In Joe D. We Should Trust

by | Jun 17, 2008 | 12 comments

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By Rashid S. Umar

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Piston fans are angry, and most importantly Joe Dumars is angry and that’s a good thing. After another half-hearted performance which, led to another premature exit in the Eastern Conference Finals, the “prez” has decided he’d seen enough.

After announcing that the team had relieved Flip Saunders of his coaching duties, Joe D. made it clear that he was open to making more then a few tweaks going into next season. And after losing conference finals for the third straight year who could blame him, he should look rid the team of any elements detrimental to the “Hardwork” mantra that is was once famous for.

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But giving some of his past transactions (drafting Darko, hiring Flip Saunders and now Michael Curry as coach) there are those that question whether or not he can do what he once expected of this team, and that is “get it done.”

And by “getting it done” the “prez” means only expected one thing… a championship, and with that the way the season has concluded recently it is apparent that this group is not longer up to the task. The recent years of disappointment has demonstrated action of a team that is aging, constantly losing focus too much contentment for big game situations so perhaps it’s better to shift gears now.

The favor pariah of Piston fans has been the much maligned Rasheed Wallace, and after his lackluster performance that led to end of another disappointing season, most would consider him the first to go. But Joe let is be known that no one is untouchable and by that I would interpret: any of the starting five, i.e. (Wallace, Billups, Rip, Tayshaun, or McDyess)

I honestly believe in Joe and Pistons’ fans should too. One thing that is certain, when changes need to be made Joe D. isn’t afraid to pull the trigger. If you look at his track record of hiring and firing coaches, missed draft picks, and free agent signings and only can point out what wasn’t done then you are missing the point completely.

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The fact that Joe has been the architect behind the franchise’s most successful decades (minus one championship) and while staying championship competitive isn’t by accident. He gave Rick Carlisle his first head coaching job; jumped at the chance to hire Larry Brown; found Flip Saunders, who had one hell of a three year run (at least for him); and now has tabbed former teammate Michael Curry, a disciplinarian type to pace the sidelines.

Dumars Tayshaun Prince Draft Day
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Now I’m not professing that Joe D. hasn’t had any misses, but they are far
Rodney Stuckey Draft
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outweighed by the hits. I mean for every Darko, Rodney White, and Mateen Cleaves drafts there were Mehmet Okur, Tayshaun Price, and Rodney Stuckey. You much also look at free agent signing such as: Chauncey Billups, ‘Dyess, and Ben Wallace (who agreed to sign with Detroit as a free agent before being signed and traded for Grant Hill).

Bottom-line; expect the Pistons to look different next season with an injection of youth, athleticism, and most importantly unselfish players who are hungry to win a championship. As long as Joe D. is in charge the organization will be run “The Piston Way.”


  1. Sarge

    No wonder you’re “down” with Joe D!

  2. blaze5611

    maybe what the pistons need is a player that can be selfish when he needs to be… i know i could really use a star in Detroit, but he still has to be able to put the D in Detroit also… the only reasonable trade is going to have to come from the west because the east are all trying get past the pistons… i wouldnt mind trying to pry josh smith away from the hawks i think he is finally developing into a player that is not only a dunk machine(thats all he used to be) but a decent shooter and a great energy guy… i just want the celtics to close this shit out so the offseason can begin!! and i love that joe d said hes not talking about teams 2nd or third best players… in joe we trust

  3. Retrokidz201

    I agree completely with you Nat. I have nd will trust Joe D. with any decision he might make bcuz he will never make a decision that he thinks will hurt us. In Joe D. We Trust

  4. Natalie Sitto

    Retrokidz201 I didn’t write this but I have to agree with Rashid wholeheartedly, yes there are concerns but how can we not trust this man?

  5. ric

    well if theres anybody in pistons that would leave and i don’t how im gonna handle it, that would have to be joe…he’s the driver that drives this organization to success…as a player and as a president.

  6. illmatic774

    my opinion is that Joe D is as much to blame as everyone else. with that said i do believe he knows that something is going to have to change.

    this smells too much like a “fell good” piece for me. actions speak louder than words, and in this new NBA (as much as a HATE it) something has got to give for an IMPACT player; someone who will give the casual fan something to be excited about.

    With that said, NBA fans LOVE Maxiell and Stuck, but we’re gonna need a true star. Out of AJ, Max and Stuckey, we NEED to keep two of them. The Starters beside CB (unless we can land someone great for him) I could care less about.

  7. Steve

    Ok im gonna go on a rant..if u dont like it ill give u my address and u can confront me and ill kick the shit out of u.. That being said i jus got done watching the celtics take the crown, the same celtics that the pistons could have beat if they didnt walk around like thier shit dont stink cuz they won 1 ship, whoopty fuckin doo! i had to see that pussy garnett cry on tv, and scream like a child, i have never seen so many chest pumps in my life, grow up boston.. that being said… DUMARS TRADE EVERYONE EXCEPT MAX AND STUCK! THIS TEAM SUCKS! THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THIS GAME OR THE FANS! BOSTONS GAVE IT THEIR ALL EVERY SINGLE GAME, PISTONS WANNA FLIP A SWITCH? FUCK THAT! TRADE EVERYONE AND PICK UP EVERY ALLSTAR U CAN LIKE BOSTON DID! LETS MAKE A BIG 3! IT WAS THAT EASY? R U SERIOUS? THEY WON A SHIP OVER NIGHT AND THE PISTONS CANT IN 5 YRS OF BEING THE BEST TEAM? WOW! THEY BLOW!!! I SAY GRAB CARMELO, GRAB MCGRADY AND GRAB ARTEST AND WE WILL GO TO FUCKIN WAR IN BOSTON! GRAB WHOEVER JUS DONT BRING ANY OF THESE LOSERS BACK! THATS ALL THEY R LOSERS! IM DONE HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER PISTONS COUNTING UR MONEY AND NOTGIVING A SHIT BOUT UR FANS CUZ I KNOW THATS WHAT U LAZY OVERRATED PEICES OF SHIT R GOOD AT!


  8. Travis

    So now that the Celtics won the championship, can we all realize that we lost to the NBA champs. Its not like we lost in the first round to the 76’ers. We lost to the superior team this year.

    Boston made two of the biggest trades in NBA history. Now what will be interesting to see is how this team stays intact. Theres going to be some hefty luxury tax if they plan to keep this roster. People on the cetltics are gonna wanna be paid, not to mention the contracts of Pierce, Allen, and KG

    It angers me that the celtics one, but it makes me feel better that we lost to the NBA champs.

    So will all you roster haters please shut up!!! We don’t need to implode our roster. The celtics might have a similar roster next year, but they wont have the hunger, determination, or drive.

    Both teams played hard

  9. Steve

    travis shut up, we gotta implode this roster or else were gonna keep comming up short, we need an allstar. im sick of this “good guy in the locker room teamwork HORSESHIT!” Its over joe! now lets morph into a new nba team.

  10. Steve

    Id like to be the first to congradulate Flip Saunders for keeping his promise to garnett to get him a ring..i wonder if flip is geetin one too since he flushed a dynasty down the shitter. yes all my blame is on that homo flip saunders, if larry was here we woulda won at least 3.

  11. illmatic774

    dice kinda made me mad too. he cries when we fall short but looking back he pulled off a disappearing act as well in the two final games.

    a great great guy he is, but we really need new blood.

    And i’m tired of the Kobe apologists/jock sniffers. this guy is NOTHING without Shaq, in terms of being a LEADER. Lebron James is the best player in the NBA.

  12. Big L#25

    I think Joe Dumars is a great executive on the Pistons. I don’t think he will do anything to hurt or jeopardize the Pistons. If it comes down to making trades and signing free agents to get us back to the top, so be it. In Joe D. we trust.


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