Let’s Hope Rodney Stuckey Has Recoverd From This

by | Jun 30, 2008 | 38 comments

With the Official Vegas Summer League Roster set, and fact that Rodney Stuckey will be one of the chosen few scrimmaging against team USA to gear up for Beijing, I hope he has recovered from this vicious blow to his noggin.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons,and ESPN

A Sheedless summer just isn’t as enjoyable as it could be.


  1. ric

    dang! that looks pretty hard!

  2. Retrokidz201


  3. mannie32

    hope stuckey learns a lot from participating in practices with Team USA

    what a far way he has gone, first broke his hand and struggled in the beginning of his return, didnt even make the rookie team for all-star weekend… then he ends the season off with ESPN analysts comparing him to Wade; some pistons fans comfortable with him becoming the PG starter if Billups is traded; and now being invited to practice with Team USA

  4. BiGAL2588

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Natalie,Baron Davis just opted out of his contract, making him a free agent. Expect to see joe go after him.

  5. Ludacris0525

    Even more REALISTIC breaking news… Elton Brand opts out of his contract. Look for the Pistons to try and sign-and-trade Rasheed Wallace for Elton 🙂

  6. Richie

    I think the Sheed for Elton trade/sign is more likely but I don’t like eitehr of those deals. Chauncey is simply better than Barron in every area with the exception of age, and he always outperforms in head to head competition. Brand brings some real intensity, but doesn’t have the ungardable post game or three point threat that Rasheed offers.

  7. Steve

    ur smoking crack richie u must only watch the pistons and not other teams, baron davis is a huge upgrade to chauncey, look at his stats and compare the 2.. hes a better scorer, better play maker, better rebounder, he can get into the paint and drive to the hole, chauncey wishes he was good as baron and baron dunks.. u sayin chauncey is better jus cuz hes on ur team is ignorant thats like comparing tayshaun to lebron same deal.

  8. Richie

    *Sigh* Way off, Steve. I’ve always liked Baron Davis, and I watched as many Golden State games as i could the last few years because Jason Richardson went to my high school so I followed that team very closely. STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS.
    Numerically: Baron gets a couple more boards, a few more points, less than an assist, one more steal, and .3 more blocks a gain than Chauncey. Did you happen to notice that he also averages seven more minutes a game than chauncey? People who get more minutes usually average higher numbers. On that note, Chauncey shoots a higher FG%, higher 3-point % and a higher Free throw % than Davis. Percentages equate to efficiency, and they reduce the factor of minutes from the equation.
    Chauncey is also a proven leader of this team and is an intergral part of this chemistry. You lose more than just numbers if you remove him.

    I can only roll my eyes at the concept of someone thinking that Baron is better than Chauncey because Baron Dunks. We all know that Chauncey cna dunk if he wants to, but he knows that 2 points = 2 points. But heck, maybe you’re right. Maybe Chauncey gets on his knees every night just wishing that he was as good as Baron. Hmmmmm probbaly not though.

  9. blaze5611

    i would rather have baron than chauncey… chauncey just doesnt have the explosiveness that i’m looking for… if we could trade chauncey for baron strait up i would be happy… and steve quit being such a dick all the time, everyones entitled to their own opinion

  10. Steve

    i dont see my comment as being a dick at all, but i guess since im probably the only one in this chat who lives on a single digit mile road i guess it comes with the territory.

  11. mannie32

    clippers are likely to sign brand, and rumour has it davis could end up there too

    the most realistic breaking news… james posey has opted out of his contract AND pistons are coming up with an offer… he’s likely to take the MLE, and im hoping boston cant afford it… hate him or love him james posey is a winner, and he would be an awesome backup to prince


  12. mannie32

    uhh i like baron davis, but chauncey is better, and that’s not me being a homer… chauncey is just a better player… that being said, IF we think this team cant win, baron is younger so u might make take baron if ur looking at it long-term… but u also take the risk of injuries with him tho last year he was healthy which is a good sign

  13. Dominic

    Chauncey is a better playmaker. I honestly think he’s the best at distributing the basketball in the NBA right next to Nash. But Baron offers something Detroit hasn’t had and is getting glimpses of in Rodney Stuckey, Dribble Penetration. How many times have you seen Lebron penetrate the lane and rasheed has to go and help leaving one of Cleveland’s big men open for dunks? Same thing with Pierce. If we get Baron, we can have that same power. Baron can drive and kick to an open shooter or to Sheed in the post. it’ll be a lot easier on our offense because when we just can’t seem to score Baron can break down the defense nad do the scoring for us. Maybe Richie is right Chauncey is better than Baron, but the style of play Baron brings to the table is better than Chauncey’s. Chauncey jsut can’t drive the ball like he used to. Baron can also guard the faster point guards like Tony parker who normally Hamilton has to guard.

  14. mobius909

    i like baron cause he has heart. don’t forget, baron plays with scrubs (aside from his cap’n and biedrins) and chauncey plays with 4 all stars (plus bench stars). he has to play more minutes cause they don’t have another option.

  15. Four Apples

    chauncey is a hasbeen.

    i had the weirdest dream last night.. somewhere along with being fired from the cast of lost before getting any cameratime I dreamt the pistons traded 3 starters.. just wish i could remember who they were traded for.. sheed went for.. i dont know, but it was sheed, chauncey and tay.

    too bad i cant remember who we got..

  16. The Fluidics

    Steve, you called him ignorant, called him a homer, and said he was smopking crack. Yeah, you were a dick. 99% of the time you are a dick. Living on 9 mile in Hazel Park doesn’t make you hard, drop the tough guy attitude around here, it doesn’t impress anyone. All it does is makes people tune you out, because more often than not, people would rather ignore you than listen to your opinions because of how you deliver them.

    Here is the part where you invite me to fight you and check nuts? It’s tired…

  17. ric

    ok guys, it doesn’t really matter whos better davis/chauncey….why? think about it, do u really think joe is interested with that deal???? no way in hell, so all the wishful thinking that you guys have, go ahead knock yourself out, but its not happening…you guys really think that joe would go for that after telling denver, that if they want chauncey, their gonna have to give up melo, and denver’s response, “how about iverson instead?” joe said NO. so please……the baron davis rumor, that’s not gonna happen, joe is shooting high and as good as davis is, thats just not in the range.

  18. Steve

    haha the fludics where u been at dog? actually if u wanna be technical im closer to 8 mile but yeah same range still reppin HP, i dont claim to be hard but in real life somone comes at u its in ur nature to want to fight, but hey good news my PO is sending me to anger managment classes so who knows i might be a little more positive in the future i guess well wait n see i start after the weekend WOOP WOOP!

  19. The Fluidics

    Yeah, good luck with that, i mean it.

  20. WLM1one1

    Let me just start by saying that guys named Steve have no business acting aggressive online. It starts out as basic ego-driven insults, and before you know it, NEED4SHEED has become just another blog where the e-thugs feel free to roam…

    Anyways, as a guy who lives in Northern California, I recieve all of the Warriors games on Fox Sports Bay Area…

    To keep it short, this made Golden State the team that I watched most this year since my crappy cable provider doesn’t offer League Pass. Can you believe that shit!? It’s 2008, and I can’t even get League Pass!!!

    Now, I’ve watched the Warriors for years, and hated them for an equal amount of time. I can’t stand that run and gun crap. Many people claim that it’s the most exciting brand of basketball…fine, doesn’t impress me though when a guy jacks up a three pointer on a when he’s got a 1 on 4 fastbreak.

    Baron Davis is a spectacular player at times. But, when I enlist the serivce of the word “spectacular”, I do so with great reservation.

    Baron is great at one-on-one situations, especially with that pull back jumper he does from about 18 feet out. But as somebody posting before me mentioned, two points are just that…2 POINTS!!!

    So what if they are a great looking two points!!? People tend to do this often with players like Davis. They fall in love with his theatrics instead of judging his entire body of work and seeing what type of results it has brought his team.

    To be blunt, the guy takes a lot of ill-advised shots and takes a lot of defensive plays off or gives maybe a 50%, slap at the ball and hope for a lucky poke type of defense. He doesn’t run the offense the way that Chauncey does, but then again, the Warriors don’t really run an organized “system”, more like organized madness.

    When the Warriors did play teams that go half-court, they struggled and Baron was usually the player struggling to get the offense going.

    But, the one thing that would make me feel more comfortable with Chauncey running the show versus Baron is that I feel Billups is the smarter player. This isn’t by accident, with the style their two teams play, Chauncey is forced to have to be more of a mental player that methodically breaks teams down instead of simply trying to overwhelm them with a fast-striking offense.

    Suffice to say, I wouldn’t trade Billups for Davis.

    Matter of fact, I wouldn’t trade any of the starters. Maybe I’m stuck in the past, but I like it here!

    I still think this team has what it takes and they young players could use some more time with this group of veterans.

    I’m not a big fan of the shakeup proposals that I’ve heard thus far. More and more, I’m hoping that this squad stays together for the next season. There will be much better free agents in 2010 and that will give Michael Curry a chance to show his worth and see if Flip really was the problem with Sheed.

    I mean, come on, who wants to visit NEED4SHEED when Sheed isn’t even playing for the Pistons anymore!!!!???? That is one existence that I want no part of!!!

  21. ric

    that’s definitely a title contender retrokid…………….for an ncaa basketball!!!!

  22. Jess

    Steve you are hilarious and not in a good way. And no you are not the only one from a “single digit mile road” and it doesnt mean shit. You get real ignorant on here sometimes and its starting to get old. You make yourself look like your jumping wagons every other day but you’re always back on this site. Make up your mind!

  23. ric

    are we gonna talk about basketball or steve?

  24. Richie

    Amen, wlm1on1! I think it’s a big risk removing a major peice of a team that was two wins away from teh finals. I’d ratehr see tweaking than big shakeups.
    Retrokidz, I agree with Ric.
    Jess, I agree with you.
    Ric, when there’s so little basketball going on to discuss it becomes easy to focus on people who are in fact halarious, and not in a good way.
    I also agree that this Barron for Chauncey thing isn’t goingn to happen, though it would be the trade I would be least upset by if it did go down, compared to the other rumors going around.
    But heck, I wasn’t even born in detroit and my street sign doesn’t even have the word “mile” in it, so what would I know?

  25. jdx28

    Comparing Billups and Baron Davis is like comparing apples and oranges. Inevitably, there are going to be apple people and folks who like oranges.
    Im against swapping Chauncey for Baron. Baron has played in that run-and-gun(and eventually lose) offense for too long, it will be a monumental task to reign him back in. Another concern is Baron’s persistent history of injuries. Sure, the 07-08 year saw him play more games than usual, but this is a guy whose bottom limbs are chock full of wear and tear. Not to say Chauncey doesn’t have his own health issues, but its just that the nature of his game (efficiency rather than the highlight reel) allows him longevity in his career.
    BUT…that being said, Coach Curry should NOT let chauncey forget how sorry his performance was in the playoffs. Its time to light a fire under my dude Billups’ ass.

    In my eyes, the biggest hurdle for the Pistons is still Rasheed. He is truly a gift and a curse. Every year after we first acquired him, I have seen his meanstreak-fiery temper-turned-motivational-tool-outburts. turn more and more into juvenile pettiness. This not a winner’s behavior. This is not pistons basketball.

    I feel like a swapping sheed for Elton Brand would be extremely beneficial for us. In Brand, we get a career 20-10 guy, hardnose interior Defense, and proven work ethics. Not to mention a bevy of open perimeter shots, now that our starting PF/C isn’t putting up extra-long 3 pointers. Then again, we do lose that mismatch versatility. But naysayers…there is hope! Think of the points saved each season from Sheed’s inevitable techs!!!

    I love the city Detroit, Detroit basketball, and the resiliency of the people here. In Joe D. we trust!

  26. Joe


    You’re not giving Davis enough credit. He’s a better defender than Chauncey, plain and simple. Chauncey has the advantage of playing with elite defenders and shotblockers behind him for the past few years, so he appears better than he really is. But, Baron is a much better defender. He’s been among the league leaders in steals several times, and he generally guards the other team’s best player, whether it’s a PG, SG, or SF.

    Plus, let’s not forget that he absolutely dominated the # seeded Mavs last year… and a big part of it was his defense. I think that series proved that Baron can be a true team leader.

    In terms of stats, you mention that some of Baron’s statistical advantages are small, such as his assists and blocks. Well, Chauncey’s FG% advantage is pretty small too… in that category, Chauncey isn’t usually considered a very “efficient” player at all.

    And in the playoffs, Baron’s stats become MUCH better. He dominates Chauncey in EVERY category, other than FT%. Yes, that means that in the playoffs he even has a higher FG% and 3P%, along with more points, boards, assists, steals, etc, etc.

    Plus, he gives you more minutes. You talked about this like it’s a bad thing, but I say if you can replace a player who gives you 32 minutes, with a guy who gives you 39 minutes, you’re getting a lot more production. Minutes are one of the most important stats in basketball, and they are one more reason why Baron is the better player.

    And I disagree when you say it doesn’t matter that he dunks the ball. He’s a much more aggressive slasher and scorer, which opens things up for his teammates, even in ways that don’t show up on the statsheet. In today’s NBA it’s a huge advantage to have a guard who can get to the rim and get the other team into foul trouble. That strategy allowed Wade to win a ring with the Heat a few years ago, and we could do the same thing with B.D.

    The lack of a slashing threat is something Detroit has struggled with for a while now. That’s why you see so many stretches where the Pistons struggle to score. In the playoffs this year, too many possessions ended with Prince being forced to jack up ill-advised jumpers with the shotclock running out. That won’t happen with Baron on the court.

  27. ric

    jdx28 sorry but i would have to disagree for sheed trade for brand…assuming brand’s health is 100% which is a big ? i would never trade sheed for him…..i think everything that brand is capable of, sheed is capable. sheed is so versatile that most c/pf cannot guard him, with the exception of c/pf whos versatile as well, i.e. kg. the only pf who i vote on replacing him is amare stoudemire, the guy can post, shoot from the outside and play d…….did you guys watch how suns played celtics in the reg. season last year? amare and kg were on it at each other…amare is very competitive and thats what i like about him….his energy and strength reminds me of maxiell….pistons would have to get a true c and not make the pf play for it, just like sheed, amare and dyess, they will be more productive if they play the pf, not the c position.

  28. mannie32

    amare a good defender? sure he can block shots (weak side defense mainly), but he is TERRIBLE on one of one defense…. we’ve seen the likes of dirk, duncan, sheed, bosh, etc. have GREAT nights while he tries to defend them… and it’s not that he’s not athletic, he’s just not a smart defender at all… so maybe he can learn, but i always laugh when i see a PF or centre post on him, he looks so confused

    i agree with u that he’s a competitor tho, a lil too cocky for me tho… dunno how much of a team player he really is, he wants to be the team’s best player, no doubts about it… that’s his goal before winning

  29. ric

    joe, you made a good point on the baron/davis comparison. there’s two things that i want to point out though, first, baron play as a point guard and trading chauncey for the same position would not allow stuckey to start….i believe joe and the pistons intends to start stuckey next season whether or not chauncey is around….baron would not take a contract that will not allow him to play as a starter, especially with the money hes asking for. second, just like you pointed out, baron can create his own shot and get to the basket, which brings us to my first point on why stuckey would start…someone who can get to the paint or/and create his own shot…..now i know what u or other people are gonna say, hes a rookie and all that, but hey, don’t argue with me, argue with joe and the pistons, they have this high hopes and they believe in him……and u know what, im with joe on this, his high hope for stuckey……oh and by the way, since were pointing out stuckey’s 1st year as a rookie and all that experience crap….stuckey ability to DOMINATE in the ECF as a ROOKIE over achieves baron davis’ playoff experience/career…….how many times has he been to the playoffs??? and to what round???

  30. ric

    mannie, amare’s issue about defending and cockiness would have to be measured by curry and joe….his defense would have to be dealt by curry while his sacrifice including his cockiness for the sake of winning it all will have to be on joe’s interview with him prior to signing him. him, confuse when a pf or c post on him???? maybe, but i don’t think thats consistent, like i said, if u saw how he played against kg, u would’ve been “damn!”

    u mentioned
    “a lil too cocky for me tho… dunno how much of a team player he really is”
    you’re a hypocrite if you say you didn’t think sheed was like this or worst before he became a pistons….so please, save it, until you see it.

  31. Dominic

    ok first of all the ignorant people need to stop talking about a Baron for Chauncey swap. That’s impossible, Chauncey makes 10m a year and when Baron resigns he’ll get about 16million a year. Making the deal impossible the numbers have to match the only way this trade would work if both the Pistons and Warriors offer another piece. I would assume Sheed. Nelly loves that type of versatility. But all this is obsoslete anyway. Baron is going to the Clippers…


    I’ll leave you with this…

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  32. Joe

    The thing with Stuckey is, he’s going to be great, but I’m not 100% sold on making him the starter next year. Even though he’s a great player, he does have his weaknesses… mainly his inexperience and his lack of a 3-point shot.

    I would rather see a more experienced player starting next year, because we’re not just building for the future, we want to win a title right now!

    And the Davis/Billups trade would work. Billups is scheduled to make $11.05 million next year. According to the rules (correct me if I’m wrong), if the teams exchanging players are over the cap, then current year salaries exchanged must be within 15pct plus 100k dollars of each other. That rule is copied directly from Marc Cuban’s Blog. So, in his first year we could pay Davis up to $12.81 million. I really don’t think teams will be lining up to give him much more than that.

  33. mannie32

    B Diddy just signed with Clips! im excited for him… whooo… Brand and Davis with Kaman up front will be exciting to watch

  34. ric

    thank you….now everyone can shut the hell up about the chauncey/baron trade rumor!

  35. Richie

    I didn’t think the Chauncey/Baron thing was going to happen. However, I do want to address what Joe said about the minutes per game. I brough them up not as a bad thing, but as a reason for Baron’s slightly higher statstics non percentage gatagories. Furthermore ,for the sake of arguement, Chancey’s 3 point % is nearly 10% greater than Barron’s- how is tha minute?
    As said- with the deal havin been done there’s no need to discuss that anymore.
    As much as I love Stuckey, I will say again that I think we’ve been sold on him a little too hard. He played great in the ECF (he definately didn’t dominate, but for a rookie, he did play great) and he even sealed the deal for us against Orlando. So he had 8 fairly impressive games (4 of which were losses). We all know what he can do, but saying that he’s a better starter for us than Chauncey is borderline ludacris. That’s like saying we’d be better off starting Amir than Rasheed. Amir had some fantastically effecient games this year. The kid had 5 blocks in 8 minutes in one game etc. But it doesn’t make him a better starter than one of the veterens we have now. All I’m saying is let’s not get carried away and put unrealistic expectations on a rising star.


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