Tayshaun Prince is a Winner

by | Jul 3, 2008 | 15 comments

Tayshaun will be going for gold this Summer, but did you know that Mr. Prince has NEVER had a losing season in his basketball career? Here is a great video highlighting his winning ways.


  1. mobius909

    my favorite tay video is the one where he hits 5 threes in a row at K. the last three is like from half court.

  2. Retrokidz201

    i luv Tayshaun. but i also have been messing with trade machine. nd i made a trade with tayshaun nd sheed to the clippers for cuttino mobley,al thorton, nd chris kaman. It works nd it benefits us at the center position,bck up shooting guard nd a great up nd coming sf. nd it gives the clippers an unguardable pf. since e.brand looks like he’ll be going 2 golden state nd a very versatile sf. Oh nd sign another sf with the mid-level




    SF(Your Choice)



    This 2 me is the best suggestion i have seen in the post

  3. blaze5611

    thats a horrible trade… i dont want that caveman of a center and i even go to cmu..

  4. Retrokidz201

    yu right blaze5611. but yu cnt deny hes good. check his stats.numbers dnt lie

  5. Steve

    i agree kaman is a beast and is better than any center we have on the team. hes the great white hope lol

  6. mannie32

    always been a fan of tay… i’ll miss him if he goes… then again ill miss billups, rip and sheed if any of em go

  7. Dominic

    Any 4th of July stories? I personally stuck some M-80s through my racist neighbor’s mailslot in his door. That caused some laughs. Any others?

  8. Sable

    Yeah, I agree Blaze5611. That’s a horrible trade. Unlike most people, I have no desire to trade Sheed. People get on him because they don’t really bother to see what’s really ailing the Pistons. The problem was on defense and Sheed was more active defensively than anyone. He got more deflections than anyone and he was always in proper help position. One of the big things that killed us was offensive rebounding and I attribute that to the guards and Tay choosing to leak out rather than help secure the rebound. The smalls weren’t finishing the defensive sequences and that’s what really killed us. That’s why Flip got fired, because he didn’t pick up on these things and correct them.

    Kaman is a nice player, but more of a garbage player than anything. He’s got a good motor and can finish around the rim. The problem is, he’s an average defender and I remember him struggling straight up against Darko in the summer leagues. You want to pin your playoff hopes on that? I don’t. I could see signing him as a bench guy one day, but that’s about it. Mobley doesn’t impress me all that much either. So no, I don’t want to pin our playoff hopes on these two guys.

  9. Richie

    Great post, Nat!
    As for Kamen- he’s talented, but so very inconsistant I’d rather not give up the players that already have established roles in the Pistons’ system for him or the others. The clippers are a bad team for a reason.

  10. Dominic

    Reading up on Narcolepsy to understand Sharpe’s condition and this scares me a bit

    Cataplexy is an abrupt loss of muscle tone or strength that results in an inability to move and always occurs during wakefulness. It occurs in about two-thirds of narcolepsy patients and may be triggered by the following events:

    Sudden emotion, usually anger or laughter (the most common trigger)

    Following a heavy meal

    During periods of stress
    Sudden emotion is definitely common in basketball games and so is stress. Medication greatly reduces the chance of cataplexy but its not guarenteed

  11. Retrokidz201

    4get mi first comment i have a gut feeling were going 2 get al jefferson

  12. Dominic

    ^^^ No way we’re getting Al Jefferson Timberwolves would never giv him up. He is head and shoulders better than every other player on the team, you just don’t give up a future elite big man, I put him right into the Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire category of young big men. Those are guys you just don’t trade unless u get a championship caliber team back. Don’t get your hopes up on Al Jefferson. And all of our players are in their 30s cept tayshaun. Minnesota wants to be a young team they don’t need a sheed or chauncey who are older and will be retired or garbageg by the time Foye, Brewer, Love, and Gomes become stars or great players. Don’t get your hopes up for Big Al retrokidz. He’s about as untouchable as Dwight Howard

  13. blaze5611

    i need new shit on this site! i check it everyday and i get disappointed everytime i see tay tays goofy mug… when is this big trade we hear about gonna happen.. sigh

  14. Steve

    SI.COM says dumars is in contact with magette and is considering giving him 5.8 million to come on our bench that will probably keep his core together or add him to a big trade. who knows anymore. i think dumars was just pissed n i think hes a big bluff.


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