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by | Jun 20, 2008 | 19 comments

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  1. Retrokidz201

    This should be a great coaching staff. but wat would happen 2 lidnsey hunter. he ws a big part in the development with rodney stuckey…. ND hope they dnt trade Maxy for Randolph, hope that its just rumors

  2. Steve


  3. Ronnie

    T-MAC T-MAC T-MAC!!!!

    NO MELO!

  4. Steve

    EITHER ONE!! jus as long as gayshaun is gone! But melo has yrs over t mac

  5. illmatic774

    I dont speak for the whole fanbase but i don’t really care about keeping Tayshaun anymore, other than sentimental reasons, and thats not good enough; hes not a good enough player.

    Melo or TMac is fine, but IMO NOT RJ. RJ is no improvement.

  6. Steve

    I say melo, younger full of energy and could tranform his career in detroit like sheed and rip, i think its time to bring in a young allstar, he will help.

  7. Retrokidz201

    Steve. i love ur melo but we def should get t-mac. no prob wit melo though. jus think about stucket rip nd t-mac thats scoring trio

  8. blaze5611

    the trade i want to go through is rip and tay for melo and camby… if we have to give affalo to sweeten it up then go right ahead… i know you are prolly sick of this but this is just what i want our starting line up to be


    I really dont think getting rid of chauncey is the key… rip is worth more and we need someone to run the point.. i really dont feel that stuckey is ready to manage a team with melo and sheed… just a thought

  9. Nate

    Though Melo is younger, I’m for bringing in T-Mac hands down. Melo just brings too many problems, particularly on the defensive end. He doesn’t play defense. Simple as that. Maybe Sheed and the boys could give him pointers there though. I know T-Mac isn’t without flaws, the two big ones being age and his injury tendencies, but I see instant results with him.

  10. Nate

    I just read that Dumars has made trade inquiries in the past for Tracy McGrady (am I the only one that didn’t know that?). So, it’s no secret Dumar’s is a fan of his game so Joe pleaseeeeeee bring him into Detroit. He’s hungry for playoff wins and a ring like McDyess. He’d help restore that championship hunger.

  11. blaze5611

    i dont want to trade away our core for tmac when he doesnt even play a whole season ever… hes a better fit but we need someone to play hard all year round

  12. ric

    blaze, thats not a good reason…none of the starters played all season except prince.

  13. Jessi

    everyone is so quick to want tay traded but when he is playing well and carrying this team through the playofs no one wants him gone. Yes he did not play well against boston in the playoffs however he didn’t play well during the season either so it was he job of the coach and his team mates to be there however that was not the case and now everyone wants him traded please remember we have ever seen this team with out tayshaun and he is the one player who always comes up big when we needed him if it weren’t for him the pistons would have been out in the first round. I am not going to stress over it until something happens but if you ask me we need someone to come off the bench to give tay a rest and that would make this team a whole lot better, as well everyone thinks its the core that will be traded but joe said his roster so that is anyone and from the trade rumors it sounds like people what more than just one player and I relly don;t thnk joe will give up the future of the pistons I mean this is a good team 6 years to the ECF that to me as a fan is something big some teams wait years for their team to even make the playoffs. And again congrats to Tay for making it on the USA team no one has even said anything about that and I think it is something big when team USA wants him on the team becuase of how he plays.

  14. Retrokidz201

    t-mac wants 2 win nd thats wat Joe D is looking for

  15. SoSickWitItYo

    Hey, I am not one of those lets break up the whole roster, but we may not have to

    if Douglas-Roberts drops down far enough in the draft, we could end up getting a very versatile 2/3 position player who can put up big time points!!!

    just think about it 🙂
    we don’t need to really break any part of the team up!

    especially because it appears that this current pistons roster is willing to play for curry. They seem to have a lot of respect for the guy

  16. toclark77


    have you seen this espn article:

    “Denver denied that it was looking to trade Anthony, but the rumors have persisted. Detroit recently offered Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince for Anthony, but the Nuggets weren’t interested. Denver countered with an offer of Allen Iverson or a package built around Marcus Camby, but the Pistons are only interested in Anthony.”

  17. Dominic

    I too am hoping for CDR but his draft stock is rising he’s not going to fall to 29 he is in the mid twenties which is one big reason I want to get a draft pick out of Denver or even BETTER Houston if we trade for their stars. That way we can get CDR who is a great slasher that can sub Tay and he ALWAYS steps up in big games I love his game. CDR is the dream pick for me. I doubt he’ll drop that far. He’s not like Stuckey who went to a small school he went to Memphis which is as big a team as any so he’s not going to slip past any late first rd team who didn’t scout him.

    BTW for those who don’t know I am completely on the trade for T-Mac bandwagon. My desktop background is now T-Mac and it says “The New Era” on it which is perfect because I think he’s the new era for Detroit. Please Joe D make a move for T-Mac

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  18. amer-ican prince

    I know I’m gonna be hated for saying this but, I’m losing faith in Joe D. To be honest I haven’t been happy with pretty much all of the moves he made since Antonio came to town. The only thing he’s doing great is drafting. I think the players aren’t the only ones resting on their one championship, and I think fans are giving him credit for he’s done before. Now he’s going after guys like Carmelo who is like 450 on my list to bring to detroit. And turns down Marcus Camby? I know there are questions with Camby, but Joe would rather give up two of our starters for Carmelo, geez I don’t think Joe is as good at spotting top quality players as I used to think. If the Boston series showed us DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    Go after guys like Camby, (I think many will agree that while Sheed was willing to what the team needed and move to center, he truley was not happy there. Camby can allow him to move back to the 4 and integrate the young guys and Dyess into the mix), James Posey, maybe even Josh Smith from Atlanta. If he’s available. He is also immature, but at least he’s willing to play defense and block shots.

    Instead let’s trade Chauncey and Tay so we can have Carmelo on the defensive end, and add him with Rodney who I also think has more work to do on the defensive end which wouldn’t bother me so much if we didn’t have such aging starting big men, sure we got young guys, but the starters are the ones who are going to be playing the most minutes.

    Sorry Joe I love ya to death and I know you got skills, but I also hate the idea of bringing Carmelo’s attitude, work ethic, and game (hate guys who HAVE TO HAVE the ball to be effective) to the D or anyone like him.

    notice D stands for Detroit AND defense. I don’t how Carmelo is with the first d, but I know he struggles with the second d (And I’m not going to believe a change of lockerrooms is going to change Carmelo). And sorry no matter how high Joe is on Michael Curry I think he’ll have enough on his mind without having to worry about Carmelo’s attitude. And we don’t even know how veteran the lockerroom is going to be next year to be able to keep Carmelo in check. Truthfully, this is turning into a pretty young team.

    Please Joe they rejected the offer, just move on from him

    I’m sure there’s a lot of room for argument in my post and all I’ll say is have at it. And have fun with it. Look forward to your comments, since I’m stuck at home for the weekend.


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