No Secret: Bill Davidson wanted Flip Out

by | Jun 19, 2008 | 14 comments

Like many Pistons fans already know Joe Dumars runs the team but owner Bill Davidson pulls the strings. Keith Langlois talked to Davidson about his Hall of Fame induction and got a little insight into how he felt about the Pistons elimination by Boston.

“Absolutely,” Pistons owner William Davidson told me Wednesday morning. “No question in my mind. And I encouraged Joe to sever the relationship with Flip Saunders.”

He’s also on board with the Curry hire.

“I love Michael Curry, Michael worked for us. He comes in at 6 in the morning. The nice thing is when he was a player here, he established a home. He’s kept that home, so his identification with the area and the team is 100 percent. I have great, great confidence that Michael is going to do a tremendous job.”

I’m a big fan of what Mr. D has done for this team and how he’s made the team, that Palace and the way he runs the team a model for what’s right in sports ownership. It’s nice to know that he’s being honored by the Hall and it seem as though he’s quite pleased about it.

“When I got the reactions, I was even more pleased that I did get elected. It was just announced a day or two before, so all those players who I had close associations with all said how pleased they were and we had a few hugs. The timing of the announcement was very, very propitious for me.”

Isiah Thomas
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  1. Steve

    I guess we should change the phrase to “in Joe and Mr. D we trust!”

    We’re so lucky to have Davidson and the Illitches as ownership in this town.

  2. Natalie Sitto

    Good Call Steve! It’s a shame I never made a Cartoon Mr. D. It’s on the to do list right now.

  3. ric

    by the way nat..i sent u an email

  4. wapmak27

    yeah i know i posted this in one of the other topics, but i posted it a day after the topic came out, so no one really had a chance to look over it. i just want some opinions on it.

    maybe if denver was on some serious dope this could just go down:
    -Chauncey, Tay, and #29 for Mello and Camby
    After that, i say you send Rip and Antonio and maybe another player to the Rockets for McGrady

    Your then looking at:
    Championship right there? only problem may be in the locker room where the case of a chemistry blowup may occur.

  5. The Fluidics

    You know, I was thinking earlier today: Do you want a championship so much that you would trade off all of the players you like to get it?

    To me, if the Pistons won a championship next season with the 4 new starters, a bunch of new faces on te bench, and basically Stuckey and Max, I’m not so sure that championship would be so sweet. Ceratinly not as much as if say, the replaced one starter, 2 at most.


    Seriously people, has there been anything that has lead us to believe that any of these proposed trades would ever happen. Because when I watched and listened to everything Joe has said since our exit from the playoffs nothing has lead me to believe he’s looking to trade our entire roster away. We have a really good team as it is. I agree with fluidics, we’re 1 maybe 2 different players to getting back to the finals.

    Also, how come the only players anybody talks about are Melo and Mcgrady. There are 27 other teams that have players too. Oh well, I guess I’d better get used to ridiculous trade proposals for the rest of the summer.

    Here’s to hoping and praying that we don’t have a brand new starting 5 next year, because that’s not going to get us to the finals.

    Natalie, I love this website and I’m glad you keep it up through the summer. I check it daily everything Pistons. Keep it up.

  7. wapmak27

    whats the difference between 2 new faces and 3 new faces?

  8. mobius909

    6 MORE WINS.

  9. Jessi

    I want to say congrats to tay looks like he is going to be on Team USA, I hope he is still a piston next year and since Canada is not going to win gold or well may not even be there I hope USA wins and Tay gets something that no one else on the pistons has.

  10. The Fluidics

    Most of the people here have posted their trade scenarios and lineups that have just one starter returning, paired with Stuckey and three trades. Combine that with the fact that most of the bench are free agents (Dixon, Hayes, Ratliff, Herrmann) means just Max, Dyess, Amir, Stuckey, and a grab bag starter coming back, with 9 new faces. To me, that’s rooting for te jersey, not the team.


    Any way you look at it Joe has made it abundantly clear that he’s NOT giving our guys away. That means we’re not giving up 2 to 3 guys to get 1. It just doesn’t make sense. That would just seem like a desperation move to me. I honestly don’t think that the starting 5 will be drastically different next year. I don’t think it needs to be for us to compete. Our biggest need is rebounding and points in the paint, and with the right guy you get both of those. I just don’t see Joe pulling the trigger on all kinds of trades just to make trades because he said the team would look different next year. It’s not like he’s in a panic mode or something.

    Speculate all you want. I’ll just wait to see what happens after the draft, and trust that Joe knows what this team needs.

  12. Steve

    ur all sissys, trade em all i dont give a shit whos on the team bring detroit back the ship! expecially gayshaun i will never miss that skinny overrated peice of shit,

    do u think boston fans cried like u guys when they got ray allen and KG? did their fans cry when they didnt see delonte west runnin the point and got rid of their whole team? i dont think so!.. this aint a soap opera its the mother fxckin nba, i hope its an allstar overhaul i hope we get players thatll make boston shit their pants. ur jus weak as hell cuz ur going to miss ur widdle favorite players 🙁 awww u want a tissue? pfft its a business grow up!

    bring in melo or t mac idk as long as GAY GAY is gone.


    Wow Steve you really know your stuff. I think if I was a Boston fan last year and went through an 18 game loosing streak and had almost the worst record in the mother fkin nba I would hate it if they brought in KG and Ray. I would probably cry like a little baby because I really wanted to see that again next year. Use you head man. Yes the nba is a business and trading this whole team away would be the worst business deal you could make. It’s not about missing my widdle favorite players. I could care less who Joe trades. Whatever gets us the best player(s) coming back to us. But swapping out our entire team for a new one isn’t going to win us a championship. That’s called starting over, which if you’ve listened or watched anything Joe has said, he’s not going to do that.

  14. wapmak27

    you know, by getting rid of chauncey, your basicly starting over


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