Do the Piston need another Buddha?

by | Jun 23, 2008 | 19 comments

With all the trade talks swirling in Piston Land and the fact that just about everyone is compiling their dream teams, it got me thinking. What really do the Pistons need?

I looked back at the ultimate Pistons teams, you know the ones that brought us two Back to Back Championships. If you look back at what that team had that made things work it was pretty simple. They had possibly the best three guard combo in Dumars, Thomas and Johnson. Solid G/F Mark Agguire, Dennis Rodman, Laimbeer, Salley and Mahorn in 89.

The current Pistons aren’t that far away from what those teams had when you really look at it. You can argue about how things stack up talent wise considering that roster had two Hall of Famers on it, but one thing for sure you can’t deny is that team had heart.

James Buddha Edwards
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Now before you decide what Detroit really needs to get over the hump and since Dumars has tried to model his teams around the successful ones he played on maybe what this current roster needs is another James Buddha Edwards.

Think about it….

A big F/C that Detroit could go to out of the gate and consistently score in the paint, play defense and defer to his teammates when need be. Tall order I know, but the numbers don’t lie…and neither did the mustache.

His teammates as well as fans truly appreciated what Edwards brought to the team.

I sure wouldn’t mind another guy like Edwards on this team.


  1. Steve

    And let’s face it – with a name like Buddha, there’s got to be some good karma in the arena!

  2. Retrokidz201

    But whos out there that plays like Buddha or can score in the post nd defend like him. Greg Oden, but blazers wouldnt give him up for nuthing.

  3. Ronnie

    The problem is that those players played in a different era. You know that era where these wasnt so many sissies and flop artists.


    Can Edwards be called Buddha without the ‘stache?

  5. The Fluidics

    mustache don’t lie, lol.

    Last time I saw Buddah, a girl projectile vomited all over the Palace.
    And yes, I think about it every time I hear his name now.

  6. Natalie Sitto

    Odanized…He’ll aways be our Buddha but sadly it’s just not the same without it.

    FLU…I was thinking the same thing myself. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Vomit and “Oh there’s Buddha.” We’ll get over it one day.

    ….I hope

  7. The Fluidics

    baby steps Nat….

  8. Natalie Sitto


  9. detroitsport12

    hey Nat i am a poster on espn message boards as detroitsportsrules12 and their have been a couple threads on our pistons board about a trade for kaman, this guy brings everything buddha did. he is a big body, a great rebounder which is a big need, a great inside presense on D and offense we need that,he is real good at scoring inside which is a big need for us and our jumpshooting team,post presense also, can also blocks shots.

    now it would not take much to get him either, tay and a 1st round pick should do it if the clips are interested salaries match, or maybe throw in a couple player in this trade also.

  10. Natalie Sitto

    detroitsport12 – I’d love to get Kaman, I like his game but I didn’t think he was on the market.

    I would love to work on a deal to bring the guy here.

  11. ric

    kaman is on one of my top trade list for the pistons…i would love to see him play center next to sheed…our paint would be protected more than ever, sheed is more effective in the pf. plus, his a michigan state student, detroit would welcome him with open arms….his hilarious too, definitely would match sheed personality…u guys should see this video.

  12. mrbigshot231

    Michigan State!!!??? Please son, Kaman is maroon and gold all the way. FIRE UP CHIPS!!!

  13. ric

    mrbigshot…sorry but i meant from central michigan….but detroit would welcome him.

  14. amer-ican prince

    I heard the Pistons will be keeping an eye on Josh Smith in Atlanta. I love his game, but I do wonder if he’s mentally capable of being what the team needs. I will say I don’t know as much about him as I do other players but if he did come here, I wouldn’t be disappointed necessarily. But imagine if we could have Josh Smith and keep Tayshaun and let Josh absorb some the basketball IQ from Tayshaun. From the defensive sets to intangibles and everything. That would be awesome. But doubt they would both stay.

  15. Prelove

    crappy article. Who doesn’t need a guy like james edwards. woman suck at talking sports.(especially emotional ones)

  16. amer-ican prince


    you posted onto a sports blog and said basically nothing about sports. And, assuming you’re a guy, you seem very emotional about one posting, while claiming women are the emotional ones. I’m a guy and I get very emotional about sports like basketball too, I know plenty of women who know sports, some better than me. I don’t know if you actually read this blog or was surfing and found the site and decided to comment on this one thing, but I think it’s booshie to just assume the answer, assume everyone shares your view, and criticize someone for just putting it in question form and letting people post their own opinion.

    Come on dude have fun with the site, you’re welcome in here. I mean be easy and enjoy the company of the need4sheed community. We’re a bunch of characters let me tell ya. We have fun up in this b**ch!

  17. Dominic

    Holy shit are you serious? We’re seriously looking at Josh Smith? I nee to see that article because I absolutely love Josh Smith (no homo). His defense is superb and his offense greatly surpasses that of Tayshaun’s. The only thing that he lacks in offense is his jumpshot but that is easily remedied. I thought Smith was untouchable seeing as what a young and talented athlete he is. Now that I know the Pistons might have a chance at him that gets me excited. I mean cmon how can you not love this statline?

    Pts: 17.2
    Reb: 8.2
    Ast: 3.4
    Stl: 1.5
    Blk: 2.8 (!)
    GP: 81

    There’s Little risk involved I just don’t know if Atlanta would give him up for just Tay and Billups but admittedly a Starting five of
    Joe Johnson
    Marvin Williams
    Al Horford
    is pretty tempting

  18. blaze5611

    we should give rip, tay and affalo or maxi or amir for josh smith and al horford.. theres no way the hawks would give up both their young stars though… just imagine though

    1 chauncey
    2 stuckey
    3 j smith
    4/5 sheed
    4/5 horford

    we would still have either amir or maxi off the bench.. in an ideal world both but i doubt it.. i wish i could be a gm

  19. Unknown

    James Edwards is actualy my great uncle. He us currently in detroit helping another piston retiree.


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