reels on youtube.

  15. Steve


  16. blaze5611

    i’m not saying that chauncey and tayshaun are bad players… tayshaun would be a great player if he didnt have rip and chauncey on the same team… tayshaun can score points in bunches but he doesnt do that when everyone is healthy.. he steps up when our true scores arent there to do it.. and chauncey should be traded strictly because of his value and we have someone capable of stepping up and leading this team… and yeah dude i was convinced the last 3 years that our team was good enough and it obviously isn’t.. i took this years loss better the the others because the team we lost to didnt get swept the next round but still… i’m not against the pistons and joe d like your trying to make it seem.. the pistons did have enough money to make moves in free agency and joe d wants to split it, i feel that we don’t need two players we need one true contributor… and quit calling people who dont agree with your opinion spoiled its lame and childish.. one last thing, its not like i’m asking our players to be traded for garbage or just a highlight type player (i’m not the one who said keep deron washington because of youtube highlights).. i really think doing a sign and trade for josh smith would be great.. i also think t-mac would be a good fit but not just for chauncey and tay we would have to get more then that… but let me ask you something richie, do you just want the team to stay the same way it is or what?? do you really think a coaching change is enough?? you yourself said were gonna not be able to compete in free agency, so your plan is to keep a team together that didn’t even but up as much of a fight as the cavs or the hawks.. you want to keep a team together that got taken to 6 by the 76ers??? hell we only took the celtics to 6… time for a shake up dude sorry if that makes me sound spoiled but enough is enough its time for a change

  17. Richie

    I didn’t call people spoiled based on their opinions being different than mine. I called them spoiled based on the fact that their team has given them success that hasn’t been reached since the showtime Lakers. They had 57 wins this season, meaning that every time you watched them at home there was a 70% chance they’d win. Despite that sensational success in the season, and a deep playoff run, nobody’s satisfyied. Notbody’s happy with them. Everyone wants to find someone to blame because they can’t respect the fact that those players gave their best and fell short. If you ask me THAT is “Lame and childish”. How can you NOT consider yourself spoild when a team gives you that much effort and success year after year, and all you can say is “enough is enough it’s time for a change”?

    Blaze, you’re absolutely right about Tay- he’s less agressive when his teammates are doing well and he scores in bunches when he needs to step up. What the heck is wrong with that? He’s an unselfish player who scores when he has to, rather than feeling he has to shoot every time he touches the ball. Players like Tay are becoming more and more rare. The truth is that he IS a great player, and you’re complaining because he’s on our team with two other great players in our all-star backcourt. I fail to see the problem. There’s only one ball and only one peson can score at a time. Having too many capable scorers is a problem- unless they’re unselfish, like Tayshaun. Maybe you’d prefer Carmelo who shoots like the ball’s a hot potatoe and plays lackluster defense.

    Regarding the freee agents, all of them went for bigger deals than we could have offered them with the $5.8 million exception.
    People are complaining that Joe hasn’t made a huge trade but even if he wants to make one he can’t force other teams to make trade they’re best players if they aren’t interested. It takes two to tango & the fact that other teams aren’t looking to make a trade unless it’s unbenificial to us shouldn’t be a cause to call out Joe. People are beggining him to make a trade just for the sake of making one & giving them false hope at the cost of quality and chemistry, which he originally said he’s not willing to do.

    Whether the Hawks & Cavs put up a better fight agaisnt the Celtics than the Pistons did is debateable and mostly pointless. The Hawks went to 7 games with them, but were losing their 7th game 73-37 at one point. Hmm, doesn’t sound like they were putting up that great of a fight to me. Not to mention they couldn’t beat them on the road when the Pistons did. But what difference does it make?

    Yes, the Pistons (2) lost two games to the sixers (7). Get over it. The Celtics (1) lost 3 games to the Hawks (8). They play a best of 7 for a reason.

    Do I want this team to stay the way it is? 2nd best in the NBA this season with a deep playoff run, only losing to the championshmip team? You better beleive I want them to stay that good. I want to see what Curry can do with the fantastic team he has, and when the core are playing the efficient & effective basketball that they play next season, I’ll be cheering for them. Interestingly enough- so will you.

    • cliff

      There is a talanted young man who graduated from McNeese St.
      name Patrick Richard. He is currently playing in the Nba summer league with the Detroit Pistons. Go on line an take a look at his accomplishments. This guy can play with anyone. Tell me what you think. He is my nephew . Thanks

  18. blaze5611

    okay so all you did was agree with me.. thank you.. and pietrus went for under the midlevel exception.. so yeah we could have made a move.. well if you really care about doing good in the regular season and then losing to teams you are better than in the ecf’s (–boston) do to lack of intensity and desire then this is the team for you… chauncey billups said that they know they drop games because of lack of hunger and he said that they need to try to keep that fire even though they do it every year… they all said they know this was their last chance as a team most likely and they failed… sheed even said its over.. joe d said its over… why do you insist on argueing that keeping the same team together is going to change our outcome.. the east is getting better and the pistons are just getting older.. and about tayshaun only turning it on when he needs to just means he isnt a great fit for our team.. i don’t want carmelo i told you that i want josh smith or t-mac.. you just insult people because they don’t agree with your opinion.. you always jump down steves throat because he says some pretty radical shit but thats just how he feels.. alot of people feel that there should be a change and just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to call them spoiled.. and yeah we are unsatisfied because we want to win the title not just go to the ecfs every year only to get tossed

  19. Richie

    Hah, I like how you’ve changed this into a personal arguement agaisnt me, just because I can appreciate all that this team has done.
    I have not insulted anyone. I’ve stated my own opnion that people who get tons of consistant success from their team and all they can do is whine about it are spoiled. If there’s a change, there’s a change. I’ll wait for Joe to make the right decision at the right time, but I’m not going to sit here and cry because he didn’t pick up someone just because it was possible.

    Chauncey said they dropped games A. to motivate himself and his teammates and B. becuase most unselfish athletes blame themselves for failure, and try to change it. When he says something like that he’s taking responsibility and addressing the problem. Hmmm, yeah sounds like the person we should get rid off because Stuckey’s good.

    Pietrus was the one person you said who would have been possible, based on money. So Joe D has to take him, just because it’s possible? Just because a lot of fans who really don’t know half as much about his job as he does want a change? Riiiight. You guys can complain all you want about how aweful this team is.

  20. Steve


  21. blaze5611

    okay there is no point in even trying to argue with you… you just repeat yourself post after post… what i’m saying is that our team needs a change because they are doing the same thing every year… yeah i’m real proud our team does well in the regular season… but all that matters is winning ships and we only have one from this core when they have had 5 chances… quit ignoring that you are disappointed with how we lose to teams that arent as good(–boston)… chauncey and sheed have said that they lose focus because they have done it so many times before… you just don’t get what i’m trying to say man.. you’re just a broken record so there is no point in my trying to talk with you.. just keep being excited for our success in the regular season and being happy with the disappointment that this team has delievered us playoff-time and time again..

  22. Richie

    “you just repeat yourself post after post… what i’m saying is that our team needs a change because they are doing the same thing every year… we lose to teams that arent as good”

    Sounds like the same things that you said: 10:17 July 13
    1:52 July 13
    2:38 AM July 13
    12:09 July 12th

    And I’m a broken reccord?
    Who are you to tell me how I feel? I’m not disapointed at all. Winning a championship is the obvious goal, but if you think that it’s the only way that you can possibly be happy, then I really feel sorry for you.

  23. Steve

    Richie thats the whole point of playing the game is for the championship, dumars doesnt want us being happy with a good season.. his goal is the title and nothing else.. u should def consider getting NBA league pass and get the grizzlies package then u can see a team that you can be happy for because “they gave it their best shot”..

    P.S this team needs a change haha

  24. Richie

    You’ve missed my point entirely, Steve. It’s because we have a team so much more successful than what many fans (i.e. Memphis) have, that we are spoiled if we don’t enjoy the amount of success they give us. I love watching the Pistons, I enjoy watching them succeed and I feel bad about it when they lose, but getting mad at them because they succeed at a high level then fall short just strikes me as ludacris.

    I certainly hope that all of you hold yourselves to the same standard of perfection that you hold your favorite sports team to. They are people too. Not super heros or machines- they’re people. Talanted people who do the best they can and consider us the best fans in the world. From the constant whining I’ve heard this summer I have to dissagree.

    P.S. These team has seen change. The head coach has been changed to one more interested in playing people who earn their minutes. Also, when it becomes official that Jarvis leaves it will open up cap space for Joe to work with. Heck, maybe he’ll bring someone up from the D league or summer league. Who knows. You’re not going nto convince me that a team 2 wins shy of the NBA finals needs a massive change. Just tweaks.


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