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by | Jul 8, 2008 | 29 comments

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  1. Andrew

    Very similar to the in-show “commercial” he did on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

  2. Natalie Sitto

    Andrew the Fresh Prince appearance is classic.

  3. Dominic

    That’s great! The book looks like a good read. I was thinking why can’t GS do a sign and trade with us for a player like Gilbert Arenas or Josh Smith? Better than Al Harrington or that other scrub. THe only one from GS i would want is Monta Ellis

  4. blaze5611

    this sucks… if we dont make a trade we are gonna have the exact same bullshit as the last 3 years… we will kick ass regular season and then just fall apart in the playoffs.. all it does is make me hate the regular season more.. we will make the playoffs easily but just suck in the playoffs… i’m gonna be so pissed if we dont make some sort of trade or shake it up at least a little bit.. and dont tell me that we’ll play our young guys more and maybe our crappy free agent pick ups (james jones?? trevor ariza???) and be better.. i fear that the pistons are finally on the decline

  5. Steve

    Blaze… they been on the decline since flip saunders single handedly flushed a could be dynasty down the shitter, everyone gave me shit cuz of my hate for flip but it jus feels so good knowing i was right the whole time, they day i found out we got the biggest playoff choker coach in the nba i said “fuck…” cuz i knew he wouldnt do shit here, look at his record.. it looks great.. not 1 finals appearance.. i agree there needs to be a shake up i would miss chauncey rip sheed but not tayshaun i jus hope he gets moved for a little tweak and see where we are at. but shit.. its not looking good and i think dumars is soft.. joe millen? matt dumars? u decide… i still think avery johnson would have been a better leader.. but what do i know im the ron artest of this blog right.

  6. bill

    Micheal Finley is on San Antonio… not Dallas.

  7. blaze5611

    steve i agree with you we have been on the decline since larry left… i just really thought we had a chance this year.. but if we dont have a shake up i dont think that we will be a contender… i also agree with you that avery would have been a better choice buts thats not what we have and i guess we have to live with it… we need to make a move before all the moves are already made.. i say a sign and trade for josh smith is our best bet..

  8. blaze5611

    oh and by the way since your the ron artest of the blog what do you think of us trying to trade for him because he said that he was upset about not opting out so maybe we could get him for cheap..and by cheap i mean not sheed rip or chauncey

  9. Steve

    Blaze, if we could get Artest without sending sheed chauncey or rip.. DO IT!.. starting 5..


    its already better and everyone says tays defense is why hes so good…ARTEST DEFENSE KILLS TAYSHAUNS!!! hes the best 1 on 1 small forward defender in the legue! he can shut down any of the all stars.

    id do it

    ur right.. no move ur not a contender anymore.

    p.s jus heard delfinos commin back?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

  10. illmatic774

    no lie:

    i don’t think i’ll be able to look at and trust Joe in the same way if he can’t pull off the big move, considering all the hooplah/hype he created after firing Flip.

  11. Ronnie

    Oh my god I’ve never seen that commercial of Isiah. That was funny as hell except for the fact that he played in Detroit and didnt have an American made car. Shows how big of a scumbag he really was.

  12. Dominic

    Actually Steve I don’t consider you the Artest of this blog. People in Need4Sheed need to think about it. Do you really want a blog where everybody is nice and polite to each other and no conflicting views happen? I wouldn’t. Steve gives the blog a cynical bad guy of sorts. no doubt Steve loves the Pistons he just wants changes to be made to give them a better chance. You’re more like the Chad Johnson of the blog (couldn’t think of a b-ball player like Chad) he gives it character and keeps the comments from getting boring by offering a radical view up. Trust me these comments would be dull without Steve especially in the offseason. not that I agree with Steve’s views. I actually think most of em are idiotic (I like the artest idea tho) but Need4Sheed is better for them. Just giving in my two cents

  13. Retrokidz201


  14. illmatic774

    They would never ever ever ever get Artest. Although I do like him.

  15. fuxfunny65

    If McCosky says landing Maggette is unlikely, then that must mean Dumars has already signed Maggette.

  16. Steve

    Seriously tho, Ben wallace is gone and that brawl is OLD, theres no beef or hard feelings anymore, i recall seeing artest at a tigers game wearin an old english D hat, sure maybe the guy who got beat wrongfully has a case lol but still, if joe had an opportunity to maybe send a tayshaun and afflalo back to their home of cali, id take it in a heart beat then sign a swing man to give rip the rest he needs..thats jus my view on artest in 2005 i wanted him beaten now, id welcome him if he helped put detroit back on the map.

    And for the people who said i make this blog interesting even tho my antics r sometimes obnoxious and childish i only do it out of my passion for this team, every team needs that obnoxious fan in the crowd to let the other team and other fans know where they are and after a beer or 10 thats me. i will tone it down tho and keep my outrageous comments only about the NBA…I will no longer aim at anyone in here, im sorry if i offended any of you tho, but dont think i wont be soft on NBA issues lol.


  17. fuxfunny65

    Steve’s right. The beef with Artest is over. Only out of loyalty to Ben Wallace would we still despise him, but Ben left us holding the bag. He could’ve used the whole moratorium period to negotiate a sign and trade so that we could’ve gotten something for him. Instead, he went out on his own and jumped at Chicago’s offer. Although, I probably would’ve done the same if Flip Saunders was my coach.

  18. fuxfunny65

    I would like to see Chauncey get traded. I think he’s a good player and he’s done a lot for the team and all that, but he’s always talking about how “If it ain’t rough it ain’t right.” in the interviews, and that’s no longer cool. Too often do they have a commanding lead, only to blow it in the 4th? (see ’08 conference finals) Or they get down by 30, and then turn it on too late, only to lose by a basket. (see ’06 cavs playoff series, ’06 and ’07 conference finals) Or they have a one point lead, make 4 stops, only to throw up 4 bad 3’s in a row (’06 Conference finals). As a spectator, that’s great. You don’t see other teams playing with so much suspense. But as a fan, that’s garbage. Consistently losing to inferior teams in the playoffs is infuriating.

  19. illmatic774

    Pietrus and Jones are gone.

    Posey, Maggette, or Josh Smith. If Joe D is as good as he say he is he can reel one of these guys in.

    And Steve you gotta keep in mind that the Pistons are owned by a very conservative guy, who really wants no part of guys with histories of Artest. We don’t have A Mark Cuban. I just dont see it happening.

  20. illmatic774

    Whoops, theres another one. Maggette signs with the Warriors.

    tick, tick, tick, tick…

  21. The Fluidics

    Artest is a whole different level of crazy. I would NEVER sign him, theres no telling when he’ll get suspended for an entire season or whatever.
    Think about it, the Pacers were very, very good. Artest being crazy cost them not only that season, but every season since.
    There are just some lines I wouldn’t cross, no matter how good the guy is.

  22. The Fluidics

    Besides, Artest blowing kisses to the crowd in Detroit, tells me the beef isn’t over in his mind yet…

  23. Richie

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers Artest mocking the Pistons fans every time he scored just over 6 months ago. I can respect Artest’s defensive game, but I wouldn’t trade Tayshaun’s pronounced defensive game along with his versitility, unselfishness, established role and chemistry for it.

    Now, in regard to the spoiled fans who have been whining AGAIN about how terrible the Pistons will be if they don’t make some big shake up trade.

    Has it ever occured to you that just becasue the Pistons are an excellent team, it’s still possible for othe teams to be better? Last year Lebron James did some practically impossible things. The Pistons defended him the best they could- they sent double and tripple teams at him but he exploded through them and drew fouls or shot over them and made rediculous buckets.

    This year the Celtics were clearly a better team. The Pistons made them earn it, being the only team that beat them in Boston during the playoffs (not to mention the first team to beat them there during the regular season). Boston was not only hungerier, but they were well coached and boasted 3 perenial all-stars. On top of that, their role players made huge plays and everything clicked for them. They deserved to win because of them, not because Detroit handed it over to them.

    It’s about time that fans start respecting Joe D’s decisions more than their own oppinions and started praising the success of opposing teams from time to time, rather than blaming the Pistons for every single loss they suffer. It’s easy to kick someone while they’re down, but the right thing to do is be gracious in defeat and thankful for what that losing team has done. Just ask a Grizzlies fan. Us complaining about how bad our team is would be like complaining to a starving child that your steak wasn’t cooked the way you like it.

  24. blaze5611

    i still think trading any one off our team for someone like artest is worth it… i know artest isn’t the archetype that our team is used to but honestly did someone say we are to conservative to have someone like that.. the pistons are known for the bad boys, they didn’t get that name for playing nice with everyone… i’ll i said in my first post was that i didnt think artest would be a bad trade because he already said that he was unhappy.. my preference is to do a sign and trade for a young athletic josh smith

  25. Steve


    What president Joe Dumars doesn’t want to do is commit more than two years or more than half the mid-level to a reserve player.
    As of Tuesday, they had made contact with six players: the Clippers’ Corey Maggette, Warriors’ Mickael Pietrus, Jazz’s C.J. Miles, Trailblazers’ James Jones, Celtics’ James Posey and Raptors’ Carlos Delfino. None are considered as good bets to sign with the Pistons.

    Dumars is still exploring trades, and with that in mind, he might be foolish to make a long-term, high-dollar commitment to a tier-two free agent. He might be better to keep financial and roster flexibility until all trade scenarios are exhausted. — The Detroit News

    In addition to Denver, the Pistons might also look to Houston as a trading partner. Along with Carmelo Anthony, the Pistons also have interest in Rockets All-Star Tracy McGrady.
    Dumars declined to reveal any players Detroit is specifically targeting via trade, but he did say that the Pistons are not in a huge rush to get a deal done.

    “What you have to do is be patient. What you can’t do is run out and make a knee-jerk deal just to prove a point. You have to be smart about stuff like this and you have to know that it’s a deal that you know is going to help your team get better.” — Booth Newspapers

  26. the'ncredible

    told you joe d needs to be gone (boom outa here) he played his cards wrong and come to find out this guy thought he had a full house with the players he has but nobody doesnt even want these bums. this guy actually still has an excuse y he didnt pick up melo. wow i wonder if the trailblazers r still giving excuses on y they picked f’n sam bowie….joe d step ya game up signed jim rome, errrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!. war everybody makin movs in the nba except joe d

  27. Steve

    cuz dumars is scurrrrrred haha hes soft like gayshaun.

  28. Steve

    god all the free agents are going to rivals in the east and dumars is sitting in the corner holding his blankie sucking his thumb wearing the 2004 ring crying… im really not trusting him right now, i think other teams know his players are garbage and now he jus found out his team is way way way overrated. JOE…DO SOMTHING!

  29. Richie

    The last three posts here are ludacris. What gives anyone the right to say that the team who brought its fans 6 straight ECF trips and 50+ win seasons is ‘overrated’ or full of garbage players.
    The disrespect that Joe D is getting from such ingnorant “fans” is simply disgusting.


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