Michael Curry on Jim Rome is Burning

by | Jun 13, 2008 | 40 comments

If you missed it, Coach Curry appeared on ESPN’s Jim Rome is Burning Thursday afternoon.

Like plenty of you, I am a bit weary of a rookie coach at the helm of this team, but the more and more I hear the man talk the more confident I am that he’s going to come through. Wishful thinking, maybe, but he sure is saying the right things.

How can you not like a coach that says….“I’m not just saying we are going to do it my way, I’m just saying we are going to do it the Championship Way.”

Fine by me, Mr. Curry, fine by me.


  1. Travis


    no but for real, curry sounds great and is on the same page as Joe D. Hopefully he can spark our players into winning

  2. Steve

    I really hope Dumars doesnt bitch up and keep this core again, new coach wont make a difference i wanna see somone new so bad, im sick of these guys every yr, i want a fresh face or 2 in the starting line up!

  3. elainefan

    I love Curry’s disposition. Now I want to see it in action. I dont care if he does it with the same core or not. As long as he puts a fire under them and win another championship, Im happy.

  4. toastywoasty

    Did Rome just say “why couldnt the Pistons even make it to the conference final?” ummm cuz we did.

  5. mobius909

    brand is about to opt out of his contract…. go get em Joe!!!!!

  6. Steve

    no.. get melo

  7. Retrokidz201

    Espn wrote that the #1 trade for us is melo,atkins,nd 20 pick for billups nd prince. Curry can deal with any prob. if any with melo. There is one thing that i like about melo is that he desperatly wnts 2 win nd that is overshadowed by his offcourt problems. Nd trade wallace nd 29 pic for okafor. Nd resign bench players. Also use #20 pic to draft courtney lee to bck up melo at sf.

    Lineup for 09



    Johnson(More Time)



  8. Ronnie

    Um please do not get rid of Sheed. Bup bup can go with Prince for the Melo deal. Gotta keep Sheed though. This is the way it should look.



    Regardless the intros are going to be what I miss the most. No more bup,bup,BILLUPS! No more palace prince from Compton. Thats what I am really going to miss.

  9. Ronnie

    Oh yeah, love when Mason announced Sheed from the “get down playground of Philidelphia”. That is F’in sweet!

  10. Retrokidz201

    Ronnie. I luv Sheed. But we need a true center who can rebound nd sheed jus doesnt bring that

  11. amer-ican prince

    I wish we could get Deron Williams, but since we have Rodney Stuckey that probably won’t happen. We’re not giving up Sheed. And I saw that espn thing too. No way is that the best trade. Don’t forget we traded Chucky Atkins before the championship. And Melo it’s not just his offcourt that bugs me. It’s how he plays, he is way too immature and all about himself. He’s too much flash when he needs to just get it done (and by that I mean winning not putting up a bunch of numbers at the expense of the team)

    I’m still not 100% sold on Curry, but one thing he said that I absolutely believe and was one of the reasons I never bought into the guys saying they were the better team, was that mental mental focus plays into being the better team, and lets face it. The Pistons were never the more mentally tougher team in the conference finals these last few years. So I love that he said that, but it’s one thing to say he’s going to do that, now I need to see him put it in action when the time comes

  12. Chad

    I dont know about Chauncey/Prince for Melo/Atkins/Draftpick.

    Chauncey could go for Melo straight up, then why not send Prince and two first round picks to Houston for T-Mac?


  13. mobius909

    What about getting a true center, like we’ve all talked about in the past?

  14. umair

    whoa whoa. what about cheick samb. he is sweet. imagine him with amir johnson and maxiel (not at the same time) shot blocking trio IF maxiel or amir can start shooting jumpers then play them at the same time like andray blatche on teh wizards 7’0 who can dribble. how do you not like that. and samb can shoot too hes only wat 19!!!

    maxiel(he showed he should start cuz he shows hustle)
    ________(idk who we’ll get)

    hayes or any other sf we pick up his contract was only one year)
    First round pick
    ratliff if wants back

    Hunter is gone though retrokid

  15. mobius909

    arenas is free… that oughtta piss off cleveland.

  16. Travis

    everyone keeps putting the starting line-ups that they would like to see. Lets get things strait….

    1. Chauncey will be back, last year he signed a huge contract and just because he was hurt in the 2nd round doesnt mean hes gone. Stuckey will play more min but Big Shot will be the starter

    2. Sheed will be back, but we could use another true center

    3. We’re not getting Melo, Denver’s not trading him. And anyways Prince is a better “all around” player

    4. McDyess will not be a starter. Even though he said he felt more comfortable as the starter, he does his best work for the Pistons off the Bench. He’s arguably the best 6th man in the league (Ginobly doesnt count cause he plays around 30 min a game)

    5. RIP will be back

    6. Mad Max will be a starter

    7. Amir and Afflalo will play more minutes

    8. As for free agents don’t count on a blockbuster deal…pistons have stong players and we won’t get the value in return.

  17. Chad


    1. Chauncey needs to go. He just signed a new contract, yes, but its undervalued and therefore attractive to teams on the market for an allstar PG (denver). Billups is the Colorado equivalent of Ben Wallace, hes alright but his heart isnt into it and his slacking drags the rest of the team down. I think hed do fine on his home team.

    2. Sheed will be back, but unless we can get a camby, or a okafor or a stoudamire he will probably be C again.

    3. Prince sucks ass. Denver will trade Melo.

    4. Agree, Dyess will, or should, play 6th man.

    5. Rip will be back; with the Ds attention focused on a superstar it will open Rip up even more.

    6. He should be, yeah, unless we pull a Celtics and get 2 superstars.

    7. yeah

    8. Doesnt matter if we wont get the value, weve lost 4 years in a row and something drastic has to be done

  18. Jessi

    I do not understand why everyone hates Tay, I will emind you all again he is the reason the pistons made it to the ecf for the last two years, Tay is the gluw to this team you get rid of him and I really think it will be a mistake, I know chances are going to be made but tay is not the answer, what we need is a good back up for him… I will not stress out about anything until July comes and next season starts, we might see a different team with different players we might see the same players which is fine with me but either way I hope to see detroit basketball all season…

  19. Travis

    we’ve been a top 4 team the last 6 years!!!!!

    You cant’ win every game/ series (especially when some games are fixed)

    Honestly some of you pistons fans are getting GREEDY. We should be happy that they’ve gave us such great entertainment the last 6 years. Not many teams can say this.

    were not getting melo!!! period, the melo talks need to stop, we had our chance to get him and we passed. We’re keeping chauncey, like i said just because he was hurt doesn’t mean to get rid of him. Tay is the PALACE PRINCE, we’re keeping him. Can you honestly image playing against Tay, he’d have a block party all over our asses.

    We all need to take a deep breath. Yeah we lost this year, but we were very successful in many ways. We developed Amir, Stuckey, Afflalo, and Max into future Starters. Who else in the NBA had the success we had with the depth on their roster?

  20. elainefan

    Travis, I agree with you. Your views are logical and make good sense.

  21. Danafesto

    I loved it when Jim asked “Was Boston the better team, or did they just have more focus?”

    And our new boy Curry said: I think the better team IS the one with the focus.

    Pretty smart, so far. Even if that’s not always true, i.e. somehow you have a focused team that just doesn’t have talent, I think he has a great point when it comes to this year’s ECF. People want to fight about which team really was better, when obviously the issue to be dealt with, the issue we actually can all agree on, is that Boston was more focused than we were. So mos def in this case, the better team was the more focused team.

    Someone who doesn’t have experience would have hemmed and hawed over it, but his answer was great.

  22. Dominic

    Surprising Poll results, the question was which free agent would you most like back next season?

    WIth all the Hermann love around Pistons nation I’m surprised Jarvis is up by 20% I’m also surprised anybody would vote for Dixon, does anybody seriously want Dixon back over Lindsey Hunter?
    Lindsey Hunter


    Jarvis Hayes


    Walter Herrmann


    Juan Dixon


  23. John Galt

    There will be a learning curve but he will become a great NBA coach.

  24. Four Apples

    yeah they’ve been top four for the last six years but in the NBA if you dont win you’re a loser.

    I’m actually done with the NBA and the NFL because its entirely pointless, but i am interested to see what happens, despite the fact it doesn’t matter, at all, either way.

  25. Steve

    trade them all for lebron haha

  26. Skylar

    So far, Melo is nothing but a good scorer… and bad Team Jordan spokesman. He’s always been in LeBron’s shadow, and he doesn’t play D, and you gotta play D here in Detroit, or else you ain’t winning a title. Can’t say I want him here in Motown.

  27. baggtara

    Pistons Add Nets Assistant Sullivan

    The Detroit Pistons confirmed on Friday that New Jersey assistant coach Pat Sullivan was leaving the Nets to join Curry’s staff, the Detroit News is reporting.

    Sullivan returns to Detroit after three years in New Jersey. He was the Pistons’ video coordinator during the championship 2004 season and then an assistant on Larry Brown’s staff in 2004-2005.

  28. mannie32

    well we’ll never know until the season starts

    but i bet u anything, if we have a stretch of losses or dont go to the finals next year, everyone is going to blame the coach again… i bet my scrotum on that

  29. btlax


    He sounds more and more less qualified to manage his way out of a happy meal. “We need to work harder and focus better”. Who does he think he is coaching youth basketball.

    We will be blaming him next year because he won’t lead this team to the playoffs.

  30. andyfrombrooklyn

    more than curry, what strikes me is what a doofus the interviewer is. this stupid idea about turning it on and off. you don’t win 59 games second best in the league by turning it on and off. you don’t go to five straight conference finals, including this year doofus by turning it on and off. yes the celtics were the better team…in fact it appears they are the best team. they deserve the credit. but hating on the pistons is some kind of stupid fad. i would say that a team with their record of excellence without a superstar can feel friggin proud. i wish to hell i was as professionally successful, consistent, and committed as them. so the appearance of lackadaisacalality is just an appearance, not the reality. flip may have got fired because of his appearance, which i would classify as perpetually worried. and as a fan his worried expressions were annoying. so here is to hoping that curry has better body language and facial expressions. but let’s analyze the pistons by the facts not the media impression hype. they are a pretty damn good basketball team which had a pretty damn good year. one last thought…is basketball a game of runs? so is not the idea of turning it on and off silly?

  31. The Fluidics

    Coach Curry talking about doing things the championship way is a load of shit.

    What championship has he won that would give him any base of reference? Ping pong championship?
    Youth Bowling tournament? NBA-live?
    Because he hasn’t won anything in the NBA.

    I like this hire less and less. You can’t talk about championships before you’ve ever even coached a pre-season game.


  32. Travis

    Just because curry hasn’t won a championship doesn’t mean he can’t and won’t.

    Did Phil Jackson have a ring before he won his first championship? NO!! Did Red Auerbach have a ring before he won his first? NO!!!

    The Fluidics- you need to look up some history on coaches. Red started was a former player, then high school coach, then US navy coach, then Washington capitals coach. They took a risk on Red and it payed off.

    If you want to be successful in anything these days you must take a RISK!!! Curry was a former player and captain. Just because he hasn’t been a HEAD coach doesn’t mean shit.

    Curry’s been our coach for a week , hes had one press conference and one public interview with J Rome, and your already throwing him under the bus. Why don’t you wait until next june to make those harsh comments. In the mean time “the fluidics ” you have plenty of time to switch the team that you root for. You obviously aren’t a TRUE Pistons fan, so go jump on the Celtics ban wagon.


  33. The Fluidics

    My point on Curry, is Joe D’s search for a coach involved leaving his office, walking down the hall, and hiring the first guy he bumped into.

    Of course every coach has to start somewhere, and win one before they are champonship coaches. But was hiring a rookie coach REALLY the best move for a team who is a yearly contender and trying to get back over the hump to winning championships?

    Yeah, every coach has to get their start somewhere. That’s what Memphis is for, that’s what Charlotte is for. Not Detroit. not a team that consistantly wins it’s division. A top level, Final Four caliber, 2nd best record in the league deserves an experienced, championship level coach. Not a rookie with one year as an assistant, who was a former teammate to half the team.
    This is one situation that I CANNOT give Joe D. the benefit of the doubt on.

  34. amer-ican prince

    Phil Jackson did win a championship with the Knicks I think. He was on the team a lot of people compared to the 2004 Pistons in that they won without a superstar and were a great team. And Red coached in a different era then what we have now.

    Fluidics. I agree with you on the point of saying you can win with no base of reference. He never won as a player and wasn’t coaching on any teams that won a championship to say. But the one thing he has going for him is he is hardnosed and he seems to be a guy willing to listen to input. And there are guys on the roster who have won. And I’m still holding out hope that Lindsey will be on the roster and not in the front office next year

  35. amer-ican prince

    oh and did anyone read that stupid article by drew sharp saying the pistons need Zach Randolf instead of Carmelo. I know Zach has talent, but he has lockerroom issues and again is a selfish player, No thank you, Eddy Curry is an inside scorer, should the pistons go after him too?

  36. The Fluidics

    If Drew Sharp says it, it isn’t worth listening to.

    I’m not saying Curry will do a bad job, only time will tell. What I am saying is that I don’t think hiring a rookie coach was the right move for this team.

    Oh, and Travis, I truly and sincerely appologize. I wasn’t aware you were the one who decided who could or could not be a Pistons fan or post on Natalies blog. I’ll stay away from now on, hang up my jersey, sell my season tickets, and in general go f*ck myself.

  37. Richie

    Chad, you couldn’t be more wrong, and Travis, you couldn’t be more right.

    I am just as excited about how well Stuckey played in the last 8 games of the post-season as any of us are. He really stepped up and showed some serious poise. It’s easy to contrast him to Billups who didn’t play in two f those games, then played somewhat poorlyin 5/6 games in the ECF. Granted, the first of those 5 games was after he hadn’t played in 2 weeks (and the game he’d played 2 weeks prior he was only in for a few mnutes before being injured).

    My point here is that circumstances made it look like Stuckey was a far superior player than Billups and that’s simply not the case. He has potential to become that good, but he isn’t as close as most of us think. All of these mock line ups I see posted have Stuckey starting and just waving off the man who lead this team so incredibly well for the last six years.

    Now that I’ve brought us down to earth on that, I’d like to officially agree that saying Tay is expedible is bogus. He not only serves as the glue but is undenieably the main reason that we made it to the ECF again. His play on both ends of the floor played a huge role in getting there.

    Saying that a coach can’t talk about playing championship basketball without having won a championship is absolute stupidity. Great players often don’t make great coaches and vice~versa. Are you saying that only coaches who have won rings themselves should even bother coaching because they don’t have championship credibility? Throw out basketball intelligence, leadership, the respect they command and attitude they inspire of their players. That’s rediculous.

    On that note before I close, I’d like to mention some great players that never won championships, just to put things in perspective:

    Pistol Pete Maravich
    Allen Iverson
    Karl Malone
    John Stockton
    Charles Barkley
    Chris Webber
    Patrick Ewing
    George Gervin
    Adrian Dantley
    Bernard King
    Tracey McGrady
    Reggie Miller
    Larry Johnson
    Penny Hardaway
    Grant freaking Hill
    Steve Nash

    The list goes on, but I’ve said enough. all of those guys know what championship basketball is, believe it or not.

  38. Travis

    ” the fluidics “

    like i said, hold your comments on curry until next june or at least the beginning of regular season. If we start the season in a losing matter then throw him under the bus, but please wait and give this guy a chance.

    And this is a BLOG, its for personal comments of everyone. If you want to sell you tickets, hang up your jersey, thats totally fine…Thats great because someone else will fill your spot. Its not like the Palace ever sells out!!!

    One of my previous posts talked about us Pistons fans getting Greedy the last couple years. If you think every team gets to 6 strait ECF, then wake up and smell the roses. Just because were not winning doest mean the season was a complete failure.

    Be rational and don’t overreact

  39. The Fluidics

    Travis, I don’t even know where to begin with you.

    You have your opinion on the coach, I have mine. Difference is, when I posted mine, you told me straight up that I’m not a Pistons fan, and that this blog deserves better than me. I didn’t disrespect you in my original post, I didn’t call your fanhood into question, you brought that stuff to me. I was simply discussiong the topic, you decided to make it personal.

    If you’ve bothered reading my posts for the last year or so, I’ve been leading the charge for cooler heads. When people wanted to blow the team up in Philly, when Chauncey got hurt, even after the team went down. Nobody is more die hard for this team than me.

    Asking for and expecting the team to win a championship every season is greedy. Asking for and expecting the team president to take his time and make the best hire for the team isn’t being greedy, it’s smart business.

    Sorry for the dirty laundry everybody else, there is no private message button here.

  40. Travis

    the fluidics

    its not personal, all i say is wait until the guy makes news. Just because he’s not “your” right guy doesn’t mean he’s not the Pistons right guy.

    I respect your opinion and your entitled to write whatever you want. So am I.

    All i say if give the guy a chance. Thats all this blog was about, not weather your a die-hard pistons fan or not.

    Either way I’m not going to post again on this blog, lets move to the next topic. We can agree to disagree.

    Also did you know that “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a grammatically correct sentence.


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