Nuggets say No to Pistons offers for Carmelo

by | Jun 22, 2008 | 22 comments

Looks like it’s not just idle chat, it seems The Pistons are in ongoing trade discussions with the Denver Nuggets.

Carmelo Anothony
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The Detroit Free Press is reporting:

“The Nuggets want to bring point guard Chauncey Billups back to his hometown, and the Pistons are looking to make good on their botched 2003 draft and bring high-scoring forward Carmelo Anthony to Detroit, the person confirmed.

But while talks are ongoing, the Nuggets, at this point, are reluctant to include Anthony in any deal. The Pistons source said the sides are “not even close” to an agreement. It’s unclear what it might take to pry away Anthony. reported, without citing a source, that the Pistons offered Billups and Tayshaun Prince for Anthony. But the Nuggets weren’t interested. Denver countered with an offer of Allen Iverson or a package featuring Marcus Camby, but the Pistons are only interested in Anthony.

President Joe Dumars said at his season-ending news conference that he wanted to bust up his core this summer and that he was open to moving any player besides point guard Rodney Stuckey.

“There are no sacred cows here,” Dumars said. “You lose that sacred-cow status when you lose three straight years” in the conference finals.

Dumars also has said he is not interested in other teams’ second- or third-best players, a category into which Iverson and Camby would fall.”

I sill have to believe that nothing will go down until Draft day or right after so the Pistons can weigh all their options. As we know…Joe is dead serious about shaking things up for the right deal.

UPDATE: Carmelo’s Agent says Anthony will not be traded.

“He’s not going to be moved,” Calvin Andrews said in a telephone interview Sunday. “It’s not happening. We’ve been given assurances from the owner on down.”

Three sources with knowledge of the situation said Saturday afternoon that Andrews, and possibly Anthony, had planned to meet with the Nuggets on Monday to discuss Anthony’s future. Anthony, who does not want to be traded, is bothered by his name being mentioned in rumors and upset because the Nuggets have not come out publicly and denounced a possible trade, the sources said.

That issue was going to be addressed at Monday’s meeting and if Anthony’s party wasn’t satisfied with the Nuggets’ answers, they were set to ask for a trade, the sources said.

But Andrews said Sunday he will not meet with Nuggets management. He will be in Denver this week but only to attend Anthony’s court case for driving under the influence of alcohol. He has a court date Tuesday on the charge.

“I’m going there to be supportive of Carmelo,” Andrews said. “If he’s charged, there will be a penalty and I’ll talk with the Nuggets about that. If the trade situation comes up, we’ll talk about it, but there is no meeting planned to discuss trades.”

Denver was recently contacted by Detroit, and the two clubs had several conversations about swapping Anthony for Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince. The Nuggets decided against it and instead proposed a deal involving Allen Iverson or a package built around Marcus Camby. But the Pistons are only interested in Anthony.”

From The Rocky Mountain News:

“Andrews said Anthony, who wants to stay in Denver, has regularly asked him to get the Nuggets to publicly state they won’t trade him. But Andrews said he’s been unsuccessful.

“In response to your requests this weekend, as a matter of practice I don’t comment on rumors, trades or the NBA draft,” Nuggets vice president of basketball operations Mark Warkentien wrote Sunday to the Rocky in an e-mail.”

Another UPDATE
From Chris McCosky of The Detroit News

“Have the Pistons and Nuggets talked about the possibility of trading Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince for Carmelo Anthony? Yes.

Are the talks recent and on-going? No.

Is the deal dead? Not quite, but nearly.

Here’s the deal (this will be on the website in a more formal manner later on tonight): Two weeks ago, Nuggets vice president Mark Warkentien called Pistons president Joe Dumars. A story had leaked out of Denver that the Nuggets were interested in Billups. Warkentien called initially to apologize for the information leak, but in the process, asked Dumars what it might take to pry Billups away. Dumars said, straight-up, Anthony.

They talked about that for a bit. Prince was added because, obviously, Anthony plays Prince’s position. But in the end, Warkentien said the Nuggets weren’t looking to move Anthony. He asked if Dumars wanted Marcus Camby or Allen Iverson. Dumars said no. If the Nuggets wanted Billups, then he wanted Anthony. That’s where it ended. Two weeks ago.

But, the rumors persisted. In the meantime, Anthony started to get upset. He had his agents confront Warkentien about the rumors, which led to the reports Saturday night that the Nuggets “vetoed” the proposed trade.”


  1. The Fluidics

    I would have jumped on that deal if I was denver, Joe is really undervaluing Chauncey and Tay on this deal. An allstar and an al defensive second team, for an all-star, that deal would make Denver MUCH better. And while the deal would really help Detroits offense, it really hurts the Defense.
    I’m not saying don’t make a trade, but don’t make a trade where Detroit is on the odd end, giving up more than you are getting.

  2. Steve

    I dunno what to think of anything with Carmelo… never did like his attitude and off-the-court issues but we’ve all seen how players seem to change when they get to Detroit. In the end, I’ll trust Joe D as always on this one. But I really don’t want to see Tay go.

    He is to the Pistons what Granderson is to the Tigers in my opinion – just a classy, hard-working, open guy.

  3. g

    How depressing that we’d give up both Chauncey and Tay to make up for a botched draft in which we didn’t even consider Melo because we already had Tay.

    If we’re going for a “2 Pistons for your best player” trade, who else is out there? We’ll never get Paul Nowitzky, LeBron, or Kobe. Can we get Deron Williams? Stoudemire?? Would McGrady be a mistake, or is his 0-7 playoff series record just a lot of bad luck? I’m so nervous!

  4. palaceprince

    the biggest adjustment for anthony on the pistons is that he will have to learn to be a more team player. In denver it was all about him and i don’t know if he can make that adjustment.

  5. lyndakay

    Are you kidding me? A ballhog who makes poor on and off court decisions and plays no D for Chaunce and Tay? What an insult to 2 of my favorite players.

  6. Shatia

    Yeah I agree with Lyndakay^^^. I really don’t feel as if Melo is worth two core piston players. I don’t think he had an amazing season for Joe D. to want him really bad. I would look at other options….but once again Joe D. is a tremendously smart guy and I trust him…I think. lol!! Just don’t get rid of Tay!! lol

  7. xxbriixx2

    if chauncey billups leaves, im not watching the pistons anymore. im sick of people nagging on chanuncey and keep saying he’s not good. i know exactly why he’s not good—FLIP SAUNDERS! they should keep him and trade tayshaun who has never done anything for us or rasheed wallace who complains, gets technical fouls, and doesn’t care.

  8. Dominic

    Don’t read too much into this, Denver is going to wait until after or during draft day, trades rarely happen before the draft because anything can happen, a team in your division can get a star so you are pressured to do the same, or a dream pick who you didn’t think would fall did and you have to adjust your team to him. etc Denver won’t consider offers until draft day I can’t imagine Denver turning this one down. Chauncey AI Tay Camby and Nene is killer. not as good as our core but still very good

  9. Richie

    “they should keep him and trade tayshaun who has never done anything for us or rasheed wallace who complains, gets technical fouls, and doesn’t care.” -xxbriixx2

    Are you serious? I will agree that Chauncey takes a lot of ill-warented heat, and we all know about Roscoe’s temper, but to say that Tayshaun has “never” done “anything” for us is absolute ignorance to a T. Not only was he just as crucial as anyone else in his role of our last championship, but he’s also lagely responsible for us getting to the confrence finals at all this year. He’s never done anything for us? That’s not even an opinion, it’s an insult and sign of pure ignorance.

  10. SoSickWitItYo


    Check out the link provided by ESPN:

    This is good news for Detroit fans who didnt want to see detroit lose Billups or Tay… This also means that Joe D has to come up with a different strategy now…

    T-Mac has been rumored to maybe come to detroit, or maybe that is just on this blog…

    J-Rich/Gerald Wallace/Okafer are all still options,..

    AND, Douglas-Roberts (Detroit Native) could slip up to the 29th pick in the draft, and he would be a great draft choice for our club house!!! We could be looking at the future starting 5 by next season!!!

    Possibly Douglas-Roberts

    and Tay Tay


  11. Steve

    SoSickWitItYo thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard in my life.. no nba player stays with the same team, in 5 seasons i wouldnt suprised if none of these dudes r on the team by then..and for the people saying thank god same group is comming back.. not a chance joe is gonna make a move so get ur tissues ready so u can cry n watch ur overrated favorite players leave… now i was praying for a melo..i guess its not going im ready for a T mac.. if he doesnt land an allstar and returns with the same group im done with these losers. a big group of overrated under acheivers.

    bring on t mac please! im sick of the same people

  12. Dominic

    I’m glad, I have not in recent memory heard of any player who has been in the league for years suddenly decide he’s going to become an upper echelon defender like Tay is. It just doesn’t happen, you either play good defense or you don’t simple as that. it’s not something that can be learned by a guy like Carmelo Anthony who regards defense as a time to stand around and catch his breath in preparation for his next offensive move.

    This just provides a bigger chance for T-Mac to come to Detroit! I have been drinking the T-Mac to Detroit Koolaid ever since I’ve seen Joe Dumars press conference, I know T-Mac will be a good fit here. The only concern is injury, don’t give me that shit about never advancing out of the first round or whatever, You couldve said the same thing about Paul Pierce a year ago NOW LOOK! Any guy in the right situation can be successful and I am positive a starting lineup of Stuckey Hamilton McGrady Dyess and Sheed/Another guy comin in from trdae is exactly what Detroit and T-Mac needs.

    Although admittedly, I wouldn’t say no to any of the bobcats, I absolutely love G-Force and would fit in with our trends of Wallaces :). Okafor is one of the best post defenders already although he needs work on his perimiter D, and J-Rich can rain down jumpshots and get to the rim greatly, I will have no complaints if we obtain any of those three although Billups and Tay is too much to pay for G-Force alone, you would have to add a pick or Okafor in return for one of our picks or Afflalo as a sweetner and it would loook like this

    Gerald Wallace

    Now that’s a damn scary team

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  13. Feruw

    I can’t believe Joe wants a mulligan on the 03 draft. By attempting this deal, he’s proving he himself set back the course of this team by…well 5 years.

    You don’t get second chances at quality players, and giving up two incredibly talented guys that have produced better on the court, and have been less of a burden to their team than Carmelo has is not a quality trade.

    Joe, anytime you want to stop running this team into the ground would be good.

  14. ladyPiston

    Not only is Carmelo a bad trade, but he doesn’t want to leave Denver. It would be a disaster waiting to happen.

  15. xxbriixx2

    “Are you serious? I will agree that Chauncey takes a lot of ill-warented heat, and we all know about Roscoe’s temper, but to say that Tayshaun has “never” done “anything” for us is absolute ignorance to a T. Not only was he just as crucial as anyone else in his role of our last championship, but he’s also lagely responsible for us getting to the confrence finals at all this year. He’s never done anything for us? That’s not even an opinion, it’s an insult and sign of pure ignorance.”

    has tayshaun ever got finals MVP? like chauncey? NO! anthony would be so much better than him and rasheed. tayshaun was bad and this is professional basketball. when you don’t contribute to a team expected to get traded. Tayshaun has been here long enough he could do way better in other places.

  16. Ruben is reporting that the Pistons are interested in Josh Smith. Like I said a few months back, I think Josh Smith is a Tayshaun upgrade.

    I loved what Tay gave us in the first 2 rounds but damn.. can’t see him keep getting so played and so out hearted in playoff series. He looked scared to shoot down the stretch.

    After that, I think that’s all we need. I like our youth. we don’t need new parts just gotta use what we have. Stuck more less billups, more Affalo, less Rip at the 2 and less Jarvis, Rip can play some 3. More Walter. Start Max. Let Amir get more burn for Rasheed.

    A frontline that rotates Dyess, Josh Smith, Sheed, Max, Amir, and Walter.. I like that.

  17. Andrew

    We need to go after Al Jefferson or Okafor. We need a big guy. Sheed is the most tradeable. I’m actually more comfortable with Chauncey this season compared to the end of last season (when I was infuriated/disillusioned with him).

  18. JAckson011

    I’m up for Tay and / or Sheed getting traded. No freaking way can we lose billups.

    Billups played HUGE vs the Celtics. 29 points, 6 assists, 6 boards.

    What did sheed give us? 4 points on 2-12 shooting!?

    Not to mention all the times on defense sheed didn’t even bother putting a hand in someones face.

    Don’t punish billups for other peoples poor play and for other people simply not performing.

  19. Ryan

    Read this @ SI.Com…

    Pistons are eyeing Atlanta’s Josh Smith… Hmmm… I really don’t know.

    Will that really work?

  20. JAckson011

    You have to question Joe Dumars judgement at this point.

    “Anthony suspended first two games of 2008-09 season after DUI”

    It’s Dumars who fired / didn’t bring back LB. It’s Dumars who didn’t pay Big ben. It’s Dumars who let Flip take the focus off of our championship winning Defense of Larry Brown and change focus to Flip’s predictable thin offense pissing of our captain in big ben.

  21. Tiny Hsieh

    Nice, neat work! Happy I came across your page first to have digested this!


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