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by | Jul 7, 2008 | 12 comments

A. Sherrod Blakely of MLive

“When free agency began, the Detroit Pistons had no intentions of using their full mid-level exception for one player.

But the Pistons might have a change of heart, especially if they have a chance to land a player such as Corey Maggette.

Maggette, a 6-foot-6 swingman, has made it clear he’s willing to consider accepting the mid-level exception, which is expected to be worth about $5.8 million.”


  1. Steve

    If we get Maggette and we keep this core together, i like our chances again, magette is a solid scorer HUGE upgrade to anyone on the bench. i like detroits chances if the core finds their fire and has corey commin off the bench, as a could be 6th man of the yr. IDK im jus sick of waiting and the rumors.

  2. Fariduddin

    i agree…. that would be a good move… chi town product!!! i really don’t see Joe D. moving anyone.. its going to be hard to get something in return…, and i don’t see Joe D. giving up quality for subpar talent. i would say something might happen in the middle of the season??? but we need a scorer coming off that bench — and a difference maker like Posey…

  3. Dominic

    Another team will go higher than that. A team like Philly or someone with alot of cap space will offer him more money, it just depends if Corey is willing to take less for a legitimate shot at a championship. But I agree with Steve, if we get Corey we should keep the core together but it also gives us alot more trade flexibility because it gives us starter caliber depth at both the SG position and SF position as well as the PG position because of stuckey so we could package our current starters, trade for a star, start stuckey and still have a starter coming off the bench. as an example imagine if we traded Chauncey and Tayshaun for T-Mac or someone it would be


    this give us alot more trade flexibility if you ask me after we made this trade I would try to package Sheed and Corey or Sheed and Rip for an elite big man somebody who is a clear upgrade over Sheed not Kaman or Brand or someone who isn’t even better than sheed. If Maggette does indeed sign with us I’ll be very excited because this just made our team a whole lot better.

  4. gMac

    Rip hates him!!!

  5. ric

    dominic, that’s exactly the point. magette’s signing with the pistons gives a lot of depth especially covering 2 positions, sg and sf, which are rip/prince’s position. so either way, whether the core remains the same, there’s a good depth in the bench, whether its prince/rip/magette OR whether a blockbuster trade would happen that involves rip/prince, their position has already been covered by magette…….now, is magette an upgrade over rip or/and prince? thats a different story, but there isn’t really much of a major factors between all of them. i would still bet that joe will make a move on a blockbuster trade, whether magette gets to detroit or not.

  6. The Fluidics

    The longer this goes on, the more I think the same roster is coming back. I don’t see the shakeup, which would mean the “attitude” issues will still be around.
    Little worried.

  7. ric

    my feeling of pistons blockbuster trade is based on joe’s idea that it would be unfair to curry to just have the same core, despite curry’s statement that he’s ok no matter who’s in the team……curry’s statement is not to be taken literally, im sure there are words at the end of his statement “to a certain extent” but offcourse those were words he rather keep to himself.

  8. Brian

    There won’t be any attitude issues. Those issues may have been because of a lack of player respect for Flip Saunders. If the players respect Curry and that chemistry is there, that could just be the difference.

  9. illmatic774

    brian, IMO its both the players and the coaches fault. just getting rid of a coach and replacing him with a rookie coach isn’t the answer to our attitude problems.

    and keep in mind this team need a shakeup not only for the sake of the team, but for the excitement of the fans. you know, something new to be excited about.

  10. Richie

    If you’re looking for something to be excited about put on your party hat for the coming out parties of Rodney and Amir. There’s not reason to make a trade just for the sake of making a trade.
    I’m also sick of hearing about “attitude problems”. If this team would have won 6 more games in the post season we’d all be chattering our teeth over rumors of a “block buster trade.” The Pistons not only had a heck of a season, which we all have taken for granted, but they are also the onyl team that beat this years champions on their home court in the playoffs. I think their attitude is where it needs to be.
    The only exception I can think of was in the last game against Boston when Rasheed just didn’t seem like himself, but it’s unfair to pin an entire image of “attitude problems” on the team because of one man’s bad game- it’s not even fair to pin something like that on one man because of one game.
    For the reccord, I’d be pleased if we snagged Maggette.

  11. The Fluidics

    Richie, I agree about what you are saying with winning the 6 miore games. But they didn’t. They were two games away, 3 years straight, because of attitude problems. I thinks it’s very, very hard to take a team as well oiled, and as good as the Pistons are, and make them a pair of wins better, but something has to be done. If same team comes out again, with the same result, 4 years straight, ten Joe D is the one at fault, and the one who has to go. Therefore, some change has to be made.
    The definition of insanity is repeating the same process, expecting different results.

  12. Steve

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Corey Maggette to sign here. Joe Dumars has made the proper inquiries, but it’s highly unlikely Maggette will wind up in a Pistons uniform.
    Maggette wants more than the mid-level exception, first of all, worth between $5.5 million and $5.8 million. If he “settles” for the mid-level, it sounds like his first choice would be Boston or San Antonio. His only real hope of getting more than that will be if Golden State fails in its bid to steal Elton Brand from the Clippers — which seems likely. — The Detroit News

    Orlando Magic General Manager Otis Smith said Monday that the club is seriously interested in signing free agent Corey Maggette but concedes they’re a dark horse in the race.
    “Is it a long shot?” Smith said. “Uh, yeah.” — Orlando Sentinel

    The Spurs, owning a $5.8 million mid-level exception with Maggette’s name on it, are considered the favorites to land him.
    However, Maggette has received similar overtures from Boston, Utah, Orlando, Detroit, Cleveland and New Orleans. Maggette also could draw interest from Philadelphia and Golden State, two teams with salary cap space to outbid the Spurs.

    The rest of the Spurs’ free-agent picture should begin to clarify once Maggette makes his decision. — San Antonio Express-News


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