Director of Player Personnel George David On The Pistons Future Plans

by | Jun 4, 2008 | 15 comments

The Pistons Director of Player Personnel George David sat down to talk about Detroit’s plans for the future and what went wrong in the Celtics series. This was before the shakeup yesterday.

Video courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and myTV20 Detroit


  1. Steve


  2. mobius909

    ok gang, who are we going after?

    I’m going to guess Elton Brand, maybe Camby, maybe Amare Stoudemire… for sure though a for real PF and a for real Center.

    I predict both guards stay because they showed heart while injured and they play so well together… but that isn’t even for certain.

  3. Dominic

    I suggest some should take the time and read this article. Keith Langlois does a great job of really emphasizing what a new coach will do. If Michael Curry is really as respect as everyone’s been saying, when Curry says listen the players WILL listen

    In response to Mobius: I doubt we can get Amare unless we trade our starting five and a draft pick or two. Amare is in the league of untradables that includes Dwight Howard, LameBron James, Chris Paul guys like that. Camby’s defense would be great to have, but would you really rather have Camby than Sheed? I would only take Camby if we got a 1st rounder out of it. I would love to get T-Mac. Not only can he be the slasher we need, Houston needs changes and depth, they may want to trade him cheap Maybe not 10cents for the dollar but possibly 80cents to the dollar. It would be great for this team and I can only dream of having a starting lineup with Chauncey T-Mac and Tayshaun in it

  4. Steve

    I agree with Mike Valenti from 97.1FM the ticket (1270AM).. this team needs an allstar, enough with the good people team work doesnt work..we r in a star studded league and its time to get one. What mike said is trade Rasheed,tayshaun,amir and the 28th pick for Carmelo and Camby..Denver wants to release melo and what a perfect opportunity to bring our should have been draft pick to where he belongs.. they will be the sexy team in the easy to espn and all them surpassing boston big time..

    your starting 5


    and plus free agency or any other bench players he can snag this off season.. WOW that will be an amazing team.

  5. Steve

    sexy team in the east****

  6. umair

    no melo. he plays no defense and the reason he didnt pick melo in the draft is conduct issues(the punch in the msg;DUI. trade sheed and someone for jermaine oneal

  7. umair

    im sorry for the sheed trade but he doesnt care anymore. instead of crying and caring like dyess, he was selling his shoes; and doing ads. we dont need that kind of stuff.

  8. Steve

    we dont need melo for defense we would have camby stuckey rip and chauncey out there melo would be a knock out punch, 1 player who dont play D wont kill this team, our team struggled scoreing and melo would be the best man for it.

    u cant judge him for DUI u dumb ass, i get pleanty drunk myself and i smoke weed so does more than half the USA holding him to that is just biggotry..

    Jermaine oneal is dead horrible knees not explosive anymore hes done.. Melo young and fresh and only 24 or so with dumar and our coaching staff we can change him like we changed chauncey back when he cared..

  9. mobius909

    J.O. is one of the laziest guys in the league! That’s more problems, not less. Melo is not Joe D’s kind of guy.

  10. Dominic

    If we have to trade some of our guys, I’m officially on the trade for T-Mac bandwagon. Try this one:

    Houston gets:
    (draft pick?)

    Detroit Gets:
    Rafer Alson OR Luther Head or Chuck Hayes

    Then do 1 of 3 things

    1.Turn right around and trade T-Mac for an ELITE Big Man who can score AND play defense ala Tim Duncan (we won’t get him) or somethin like that maybe Boozer

    PG. Rodney Stuckey
    SG. Rip
    SF. Tayshaun
    PF. Maxiell
    C. Boozer/Duncan (I wish)/Someone like that

    2. Trade Tayshaun for a marginally good C such as Tyson Chandler or somethin

    PG. Rodney Stuckey
    SG. Rip
    SF. T-Mac
    PF. Maxiell
    C. Chandler

    3. Trade Rip for a great C

    PG. Stuckey
    SG. T-Mac
    SF. Tayshaun
    PF. Maxiell
    C. Camby/Elton Brand (trade with draft pick/Emeka Okafor

    I like option 3 because I still want a good big man like Camby or Okafor. But the key will be Tayshaun. If he can consistently drop 15 a night we’ll be on our way to the championship

    our bench will also be really good

    Bench: Rafer Alston/Chuck Hayes/Luther Head
    Anybody we sign in free agency

    Anybody want to jump on my Trade for T-Mac bandwagon? Mind you I would love to keep the core together but after our series with Boston I think it’s unavoidable

    Lead us from the fire joe

  11. Dominic

    We could also try to get Louis Scola out of it instead of Rafer Alston or Luther Head. That would be even better


    Don’t forget about T-mac constant back problems. We’d have to give up to much for him because he makes too much. There’s no way we’d get fair value for a T-mac trade. I like the Melo idea. Yeah you say he can’t play defense buy by his end of the season comments about the nugs not playing defense at all it sounds like he’d be coachable. Plus he’s an inside outside threat that can get to the free throw line. Don’t know what we’d have to give up to get him though. Personally I don’t think we need a huge overhaul. I think we’re 1 or 2 different players from being where we were in 2004.

  13. Dominic

    ^^^We will always have Arnie Kander

  14. Mustafa

    You guys are hilarious with your TRADING IDEAS! Maybe, you guys should look at the salary cap and also realize that majority of the players that you guys have picked out cannot be traded for our core players because their contracts are too large and way over our salary cap.

    As far as RASHEED WALLACE goes… I like how you all have this FEELING OF being LET DOWN by wallace due to his behavior in GAME 6.

    When Rasheed was throwing it down against the magic and getting double double, more than 5 block shots etc… no one was talking but when he got some bad games everyone got their fingers pointing at the easy bait.

    You guys should listen to JOE-D speak about RASHEED WALLACE and exactly who he blames for this teams lack of EFFORT! And how RASHEED is an easy target by the fans due to his emotions and the techs he picks up every game.

    Anyways I am disappointed in all of you that consider yourself DETROIT PISTONS fans!

    You guys sound far worse than all the bandwagon fans in BOSTON forums. I mean this is ridiculous… and I hope MIKE WOODSON gets the coaching job wtih the PISTONS and proves you all wrong next season that it isn’t RASHEED… That it had more to do with the PISTONS as a team and the fact that he can implement it better than SAUNDERS I like to see how you people will respond a year from now.

    For this reason I will copy and save all these ridiculous comments to my computer and release them next year when we are in the NBA FINALS with Rasheed as our PF, Tayshaun as SF, Hamilton as SG, And BIllups as PG… and OuR CENTER hopefully EMEKA OKAFOR or ANDRIS BIEDRI*S.



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