Jarvis – We Hardly Knew Yee

by | Jul 11, 2008 | 9 comments

It’s not like I didn’t see this coming:
“Free agent forward Jarvis Hayes plans to sign a two-year contract with the New Jersey Nets, a league source with knowledge of the negotiations said.” Via Yahoo.com

I have to say that the little we did see of Jarvis was appreciated (by me anyway), especially when he took the time to pretty much do a commercial for Need4Sheed on the fly without me asking him to. Good luck Mr. Hayes.


  1. Steve

    Peace out hayes, we have yet to find a good back up. and delfino isnt the answer at all.

  2. The Fluidics

    I always liked Hayes because he was an upgrade on Delfino. Seems we are looking to go backwards…

    I remember the bit he did on Pistons weekly, where he went shopping at Meijer for gifts for his new teammates. For Dyess he hit up the joint pain relief, knee braces and like, fiber cereal. All the old man stuff. Funny. Hayes is a likeable guy, I wish him teh best of luck in Brooklyn.

  3. amer-ican prince

    Definately Jarvis is well liked and respected by a lot of the fans. Just like a lot of the bench he was taken completely out of the rotation when he should of had a little more playing time. Good luck Jarvis. All the best in New Jersey.

    PS everyone needs to stop blasting Delfino. IF he does come back I think he might surprise some people.

    And by the way I’m hearing Michael Curry talk a lot more about summer league. And the things he is talking about are really instilling more confidence in me about him. Saying things like “scoring isn’t going to get you on the floor. Defense and running the offense will.” He seems to be a little more focused on intangibles and rewarding players for dirty work and defense than Flip was. Not saying I’m completely on board with him over Avery. But I do like what I’m hearing during summerleague

  4. xxbriixx2

    aww im gonna miss jarvis hayes and the way john mason said Jarvis HAYYYYESS.

  5. Richie

    I too appreciated Jarvis and what he did for us. Good personality, very anxious to contribute to the team, and respectfully kept his mouth shut despite being benched excessively.

    Good luck, Mr. Hayes

  6. noobsauce

    yeah, everybody misses him NOW.
    where was everyone when he was inexpicably benched when we needed him most in the playoffs?
    and nat says things like” “Surprised to see Jarvis dressed instead of Amir and even more surprised to see Hayes get time on court.” in the FIRST round against the sixers. is jarvis really that bad that he can’t play during the first round?
    i don’t recall any of you calling for jarvis when he was benched.
    there was never any love for jarvis when he was on the pistons, shame on everyone who jumps on the “we appreciated him” bandwagon.
    it’s ok, we’ll be sorry when he lights up jersey.

  7. The Fluidics

    Ok then noobsauce.

    I stood up for Jarvis all season long, right up until he started complaining during the Orlando series, about lack of playing time.
    That’s the type of thing that needs to stay in the locker room.

    Truth is, as much as I like Jarvis, more playing time for Herrmann makes him redundant.
    I think signing Walter is important, he’s got the Hayes scoring, but plays some wild D as well.

  8. thereal

    who cares if this bum is gone just another downgrade since my boy dunkin darvin left..yea u right i wasnt callin for this bum, just cheerin flip on thankin him for not lettin this bum in the game….this guy was casper during the playoffs…who the hell taught this guy how to play d, darko?… he’s better off goin to the nets because nobdy shows up to those games n e way…look at this guy, i wonder did Nat have to put up cards for this guy,just to say,hi “Need4Sheed”…like Jarvis i know you never did n type of tv work, but it doesnt take that much to say hi need4sheed…. Nat probably has hours of outtakes of him messin up his line…..JARVISSSS!!…
    Jarvis Hayes name sounds like a old ASSS Motown group, give it up for “JARVIS HAYES AND THE BENCH WARMERS”…thank God this bum is gone… Joe D bring on the next bum…Charvis Mayes?? que??? get outa here…you will be remember all right.. like some the worst pistons bench players….Judd Buchler..Pepe Sanchez…Marc Macon…Lou Row…Charles Obannon…Oliver Miller…Loy Vaught…David Wood…Varda….Tramaine Fowlkes….Darko…Rapheal Addison…Rodney White…. and Don where the hell is he at now Reid

  9. amer-ican prince

    hey I actually said a couple times Jarvis should get SOME playing time to knock down some 3s during the playoffs. But his inability to guard the SF on the other team did him in. Iguadala, Hedo/ Rashard Lewis, Paul Pierce. Which is why I called it in the first place that he would be taken out during the playoffs because he should not be playing backup to Tayshaun. Cause 3s are not all we need from that position. But I liked how respectful he was and even though he was taken out of the rotation even though it was a contract year for him. I think that explained his character, and I respect him for that


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