Lindsey Hunter Talks about Flip’s Firing, The Team and Rasheed Wallace in Game Six on WDFN’S Stoney and Wojo

by | Jun 3, 2008 | 12 comments

Check out what Lindsey Hunter had to say on The Stoney and Wojo show this afternoon. I want you to listen to what Lindsey had to say when asked what he thought was wrong with Rasheed in Game Six. I have my own take on it but am curious to see what you think in the comments.

It’s up on the Stoney and Wojo’s WDFN podcast page as well as the Direct link.

FYI Dumars will be on shortly, Listen Live.


  1. mobius909

    not related, well, more related to the last post…

    amare and amir???? like whoa.


    elton brand for president?

  2. mobius909

    or better yet, sheed, shaq and tay. hella defense, but slow as molasses.

  3. Nate

    I couldn’t really hear much of what Lindsey said in regards to the Rasheed question since his cell phone was breaking up so bad. From what I THINK I heard, it sounds like Lindsey said Joe is not the type of guy to take that kind of behavior. So Lindsey obviously acknowledged that he and the team knew Sheed was not in the right mindset in game 6 for he made no attempt to deny that he wasn’t (from what I could hear anyways). With Flip being fired so fast, I’m not sure what other changes Joe has in store. Possibly since a coaching change is being done so soon, that may well indicate that Joe has no intentions of breaking up the core unit. However if one does go, in my opinion, it will probably be Sheed due to his incosistency in the playoffs the last couple years. Who knows what Joe is planning though, all I know is he’s a brilliant man at the game of basketball and I have nothing but confidence in his decisions.


  4. Mustafa

    I think LINDSEY HUNTER try to avoid the question about RASHEED WALLACE and why he was acting the way he was. Lindsey avoided it and said JOE D dont’ care what bothers you he wants you to play and thats all.

    I understand what Lindsey Hunter is saying but to go on a show with Stephen A Smith and talk about LOCKER ROOM problems live on TV… that is very un-professional I mean aren’t they like family and they should keep things between themselves not let the media get in on the SCOOP!

    If you look at the media right now they keep talking about the whole HUG thing with GARNET and how the pistons did not like what RASHEED was doing.

    Even JOE-D found that ridiculous.

    If there is one person I want to blame that is JOE-D.

    I blame JOE-D for not working out a deal with BEN WALLACE and I blame JOE-D for not Acquiring a TRUE CENTER after Ben Wallace left.

    I mean look ever since BEN WALLACE left our center position is in limbo! When Rasheed filled in for CENTER… Our PF position was in LIMBO… We don’t have a TRUE PF now… Yes DYESS is great but he’s great as 6th man and we needed someone that can really dominate that position with wallace.

    We don’t have that BEN WALLACE/RASHEED WALLACE type of defense in the middle like 2004-2007.

    The overall point for JOE-D is the following… instead of breaking the CORE like you did by letting BEN WALLACE go… why not LOOK FOR A TRUE CENTER and work out some type of deal for this center?

    This is whats pissing me off.

    Joe D needs to admit it that he can’t get us a CENTER and that is why the PISTONS got f’d up!


    I’m very pissed at the fact that we think he’s some type of IMMORTAL god and he is infallible to making mistakes. The guy made a huge mistake and I want him to fix it. I want JOE D to get a CENTER…

    I want JOE D TO GET EMEKA OKAFOR… I want JOE D to at least try getting some fuckin center.

    I have had enough of the fans blaming the players. Our players can’t do shit if some wack ass players like PERKINS keeps scoring buckets becuase we dont’ have a true CENTER and we keep getting beat off the dribble.


    I’m out! late.

  5. Nate

    Some key guys that are unrestricted free agents this year with a ETO are Arenas, Baron Davis, Fred Jones and Allen Iverson.

  6. Natalie Sitto

    I personally think the fact the Lindsey didn’t deny it solidify the fact that something was wrong. He didn’t say what it was but he’s saying it without saying it.

  7. Nate


    I can see your point. I don’t think we all believe Joe D is without mistakes, for we all know about that fatal draft pick…. The only thing Ben Wallace was able to do at center was play incredible defense. He would score at times yes, but only when he was uncontested for lay-in’s or jams. Rasheed could have easily filled our center spot with Dyess taking the forward spot, but Sheed does not play like a center. He can devestate opponents with his inside game, but we all know he tends to hang out by the three point line. We have had the right guys to make that transition after ben left, however I believe the coaching lacked here with Flip. In my opinion, his rotations were always bad and he should of constantly drilled Sheed about taking over the inside. It is what it is though.


  8. amer-ican prince

    the interview with Lindsey and especially with Joe D really has me pumped.

    First THANK YOU for not automatically namine Michael Curry as Steven A Smith said. (god that guy gets a lot wrong, but I still like watching him) Avery is my top pick but we’ll see.

    I love that they both talked about intensity and accountability. I really believe if those pick up, sky’s the limit. If we find a coach who can fire up the guys, especially Rasheed and Tayshaun if they’re still here – championship.

    Also loved how they talked about Amir Johnson. I always felt even though he didn’t do some things right, he was able to do things to make up for it.

    The substitution patterns were so ugly in the playoffs.

    But even though I’m excited, I still think about Flip and I feel bad for him. I hate to bad things happen to good people, he came into a bad situation

  9. Vyvee

    This was never flip’s team, but joe waitd one year too long; now it is desparation time; i think the problem is lindsay hunter wanting to be the coach too., he openly questionsed flips decision too; joe has too many friends on the team (lindsay, curry. i think joe should be replaced too. it many ways his judgement is clouded; why did lindsay go to the press regarding sheed and the team; i really do not like how lindsay became so prominent in the playoffs. he did have his moments, but listening to the interview made me feel that i would have like to hear from one of the starting five….i just have this uneasy feeling. i know sheed is gone and that is okay, but after listeing to all of the interviews, I am worried about the team next year and beyond. I hope decisions are not being made because of loyalty and friendship. That gets in the way of sound basketball decisions. What has curry done anyway?

  10. jdblanco2

    I couldn’t download the interview for some reason, but what’s the point of listening to Rasheed’s excuse for not showing up? He was an embarrassment to the team and an embarrassment to Detroit, showing his face on cable TV just so everyone could see what he thinks of his team, his coach, and professional basketball in general. He did the same thing last year — openly defying his defense assignment, chucking up clunkers, and blaming referees that he sucked so bad. He was worse than Dennis Rodman, and it was obvious from Chris Webber’s comments, about how nobody in Detroit locker room listened to their coach, that the arrogance and cynicism of this team has to come from SOMEWHERE.

    Flip’s mistake was putting up with that crap instead of benching Rasheed and letting more deserving players play — that’s what Popovich and Avery Johnson do, b/c they won’t take s— from anyone. How do you think Rasheed would respond to a coach like that? That’s why he has to go — he won’t take it from any coach, he’s a hater, and he poisons the locker room with his bile. Boot Rasheed’s ass out of Detroit, get something, anything for him, and change the name of this website to honor a player who deserves it. There’s no “need for Sheed” — Detroit needs a team that will put it out on the floor for us, even if they lose. That’s what we love about the game, seeing players represent us, elevate us, and Rasheed only knows how to whine. I’ll be glad to see his face associated with any other team but Detroit’s.

  11. Mustafa

    But how do you take a POWER FORWARD and expect him to play center?

    I never thought of sheed as a CENTER! I can understand that BEN WALLACE didn’t provide OFFENSE but look at what he did on the DEFENSIVE end… he would crash boards and dominate other centers and pf’s that would try to drive into the paint.

    Sheed is not a center and you can’t expect some guy wtih outside and inside game to play center. Thats a NO NO! I can understand that he’s a big dude etc but he’s not a center!

    So Joe D needs to grab himself a TRUE CENTER.

    Enough of him talking about how its the players fault and that everyone got a fault in it. I blame him as much as I blame the players.

  12. dgddmdd7

    What “TRUE” centers are available? There are no true centers left in the NBA,except for the aging Shaq.Most of todays c’s are just pf’s in diguise.Duncan,Boozer,Okur,J.O.,Chandler all started out as pf’s. There are a few very young guys that are centers,but they are not available. Joe won’t give up Sheed and get nothing in return.


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