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by | Jul 2, 2008 | 16 comments

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  1. Steve

    Sharpe looks like a baller..

  2. ric

    he reminds me a mix of amir and prince.

  3. Retrokidz201

    I ws first on the sharpe banwagon….I kno he is good.nobody liked at all wen he ws drafted

  4. Steve

    yes we know retrokidz201.. when he becomes a star we will forever know u were the first one.. dont worry u dont gotta keep reminding us lol if he does it will turn out to be a great GUESS on your part and then we will ask for your autograph lol.

    p.s any hockey fans? the red wings signed marion hossa from the penguins, chalk another cup up for the wings way to go wings!

  5. Junior

    It seems Sharpe is real comfortable with his back to the basket. A rarity in todays NBA.

    Dumars is selecting a hell of an athletic bunch.

    I am not saying we are just an above average team now, but in 3 years this team is going to be unreal to watch.

  6. illmatic774

    Question. If we were to land Posey shouldn’t we then get rid of Prince, especially since Joe seems to show so much faith in Sharpe tambien? Is Prince any better than Posey? Hes an EXTREMELY annoying player to play against but he was huge in two championship teams.

    And i almost forgot, Posey isn’t the p**** that Prince is.

  7. ric

    don’t see any other blockbuster trade that joe can pull other than this one:

  8. Steve

    lol ric that trade is sick im all for it!

  9. Dominic

    Illmatic: Yeah Prince is definitely a pussy, he’s only 2nd in the league in consecutive games played without injury. When he lost all feeling in his left elbow his first thought was “I may have to shoot these free throws right handed” Prince is anything but, he’s one of the toughest players in the league and shouldn’t be called such. And sure Posey can play D and shoot but he’s not a starter and isn’t better than Prince, this isn’t my opinion either, ask any GM in the league and ask who would u rather have? Prince or Posey? It would be a 30 for 30 sweep for Prince. He is ultimately a better player

  10. Steve

    The whole Sharpe thing sounds a little like Amir all over again… as we always, somewhat incessantly, say – in Joe we trust!

  11. palaceprince

    ric that trade is very tempting but i also heard about a trade for tracy mcgrady and chauncey and tayshaun. if we got amare and carmelo and camby that would be very big for us. I can’t wait until something plays out.

  12. blaze5611

    you guys saw one highlight reel from youtube and a article off of and now you’re all on the sharpe band wagon?? i dunno i don’t see him sticking… 18 games in college?? yikes….

  13. ric

    palaceprince…im all for tmac also…but u know what, billups/prince/dyess for melo/camby is a better deal than billups/prince for tmac.

  14. ric

    by the way guys, if that deal goes through (the one i had from recent comment), which i should doubt, then get ready to get sick of seeing those guys, on every single damn commercial that kg had this year…gatorade, adidas, foot locker and all that…the pistons would be the new nba sweetheart team.

  15. the'ncredible

    ok whats the big f’n deal he can dunk so what..wheres the f’n d highlights only person i trust is God get it right..welcome to the league walter the pistons treat their rookies with alot of respect:signed-Mateen Cleaves,Rodney White,Will Blaylock, Darko Milicic,Alex Acker,Ricky Paulding and whoever the hell Joe d signs

  16. Andrew

    I got the last print. amazing.


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