Dumars after Carmelo Anthony?

by | Jun 8, 2008 | 55 comments

The Denver Post is reporting the Joe Dumars has his eyes on Carmelo Anthony if you look at your ESPN ticker today you may see the same thing. Does Joe D. want to take a mulligan for the 2003 Draft?

We’ll soon find out.

If he does start working deals my guess is he’ll wait until after the draft to weigh his options.

It also looks like Pistons coaching job is leaning more and more toward Michael Curry. Terry Porter is now the new head coach of The Phoenix Suns.


  1. Joe

    God I hope not. The last thing that we need is a soft, ego driven chucker that plays no D and thinks the world revolves around him, coming in to demolish any chemistry left. Say it ain’t so.

  2. Jessi

    I hope not, I guess if this happens we can say by to tay, I know in sports we can’t have our fav. players on the team for ever but I have to say I will be very sad to see him go if he does. I don’t think tay is the problem with this team and I do not see carmelo fitting in but well its not up tome its up to joe and he knows best. I just never seem this team going in the way of a super star we could have had carmelo in the draft but I guess joe is trying to make up for it. I just can’t see melo coming with out a big pay cheque. We will have to see over the summer, I really hope to see tay in a pistons jeresy but Joe knows best… One thing if tay is the only one to go I will be a little up set since he gets the blame for the series when if it wasn’t for him the pistons never would have made it out of the 1st round. Ok I am a little upset about this but I am still a pistons fan and players do come and go. It will just be hard to see the break down of such a great team

  3. Natalie Sitto

    I feel the same way, I just don’t like Melo’s me attitude. He’s got game but he’s too selfish for this team.

  4. The Fluidics

    Quote Chauncey Billups at the 04 championship rally “Carmelo Whooo?”

  5. uyen

    Seriously, Melo is not the right player for our time. They would habe to get rid off Tay right?

  6. uyen

    meant to say our team not our time.

  7. claire

    If Joe D has his eyes on Melo, there must be more to him than DUI charges and trouble (and of course, great basketball talent). I mean there’s gotta be some sort of reasoning behind this.

    I just hope we don’t have to give up half our team for him.

  8. Detroit 2hot 2 handle


    I don’t want him in Detroit. There aren’t a lot of players that I don’t want playing with Detroit, he’s one of them. Same as Iverson, Wade…

    I think we won’t have any defense, and will surely have to give un Prince.

    The high scorers are all SF, so they will go right at Anthony.

    NO, no, no thanks.

  9. Kenneth K.

    I’m very surprised Joe Dumars would consider Carmelo Anthony. I thought he placed a premium on character and coachability, as well as talent, and Anthony is not a high-character person. In addition, as the other commentators have said, he plays no defense, which also doesn’t fit with the Pistons. If Carmelo Anthony were the only major player available to the Pistons, I would rather the Pistons keep their team intact.

  10. Amber

    I know several people that are Denver fans, and I criticize Carmelo constantly. Well, I criticize the entire team, but Iverson and Carmelo mostly. He doesn’t appear to be the “Pistons type” to me. I’ll be absolutely disgusted if we get him.

  11. DetFan36

    Honestly I think you should be all opened up to different possibities, Carmelo is still young and has plent of potential, he have made some mistakes and looks like he has the worst attitude in the world, but Sheed had those same problems even worse and helped us get a title, Melo just started tapping into the other parts of his game last season with reboudning and more assists, hes a young player and a solid go to guy who can make plays, i dont think you guys should be hating on him this much.

  12. Kitrak

    I agree. Carmelo in Detroit is not a good fit. Though I wouldn’t put Wade in the same category as Melo/Iverson either…he actually has character, “coachability,” and the capability to play defense.

  13. DetFan36

    Melo is surrounded by players with bad attitude, maybe a change of scenary is all he needs, hes a tremendous talen and attitude issues can be worked out.

  14. Danafesto

    Of those three, D. Wade would be my first pick to add to Detroit. Carmelo would be two and AI would be last. Wade seems to be workable within a bigger variety of personalities, and is young, and has won a championship. AI seems to be like a guy who does work hard, but not with a community spirit. I don’t know. I could see Carmelo going either way, actually, depending on the coaching.

    I’m glad it’s not on me to pull the trigger. :)


    I don’t understand all the hostitlity here. Sure melo has a questionable resume but we’re taken in players like that before. I think it’s obvious from what he said in the media after denver got knocked out this year that he’s frustrated with the way things are in denver. They don’t play any defense and he knows that they’re never going to turn it around. I think in the right situation he could flourish. If he did come to this team I think he would buy in on how we do things in detroit. Everyone here always talks about how they’ll put their trust in Joe D, but as soon as one RUMOR comes out you all go crazy. So here’s your chance to trust Joe D. He knows a lot more about what’s going on with the team than we do. Sometimes in sports you have to take risks, and he’s proven that he’s not afraid to do that. Lets just wait and see what happens.

  16. bigmister04

    Ummm did any of you people watch the boston series? We could not score. we need someone who can. if we can get carmelo and camby for sheed, tay or rip and the pick that would be amazing! think of this

    Rip or melo
    tay or melo

    try that on for size!

  17. Richie

    Carmelo’s attitude doesn’t bother me. His lack of defense certainly does though. I agree that he would more than likely be a poor fit here.

  18. Bobby

    His attitude issues come from the fact that he’s on a deadbeat team in Denver.

    I think if you put him in a new change of scenery and actually put him on a team with the caliber to win a championship he will straighten up.

  19. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Bigmister04, The Nuggets would never accept that, so keep dreaming.

    Anyways, I don’t like Melo. Personally, I think Tayshaun is a better player. He could be a 30ppg scorer if he wanted, but it is not in his personality. The only positive out of Melo coming to Detroit would probably be that he could finally pull Detroit out of the basement in points in the paint. Overall, we would have to give up to much for him, and it will never work in Detroit’s favor.

  20. DetFan36

    Carmelo honestly is the type of pick up we need, our team concept has worked for years, but we need a guy we can dump the ball to at points and say go to work, Tayshaun could not score 30ppg per game, and its close but Melo is the better player. Im sick of watching us run th shot clock down and then get a terrible shot, I hope we get mellow because all you haters will never be happy lol unless this core stays together. Hey i loved them as much as everyone else but they dont get it done anymorre, I love Cahuncey and Sheed but they are to non challant now, we need a mix up and i think Carmelo would be a great Pick up, so young and i think he just needs a chnage as well, a big guy liek him has the potential on D if he works on it, and when people come to Detroit they know they have to pick that hope.

    Im all for it, bring in Melo!!


    xxxrip, you don’t think the nuggets would want sheed and tay or rip at all. I think you’re underestimating how good our players are. Plus they have playoff experience. Denver might be looking for a change anyway. As long as they can get the money to line up you never know what might happen. We all have to remember also that this is a rumor started by the media. It might not be valid at all.

    I also agree with detfan36. We desperately need more points in the paint and a go to scorer that will GET CALLS going to the basket. This team has been great but how many more game sixes of the ECF do you want to loose in years to come. We need a shake up and Joe D. knows it.

    As pathetic as it is the NBA is a superstar league and those are the teams winning rings. I think it would be a good idea to try to get somebody of that caliber. When the bad boys were in their prime we had Isiah to take over games. We could use that again, and I think we need it to win more championships.

  22. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Im not saying that they wouldn’t want our players, but it would probably take something like Sheed, Tayshaun, and Maxiell to get Melo, which I would not want as a Pistons fan. Especially because I believe Melo is simply the most overrated player in the game today, he really is not that good. He has not motivation whatsoever, he has openly admitted that he has no passion to win. He literally stands around on defense. A guy with his build and frame should be getting 8 or 9 boards a game, not 6. The guy can not shoot the ball either. He isn’t even shooting 30% for his career, which is beyond pitiful. He shoots the ball 20 times a game, not what I want on one of my teams at all. Hes not a team player, he can’t bring the ball up, and he can’t pass. He is basically the biggest one dimensional player and an ESPN generated superstar. There is more to basketball than just scoring.

  23. ric

    most of you don’t want melo coz’ of his character, regarless of his brilliant talent…..you guys sounds alike when joe was acquiring sheed…..and look what we have need4sheed.com

    u guys are hilarious!

    all im saying is, lets not judge anybody, lets give someone a chance…..i for one have doubts about melo, especially his defensive ability…but hey, i wouldn’t really know until he comes play…the only fact that i can rely on, is hes young, and his play may depend on who the coach is……if michael curry becomes the head coach, u really think he’s not gonna make melo play d? the other fact is, melo won’t be coming to detroit without having a chat with joe. u have to understand that out of all the all star young player at this time thats its an easy catch is melo, which is why rumors about him and detroit exist.

  24. paulyd0021

    Guys check out the Forum for the new Carmelo trade proposal I posted. Its a strech and it wont make people happy but in the long run I think it makes both teams better. I think people should give Melo a chance, especially if Joe D thinks he deserves one. I know its premature to say since this is only a rumor, but Melo can FLAT OUT play and score on anybody. And to judge him by what’s been going on in Denver is not completely fair, he’s never had a defensive minded coach, obviously, and he’s never been on a team with other great starters or role players aside from A.I. of course. And yes, he does draw comparisons to how sheed was perceeved before he came to Detroit and turned his image around…temporarily. But I think Melo has come a long way since he first came in the league. Mostly this last year, i think he took some steps in maturity both on and off the court. Even if we had to give up players like sheed and chauncey and more probably, we’d be getting a YOUNG superstar at the age of 24! Pair that with stuckey and hamilton and you’ll have a well oiled scoring machine. Plus Defense can be learned, yes even by Melo. Its not always about one on one D, its about team D. Look at the pistons right now, Tayshaun couldnt stop Lebron Wade or Pierce if his life depended on it and he was supposed to be our #1 Defender. Why do you think that is? WEll i can tell you why. We didnt play great Team Defense. 1 guy cant stop a superstar. At times we did do a good job, and that was only partly thanks to Tay. I think Melo with his SIZE and quickness, and bigger body than Tay could easily be implimented into a sound defensive strategy. Plus JoeD wouldnt sign him with out making sure he understands this isnt a One Man Show we’re running. We play team ball in Detroit, and if he can do that AND score 25 a game, then I’m all for it.

  25. ric

    pauly, well said.
    when sheed came to detroit, he wasn’t young as melo, his character and attitude are already intact, which by the way is a compliment given the fact hes a good person…with melo, at 24, we all know he can still develop his game, which is scary, and improve to be a better person off/on the court……bcuz of his dui scenario, its pretty deceiving to think that hes pretty irresponsible, which is why joe is taking advantage of the moment bcuz most team would have to step aside and think on a melo trade….did u guys here another kobe/rape rumor after the 1st and only one he have????? not that i know.

  26. ric

    after kobe’s rape case incident…that was it! that made him a better person, on the court at least. he became unselfish and get all his teammates into his wing to get to the finals…..by the way, his drama of last summer is nothing but similar to kg’s.

  27. riphamcuz32

    no let melo stay in denver. his head is about 80 times too big for detroit. yeah he’s a good player but he’s not a fit for this team. i kno someone that works at the palace and they worked the alicia keys concert and a few of his co workers were sayin that stuckey, rip and dyess are virtually untradeable because they are very valuable. now if we were to get melo all hell would break loose and the team unity would be broken up and not to mention, tay would be put out of his job so joe d. needs to go after someone who has a normal sized head

  28. Steve


  29. Steve

    tayshaun is not better than melo ur smoking big fat crack rocks if u think so, imagine the national coverage the pistons will get with melo, starting allstar in allstar games, the glam and fame hasnt been here since grant hill, i miss it!

  30. Steve

    tayshaun is not better than melo ur smoking big fat crack rocks if u think so, imagine the national coverage the pistons will get with melo, starting allstar in allstar games, the glam and fame hasnt been here since grant hill, i miss it!

  31. riphamcuz32

    also to the coach idea. why would you hire a rookie coach with a veteran group of guys? i believe avery johnson would be an excellent fit because he’s an in your face kinda guy and so what if he lost in the first round he still made it to the finals! Think about it

  32. GTjqUoEIpo5AqoohzEEuzMhrPcw-

    Melo is a head case that played no D. Sheed likes to play “D” so please don’t compare the 2 of them.
    Wade is damaged goods, so T-Mobile is screwed up for keep using him as their spokesperson, oh, wait, T-Mobile has stinky service anyway, so I guess they match.
    Chris Paul is who I would dream to bring to Detroit, too bad he’s the marquee player for New Orleans.
    Good character, hard worker and MODEST.

    Anyone see how Kobe and the Lakers got hosed last night with the disparity in foul calls. 10 foul shots for LA and 38 for Boston.
    Right, Donaghey is the only dirty ref in the NBA, Stern and his crew need to be interviewed by the FBI seriously. I won money because I saw how the line swing from Boston to LA, but it’s shit like this that keeps Detroit from winning again.

  33. Steve

    what u people dont understand is one person that plays mediocure defense isnt gonna kill them! ur all crazy if u dont think we need an allstar, were jus gonna keep gettin old till we turn into the sonics, so shut up, theres a reason joe d has his job and u dont fuckin moreons.. shut up and sit back and see how this turns out.. im all for melo! keep it commin joe work ur magic! others shut up.

  34. Kirsten

    anthony certainly doesn’t fit the bill of the “attitude” that joe d wanted as of his press conference. he may have the desire to win at all costs, but don’t count on him to rise up or rally a team. i won’t even touch the fact that he only tries on the offensive side of the court. joe seemed to want to get rid of sheed… so to pair sheed and tayshaun for anthony and ??? seems like we’d be on the short side of that deal no matter what. trading a guy that hustles for a kid that still has baby fat, yes, i would question that decision.

  35. Travis

    GTjqUoEIpo5AqoohzEEuzMhrPcw- said…

    Anyone see how Kobe and the Lakers got hosed last night with the disparity in foul calls. 10 foul shots for LA and 38 for Boston.
    Right, Donaghey is the only dirty ref in the NBA, Stern and his crew need to be interviewed by the FBI seriously. I won money because I saw how the line swing from Boston to LA, but it’s shit like this that keeps Detroit from winning again.

    Like i said before the NBA is a conspiracy, they get the results that want to see. Its only fitting that Powe had more fouls than the entire Lakers team.

    and about Melo, Let Joe D decide.

  36. Stuckfan

    Bring in Melo, you guys all hate on him because of his attitude, Sheeds is just as bad, and as much as i love rasheed, he definetly doesn’t bring it every night. Melo can be rejuvanted here, hes only 24 he can grow offensively and defensively, all of a sudden we would be young and explosive, I think this is a trade Joe D should really look hard into.

  37. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Lol, you guys just buy in to everything espn tells you. Especially steve, you are a moron.

  38. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    I just want to know, what makes Melo better than Tayshaun? The fact that espn calls him a superstar? The fact that he is a 30 ppg chucker that almost anybody can do? He is not even efficient.

  39. bigmister04

    Melo is better that tay…dont get me wrong i love tayshaun but melo can score and will score every single night. he may not play great defense but the whole team doesn’t have too. giving up one defensive position wont kill us.

  40. larry b

    I love the irony. A whole blog’s worth of Pistons fans criticizing a player on another team for a lack of character/coachability. Wait… who’s that guy from UNC who’s been playing the 4 for you guys the past few years? You idiots. Criticize Melo’s lack of D all you want, but keep in mind what kid personnel YOU ALREADY HAVE ON YOUR TEAM before you attack a potential acquisition for not being a good person.

  41. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    If we give up Tayshaun for even an average perimeter defender, our perimeter defense will be garbage, to get rid of Tay, we must have some sort of defensive replacement. The only lock down defender that would be left on the team would be Sheed, who is too slow to defend the perimeter, it would get brutal. We would turn in to a team that would score 100 points every game but give up 99-101 every game. I agree that we could use a go to scorer on offense, but Melo is just not that good of a player to be dumping 3 talented Pistons to obtain, he simply is not worth it.

    And yes, I stand by saying Tay> Melo. I have been accused in this post of not giving our players enough credit, so you know I am not being a homer, I am just that low on Melo. If Tayshaun said to himself “Im going to become a chucker and score as much as I can each game, and not play the role that I am supposed to” he would score 30 ppg, just like Melo does. All Melo has on Tayshaun is a much much better post game, and slightly better rebounding, Tay takes him in every other aspect of the game.

  42. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Oh, and Larry B, I assume your last post was addressed to me. I did not complain about Melos offcourt problems or coachability once. Try to pay attention to the language we all agreed on you pathetic moron. I don’t think his off court problems would be that much of a cause for concern at all. So yea, stfu and read what I wrote, Im criticizing his lack of game.

  43. Joe

    I like the idea. For one thing, Melo is not a “chucker”. You can’t be a chucker when you score over 25ppg with a FG% over 49%. Those are freakin’ GREAT numbers. Melo would give us the post presence we need, since Sheed never posts up like he should. Joe Dumars needs to pull the trigger and make this deal happen!

    And regarding the current roster, my thoughts are that Billups and Hamilton are perfect for this team, Mcdyess is getting too old and should be replaced fairly soon (next year it’s time for Maxiell and Johnson to STEP UP). Prince is great, but he’s too much of a “quiet” player, meaning there are a lot of games, including important playoff games, where he basically doesn’t show up, and only scores sometihng like 6 points. He’s too unselfish, and I’m sick of it. Same for Sheed. Scoring 20 points every once in a while doesn’t cut it. Sheed should score 20 EVERY NIGHT, and occasionally go for 30-40. But he never does. So in conclusion I love the bench, and I love the backcourt, but the frontcourt players are expendable.

  44. Joe

    2 more things:

    1. Melo’s defense will certainly improve after once he arrives in Detroit.

    2. Offense is more valuable than defense in today’s NBA. Just look at the Lakers, they just beat the Spurs to reach the finals… and the Lakers are a HORRIBLE defensive team! The league is obviously trying to reward teams for focusing on the offensive side of the game.

  45. Kingkong4801

    I can really see this happening.
    “Melo moves to Motown”
    I like the sound of that. What we have needed in the past couple of years has been offense. Especially down the stretch. And I think The addition of a star like Anthoney is just what we need. He can be a great go 2 guy for us down the stretch when baskets are critical. As for his off the court issues- it couldn’t concern me less. He’s a good kid and I think a change of scenery would do him real good. A lot of people qeustion his defense, but I think he will be much better in Detroit. My only concern is how much we will be giving up. I love sheed- hes one of a kind. And tay too, hes great. But in the end I think that it would be worth it for Joe D. to pull the trigger. Let’s get Melo over to Motown.


    -Eric S.

  46. Larry

    Actually, riphammy, I wasn’t talking to you. If you had actually read what I wrote, you would notice I said

    A whole blog’s worth of Pistons fans

    Referring to the multitude of other commenters at the top of the thread. Thanks for telling me to “stfu” though. What are you, 14? Go play in traffic. Also, by insisting that Tay > Melo, you have revealed yourself to know absolutely nothing about basketball. Why are you here?

  47. Ryan

    CRIMelo doesn’t belong in Detroit. Period. I did read a rumor in one Colorado website that Boozer may be traded for ‘Melo. Why don’t the Pistons chase Boozer instead. Sheed + Tay = Boozer? Thoughts anyone?

    I have been playing amateur GM on ESPN trade machine.

    Check out what i did @:

    Trade for Booze!

  48. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    lmao Larry, Im not the only person who would say that. I know more about basketball than your grandaddy could teach you. I just don’t buy in to what espn tells me every single time. Ive actually seen several polls on the internet comparing Prince to Melo, and Prince won the polls, so I know Im not alone. You are a complete moron, that is probably a 14 year old yourself. Why are you here? Moronic fuck.

  49. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Anybody here who is just drooling over Melo is not taking a logical basketball view at it. Like I said before, if Melo comes here for Tay strait up (Wont happen) and becomes at least an average defender, the Pistons perimeter D would be very below average, it simply wouldn’t work. We would be could, but not actual contenders. And whoever said the Lakers have crap D, is basically right, except they have a lock down perimeter guy in Kobe, that can defend it as well as Tay, Bowen, and Artest. Perimeter defenders are oh so important, without them, you will always be just pretenders. And Im not just all over Tays cock here, I love him, but I dont think hes absolutely great. It is just that I am so low on Melo, do to his lack of D, passing, dribbling, and shooting, that I would take a guy like Lamar Odom over Melo any day. So you can sit there Larry, and pretend like you know just what the hell it is you are talking about, but really, you are just spewing out garbage crappy espn panelists say on a daily basis. That is why I don’t like to post on this site that often, people like you, who know nothing about the game, but act like because you watch sports center, and not the actual games, you are a basketball genius. Watch a Nuggets game, I dare you, and come back and honestly keep this up.

  50. Joe

    Ryan: “Sheed + Tay = Boozer? Thoughts anyone?”

    It’s a very interesting idea. I think I like it. Then we could make Amir Johnson our starting SF?

    My only concern is that this trade would leave us a team full of power forwards, and no centers. Is your idea to play Boozer at center?

  51. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    I wouldn’t do that for Boozer. I like the idea of getting him, but if we did that exact trade, the Pistons would probably have the worst defense in the league. Trading away 2 top 10 or 15 defenders for a guy who is undersized and below average defensively? However, I would love to get Boozer, but if we did, he would have to play PF, and we would have to keep Sheed, or we would get abused inside.

  52. Ryan

    Hi Joe. You’re right that leaves us looking for a center. But of course tradings and deals shouldn’t stop with what I proposed. We still have assets we could swap for decent, if not above average, centers.

    If I was to run the team, yeah, I would place boozer at center, but good thing I am not, LOL! If you’ve seen my second trade machine experiment, my line up would then be:

    pg – billups
    sg – rip
    sf – kleiza
    pf – maxiell
    c – boozer

    3 vets, 2 energy guys. boozer would command double teams which would free up either billups or kleiza for the three, or rip for the mid range, and maxiell for putbacks.

    2nd unit

    pg – stuckey
    sg – afflalo
    sf – hayes
    pf – dyess
    c – amir

    2 vets, 2 hustle/energy guys, 1 legit scorer. this would be mostly drive and kick outs, stuckey driving hard to the lane, then scoring, or kicking out to hayes or dyess.

    3rd unit

    pg – atkins
    sg – dixon
    sf – harpring
    pf – herrmann
    c – ratliff

    I know the previous pistons are far better than this, but in a so-called ‘weak’ east, we could survive with this at the very least.

    I’m out! Rock on Detroit! Peace to all my kababayans there!

  53. Mamba28

    I dont care much for this trade..I dont think it solves much but I do believe that Carmelo’s attitude & work ethics can change once he is surrounded by supportive teamates which he would have if he was to come to Detroit.. I know that a lot of people feel that Rasheed has changed once he came to Detroit (well minus the techs & running his mouth every once in a while) =)


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