WDFN’S Matt Dery : " Chris Douglas-Roberts didn’t want to be a Piston"

by | Jun 28, 2008 | 18 comments

“Shep filled in for Jamie yesterday on the WDFN morning show and one of the callers said that he was at CDR’s house on draft night. CDR told everyone there (according to this mystery caller) that he did not feel he fit with Detroit and had no interest in being a Piston and wanted to go to a team that ran more. I was working that morning and heard this exchange and I decided to do a little research.

It turns out that the caller (CDR’s friend) was right on the money. Douglas-Roberts believed that there was no way he would drop to #29 and likely felt like it was an insult to even believe that he would be available to play for a team like Detroit drafting that low. I talked to someone who knows CDR and he told me that Douglas-Roberts thought he was a top 20 lock. In addition, the Pistons did call CDR’s people and offered to work him out. There was no workout. He did not come to the Palace. Now you know the story and the kid ended up going to New Jersey at #40. “ Via Matt Dery

More on Matt’s page and I’m sure he will keep us updated on any breaking news, so stay tuned.


  1. AT

    This is my First post to this blog, but I’ve been enjoying it for a while. Thanks for the best blog in sports..

    Leaving my feelings of the draft aside (I can not be upset, every time I think WTF Dumars, we have another quality player 15months later..) I was encouraged to see the summer league roster.

    Guards: Dee Brown, Sammy Mejia and Alex Acker… That is why we moved out of the first round. I bet one of these three makes the roster.

  2. The Fluidics

    That’s a lot of smack talking and arrogance (I’m stretching CDR’s words here because I’m bored).
    I can add him to the players I don’t like now. I hope someone in NJ adjusts his attitude, he desperately needs it with his whinging about falling out of the top 20.

  3. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    Greetings Pistons fans…

    First things first, yes, I’m geeked that “The One-Man Fastbreak” Dee Brown may have a chance to play for the Pistons. He’s not the tallest but he’s got heart… not everybody can take a hit to the neck from Memo Okur and get back on the court like no biggie! I hope he makes the cut, if only to hear Mason say after a three point shot by Brown, “DEE FOR THREE”…

    Now that I got that out of my system, let’s smack CDR: I understand CDR, really, I do: Why on earth would any baller want to play for a team that is a perennial playoff contender, a team that has won 50+ games for several seasons and six trips to the conference finals (by the way, props to JEFF VAN GUNDY for showing some love to the D!!!!!), with one of the strongest and most loyal fan bases on the NBA… why would he want to play in front of an almost guaranteed sold-out crowd every night and learn the game from some of the best in the business…

    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, MR. CDR… I guess somebody forgot to tell him that Memphis was known as the “Paper” Tigers before he played Second Banana to Derrick Rose and that there’s method to the madness that Rose was the #1 pick and his sidekicks were 2nd rounders…
    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, MR. CDR… Instead of playing for one of the model organizations in the NBA, you’re now playing for the New Jersey Mess…er… Nets…
    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR… Instead of learning the game from the likes of Chauncey, Rip, or Tay Prince, you’re hanging out with… Vince Carter? I guess you picked the wrong Tar Heel to learn the game from buddy!

    But all is good in the end… Detroit doesn’t relish on high-maintenance players, we like those ready to wear the hard hat and go to work… Good riddance I say to CDR… and IN JOE WE TRUST!!!!!

  4. Dominic

    Well…His Loss

  5. Richie

    WOW, I cna’t believe the arrogance of someone who’s picky about where they get drafted to. It’s one thing to hope that you play for a certain team or teams, but this is absurd. Most people who play in college just dream that they could make it to the NBA at all, he wants to whine about who he plays for like he’s in charge? Now we can all see whay Joe D passed him up.

  6. xxxriphammyxxx

    Good, CDR is overrated and wouldn’t have fit. That is still no excuse as to why we didn’t take Deandre Jordan or Bill Walker when we had the chane.

  7. Steve

    Well glad to know that I now have zero reason to be uspet we didn’t go with CDR… we don’t need that attitude here.

    And yea, good points above about all the guys we have on the Summer League roster – I’m looking forward to it.

  8. claire

    Serve you right, CDR. Top 20? Try top 40!

  9. Ryan

    Top 20? Top 20 from the bottom more like it! Joe D is a basketball God, he works in mysterious ways… he may not give us what we want, but he does provide us with what we need… In Joe We Trust!

  10. Dominic

    Ugh really slow around Need4Sheed hopefully we’ll get something to talk about when free agency starts on July 1st

  11. akhalil101

    TELL ME ABOUT IT. There is like nothing to talk about. I am so bored. Come on, even NBA.com has nothing new.

  12. Steve

    Terry Porter is talking to Jarvis Hayes to come play for the suns bench.. i say good riddance he wasn’t what we were promised. He had that one great game against New Orleans and that was about it, too streaky like all of tayshauns replacements jus like mo evans was. We need another terry mills like back up that can come on and jus drain threes all day.

  13. Dominic

    I agree Steve, I would love to get Josh Childress but he’s a restricted free agent it’ll be interesting to see how high they’ll go. Michael Peitrus will be a good addition too. He plays solid D and can shoot the basketball. Bonzi Wells could be a good pickup also he can defend and he’s friends with Sheed.

  14. wapmak27

    i was just lookin at some c webb on youtube, and i gotta say i miss him in a detroit uniform
    i wish we would have brought him back for this past season

  15. Retrokidz201

    Pleassssse Nattt. Ive been checkin the site every 10 min. i really cnt go a dat without any new post. It can about anything it really doesnt matter

  16. Retrokidz201

    oh yeah nd jus a reminder i ws the first on the Walter Sharpe BANWAGON… Jus letting it be known

  17. Richie

    I’m looking forward to what Sharpe can do as well. People with something to prove usually make for a good fit in the D.


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