2008 NBA Draft

by | Jun 26, 2008 | 44 comments

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The Pistons have the #29 pick in tonight’s 2008 NBA Draft. They may not get a player that will stick that late, but don’t discount a trade brewing right now or after all the names have been called.

Last year we had an idea that Dumars was going after Rodney Stuckey, but this pick is up in the air. In fact, the future of tonight and beyond is up in the air.

The Draft will be broadcast live on ESPN and ESPN360, for those who need to stream it live, starting at 7:00 PM.

This could possibly be a night of changes far from what we are used to as Pistons fans. This team’s fate rests on the decisions of Joe Dumars. In Joe D we should trust, right?

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I’m sure the comments will be lively, so stay tuned.


  1. palaceprince

    im very excited to see what falls out tonight. Im pretty nervous about making a big trade and losing one of the starters. In Joe D I trust!

  2. blaze5611

    i hope we make a trade tonight… i think tonight we might see the future of the pistons roster… or absolutely no change at all

  3. mobius909

    hehe, how insightful, blaze.

  4. xxxriphammyxxx

    Im pumped for tonight. I just hope that the trade that we eventually make is actually good. Some of the rumors floating around suck.

  5. fuxfunny65

    James Posey is a free agent! Joe D might wanna pick him up if the dude comes cheap enough. He’s not that great of a player, but he probably knows more than any other player on how to beat Detroit in the playoffs(Miami 06, Boston ’08)

    Just a thought.

  6. xxxriphammyxxx

    What are you talking about, James Posey is a very god player. If the Pistons picked him up we would have by far the best perimeter defense in the league, and Tayshaun could finally come out of a game and have somebody good to go in for him. He makes open shots, plays great D, and knows the game very well. Hes one of the better role players in the league.

  7. Dominic

    our pick is up and CDR is on the board. CDR! CDR! CDR!

  8. palaceprince

    D.J. White? are you kidding me? Why not CDR? what ever he seems like he can produce and a good big man.

  9. John

    Horrid pick. Very unlikely to make a good trade now. Smells very bad to me.

  10. illmatic774


    **** this, Dumars. You strike out more often than not when it comes to the draft.

  11. gomulama

    Being a Spartan, this pick makes me a little sick to my stomach. I would’ve like to see them take Walker, Chalmers or CDR.

  12. palaceprince

    ESPN.com just said that the pistons picked for the seattle sonics. The pistons will get the 32 and 46th pick and the sonics get d.j white. pick 30 and CDR is still on the board.

  13. Steve

    yup trade trade

  14. Steve

    wow dumars sucks

  15. illmatic774



  16. palaceprince

    who the F is walter sharpe???? kinda looks like Amir

  17. illmatic774

    yup. Dumars got lucky last year. Still a crappy drafter.

  18. Steve

    IN DUMARS WE TRUST? pffft matt millen would have known to tak chalmers or CDR..

  19. Dominic

    Wow where is CDR??? Two chances to nab him and you don’t do it? Wow Who is this guy we drafted anyway?

  20. TDP

    Two chances at Douglas-Roberts?!

  21. Steve

    Pritchard’s by far winning tonight’s round of Best GM… sorry, Joe.

  22. Steve

    Dumars is a peice of shit, straight up he got lucky with gayshaun stuckey and maxiell, but he passed on melo, wade, bosh…
    drafted rodney white and mateen cleaves and darko? wow seriously why doesnt davidson say hey joe let somone else do it u suck.. this team wont ever win another ship if they keep picking bullshit picks, fuck joe ds draft knowledge he makes matt millen look smart..haha he didnt even take anyone good enought to be there..hes a joke im glad im moving to florida so i dont gotta hear this bullshit anymore..im pissed fuck this…i hope he blows this team up and turns the jerseys teel..

  23. digitalsonicedm

    Seems like joe is setting things up for a big trade.

  24. Nate

    Not a fan of DJ White, but let’s see if Dumars is just fitting pieces together for a trade…or at least hope.

    And to Steve…you bi-polar?


  25. Steve

    HE MUST BE A “GOOD LOCKEROOM GUY” AND “TEAM PLAYER” man im sick of this shit bring in some attitude this team is so soft sheeds a poser hes a bad ass wanna be but when it comes down to it hes a peace maker he dont wanna scrap when shit hits the fan..im jus so sick of being pissed every yr during the draft… hellen keller could draft better than dumars seriously

  26. Steve

    NATE im very bi polar and always pissed off if im drinking jack NOBODY wants to be around me even my own friends, jus the way i am, if things dont go my way i over react and take things to the extreme thats why i have no knuckles left from my childhood. i move my fingers they all crack.. so when im pissed off i let the world know.. dont take offense please thats jus my personality.

  27. The Fluidics

    So when it comes to coach Curry it’s “wait and see” but when it’s the draft, it’s “bad pick, F Joe D”.

    The whole picture with the draft isn’t going to shape out until after July 1, so in this case, it’s wait and see.

  28. Richie

    Steve (not the cool Steve, the poser pistons fan with the microsoft paint Melo picture Steve), you’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re being rediculous. You’re not even giving Dumars a chance here. We don’t know if he’s planning to make a trade, or if he sees something in this player that will make him something special in the NBA with time. You can’t just see that he picked someone you’re not familiar with and assume that he sucks. I’m pretty sure Dumars knows more about draft potential than someone who can’t spell teal corectly. Furthermore- Dumars selected Tayshaun and Maxielle when others daid they were too thin and too one dimentional respectively. Grow up and give him some credit.
    In regard to your craving for a superstar and your disrespect for team players and good lockeroom guys, how about you move to Florida already, buy your Dwayne Wade Jersey and stop making hate postings against our beloved franchise president.

  29. cb1

    take it out on your dick not us

  30. xxxriphammyxxx

    Steve, quit bing such a bitch.

  31. Steve

    richie rich..i already got my d wade jersey along with lebron and barkley..but come to hazel park.. holla at ya boy ur tuff over the internet.. so come from beverly hills or birmingham wherever ur from n come down to 9 and john r..sorry i spelled teal wrong i didnt go to a private school like richie rich haha richie u must be albino cuz that name dont get any whiter u should be watchin golf.

    this goes for anyone.. 9 mile and john r holla at ya boy

  32. Steve

    HP ALL DAY! FREE RANDY SMITH!! DOIN 20-LIFE R.I.P B.A.B! throw ur hood up!

  33. gomulama

    I don’t usually question Joe D but I have to wonder what he’s thinking after passing up guys like Chalmers, CDR and Walker for some guy named walter whohas narcolepsy and a big mormon.

  34. xxxriphammyxxx

    I just don’t understand what happened here in the 2nd round though, we should have went after Bill Walker or Deandre Jordan when we had the chance, they are legitimate players.

  35. mannie32

    i like what ive read and seen from deron washington so far… from what i read, he’s an above average defender, good work ethic, and has amazing athleticism… and youtube dont lie


    plus now we finally have a backup SF who can defend and drive to the basket

  36. mannie32

    cant believe tho that the celts end up getting walker from the wizards, after we passed on him twice
    insult to injurt

  37. Feruw

    Another ugly draft from Joe. I wish we could get some articles that don’t spend the entire time fellating Joe D.

    Are you listening Need4Sheed and DBB.

  38. cb1


  39. blaze5611

    so did we even participate in the draft?? oh well, its not like we were about to get a player that we could use at 29 anyways… i’m not happy with the pick, but for the most part it doesnt even matter… i dont see why maxiell cant start at pf.. i really think we need to trade sheed for amare, if we need to sweeten the deal then we should do what we have to do.. i know some of you dont think that sheed is worth amare and the suns would never even look at it but we already have good terms with terry porter and sheed does have a big expiring contract next year… the only thing that really hurts it from happening is the age difference

  40. detpistonsfan


    “He’s a very talented, skilled, 6-9 guy that plays the three spot,” said Joe Dumars, Detroit’s president of basketball operations. “We really liked him, and saw an opportunity to get him in the second round and pick up another pick. So we just jumped on it.”

    “No. 29 pick if they were going to keep it, but Dumars said Detroit would have probably used the pick to select Sharpe.”

    -So I guess he really wanted this guy and didn’t want to look crazy by taking him too early.

  41. detpistonsfan

    Notice Dumars says three spot, could this guy really back up prince? Maybe he is what everyone waiting for. Prince’s back up.

  42. Richie

    Wow, Steve, you’re not getting much better here:
    +This site is for Pistons fans
    +This site isn’t intended for making personal vendedas or starting fights over your lack of intelligence.
    +In addition to “teal” you’ve now spelled “tough” wrong.
    +On that note, it’s “you’re” not “ur”. You don’t have to be rich to type correctly. Letters are free here.
    +Nobody cares what street you live on.
    +My name is Richard, it’s no whiter than Steven. My friends call me Richie? So does that mke me some breed of super white? What does color of my skin have to do with anything anyway?
    +The fact that a couple decades ago there was a cartoon called Richie Rich has nothing to do with me, let alonge make me wealthy.
    +I attended PUBLIC SCHOOLS in SAGINAW, MICHIGAN, home of Dunkin’ Darvin if you need a reference. Saginaw has one of the worst funded public school systems in the state, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to learn English there. So keep your assumptions to yourself and try reading a book. It may be a refreshing change from those street signs outside of your house that you’re so proud of.
    +I’m live in the UP now while attending college (which I pay for, not the rich white family you assume I have)so I’m not going to drive 455 miles to “Holla at you”.
    +Sorry about this inappropriate bikcering on your blog, Natalie, but a responce was required.

  43. Alan

    Guys, here are Dumar’s reasons for making the trade and it’s straight from Dumar’s mouth.

    “Trent Plaisted and Deron Washington, the two other second-rounders, were picked in part because they agreed to play in Europe next season. Dumars said the organization asked potential second-round picks if they would be willing to play overseas because he didn’t anticipate having a roster spot for them next season. Those who answered no, the Pistons scratched off their list. That’s one reason they didn’t take Bill Walker, though Dumars said “we liked him a lot.”

    source: http://truebluepistons.blogspot.com/

  44. mobius909

    I don’t see what everyone is so upset about… we don’t play rookies anyway.

    Go for that big trade Joe, do what you do best… steal good players and make them better (Brand and Baron… and… go).


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