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by | Jun 24, 2008 | 13 comments

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  1. The Fluidics

    That’s got to make for one long summer for Chauncey and the guys, not knowing where you will sleep next week.

  2. Jess

    Yea, I feel bad for Billups and Tay. Their names have been out there a lot. Im sure it gets hard sometimes.

    Wishing for the best!

    BRING ON 2008-2009 ALREADY!!

  3. Retrokidz201

    Can evryone who reads this comment pleaz tell me wat they think.

    Do you think its poosible to make a trade so we can get Al Jefferson from Minnesota?

  4. blaze5611

    no i dont think that we can get al jefferson away from them considering they gave away kg just so they could get a younger team to rebuild with.. we need josh smith yo

  5. Ruben

    Nat, let’s start this movement. I talked about Josh Smith first and a few of us questioned his attitude. I say it again and loud– I HATE TO SEE TAY GO, but damn you gotta do something differently. Josh Smith is a better defender, a finisher, he shots the 3 (not well), and can score with plays run for him. He’s 21, 22. An occasional lineup with Josh Smith, Stuck, Max, Amir… that’s athletism pistons haven’t had in a minute.

  6. Jay

    Please Joe close the door on Carmelo and open the door for T-MAC
    hes just so hungry and has such a will to win you can just see it in his eyes all he needs is to be on a team where he feels they have a real chance to contend and win. He also needs to be on a team where he doesent nned to take over every night and with Rip, Sheed and Stuck hes not going to have to take over trust me if we bring Mcgrady to detroit we will get back to the NBA Finals. Here are seven things that we need to get done

    1. Trade Billups and Prince for Mcgrady
    2. Trade up in the draft and get CDR=Chris Douglas Roberts
    3. Give Amir J-Max hermann and afflalo more minutes.
    4. Sign either JR.Smith, Josh Childress, Josh Smith, Matt Barnes, Mikael Peitrus or Earl Barron.
    5. If we do trade Billups for Macgrady we need a backup pg for stuckey what abou keyon dooling or just think about it as a backup Jason Williams remember we have Arnie
    6. Resign Walter Hermann
    7. Sign James Posey if it is possible this guy is a total team player, plays defense and can make big shots. As a player on the opposing team you hate him but just imagine if he was a piston, plus he would bring us some good insight on the celtics.

    Think about it and tell me what you think.

  7. Dominic

    Love the T-Mac idea

    Trading up for CDR would probably entail a trade with New Orleans because CDR won’t slip past them. if so we would have to give them a SG because that is what they need. So we would probably have to give up Afflalo Would you really rather have CDR than Afflalo?

    The more minutes idea is definitely a good idea

    Josh Childress and Michael Peitrus are the guys I would most want out of that group. No way we’re signing Josh Smith we don’t have the cap space unless he’s willing to accept half of what he is requesting from ATL (about 11million) but Childress is consistent and a good defender as well as Peitrus. Don’t know so much about JR because of attitude and a no on Matt Barnes

    A backup PG is also needed I was actually thinking trying to get one from Houston. Maybe add a first rounder and get Luther Head he can bomb from 3 like no other

    Get Walter Hermann back I’m sure everyone would agree

    James Posey….God I hate his attitude and I don’t know if Boston won’t match every offer we give him. He was great in the playoffs but if we could pull it off DO IT

    I’d like to add put a lighter under every bench Sheed sits on to light a fire under his ass as well as persuade Lindsey Hunter to stay

  8. Dominic

    Oh and about Al Jefferson…He’s young as hell and is already a
    20-10 guy. He’s easily Minnesota’s best player and the centerpiece of MIN’s future. I can’t see them giving him away unless they get young guys in return. No way i’m giving Stuckey for Al not even in a straight up trade. The reason we can’t give em any vets is they are not yet good enough to make the playoffs with one or two tweaks. They need a whole revamp of their lineup

  9. Dominic

    ^^Think about it would Minnisota be good enough for the playoffs with a starting lineup of
    Craig Smith/Ryan Gomes
    and Sheed?

    That’s not good enough for the west I don’t think that starting lineup could get around 50 wins like Denver did even with the pick they are getting this year

  10. Dominic

    Sorry about the consecutive posts but I was reading True Blue and look
    As we reported last week, the Pistons expect to have Rodney Stuckey, Amir Johnson, Arron Afflalo, Cheikh Samb, their scheduled picks at 29 and 59 in this draft and 2005 draft choice Alex Acker, who’s spent the past two years in Europe, on their Summer League roster. Two other intriguing names are on their preliminary list; hope to be able to share them soon.

    Alex Acker is going to be on the Summer League Roster. I wonder if he’ll be on the roster next year especially if we trade Chauncey we’ll be short a backup guard

  11. mannie32

    nat – quick correction, you said blaha thpught sheed and rip were the safest but he said he thought rip and dyess were the safest

  12. palaceprince

    I was just reading that there was a rumor with goldenstate about sending Baron Davis and Al harrington to detroit for chauncey and sheed. I hate to say this but I wouldn’t mind this trade. Don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to keep Sheed and Chauncey but we need to change things up a bit because it hasn’t been working for the past four years.

  13. mobius909

    OMG I HOPE THAT IS TRUE. I LOVE BD and AH! do it do it do it!


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