Dumars is Sickened and Disgusted – Everybody is Accountable

by | Jun 3, 2008 | 49 comments

Dumars is Sickened and Disgusted and I love it…so are we Joe.
Joe Dumars talks to WDFN’s Stoney and Wojo after his press conference this afternoon. Joe Dumars just answered most of the question we all wanted to asked.

It’s nice to know that Joe has a plan and he means business. He isn’t going to take this lackluster attitude and performance anymore. As he said earlier, everyone is on the block. He’s going to do whatever it takes to get the best deal he can.

He sounded like a man on a mission as well as a fan. Go get ’em Joe.

The interview is up on Stoney and Wojo’s Podcast page as well as the Direct Link.


  1. amer-ican prince

    I love the passion he talked with. I hope he doesn’t get rid of a lot of guys and these ar4e guys I hope he stays away from because I just can’t endorse these guys

    Vince Carter
    Tracey McGrady
    Eddy Curry/Zach Randolf
    Stephen Marbury
    Ricky Davis
    Gilbert Arenas
    Matt Carroll
    Adam Morrison
    Sasha Pavlovic
    Tyrus Thomas
    Ben Gordan
    Jeff Foster
    Bonzi Wells
    Scott Pollard
    Allen Iverson
    Carmelo Anthony
    Kevin Durant
    Sasha Vujacic

    there’s more but I just can’t think of them right now. And I know guys I want Joe D to get but I’m not going to mention them cause that probably means I would have to say bye to one or more of our guys to get them. So I’ll hold it in until I know more or if I can’t hold it in anymore, just don’t go after these guys. Good luck Joe D

  2. The Fluidics

    Joe “Strictly Business” Dumars.

  3. Natalie Sitto

    Love it Flu, I hope you know we are adopting it…Joe “Strictly Business” Dumars is just so fitting.

  4. The Fluidics

    I’ve never seen him like that, it’s scary awesome.
    Adopt away.

  5. Eric

    I admire the way he just cut through all of the potential sugar-coating/ obscurities of his plan.

    We didn’t get it done, and we need to make changes.

    However, I’ve gotta say that knowing we’re going to continue seeing Stuckey and Amir is a good thought to hold onto for at least the next couple of weeks before draft night.

  6. The Fluidics

    All i ask is that no Pacers brawlers come here. Pistons or not, I will boo them.

  7. claire

    To hear that Joe is “sickened” and “disgusted,” I’m kinda scared. I just don’t want him to be like “ah, screw this core” and disband it completely 🙁 However, I can seek comfort in knowing that he has valid reasons for making the decisions that he does.

    I feel kinda torn because on one hand, I do want this team to improve tremendously, but on the other hand, I don’t want to see the core gets separated on such a sour note.

    I just wish that he can announce all of the changes at once T_T

  8. Nate

    “Will I look to tear down the team? No. Will I look to make significant changes? Oh yea, I will. You’re damn right I will.” – Joe Dumars

    He’s awesome. We need a coach that is a direct reflection of Joe’s hunger for winning.


  9. claire

    another trivial thing about Avery Johnson, if he’s gonna be our coach, it’s almost like the Pistons and the Mavs traded coaches, because the Mavs have our old coach lol. Trading coaches…hmm…I wonder when are they gonna make that legal.

  10. Travis

    Joe D states it the best…. 24th minute of press conference he talks about the quality of our players. We have the best starting 5 in the league, and the deepest bench. Our lineup next season will be very similar to this year. Blockbuster deals rarely work out in the short term, and NEVER work in the long run.

    At the end of the interview on what needs to happen next year Joe D said “we need to win”

    Hey you never know Artest could be Piston. Artest is hoping to interview the infamous plastic-cup-of-beer-throwin’ John Green of the 2004 “Malice at the Palace” brawl. How crazy is that, i always liked the way artest played., but….

  11. Dominic

    In case anybody’s wondering why we haven’t seen hair or hide of Bill Walton, he’s been suffering from a back injury that has put him out for 14 weeks
    Let’s hoope it persists lol i know I’m mean

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  12. Ron

    I know Natalie that you didn’t want any more names for the site, but if need be, how’s about Desire4Dumars.com?


  13. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks for the suggestion Ron but the name stays.

  14. Dominic

    As for Joe, if anybody saw the press conference he mentioned that hes never saw a great team tear it down and start from scratch, then become good. As in Boston and the Lakers they had to trade for a good player while giving up little. None of them went young and then got good all of a sudden. I thought that was a very good point, Joe isn’t going to go through the rebuilding period that many teams go through. He’s just going to fix some and adjust the core some. he’s not going to get a bunch of young guys and say this is our future. I love that. Joe, you have been the most consistent player on this team. Wheel and deal us to the Finals once again! As Always

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  15. james

    I been thinking about this trade ever sience we got eliminated, check it out. We send sheed and rip tou houston for Magrady and luther head. I already checked it on the espn trade machine and it works. Just think about it Billups, Tay and Magrady. Not only do we get a superstar and the superstar calls they get. But we also get a guy who is as hungry as anyone in the NBA, pair him up with Dyss, stuck, J max, AMIR, AA and Hermann. Thats a scary team

  16. SoSickWitItYo

    Alright, Alright, there is a ton to address here

    About The Coaching:
    Yes, Flip is gone, and I am truly indifferent on that, however, I would like to see Curry over Porter if they are going to hire an assistant to coach next season. I would also be expecting Lindsay Hunter to become very involved with the team, and also to be an AC (assistant coach).

    Trade Talks & What Not…
    We all know the type of blue collar ball detroit plays. People who are throwing around big time, super-star names are totally unfamiliar with the type of team detroit is. How can you say that T-Mac would fit in with Detroit!? Shawn Marion is a star who would fit in very nicely with the team. The only problem is that he is not a free agent until next year. As of right now, it sounds like the starting five will be split up, so I would look more into players that have potential, and players who are not a, “One Man Band Man” (in other words, a one man show). Sheed sadly seems like the only piston that has his name being thrown around in trade talks. I personally thought that the starting four (Billups/Hamilton/Tay/Sheed) could stay together, the stones could pick up a PF or SF, and move dyess to the bench. We’ll see what happens

    Odds are, Sheed will in a trade, and detroit will have probably 1 to 2 new players for him.

    my only question to those who say sheed’s time here is done is, Where is he going to go (who wants him on their team?), and who will we get in return that will provide us with equal or better prezence on D and offense? Any suggestions!?

  17. SoSickWitItYo

    Alright, Alright, there is a ton to address here

    About The Coaching:
    Yes, Flip is gone, and I am truly indifferent on that, however, I would like to see Curry over Porter if they are going to hire an assistant to coach next season. I would also be expecting Lindsay Hunter to become very involved with the team, and also to be an AC (assistant coach).

    Trade Talks & What Not…
    We all know the type of blue collar ball detroit plays. People who are throwing around big time, super-star names are totally unfamiliar with the type of team detroit is. How can you say that T-Mac would fit in with Detroit!? Shawn Marion is a star who would fit in very nicely with the team. The only problem is that he is not a free agent until next year. As of right now, it sounds like the starting five will be split up, so I would look more into players that have potential, and players who are not a, “One Man Band Man” (in other words, a one man show). Sheed sadly seems like the only piston that has his name being thrown around in trade talks. I personally thought that the starting four (Billups/Hamilton/Tay/Sheed) could stay together, the stones could pick up a PF or SF, and move dyess to the bench. We’ll see what happens

    Odds are, Sheed will in a trade, and detroit will have probably 1 to 2 new players for him.

    my only question to those who say sheed’s time here is done is, Where is he going to go (who wants him on their team?), and who will we get in return that will provide us with equal or better prezence on D and offense? Any suggestions!?

  18. Danafesto

    I am actually excited. Joe is smart and amazing. I like how it’s not going to be one specific player, or two specific players. It could be anybody. But it won’t be everybody.

    I know I was lenient on the Pistons when they were playing badly, but I love how upset Joe is about losing games 3 and 6. “You’re up 10 points with 10 minutes to go and you don’t get it done? I don’t want to sit and watch that.”

    I can’t wait to see what he does.

  19. Danafesto

    If we’re going for non-superstars, I always liked Josh Childress. Is he a guard?

    Does it sound like Amir and Stuckey will start next year?

    More Hermann, too.

  20. james

    Magrady would fit perfectly with the pistons he is hungry, unselfish player, a good person in the community, plays offense and defense and can do just about anything on the court.
    As for Shawn Marion the guy is talented defensively, but he is not a team player and he has aknowledged that also the guy is far from hungry to win a championship. Also i agree on Childress as a complementary player but in no way is he the answer to our problems.

  21. iloveblaha01

    what’s with people suggesting arenas? (i’m not necessarily talking about the comments on this particular post, i’ve just seen that suggestion a lot of places). ugh, please. that’s just.. no. got to agree with amer-ican prince on that one. and suggesting artest is just bogus. you heard joe d… character guys. hello!

  22. renee


  23. pistonsbaby01

    i totally agree with amer-ican prince. i dont want to see any of those guys here in detroit (except maybe kevin durant?). all of those guys are or were superstars and i dont think our team is like that. that is what makes the pistons so great. we dont have one superstar who is the only person scoring and shooting. i know that is why i love the pistons.

    i doubt they’ll trade billups because they just signed him last year and his contract is pretty big

    as for sheed, i hate people talking about him going. even though he didnt perform you have to look at the whole team throughout all the playoffs and he wasn’t the only one who wasn’t shooting and scoring

    ive heard that terry porter might become coach but i think lindsey hunter should (that would be awesome) or avery johnson (even though i didn’t like him when he coached the Mavs)

    i would hate to see any of the starting 5 go, but there has to be some kind of changes

    i just found out flip was fired and it is sort of bittersweet. flip was a good coach up until the playoffs. i hate to see him go but he just wasn’t getting the job done.

    i definitely think we should get some good draft picks and get rid of herrmann, hayes, and ratliff(we could have used some better help in the playoffs)

    i say keep the 5 at least one more season together because it might just have been flips fault

    if any of the 5 go i know i will start crying my eyes out because i have grown to love all of them and i know that all of them love playing in detroit

    i know now i will make sure i look at need4sheed every day to get the details on every single thing

    thanks natalie for keeping this site up and updating us on all the new info i truly appreciate it

  24. Reece

    ummm can we see if Michael Jordan wants to make another return? or maybe Joe himself will maybe want to return to the pistons roster.

  25. The Fluidics

    I’ve seen a few players go through this starting five the last few years, so they aren’t as rock solid as one would think (Ben Wallace, Chris Webber, Nazr Mohammed.)

    I don’t buy that freep article that says Chauncey is likely to go. Sheed and Rip are the most likely in my book.

    Why is nobody talking about Maxiell starting in place of Mcdyess? Bring Dyess off the bench again, he’s more comfortable there. The only way for Max to grow as a starter is to make him one.

  26. Richie

    MxDyess said that this year after getting used to his starting position he became more comfortable in the starting roll, and had grown to like it better than coming off the bench. All of these players are too valuable to me for me to pick one that I’d like to see go, but we’ll see what happens.

    I’d like to state again that the “lead us from the fire, Joe” thing continues to get on my nevers. I think that calling the current position of the Pistons “the fire” is incredibly insulting and ingrateful.

  27. amer-ican prince

    I think the problem with Maxie in the starting lineup is that he goes so hard every play, he often putters out and needs to be recharged. But I actually like your idea because in the games he has been in the starting lineup he has provided something different than the other starters.

    One of my problems this year was that all of the starting 5 were jumpshooters, there wasn’t a lot of diversity offensively in what they did, so it hurt them when their shots weren’t falling.

    pistonsbaby 01
    the one guy on your list I don’t want to be let go is herrmann. When he was on the Bobcats I was like, I’m glad he doesn’t play for us. But then he got traded here and I ended up liking him. I like the effort he gives, his character and his game. I also wish they would consider bringing Juan Dixon back, he could be great coming off our bench and giving the team a scoring punch, especially if Lindsey retires. And I agree I don’t think Rasheed was the only one underachieving. And the blame seems to be reaching everyone as I’m hearing it.

    And I’m starting to think that Joe talking to other coaches is just a courtesy, I’m hoping he hasn’t settled on Curry like so many are saying. I think we need someone who wasn’t around this year. A fresh start.

    I agree with your Trade Talks and what not. We don’t really need or, from what everyone else is saying, want superstars. Just hard nose players who like winning and are willing to do the less appreciated things to get the ballgame.

    I think Joe Dumars will look at players like that. Just please don’t go after Allen Iverson again. I’m so glad that trade fell though all those years ago, because we got a championship, another finals appearance and 6 straight eastern conference finals appearances with the team he put together. And I’m also glad he isn’t totally dismantling the team.

  28. amer-ican prince

    also want to say that I don’t think you have to get rid of Saunders and Sheed. I love Sheed, and I believe he will play with more of a focus if the new coach is hard on him and is demanding, but fair. I always thought in addition to not having faith in Flip, Rasheed was always mad at him for ben leaving

  29. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    Alright. It’s time for the man behind “The Big Denial” (and yes, I still rank that block in the top 5 of the ‘Stones and in the top 2 of JMaxx, maybe just below what I’ll now call, “The Emasculation of Tyson Chandler”) to weigh in on the latest and greatest:

    1. So Flip is gone… I guess my prediction that Big Bill would be the new coach is out the window. Now, about the new coach, I hear folks talking about Avery Johnson. I can’t really buy that one. True, he’s a defensive buff, but does he seems to have a quick fuse and to run the locker room like a daycare. I think Joe needs to be quick and offer Porter the job before he leaves for PHX. He seems like a better fit.

    2. I heard the interview and Joe sounded pretty pissed off. Can anyone blame him? He’s not a Hall of Famer just because he’s a charming southern dude. He earned it because he left everything on the court for the ‘Stones. So, if anybody’s anybody to DEMAND results, that’s him. So, no surprise there that all of us are rallying behind him. I think Joe gave the core a chance to do things THEIR way and they blew it yet again. So, I think now it’s gonna be HIS way or the highway.

    3. I don’t think Joe is gonna start a fire sale. He’s no Kevin McHale or that dude from Memphis that gave away Pau Gasol for a draft pick and a bag of Pringles… oh yes, and Kwame Brown as a freebie! He said it clearly, he’ll make trades if he does get enough bang for the buck. I appreciate that he showed he was mad, but had enough CLASS not to throw anybody under the bus, not even Sheed as even the interviewers were begging him to. THAT’S A CLASS ACT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Phil Jackson, take some notes, that’s being a GENTLEMAN!

    4. Having said that, I see one plausible scenario here, if you read between the lines: One untold reason for Flip’s pink slip was the lack of love towards AMIR, plain and simple. He also spoke very highly of SIR RODNEY STUCKEY. And we all know that he thinks highly of the baby-eating, shot-blocking, dr.-dunkenstein-imitating, Mr. Jason Maxiell… can you see where I’m going here? It’s possible that Joe won’t necessarily trade up; he’ll only do so if he gets equal or better value. I can see a process of demotion within the line-up: I can see Detroit playing with a kind of “two-quarterback” system with Smooth and Sir Rodney at point guard and Sheed easing the transition of Mr. Amirzing at center. Maxxi more than earned his right to be a starter if “The Emasculation of Tyson Chandler” and “The Big Denial” are any indication. Plus, McDiggity is more comfortable as 6th man, a la Manu Ginobili.

    That leaves Tay Prince and Rip Hamilton. Tay’s not going anywhere either. He was the first draft pick of Joe’s, and Joe still believes he can be the building block of the reloading process. The Man in the Mask won’t be going anywhere either. Very few players this side of Reggie Miller move like he does off screens.

    As far as Sheed going, I don’t think this is the right time. All antics aside, he seems to be a good mentor, if Superman Howard’s comments are any evidence. He can earn his bucks by being a true mentor for Amir and Cheikh Samb, in the tradition of what Smooth and Lindsey did for Sir Rodney.

    5. But, let’s play devil’s advocate here for a moment: What if that trade someone proposed of Rip and Sheed for T-Mac and Luther Head actually did happen? Well, aside from having to shelve that purchase of the Deron Williams jersey forever (for the record, I go to the U. of Illinois, as Deron and Head did, that’s why I can’t help rallying for D-Will), I can see the method to the madness. We’d have our own version of the Big Three with Rip, Smooth, and T-Mac, with enough backups at guard with Head, Sir Rodney, Afflac, and Juan Dixon, but we’d have a rejuvenated frontcourt with Maxxi and Amir anchoring at the small forward and center, with McDiggity, Fabio, Jarvis, and the Rattler… and of course more minutes for C-Samb.

    Either way, I don’t see Joe hitting the panic button anytime soon… I can see some serious man-to-man talks in his office with everybody and their mothers… The way he talked, not even George Blaha or the entire Team Need4Sheed is safe from being called to the front office.

    It’ll be an interesting off season alright!

  30. The Fluidics

    Just to be clear here.
    A: Pringle come in cans.
    2: Afflac has already been dubbed “Showtime at the Afflalo”
    d: a Hamilton trade would be awful, as he is probably the hardest working Piston of them all. I also agree that Herrmann should stay, I see a spot for him on this squad. I know when the picked him up, it was for his contract and cap space. However, the situation of the team has changed significantly since then.

    I too am encouraged. Not a fire sale, but a definate shakeup.
    Will miss everybody and anybody though.

  31. thereal

    “joey joey”, why did u do the number one thing people tell u not to do when it comes down to business?…never tell anyone your business….it seems like joe d might be in the hot seat, beacause i never eeeeever, seen joe blow his composure on any stage rather it be playing or as r general…joe has now entered to what i called the millen!!! era and has let his guard down for all the piston haters!! and banwagoners (yes thats a made up word) to question any of his decisions. joe should have acted like a professional and just made his decision and moved on..instead he seemed like a panicky girl left on the steps at prom…”joey where is the temper coming from now?”, i have to question his decision because now i dont know if he’s making a move based on rather its the right move for the team or rather its, because he’s having male pms….i hope joe d is making the right move by bringing in a guy like Micheal curry with no track record of coaching or better yet even smelling a championship as a player..to me Avery johnson is the answer, he’s a won a nba championship and coached a team to the nba finals, by beating the defending champs…but who cares who’s the coach in Detroit? with so many spoiled fans, all we think about is winning….(not all but some)… of course winning is everything but isnt being successful enough? …..i can guaransheed you anything memphis,portaland,minnesota,la clippers,milwakee, and even the lions would love to trade teams with us..so whatever the outcome be thankful

  32. Ryan

    TMac would be a great addition for the pistons. He would be a great compliment to… ummm… Arnie Kander! What?!? Cuz he’s gonna be stuck in the inactive list for the entire season because of injuries. C’mon guys, if get Tmac, we shipped in a jinx for another jinx(Saunders) we just shipped out. y’all know joe, he gets underrated and underappreciated players because they play with passion that he is so associated well with.

  33. Feruw

    “We have the best starting 5 in the league, and the deepest bench.”

    If that is an actual quote from Dumars, and he is about to break up the pieces, then he’s either lying about the talent he’s accumulated here, or he’s just plain ignorant and he would prove that by breaking up what he himself calls “the best starting 5”

    Change for the sake of change is incredibly stupid. Everyone wants instant gratification. People talk about him not wanting to hit the panic button. Guess what, he’s already worn that thing out in the span of a couple interviews. We should all be scared as hell about the ideas going on in his head right now.

    He should either make a number of small changes (maybe 1 starter and a few bench guys), or he should clear the whole damn thing out and start from scratch. (Maybe that will clear off some room on this bandwagon)

    It was a good run while it lasted. I’d like to see it continue, but you don’t trade perennial all stars who’ve got you where you have, for unproven guys who may never find the chemistry you’ve built up for so long.

  34. Detroit 2hot 2 handle

    Two Words:

    Love It!

    He is like a guy that wants the best, dosen’t rest until he found the best. I love that.

    Dumars is the real deal! ANIMAL

  35. DarrensAngelRose

    I have to say Joe Dumars is one of the best executives in the league in terms of decision making and making everyone accountable. I would hate to see any of the starting 5 go but if Dumars feels its needed, he will not do so without getting something equally good in return. I am sure he’ll listen to reasonable offers and won’t pull the trigger on a bad choice.

    I am also looking forward to the youth movement. I hope Joe keeps Rodney Stuckey, Arron Affalo, Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson around – with a bit of time and a bit of patience, those guys will be future starters playing 30 to 40 minutes a night, and perhaps one of them could be an All Star too. They all have potential from what I’ve seen of them.

    Lindsey – I’d love to see him in the front office or in a coaching job (head or assistant) as he’s been a great mentor to the Detroit backcourt players.

    Jarvis – he was ok but too much of a liability at times. Good guy but he isnt consistent enough.

  36. Ryan

    Im watching Joe D’s press conference now and I’m getting this funny feeling like I’m looking at Samuel L. Jackson. LOL!

  37. Danafesto

    it doesn’t sound like you were listening to what he was saying. he’s absolutely not going to flatten the whole thing and start over with young inexperienced guys. he gave examples all over of how that didn’t work.

    it’s not change for the sake of change. it’s change for the sake of mixing it up with a few new people to wash the “contentment” as he put it, out of them.

    he said they were the best because of their talent together, and being good enoung but still they didn’t close the deal for lack of urgency.

    getting that close 3 years in a row and flopping each time IS a reason for change. Pushing panic buttons would have been to make this decision last year.

    I don’t think there’s a time I’ll ever be “scared as hell about the ideas going on in his mind.” Seriously. He said he’s seen enough. I don’t second guess him.

  38. Feruw

    danafesto, you make a number of good points, but why is it that Joe is seen unendingly as being responsible for Detroit’s successes but not at all seen as responsible for their failures.

    I can’t think of a single other General Manager in any sport that has been through 5 coaches(4 so far, and 1 to come) and still held their own job.

    He wants everyone to be accountable, but what mistakes has he publicly taken responsibility for.

  39. Steve






  40. Danafesto

    Bandwagoning is not a made up word. Check the dictionary.

    Joe is having male PMS? Shouldn’t get away with “firing” coaches? He fired Rick for LB. That was the right thing. LB wasn’t fired, if you remember. Now Flip is being fired. He seems pretty consistent to me.

    And I think he does own up to his mistakes, the only example I can think of is Darko right now.

  41. Travis

    Feruw said…

    “We have the best starting 5 in the league, and the deepest bench.”

    This wasn’t a quote from Joe D it was a TRUE statement made by me. If anyone can find a better 13 player rotation then tell me. Ya we might not have won since 2004, but no other team has the roster that we do. We have a GREAT combination of experience, youth, hunger, versatility, etc.

    Only teams with comparable roster are ::::

    Spurs – Old , lost hunger, roster only has 7 or 8 “players”.

    Boston – roster isn’t that deep, lucky to have 2 offseason gifts

    LA – 2nd best roster in NBA. Kobe is currently the best player in world. Not to mention Zen Master overseeing

    NO – no bench players which killed them this year. CP3 is the Next big NBA player if he isn’t already.

    Mavs, Suns, Magic, Nugs, Rockets, 76’ers, Jazz, Cavs, Warriors – current rosters will never let these teams win.

    No other team in the playoffs could have survived losing their captain/ starting pg/ leader as long as we did. That was credit to our bench and Stuckey.

    LA and Boston were lucky that filler teams (MIN, SEA, MEM) gave up all stars. If LA didn’t get Gasol, Boston doesn’t get 2 all-stars, neither team would be in the Finals

  42. Natalie Sitto


    Joe D is doing noting but his job and don’t think Mr. Davidson didn’t have a hand in ALL of the coach firings. He doesn’t get involved much in things that don’t concern money but he will not watch his team lose when he thinks someone is at fault.

    I personally thought Flip did an admirable job in the regular season, but that doesn’t win Championships and isn’t that what we are all about.

  43. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora


    Thanks for clarifying the points :o). The Pringles thing, my bad! What was I thinking? But hey, I’ve had worse blunders in the past (Charlotte Hornets, anybody?). I had no idea of the “Showtime at the Afflalo” (the pitfalls of not being closer to the action, I guess), but I love it!!!!

    And I agree with you on the Rip thing. That’s why I made the caveat of playing devil’s advocate. I still believe as you do that Rip shouldn’t go anywhere. He’s more than proven his worth. Plus, masked men belong in Detroit… Rip is just building on the legacy of Big Bill!

    Also, Natalie and all you should take a look at Stephen A. Smith’s article about Joe D’s decision to give Curry the keys… Stephen A. thinks it’s brilliant! here’s the link:

  44. joejoejoe

    Natalie – You must be happy to hear Joe D. say that stuff about Rasheed hugging Garnett is BS and have Joe D. point out that Rasheed “guarded the hell” out of Dwight Howard.

    “Everybody is on the table” somehow means “Rasheed is the problem” to most pundits. I don’t get it. Joe Dumars is pretty clear. I’m not sure why people just don’t report what Dumars says and leave it at that.

  45. Feruw

    Consider this though…the largest argument about firing Flip is that the players didn’t respect Flip.

    If that’s the case why would you bring in someone who’s never coached before (like Curry) or failed at it (like Porter.) Those are two guys who certainly wouldn’t command respect

  46. thagoodlifereviews

    Wow, lots of comments since I lats posted mine up! lol

    First off, sheed never ever ever was the problem. The reason why his name is coming up in talks is for the soul reason that he has one year left on his contract, and ever since Larry Brown left, he hasn’t played the same…

    In my humble opinion, I really dislike Porter, never really liked him as an assistant coach either. However, I do like Michael Curry, the guy brings back the old days, and knows what to do.

    Now with trade talks, I believe someone said Shawn Marion is not hungry and would be terrible on this team. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!? the guy is a beast. His transition from defense to offense is as good as Prince’s is right now. The guy can run the court, and if he was on a team that had a shot at the championship, he would be motivated to step up his game even more. “The Matrix” would fit in nicely into detroit’s type of game, and while he already is a star player, his ability to become even better is a scary thought.

    I was looking at some stuff on the web, and I have come to a pretty simple conclusion. There is going to be a shake up, no doubt, but I figure that Joe D already knows what he is going to do. I am not saying Sheed is gone for the way he played, rather he is in the final year of his contract, and will be a free agent soon. That being said, I am sure a team like ATL (ironic that i say this team, as he was once on their squad for a day or so), SAC, WASH, and other teams looking for depth at Center/PF would be more than happy to trade for the guy. The problem is that while Sheed can be “SHEED” sometimes, there is really no one I can think of who will supply us with what he did.

    My biggest problem with these trade talks is that there really isnt much to say. There is no one really worth trading for out there… I mean we could go for a SG, PG, but its not worth it, Chauncey plays well and Hamilton runs our team. Those two in my opinion have solidified their jobs. Prince is a Joe D favourite, and I personally like the Palace Prince. The thing is that His jump shot is ineffective. With that comes his stellar D, which I love. So we’ll see, He has a sick hook shot and turn around shot, but he should try and become more of an inside player rather than outside. I think the Pistons should try and move him to PF for a little bit, and see what he does. He has the length to guard a PF, but the question is, does he have the strength to play down there on the Offensive end? I think so, but we’ll see if that ever happens.

    Here are my predictions:
    Number ONE:
    If we trade one of the starting five, expect either 1 – 2 players, or a high draft pick and 1 or 2 players. None of are starters are going to be leaving the team for a NOBODY. Joe D isn’t dumb

    Number TWO:
    Curry will be the pistons next coach. Porter is as good as done here, he will be in Phoenix by next week. Lindsay Hunter (if he retires) will be the new assistant manager here in Detroit.

    Number THREE:
    Role players like Stuck, Affalo, Hermann, Max, and Amir will be back next year. Expect Jarvis to make an exit and look to search the FA this offseason. Juan Dixon is a scorer, would love to see him back, but he could be included as trade bait against other teams…we’ll see, if he doesn’t get traded, I would like him to come back in the red/white/blue next year. And lastly, you all have forgotten about our third pick from last years draft. Cheik Samb. The GUY IS HUGE! and looks like one day, he could possibly be a monster. I would look for him and Amir to each have to split time coming off the bench.

    Folks, this starting 5 era was goin to come to an end soon. We have young guns in the wing, and you have to make room for them. Stuck will be great one day, Affalo will one day be playing more minutes. Amir is a for sure starter when he gets everything down. Cheik Samb could be huge off the bench or starting at a SF or PF position. Max will be great, and we all know it. THE FUTURE IS NOW! Lets see who Detroit takes in this years draft. I heard it will end up being this guy from Ausie who plays like Elton Brand, and is a big guy. He apparently can either play PF or C, which is what the team would need. I would like to see the young lineup come into starting positions by 2-3 years from now. Maybe 2-5, but we will see. All i know is that all this fretting over breaking up the five is kinda redic, especially considering it was bound to happen within the next 5-7 years anyways. LOL

    OH, AND BY THE WAY: I have heard from an inside source that the CAVS will likely be getting Michael Redd. This would be huge, and I know you are all going to say, “they have been saying that for the past 4 years, but from what I understand, it is going to be going down. This could be a huge threat to the Pistons, and would probably either encourage Joe D to make a big deal, or leave the starting 5 the way it is, and look to draft some young kids who will be good in the future.

    Thats The Thing I Love About Joe D, Always Thinking About The Future.

    Peace out for now, let me know what ya’ll think!

  47. Nate

    Stuckey’s amazing play in the playoffs put Chauncey at the top of players most likely to be traded.


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