Sheed Shows up for Curry

by | Jun 10, 2008 | 28 comments

Rasheed Wallace Michael Curry
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AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Rasheed Wallace was the only member of the Detroit Pistons to show up today the Joe Dumars press conference to announce Michael Curry as The Pistons new head coach.

What does it mean? Who really knows, maybe nothing. Maybe something, but we will probably never know.

Is Sheed ready to play for MC? Is he showing JD that he’s back on board? Or was he bored? Take your pick.

Dumars talked to Sheed briefly after game six.

“Dumars made sure Wallace had heard about his plans to reshape the team by trading away part of his core.

“It was a short message,” Dumars said.

Dumars said since he revealed that plan at a press conference last week, his phone has been ringing frequently with interest from around the league.

“Lot of phone calls, ton of phone calls,” Dumars said. “But that was the intent, to get the ball rolling. And to see what’s out there, to see what’s happening. I knew when we were sitting here talking that we could get something done – we’ve got good players. It’s just a matter of what’s going to come across the phone line.” Via The Detroit Free Press

Joe Dumars Michael Curry
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Personally I think with a guy like Sheed you never know what’s going on, but seeing as it’s the first time he’s shown himself at a Pistons gathering since Game Six, that in itself is saying something.


  1. ric

    sorry nat, but as much as i love sheed, i think his appearance doesn’t really mean anything…and if it does, such as being supportive and all, im not buying it! whether youre a good or a bad player (which in case hes great) you should be supportive of your team anyway, which simply means being professional…in this regard, towards flip saunders….i think his appearance is a sign of desperation of a “don’t trade me, ill be better next season” attitude…for the past 3 years, its always been like this…joe and the fans have seen enough. the pistons community have been heartbroken too many times…by the way, im not single-ing out sheed, just like joe said, everyone is accountable.

  2. The Fluidics

    The more I think about it, Sheeds expiring contract doesn’t really come into play until mid-season/ trade deadline time. That is when most teams go for the cap space move, or the push for a banner.
    I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see Sheed back for next season, unless he is part of a package deal. He’s a tough player to trade straight up, because you really can’t get like talent for him. Only Sheed really does Sheed.

  3. Sable

    Actually, watching the games more closely on tivo again, I don’t think Sheed was the problem. He hasn’t been the problem all season long. The lack of energy really starts with Chauncey and Tay. Also, Rip has a tendency to be undisciplined. He’s putting out alot of energy, but he gets himself out of position. The bigs are expected to provide help defense, but the backcourt just didn’t collapse and recover like they did on the championship run. I saw it in only a few games, which we coincidentally won, so I know they have it in them. Sheed was the one most consistently in position defensively and often that mean covering for the backcourt and having to recover to his own man. I just get the feeling Sheed was frustrated that the team wasn’t playing the way that can. Furthermore, I think the other guys were talking about him, but they don’t bother with their own responsibility to do more of the little things like getting back to rebound. Tay led the olympic team in rebounding, so you know he can rebound, but too often, they were looking to leak out leaving Rasheed and Dice to fight off three or four guys to secure the rebound.

    No, I’d keep Sheed and Dice and look to trade Rip and Tay and maybe Chauncey if you can get a hungry point guard in return.

  4. appy1

    Sheed and his wife were at the last Shock home game. He seems very team/organization oriented.

  5. ric

    nope nope, im not buying it..saying its not sheed fault or he wasn’t the problem is the same as single-ing him out….everybody is at fault including sheed…u can’t just based it on a couple of games or even any games…i agree, sheed is sheed…so as kobe is kobe, nash is nash and rip is rip. there is no rip is better to be traded than sheed or vice versa and all the players…..what matters most is who are we going to get in return rather than whos gonna leave the pistons.

  6. Retrokidz201

    Honestly.who can be at ol’ sheed. maybe highly upset but u cnt stay that mad at him for very long. Really, i can see sheed staying if we can sign emeka okafor, he is a restricted free agent

  7. Richie

    I see this as nothing more or less than a sign of respect. I sure as heck don’t think that he just showed to to present a certain image to anone. Rasheed has never been about image, and suggesting that he made an apperance there out of anything less than absolute respect is simply foolish.

  8. amer-ican prince

    sable I agree with you 98% you made a lot of sense. The only thing is I gotta agree with ric, Sheed was just as much of a problem as everyone. But I do agree his frustration with the perimiter players and the coach really hurt his game. I don’t think he was willing to put everything he had, when guys like Chauncey(even before he was hurt) and Tayshaun didn’t give that much effort on either end. Those were the two worst passers on the team for most of the playoffs. And I was especially mad at Tayshaun for never helping rebounding or protecting the basket when the bigs couldn’t, and always making them outnumbered in the paint. You could see more movement from the bigs when guys like Rodney Stuckey or Lindsey were out on the floor and were more willing passers.

    I still don’t like Michael Curry as head coach. Even if he is a guy who has good leadership skills and can demand things Flip couldn’t, I don’t believe he is going to know what to demand in crunch time. I hate when guys say it’ll be an easy transition before they even play a single game. I still wish Avery was the coach. He could command, plus he has experience with x’s and o’s, but no use talking about that anymore, head coach is set.

    But I am glad Sheed is at least making an effort to say he approves because I really don’t want Sheed to be traded. I don’t know what this actually means but I’m hoping it means something good, and we get Sheed for AT LEAST another year.

  9. iloveblaha01

    where can i watch or listen to the press conference? i couldn’t find it.

  10. ric

    since were talking about sheed should be staying hows this….

    prince&dyess = stoudemire
    melo = billups

    stuckey pg
    rip sg
    melo sf
    stoudemire pf
    wallace c

    now thats a dreamteam for the pistons next season.

  11. The Fluidics

    Dyess doesn’t have much value beyond the Pistons, and honestly I think he would retire if faced with a trade. He’s made it pretty clear that it’s about the Pistons, not about moving around the league.


  12. amer-ican prince

    I just want to say the only guy from denver I would want joe d to try to get is Marcus Camby, and only if we don’t have to give up Sheed Dyess or Maxiell. And maybe Edwardo Najara, but I doubt Joe would go after him as long as we have Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson.

    No way would Carmelo do anything but bring down our defense and turn the ball over from throwing up bad shots.

  13. ric

    so did u just trade prince and chauncey for melo…? i think another player like camby would have to be included in that deal…i really think dyess is more productive from the bench…camby is considered a true center so that would give wallace run the pf where hes more productive


  14. TDP

    FYI: Coach Curry will be appearing on ESPN’s “Jim Rome is Burning” at 4:30 PM Eastern on Thursday, June 12th. It will re-air on ESPN2 at 6:00 PM.

  15. ric

    prince thats my concern about melo…he had issues with larry brown during the olympics, him not buying into larry brown defensive systems……melo would have to understand FIRST joe’s expectation from him before getting to detroit, he has to surrender to michael curry meaning he has to play defense. if those are all good, i trust michael curry enough to teach melo, hes young and he can still develop, defense/offense.

  16. Sable

    Oh for a certainty Sheed has some blame in our “failure.” I put it in quotes because it’s still something to be appreciated when you’re one of the final four teams standing at the end of the year.

    Nevertheless, if you’re talking about remaking the team, I would look at what’s really ailing us. I heard how the majority of Pistons fans think he should be the first one to go and after rewatching the games, I think that’s stupid. Defensively in the post, he’s as good as anyone. He got more deflections than anyone on the team. On help defense, he was more consistently in the right place.

    Think about this year too. People have been clamoring for him to play in the post more and he did. People complain that he didn’t score well in the post, but alot of that can be traced to the fact that the team would get stagnant and not move the ball. If the ball is moving and the defense is shifting, Sheed will have better shots.

    So my assessment was, it wasn’t Sheed that was the crux of our failures. I put the majority of the blame on the 1, 2, and 3 for not doing the little things to help out the bigs.

    The reality is, Sheed isn’t the young athletic guy he was when he first came to Detroit. Nevertheless, can we really get someone who will make our team better by trading him. I just can’t imagine it.

    The way to improve the team is to find guards who are hungry enough to do the little things to win a championship.

  17. ric

    i would love to have amare stoudemire play with sheed on the front…that would be a nightmare for any team…it reminds me of robinson/duncan except its the new edition.

  18. illmatic774

    you know what disturbs me?

    where was this urgency/proactive attitude against Boston?!?!

    i’m certainly not mad at Sheed for attending (how can you be?), but to me it looks like hes desperately trying to save face.

  19. Joe

    Ric: That’s very wishful thinking, unfortunately the Suns aren’t going to trade Amare for anyone other than Lebron James. And you want to trade Billups for Melo AND Camby? Please, try to be a little more realistic.

    Anyway, this whole article is a little sad… I mean, it seems like Dumars is sending a clear message to Sheed that he let down the team, and that he’s probably going to get traded. One thing is for sure, Dumars is going to make a lot of tough decisions this summer.

  20. Mamba28

    I believe that this whole thing with Sheed showing up has been blown wayyyy out of poportion..Sheed just decided to come out and support a guy for whom he has great deal of respect. Joe D is not going to make a decision to trade or keep Rasheed based on him showing up to the press conference..

  21. Richie

    Carmelo Anthony will never be on any “dream team” of mine, until he commits to drastically improving defensively and playing less selfishly. I do like Amare, but Joe is right- the suns will be keeping a tight grip on him. It’s not like Shaw is the future of their team or anything.

  22. mobius909

    i predict more than just a two team deal. i’m thinking 3 or 4 teams in a blockbuster deal for 10 or more players moving all over the place. joe knows the value of playing together and if he breaks up a unit, he wants the parts separate. he’s a smart cat and i trust his foresight.

  23. andyfrombrooklyn

    sheed sure did hit the threes in game 5

  24. andyfrombrooklyn

    and i caught one of the doofuS anouncers on abc saying “as rasheed wallace would say…ball don’t lie” then one of the other doofuses said “and now you are quoting rasheed wallace..” and i thought….TIM DONAGHY

  25. andyfrombrooklyn

    rasheed is damn entertaining and lovable and maddening. KEEP SHEED!

  26. andyfrombrooklyn

    anyhow after last year’s sad endgame, joe d. said that sheed was his best player. joe d. is playing a head game with us and the team and the league. luckily joe d. knows what he has in sheed. and the league hates on sheed to the point where he is devalued. which is good for us because that means he stays in detroit.

  27. John Galt

    I think it is misleading for people to think that Joe D. plans to trade anyone.

    To my knowledge he has never said that.

    What he has said is that for the first time in 5 years he is open to listening to trade offers for his core players.

    Saying that he is open to listening to offers for a trade is nowhere near the same thing as saying that he will trade a member or members of the core group.

    Joe D. will not make a trade unless it:

    1. Makes financial sense, which has always been the over riding factor with him when considering a trade.

    2. He believes that the player under consideration to be acquired can play Curry and Joe D.’s type of game, which is defense. This is particularly true with a core guy.

    3. He believes that the player will fit in with the other guys

    4. He believes that the player under consideration to be acquired will make the Pistons a better team this year and in the future since he is talking about core players.

    In the end it would not surprise me if Joe D. did not trade a core player between July 1st 2008 and June 30, 2009.

  28. andyfrombrooklyn

    john galt, well said! and seeing how boston is dismantling laker leads…it makes you wonder if maybe the pistons were closer than it might have seemed a week and a half ago. it would be real stupid to monkey with this team unless the payoff was real obvious.


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