The Pistons Pick Up A Sleeper In The Draft…Literally

by | Jun 27, 2008 | 19 comments

It was a topsy turvy night for Pistons fans on Thursday. With high hopes of a solid pick and possible a deal yesterday things didn’t happen quite as we had hoped in Piston Land.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t really have high hopes of a solid pick at 29, so when The Pistons picked D.J. White I had a bit of a smile on my face. However my smile didn’t last very long when word came down that Detroit handed over the rights to White for two later picks from Seattle.

So like most of you I waited…and waited for Detroit to pick Chris-Douglas Roberts the other top prospects that were still on the board and apparently were players that Detroit had interest in. Instead Dumars picks Walter Sharpe. Who?

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The skinny on Sharpe: Via Michael Rosenberg from The Detroit Free Press

“Yes, he really has struggled with narcolepsy. He was academically ineligible last semester, presumably for spelling “Sharp” wrong. And maybe the best sign that he is ready for pro sports is that he already has his first nightclub arrest under his belt.”


But more promising words from Joe Dumars and Keith Langlois:

“He’s good, man, he’s good,” Dumars said. “Handles it, shoots it, long and smooth.”

Dumars said Sharpe will be a small forward in the NBA, though he was playing out of position at UAB as a power forward.

As for Sharpe’s history of off-court trouble-arrested for disorderly conduct, academically ineligible, shot two years ago though it appears he was an innocent victim – Dumars said almost all of it traces to the narcolepsy only recently diagnosed. He said Sharpe is now on medication and that “he says it’s changed his life.” Dumars said he’s talked to “more people in Alabama than I care to remember” and is perfectly convinced Sharpe has a firm grip on his life now.

Why didn’t they keep White you ask…

“The reason they didn’t keep White, Dumars said, is they saw him as too close in playing style to Jason Maxiell – an undersized power forward who can play, but a duplication of Maxiell.” Keith Langlois

As for the other picks:

Trent Plaisted and Deron Washington, the two other second-rounders, were picked in part because they agreed to play in Europe next season. Dumars said the organization asked potential second-round picks if they would be willing to play overseas because he didn’t anticipate having a roster spot for them next season. Those who answered no, the Pistons scratched off their list. That’s one reason they didn’t take Bill Walker, though Dumars said ‘we liked him a lot.”Keith Langlois

So, right now there are a few answers to your WTF questions swirling from last night. I knew they looked at Plaisted, but had no Idea about the other two. I’m still thinking much more is to come in terms of a shake up but at this point we know it didn’t stem from the happenings of the Draft.

As for the picks, I didn’t expect much, but I can’t say I’m on the bandwagon. I did find a little hopeful insight, a Deron Washington dunk mix on YouTube.

I have the feeling most of you feel the same way I do about last night. We may need a poll for this one.


  1. Dominic

    Well I’ve reflected on my feelings about the draft and I’m still devastated we didn’t take CDR. I had my heart set on him from the beggining. I thought he was exactly what we needed. But then I realized we took exactly what Keith Langlois expected. A boom or bust type player. Walter is either going to progress into a solid sixth man or starter, or he’ll be like a big percentage of the league and bounce from team to team looking for a home. I am…content with this pick not exactly ecstatic or relieved. Hope he’s a great one, Joe knows how to pick em.

  2. Darksideryda

    Yes I am in the majority about how the draft went last night. I too was hoping for CDR , I got a bit happy when we chose White , and crushed when we traded him to Seattle for the 2 picks. As for Deron Washington from V-Tech, being a UNC fan , I have seen him play. Very atheletic and full of energy as you can see by the video Nat put up.
    Maybe Joe sees some of these picks as to go in a package deal or something.
    We shall wait and see….IN JOE WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joe

    I did some quick research on Mr. Sharpe. Apparently he was shot in the abdomen a few years ago, but presumable he’s ok now. Combined with his narcolepsy & a nightclub arrest, he sounds like an interesting guy.

    In terms of basketball, if I remember correctly he averaged 14 ppg last year, with 6 or 7 boards, plus a little over 1 steal and 1 block per game. H didn’t hit a single three-pointer last year. So, he’s a 6’9″ SF/PF who can hopefully play some defense and make some athletic plays (if he ever gets on the court). But, he’s definitely not a shooter. The closest comparision I can think of would be Hakim Warrick.

    I’m surprised the Pistons didn’t go after DeAndre Jordan. He has the size and strength of a “true center”, and that’s the biggest hole right now in the Pistons roster.

  4. amer-ican prince

    I too am kind of surprised at the night. I was trying to figure out what we were doing for the draft, but I was kind of confused. And I think we could tell pretty much from the start of the night that the Pistons were not working any trades for the night

    Wow I can’t believe how few prospects showed up last night. David Stern seemed really mad when he announced a name then had to say “…is not here” His face was like How dare they not show up

    Overall last years draft was more entertaining. This one seemed to take forever.

    I’m can’t0 judge the picks because I truthfully know nothing about any of them

  5. Steve

    Boy can dunk… that’s for sure.

  6. Steve


  7. gomulama

    I like the Deron Washington pick a lot more after seeing that he was the VT guy that teabagged Greg Paulus with that dunk.

  8. Steve

    97.1 the ticket is saying that dumars has no scouting anymore since john hammond was the brains behind the pistons, the bucks jus got 10 times better..thru trades and had a great draft. they said the pistons will go down hill with out johns scouting.

  9. Ben

    Deron Washington looks like a really exciting player and would be fun to watch if he ever makes the Pistons squad. Walter Sharpe has the kind of personal story that could make him a fan favorite. Also he seems like he can add to the bad boy style of the Pistons that I personally love so much. Trent Plaisted is a bust. I don’t care how good he is, he isn’t right for the Pistons. There is no excitement in his game, he has no personality and would not be a fun player to watch. Hopefully he will turn into a solid player and the Pistons can trade him to a Western Conference team where he belongs.

  10. Bobby

    Everyone relax,

    He didn’t take CDR because he didn’t want him, he just doesen’t want to pay him.

    Can’t you all see that he’s setting up cap space to make a big-time trade? I can’t believe all of you people freaking out about bad picks. We don’t need a new hotshot rookie.

    Yeah we could have taken CDR… and when exactly would he even see minutes in a big game.

    Joe D is looking for the immediate answer not some kids that are gonna take 3-5 years to develop.

    Sure we can take Walker or CDR if yall want, but guess what we’ll be right back on the losing end of the ECF.

    Drafting CDR does NOTHING for our team besides waste some cash.

    Get your heads straight peoples.

  11. Sarah

    I think we had a pretty decent draft for us…i mean we got some good players, and maybe know joe D won’t have too make drastic trades…i hope!!!

  12. palaceprince

    I was really dissapointed after the draft but then I thought that Joe is most likley going to make a trade. I was remembering last years draft and thinking what ever happened to sammy mejia? he seems like he could develop pretty soon.

  13. amer-ican prince

    steve (melo pic)Joe Dumars always said him and John Hammond worked well together. And I think it’s possibe losing John may have hurt Joe’s judging ability in the short term. But I doubt John was all the brains. And I was wondering why the Bucks traded Yi because of all the money they could make with him. Then you mentioned John Hammond and I was like that’s why.

    And I agree with you Bobby, I thought that was why they decided to trade picks, because of the guarnteed money and Joe is still not sure who’s going to be here next year.

  14. WLM1one1

    Damn, damn, damn…That’s how I’m feeling as a Pistons fan right now.

    As I was watching the draft last night, I couldn’t believe that CDR was still available by the time the 28th pick had come along.

    I was thinking, “Well, New Orleans is going to pick up another nice piece now…”.

    But it didn’t happen! So now I’m pumped! I know that CDR is going to be a Piston and am already starting to picture him in 5 years trading baskets with Rose when the Bulls came to town.

    But, without warning, the Pistons used the 29th pick on White, not CDR!!!! I WAS PISSED!!!

    I mean, the next pick belonged to the Celtics and they need help at the guard position as much as anybody (even with the championship, go figure!), so I know that they’re about to draft CDR and that was making me even more pissed!

    I shut off the televesion before the 30th pick only to turn it on hours later to see that CDR fell to New Jersey at the 40th spot!

    Damn, damn, damn…

    Then I know Joe D. straight up fucked up when I log onto the web this morning and see that Rosenburg had already written an article trying to calm the fans down. It was titled something like, “Don’t assume Pistons blew their draft”.

    Okay, I’m sorry, but if you have to write an article to calm down the masses that have been left out in the cold scratching and shaking their heads…well…YOU PROBABLY BLEW YOUR DRAFT!!!!

    So Bobby, please shut up and discontinue your therapist talk, it’s not working. And if you refuse, then please elaborate on what type of trade Dumars could possibly be planning for later since that seems to be the basis of your “Ace up the sleeve” argument you’re making on Joe D’s behalf.

    Man I hate the NBA sometimes…this is defintely one of those times!

  15. Retrokidz201


  16. Nate

    To me, it seems that all this dissappointment isn’t so much over WHO we drafted, rather how there was no “big” trade. I tend to think the majority of Pistons fans, based on Dumar’s own words, expect a big trade coming and welcome it. Since nothing happened last night nor were there any hints at big trades, frustration was taken out on who was drafted. I think some of us just want to see big changes? Just an opinion…

  17. Richie

    I’m not upset. Let’s give this kid a chance before we blow our tops.

  18. Ryan

    If we keep Deron Washington, we might be seeing a Piston participate in the All Star Break Slam Dunk Competition.. Wow! talk about compensation for draft busts! CDR and Deandre Jordan was available at the 29th pick!


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