What Could Have Been

by | Jun 1, 2008 | 49 comments

The Detroit Pistons 2008 Finals Ticket
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It wasn’t in the cards for our boys this season, six trips to the Eastern Conference Finals and one glorious Championship is what they have to show for it. Pretty impressive, just ask anyone in Charlotte, Seattle, or Memphis if you don’t think so.

If you are like me, it’s all a bit surreal right now. In fact I was in a bit of a daze driving home after the game Friday night and the whole thing honestly didn’t hit me until today.

It’s not quite the feeling that I felt when we lost to the Spurs in game seven and it honestly didn’t hurt as much as the ride home from the Pistons Game Five loss to Cleveland last season. Why, I don’t know. Maybe I have gotten spoiled and used to underaveivement

The Detroit Pistons 2008 Finals Ticket
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I am completely blown away, not that they didn’t get to The Finals. I can’t believe that they didn’t win Game Five. I was sure it was going to go Seven and at that point it really was a tossup who would come out victorious.

Boston is a great team and they deserve to get credit for what they did this season and how they took us down in the playoffs. Good luck to them. I’ll watch these Finals for the pure basketball enjoyment of it, no investment in either team.

The Detroit Pistons 2008 Finals Ticket
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Funny how confident I was headed to the game and how quickly things changed when the opening buzzer was growing close. As I followed text messages and comments during the game many Pistons fans were calling for Sheed to do something….anything and what we got was nothing.

It started from the his body language as I watched the warm ups. It followed during the introductions when he didn’t get ready for his ritual with Rip in the corner. It was extremely awkward when he didn’t do the pre-game dance, he just stood in the circle and looked around and then did a bit of knee slapping with the rest of the crew. He didn’t hug KG like he had throughout the series, maybe because of all the slack he was getting. Most disturbing, he didn’t rally the crowd before the jump ball like he has been doing FOR YEARS.

I knew it was going to be bad, but I hoped for the best.

I thought maybe it was just me, but it seems even more disturbing things unfolded behind the scenes with Sheed.

The Detroit Pistons 2008 Finals Ticket
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This run is over , things will change, we just don’t really know what those things will be. Sheed may go, Flip may be gone, Rip could be traded as well as Tay. Things are uncertain…we wait.

And you know what, that’s OK. We’ll ride right on Joe D’s bandwagon and trust that whatever he does with this team is what he thinks is best. Who are we to judge, he’s given us six straight years of glory, excitement and entertainment.

Joe, you’ve spoiled us and for that we thank you. Do what you gotta do, we will follow. If we go through some adversity it’s OK. With adversity brings excellence, any athlete knows that.

Joe, you have given us a true Team, and for that we are most thankful.

The Detroit Pistons 2008 Finals Ticket
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Instead of analyzing trade talks or looking at the free agents, I’ll wait for Joe’s moves and go from there. When Joe was on court you could always trust him with the last shot, he’s got the ball now and I am sure he’ll hit the bottom of the net for us.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and ESPN

Get ready for the shakeup that we all knew was coming if this team didn’t make the Finals.

It’s not over Piston fans…….it’s The Beginning!

Stay tuned.

P.S. Please stop with the website name change suggestions. 40 in 2 days is more than I can handle and I know more will come if I don’t mention it. I know you mean well, but Sheed or no Sheed there will always be a Need4Sheed.com. The name stays even if the player doesn’t. Who doesn’t have a Need4Sheed anyway? It’s an attitude and a lifestyle and plenty of good times.


  1. ayjay009

    i think SHEED and TAY are in the line.JOE will keep dyes,billups and hamilton for sure!!.stuckey is surely staying!as well as max.i dont know about the others!..but FLIP?i dont have a guess on him!!no matter whats gonna happen, DETROIT PISTONS all the way babyyyyyyyy!!


  2. The Fluidics

    Well spoken Natalie.
    The Pistons made consitstent excellence look effortless.

    it’s easy to take a lottery team and make them a contender, just look at Boston for that.
    It’s really tought ot take a contender, and make them two wins better. That’s all we are really looking at, becoming two wins better. How do you even guage how to make a team two wins better? What parts do you change, or tweak, to improve by TWO WINS?

    When the team is at this level, you honestly can’t complain much about missed opportunities. If they never hung a banner, it would be a different story. But you have that from this team, expecting them to win a championship every season is unrealistic, to expect an NBA finals every year is unrealistic. Than doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hope and cheer for it, but don’t get too wrapped up, it’s only a game, it’s nothing to lose sleep over. You always want the best, but it’s not always gonna work out like that. Only one teams fans go home happy at the end of the season.

  3. renee

    What how can you even say that Rip is going to be traded…dont even say that, because rip is not going to be traded….he will keep dyess, billups and rip for sure as his core guys…but hopefully he will also keep sheed and Tay but forsure he will keep billups, rip and dyess…dont even say that rip or billups will be gone because that is not going to happen….we dont know what is going to happen lets hope that Joe dumars doesnt make alot of changes…I SAY CHANGE THE COACH!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mustafa


    I personally believe that it was wrong for the players to react how they reacted against Rasheed Wallace for being friendly with KG. KG & Rasheed have a lot in common. Their personalities are similar and so is their game. Of course Rasheed is a better shooter from the 3 point line and KG seems to be a better player in the post but the two love to post and shoot long shots!

    Them being friends or friendly does not concern me as much as it concerned lindsey hunter. I mean it seems very disturbing that the players had a problem with his approach with KG.

    In all reality I would be pissed if my teammates were stating some non-sense about me in front of the media. I do what I do because I am a person of my own and I do what I feel is right. Why would others question my relationship with another player from the opposing team… You have the right to question my game on the court and team play but why question me for “SHAKING or HUGGING some guy that respects me and I respect him” because we both play the game with emotions!

    ^ That’s how I feel in regards to Wallace.

    And I like to make one thing clear.

    I know majority of people keep stating that Wallace needs to get out of Detroit and Detroit needs to pick up Elton Brand or another player to take over his position.

    If that happened. The Detroit Pistons will no longer be that team they were this season. Rasheed Wallace is a key player in our defense and offense although he under-performed in game 6 but he sure got an advantage over most players in the NBA!

    To get rid of him and go for another guy that can’t do half the things he can do is a loss to this organization.

    My simple advice would be to get a new coach and that will bring a new mind-set.

    Joe-D needs to invite Rasheed Wallace over his house and have a long discussion about Rasheed’s role with the Pistons. If Joe-D can do that and have this talk with Rasheed Wallace and also have a talk with the players that complained about his friendliness with KG than I’m sure we will have a great season in 09 with a new coach!

    Over-All. Rasheed Wallace seemed very upset about what took place and he has the right to be upset. He should have brought his A GAME to game 6 but I’m guessing what took place behind close doors really messed with his head. If you got other thoughts running in your head while your in a game. Of course, you won’t perform as well as you usually do.


  5. mobius909

    they need tay for defense. period.

    sheed is the only one we don’t “need”. he’s supposedly the “best player on the team”, however he’s had two straight years of playoff meltdowns. it’s bad when the “heart and soul of your team” stops beating in critical moments.

    we need to get something substantial for him while he still has marketable value. in a few years he will be considered “old”, not to mention the baggage that goes along with him. now is prime time for a hungry team to get a multi-faceted player that is (at times) unguardable in the post or to stretch out the defense to clear up the lanes for a penetrating guard.

    to answer the question, “how do you improve by two games?” you get players that stay focused and hungry, not cocky and distracted.

    the rookies need some more growth time. maybe amir and samb are part of the solution. trade sheed to chicago for their #1 pick and shock the world, hahaha. they love our leftovers.

  6. mobius909

    btw, isaiah used to kiss magic before every game… how is that different? and why isn’t boston pissed at kg for doing the same thing? also, why doesn’t chauncey act that way to kg.? they’re closer than sheed is.

  7. justsayno5526105

    Agreed. I like Flip, but I’m calling for his job. This team has been just as good, if not better than the two years Larry Brown was coach, and he got us to the Finals both years. I like Flip, but he seems to have an inability to make adjustments in big games. Sheed was off. It was obvious to everybody. You don’t play him like Flip did late in the 4th when he’s playing like that. Period. You bench him and take his bickering because it is the right call. I honestly think the best thing for us would have been if Sheed had picked up his 6th foul midway through the quarter. You can’t expect someone to “get going” with three minutes left when you’re behind in an elimination game. This is one of many misteps I think Flip made this series, and he should suffer the consequences. We have a very padded bench that was underused (Maxey in game 5,) and Flip just can’t seem to inspire confidence in these boys at crucial moments. Don’t get me started on the decision not to double Lebron in game 5 last year.

    And Boston is a good team, but it is embarrassing that Atlanta and Cleveland beat them all three of their home games, and we couldn’t win two. Just freaking embarrassing.

    But I love our boys, and it would make a devastating season worse if Joe made huge roster changes. They all have to stay. And I don’t think Tay’s in danger because he was our rock the first two series, and other people are going to have to step up at some point. Because Tay, God bless him, isn’t Kobe or Lebron, and he isn’t going to get it done single-handedly. I’d hate to be Joe D if he’s debating trading Sheed. What a tough decision. If he did trad Sheed at this point, it would be like firing family. You can’t fire family for a couple of bad games. But you can fire the manager who has performed consistently poorly during your busiest time of the year.

    I WANT AVERY JOHNSON! Plain and simple. Dallas didn’t stand a chance against Golden State last year, no matter what what anybody says. I pulled for Golden State to get the 8th seed and put money on the series when they did. Our fate against that team last year would have been much the same. The Mavs should have made a better run against New Orleans, but that team isn’t built for playoff basketball like we are. Plus I think Avery can relate to our players better than Flip, and our players can relate to him better than the Dallas team. i think Joe D and Avery would have a better relationship than Avery and Cuban or Joe and Flip. I don’t mean that in a racist way, but I’ve been writing for a while, and I don’t want to go into it all. Anybody with me on Avery?

  8. illmatic774

    beautifully written piece.

    personally i hope Sheed hits the first train out of Detroit (his head is NOT right) but i can definitely agree that there are many more people to blame. Where was Dice these past two games? Where was Max everywhere besides Game 4? Tayshaun proving why he’ll never be more than a 4th option, ever.

    Chauncey IMO had a gutsy performance and i can take solace in that, i guess.

  9. The Fluidics

    I think Sheed is getting a bad rap on this whole hugging business, and so is Lindsey and Rip.

    It’s not like Lindsey called a presser to rip Sheed a new one, he was asked a question in an interview, light hearted, and answered it honestly. I don’t think he, or his teammates, were sore about it, but I do think it may have gotten to Sheed’s head, since the hug didn’t happen again.
    I can’t knock #10 for answering a question asked of him.

  10. Bryan

    Mustafa — I agree that, if we move Sheed, this will be a different team than what we had this year. Or last year. Or the year before. Coincidentally, we didn’t win championships any of those years. Thus, I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing.

    You argue that Sheed plays great defense. That’s a tough contention to argue one way or the other because it’s difficult to measure statistically. Brand plays great defense, too. You can quote me on that. So… where do we go from here?

    Did he dominate any of the series this year? I agree, he sounds upset about what happened in game 6. This sounds remarkably similar to the way he felt after game 6 last year. And the way he felt after we lost to Miami (arguably because his ankle was hurt). And the way he felt after he left Horry wide open for that 3 in game 5 of the finals in 2005. I’m noticing a pattern here.

    He averaged 12.7 points and 6.6 rebounds this season. Those aren’t exactly world-beater numbers. He shoots the three, which is nice, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that a more consistent low post game would be a welcome addition to the Pistons offense.

    I love Sheed. I love the fire he brings on occasion. He is very talented. But I see a correlation between the fact that Sheed will not get into the hall of fame because he didn’t live up to his talent, and the fact that the Pistons only have one championship because they didn’t live up to their collective talent in losing to inferior teams (i.e., Cleveland and Miami) and in losing to teams that were not clearly superior (i.e., San Antonio).

    He is in the last year of his contract. He is getting old. I vote move him, and if we can get a much younger Elton Brand, it would be a mistake to not pull the trigger. We’re not aiming for consistent very good-ness. Greatness is the goal. Complacency doesn’t get you there.

  11. illmatic774

    i could care less about the hugging, but something was hampering his emotions, and it looks like HES the one that plays the “buddy ball” that Rip referenes to. he actually put it on himself racking all those T’s (other than his last bogus ones). i was waiting for that damn pre-game dance and i was a bit shocked when we got nothing. i have a friend that told me a couple years back that he thought when Sheed got up to that podium with the WWF belt, getting another ship would be unlikely.

    he just appears to be an extremely easy player to rattle. remember that is supposed to be a huge chink in KG’s armor. and despite Chauncey’s smugness off the court, it actually helps him on the court because he never loses his composure in tight spots.

  12. Bryan

    Fluidics — I think your question is a bit misleading. We’re looking at 6 wins better. And it’s a pretty consistent 6 wins (in that we’ve needed 6 the last three years). The core of this group is getting up there in age. It’s not going to improve on its own (yes, I know Tay has been said to have upside, but the guy is 28… it’s a little late in the day to change your spots at that point). The bench should improve, but the other teams are not going to be standing still, and the more the bench improves the more difficult it will be to keep them here. The only solace I take is in the fact that we’re not in the western conference, where it seems like every team has a blindingly bright future. If you assume that teams like Orlando, Chicago, Cleveland and Toronto will continue to improve (obviously not a given) or that Boston will be able to continue playing at a high level for a few more years, you probably need 7-10 more wins. Not to mention that the Pistons still have to beat a western team in the finals. Now you’re talking a significant upgrade. I mean, how much do you have to improve one player to increase your win total by 6 games against high level competition (you’re not playing the 76ers or the Hawks in the finals), let alone 7-10? Seems like it would be a lot to me.

  13. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    This is just my opinion from what I have seen and heard from Rasheed in the past year or so… I think he is so fed up with the way the games are officiated that he really can’t get his mind right and play his game. It’s almost like he feels defeated before he even steps on the floor. You can see the frustration on his face, and in his eyes – like he just wants to tell them all to go to hell and walk away from it altogether. The guy is emotional and although he CAN contain it with some effort, he just can’t play his game when he’s all bottled up like that. We’ve all seen it. I honesly don’t see Mr. Wallace choosing to play in the NBA too far into his “old age” unless a lot of things change. It doesn’t help when some of the refs are busted for gambling and the league admits that some of the rules need to be changed and then fine him for saying something about it in public. They are basically admitting that he is right, but punishing him for his honesty anyway. I wish he could just go out there and play his game no matter what because that would make a much bigger impression on those people than anything he could ever say… let his game do the talking for him in other words.

    As far as dealing with the media is concerned, I think he truly believes that the media is biased (who here doesn’t feel that way?) and he has no respect for them so doesn’t feel obligated to give them a chance to make him look like an ass. The media has to hype the shit out of everything and they interpret things in their own way. All of them are aware of Rasheed’s rep and they know if they can jump on him when he’s in “a mood” they might get something they can use. If I was Rasheed, I know I wouldn’t want to have a camera in my face or answer a bunch of dumbass questions after the most disappointing game of the season either.

    Look, I am not trying to defend him or say that his antics and attitudes don’t hurt this team sometimes. I am just trying to say that I think I understand why he is the way he is sometimes. I get pissed at him too when he gets in foul trouble and spouts off. I was really pissed at him over the meltdown and ejection in the playoffs last year… the thing is I was jumping around and swearing my fool head off right along with him so I guess I can say I have a little sympathy for him mixed in with my anger and disappointment.

    I know a lot of people are going to say that he is a professional and he should act accordingly. A lot of people are going to say that the other guys in the league feel the same frustration and they keep their cool at critical moments – play above it. To those people, let me just say that I agree with you all. Bad calls are part of the game and you need to learn to play above it when you are part of a team. He’s also a human being before he’s a basketball player and most human beings are born with emotions. Pretty obvious that Rasheed Wallace was born with emotions and he let’s everyone know. I just hope that someday he can learn to deal with them in a different way because I don’t want to see him go. With a reputation like his, he is almost always going to get the stinky end of the dog so he may as well get used to it and find a way to deal.

    Bottom line is the calls are going to be bad sometimes, there will be some bickering on the team sometimes (although I don’t really believe that the hugging thing was what got in his head) Rasheed has got to learn to deal with these truths and still be productive. He isn’t only taking his frustrations out on the refs and the league officials, he’s taking it out on his team mates and his fans… and he is hurting himself as well. He needs to get it together or else… I don’t know. I am so torn because I don’t want to lose him, but I can see where his lack of self-control is going to continue to hurt this team. AHHH!!!

    I didn’t mean for this to get so long – apologies.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  14. pixelsandlayers

    Not changing the site’s name would be awkward and ridiculous if he gets traded. “Attitude” my ass.

  15. lyndakay

    Mustafa, thank you for thinking like I do about this guy and for expressing it so very, very well.

  16. UtesFan89

    Not to draw in bad comments or anything, but I have to ask…
    if the team was trading Rip, what would they look for in return?

    Not that he’s a guarantee to be gone next season or anything, but there are rumors out there (I know they’re just rumors, but that’s what makes the off-season fun)…

  17. OIG

    Now u all know Sheed and he is a veteran u all know how emotionell he is and u all know he will not change anymore he is too old for that!
    So the only question for Joe D. is can we get it done with Sheed beeing Sheed or not cause like i said he wont change and i hope Sheeds gonna stay with the Pistons cause at the end of the day he is my favourite player and i love his game so i take the negative sides with it and hope that he can play another good season!


  18. Travis

    Tough Times for Pistons fans , but the Red Wings are still going. Hold strong Detroit, we’ll be back stronger than ever next year. We didn’t win the championship this year but our future is brighter than ever with our young core. Stuck, Max, Amir, Afflalo, chiek, there all great players that will soon be in the starting line up. Stuck was VERY impressive this off season, and proved he can play at a big time level.

    Hold Stong Need4Sheed, even if sheed is gone, keep the name and continue to do what you do.

    We should all be thankful for the current CF run. Just think of all the teams that can’t make the playoffs, or didn’t make the playoffs the last 6 years. Be thankful for what we have….it seems like it wasn’t too long ago the Pistons couldn’t make the playoffs. Remember Grant hill or J. Stackhouse years, those are the bad times, not now

  19. Anne1978

    When everyone is talking about Sheed’s days in Detroit is over, I wonder why everybody thinks so. Yes, he is too emotional, he complains to officials way more than his teammates, he doesn’t play hard in some important games (like game 6 of ECF this year) etc. But I still don’t think he needs to be traded as soon as possible just because of those. Look, I am not crazy ok….. Since he has showed that he is easy to feel bored and disinterest during the games, then don’t give him 30 to 35 mins per game. Just let him play 20 to 25 mins in the game by coming off bench, maybe it will be better for him and the team. I think both Sheed himself and his faithful fans need to understand one thing instead of yelling Dumars trade him somewhere in NBA next season, it’s time for Rasheed Wallace to move on from the regular starter to the solid bench contributor based on his current age and basketball skills. Just image what the result will be if Sheed is Maxiell’s backup all next season long?

  20. Asad

    we need some hungry players on our team along the lines of Dyess plus a new coach… i was at the game on friday and i had a feeling we were going to lose i dont know why but there was something i noticed about sheed and tay when they were practicing… not to mention the fact that it was Game 6 of the ECF… we have lost 3 consecutive years in game 6… but we will be back again…

  21. The Fluidics

    As much as I’d like to think that the next step for this team is an NBA championship, I just can’t. This is 3 years straight getting knocked out in the ECF. you can’t win a championship if you can’t get there. Winning the champonship has as much to do with your opponent as it does your own teams makeup. No I think the next step is getting past the ECF, then worry about the finals.

  22. Bryan

    Fluidics — Fair enough. I see your point. However, getting to the finals is still getting BACK there for most of the core of this team. I don’t see the point in trying to improve by 2 wins, then trying to improve by another 4 when you get there. Why can’t they go from losing in the ECF to winning a championship? There isn’t a rule against it. I say, improve the team as much as you can. Aim for a championship. I don’t think you need “steps.” The Pistons didn’t lose in 2004. The Heat didn’t lose in 2006. The Mavs lost in 2006 and haven’t been close to getting back. The Spurs win every other year. The Cavs went last year; they haven’t taken the next step. Winning a championship is the ideal next step for every team, and planning on getting to the Finals so you can find out where your holes are and fix them for the next year seems like it assumes too much about getting back.

    I’m sure winning a championship is dependent on finals matchup as well, but so is every other round. If Washington had knocked the Cavs off last year, who knows what would have happened? What if Atlanta had knocked off the Celtics? Make the team as talented, as motivated, and as hungry as you can, let the rest take care of itself.

  23. JAckson011

    “Who doesn’t have a Need4Sheed anyway?”

    You can’t be serious about keeping the blog called Need4Sheed if sheed leaves the pistons. Clearly Sheed hurt the pistons this year in the playoffs just like last year. It’s time for him to go and this blog will become dated and non releveant in a few years when nobody even remembers sheed.

  24. claire

    you know what bothers me even more than stupid trade talk? ridiculous speculation about this site and its name.

    For the last freaking time, this is a DETROIT PISTONS fansite. Sure it has Sheed’s name and Sheed is obviously special here, but this site is not solely about him. It’s about the Pistons. So whether Sheed goes or not, this site will still be here and still has this name.

    Even when no one remembers Sheed, they’ll still know the Pistons and that Need4Sheed.com is a great Pistons site.

  25. Travis

    The NBA is a conspiracy!

    Lets look back for a minute…

    04 season pistons beat three time defending champion Lakers. LA was more than stacked that year payton, malone, etc; and with Larry Brown we win the series 4-1. Great win. Pistons got the calls their way because we were the NBA’s Fresh/ Highlight team.

    05 season Spurs pull out 7 game series with VERY questionable calls throughout the series. LB leaves Pistons and in comes Flip Saunders( who still hasn’t won a Conference Final). Manu Ginobli is garbage and his game made me sick, and he’s ugly.

    06 season Pistons BARELY get by lebron ( NBA poster child #1) in 7 games. Then Shaq and D-Wade ( NBA poster child #2) beat us in 6 games. D-Wade was on the line the entire series. NBA got the result they were looking for.

    07 season it was the Lebron show. He to took over and when it mattered he got to the line. We all remember his solo performance that sealed their win. The NBA got what they wanted and put Lebron in the Finals. But there’s only so much the NBA can do and when you put a solo act in the Finals, your gonna get swept.

    08 season the big 3 vs kobe, Celtics vs Lakers. Both were the major stories throughout the season. The big three, “can they win? can they mold? is kg good enough?” And all the sportscenter commercials. Then there was kobe, from his trade demands, to ripping the Lakers organization, to doggin his teammates, to Youtube videos, to Pau Gasol, to MVP. Then magically both teams make it to the Finals. It will be interesting to see what happens, my prediction is Kobe and the Lakers in 6 games.

    I feel for Rasheed. I’ve watched every playoff game since his acquisition and he doesn’t get the calls. He’s not the image that the NBA is trying to portray, which is sad and pathetic. The NBA wants to put positive role models at its highest stage at all costs.

    I will always watch the NBA but theres some things they need to fix. Rasheed knows more than most and sees things from a different point of view. I believe what he says and agree with he displeasure towards the NBA. The whole deal with former referee Tim Donaghy is sketch. The fact that David Stern/ NBA want to discard this topic is ludicrous. They think its an isolated case but in reality its just finding the tip of an iceberg. Sheed was the one that wanted to fight Donaghy in the parking structure after a game in portland.

  26. iloveblaha01

    It seems to me that Sheed’s personality wasn’t being allowed to show through this series. I mean, Sheed is extremely social, likes to have fun, and is very passionate.. and taking away those qualites leaves us with.. someone else. Not the real Sheed. You can’t really expect someone to be at their best when who they are is being taken away. I agree that he should control his emotions sometimes, but Sheed’s emotions are what makes him Sheed. So when you take away his ability to chat with friends (Garnett.. I don’t think Lindsey and Rip did anything wrong… I can understand that they saw Garnett as the competition and they wanted Sheed to see the Celtics as the enemies for the duration of the series, but I think the fact that the media and everyone made such a big deal out of it got him mad.)and when you give him stupid technicals and fouls it’s like he can’t get into the game. He can’t be passionate and driven in the game because the refs won’t let him. So maybe he felt that he couldn’t go out there and get things done and have fun like he would normally. I really do love Sheed, I think he’s hilarious.. I suppose he’s just going to have to figure out how to ignore people that are against him. Take it with a grain of salt. Whatever Joe decides is what Joe decides. And we will just have to get used to it. But I really have liked all these guys together. They seem like such good friends.

    On a different note, I don’t understand why Flip didn’t play Maxiell more! He was doing a fabulous job while he was on the court, yet Flip didn’t seem to want to give him the minutes he deserved. I mean, we could have really used his spark. I suppose he had his reasons.. and I know I don’t have a fraction of the basketball knowledge he has, but it seemed like an obvious choice for me. Also, I really hope Rip isn’t traded. He’s one person we can really count on most of the time to go out there and get it done. And I think breaking up he and Chauncey would be a bad idea. They can basically read eachother’s minds. But I don’t think you can positively say that Joe won’t trade him. Even last year before this most recent disappointment he said no one was untouchable. So I’m assuming that’s even more true in the current situation.

  27. ric

    i think its unfair to single out a person on whos responsible for the loss, it doesn’t matter who? but for conversation purposes, heres my take on sheed.


  28. ripcity1

    I’m with ya, Nat. I had a hard time even thinking about it the last few days. I don’t even know if I can watch the Finals. I’ll be sick if Perkins & Posey (#2!) get a ring. It’ll be interesting to see what Joe D. does with his – our – team. Just as long as he doesn’t fire Flip AND hire Jeff Van Gundy. He repulses me. I’d ALMOST rather of heard – ack! – Walton during the playoffs. But come what may, when November rolls around, I’ll be watching and cheering on our boys in blue. Keep up the great work!

  29. Danafesto

    Hey Natalie

    I understand about the name of the site, and how you wouldn’t change it even if Rasheed wasn’t a Piston anymore. Some people wonder how that would work, but I get it.

    I named my puppy (still only a 6 pound yorkie) Ben Wallace during the 2005 finals. People got the ironic joke of naming something so small for Big Ben. And he was my very very favorite Piston at the time, even though he was criticized even more with Flip’s offensive than with LB’s.

    But when he went to Chicago, almost everyone was SHOCKED that I wasn’t changing my dog’s name to Chauncey, or Tay-tay, or something like that. They said, “What, so are you a Bulls fan now?” Of course not.

    When you name something after a favorite, it’s unconditional. Sure favorites may change with time, but you don’t re-write the fact that it WAS your favorite. You keep the name. True favorites run deep.

    I had to explain over and over that it was the Big Ben spirit, the fro, the underdogness, the barbershop commercial, the consecutive defensive player awards, the championship, the personality, the heart, that I named my dog for.

    All anyone could see was the fact that “he left us for money” or “he doesn’t even have to be guarded anymore”.

    And yeah, he’s not the player he once was, and currently he’s not on “my” team. I hate the Cavs but I don’t ascribe hate for Ben.

    Because of WHO he was, when he WAS on my team, THAT’s the big deal about keeping his name.

    Same with Sheed.

  30. Richie

    I made this comment on the last post, but wanted to restate it, in case it was unseen, as it appears is was:

    I have already said that I’m sick of these trade talks but I am becoming furiously sick of them as the continue. They are nothing but pesimism. We’re talking about a team that was 2 wins away from the finals, and 8 wins away from winning the championship. Now we selfish “fans” have the nerve to insult the team by asking that it be blown up with its key components altered. Greatful fans would say, “thanks for the great season, fella’s” and move on, happy with the years of effort, but instead we pay back our team by complaining, not to mention walking out on them with over 3 minutes to go in game 6 when they were only down 6 points.
    Nobody was dumping on Chauncey last year when he was a free agent and we were begging him to stay.
    Nobody was dumping on Tay when he was shooting over 70% in the first two rounds of the playoffs and putting the team on his back. Not to mention when he was pinking up the slack whenever a regular starter couldn’t play during the season.
    Nobody was dumping on Rasheed while he was pulling us out of a 24 point dephicet on the road against golden state, or when he was sinking over 100 3 pointers and blocking over 100 shots during the regular season.
    Nobody was dumping on Rip for not being good at creating his own shot while he was shooting over 48% from the field and 44% for 3-pointers this season.

    “Lead us from the fire Joe”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? What fire?! How is not winning the championships every year “the fire”? That’s the most ungrateful BS of a motto I’ve ever heard. How about “thank you for the last six years of glory, Joe?”

    So how about we all take some time to think before we start ranting about what changes need to be made and show some grattitude.

  31. Jess

    I know one thing’s for sure. I will not be watching these finals. For what? To give Stern a smile on how well the ratings are? He can kiss my ass!

    On the topic of SHEED. I love the guy. He brought a lot of great moments and memories to this team. He is and always will be my FAVORITE PISTON!! I had to see any of them go but I know this year we’ll definitely be seeing a lot of changes.

    And for those of you who think this sites name should be changed, why bother? It is what it is and the name obviously stays and Im glad.

    Like Nat said, who doesnt have a NEED4SHEED?

  32. Jess

    I meant to say “I hate to see any of them go…”

  33. mannie32

    i agree with RedWhite_N_Awesome … not that in anyway it makes it opkay for wallace or if he’s even right… but he seemed so pissed off with refs in game 6 that i dont think he cared… i almost think he was trying to prove a point… i SERIOUSLY was thinking he might be thinking retiring… i have a feeling he hates the NBA… so we’ll see what happens here… if he doesnt retire this year, i really wouldnt be suprised if he retires next year when his contract is up and he stays home with the family for some peace and quiet

  34. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks for all you who support the non Name change, for those who can’t understand..the door is open for you to come here or not. I’m not forcing anyone.

    Plus, you have no Idea the amount of work it would take to change the domain name. Nobody really thinks about that part, all the google, and yahoo references are gone, let alone the people who have linked to the site and the name recognition it already had.

    Plus, the man has put a smile on my face countless times and for that I pay homage.

    With that said…

    Piston fan for life.

  35. World of Isaac

    nat, don’t let em bring you down

  36. K-Han

    you guys need to understand that paul pierce did a crazy good job on tay. Everyone’s acting like he’s the only player that wasn’t good this series. He’s a big reason why we even made it this far. He is probably going to be our go to guy soon and we’re already putting him down. Thats not how piston fans act, come on guys!

  37. Jessi

    First of all why change the name of such a site. sheed is not going to be in the NBA forever and when Nat named the site I think she new that even if she never dreamed how big the site would be ( I am guess that any way Nat)…

    Second I am sad this year is over however I really feel this team was better than last and needs one more chance together why do I say that because last year the broke down did nto have a bench that played this year we played to the end and deleveoped the bench. I really feel that the pistons had no chance of making it to the finals this year mostly in part because of boston, some of it was mentally but it end the way everyone outside of the pistons fans wanted it to a boston lakers show down. I know Joe is propably going to make a change but I think he should keep this team together one more year give them one more change I mean they have made it the ECF 6 years in a row and will be there next year, I say the one big theng we were missing again is a back up SF, I do not blame this on Tay becuase everyone knew tay had trouble against boston in the regular season and he ws going to this playoff, Flip should have know that and had someone to help him out, I am not blaming this on Flip either, I think that this team is a step closer to getting back to the finals we have all the pieces except a good back up SF. I know this won’t happen and I can only wish but I woudl love to see this team next year and should what they can together, max stuckey and aaron will be one more year stonger and our core can start resting and handing it over. I really see a differnt out come next year, this was bostons year they paid the money to get there.

  38. Jessi

    one more point for everyone who wants tay gone please let me remind you with out his play in the first two series the pistons would not have even made it the ECF, and again yes he did not play well in the ECF but it was him for the most part that carried the team there.

  39. Fariduddin

    Nat — well put. i’ve been a Pistons fan since the age of 8 years old (28 now). its been rough being a Pistons fan from Chicago — but i rep the Pistons hard for 20 year… im loyal. no matter who leaves or what Joe D decides, im still going to be a Pistons fan. i must convey — i really hope Tay, Rip, Dyce, Billups, Sheed, Stuck, Max, etc stay…. but the reality is someone might get traded. on the coach side, i really believe that they need a LB. a coach that demands respect and a full trust in the coaching staffs system. Flip appears to be too nice. i know many wouldn’t agree with this, but i wouldn’t mind Isiah Thomas being the coach of the Pistons and maybe L. Hunter on the bench with him. They both have a balance to them and an edge which demands respect. Isiah did a OKAY job for the Pacers… Sheed will always get love on this end. I really feel that Sheed is from a generation of ball players that didn’t have to deal with political bullshit. the game is political and based on money, ratings, advertising, marketing, etc. the game is entertainment!!! i have to say that the refs did do a better job this years in regards to calls. maybe becuz of the ref problems from last year. but game 5 was suspect when Paul P. kept flopping and falling. anyway, the Pistons will be fine and Nat makes a good point concerning Joe D. Joe will make sure the Pistons continue their winning ways…. it doesn’t matter what moves he makes… im a fan of the Team not just an individual player… Peace.

  40. greg


  41. greg

    The only thing i think this team needs to change is on the rebounds and the points in the paint. We were getting outrebounded and outscored in the paint in almost every game. Detroit was way too perimeter for the past few years now and our front line is only averaging 6 to 7 rebounds each per game. The rebounding dilemma showed in the Celtics series. Perkins or anyone on that team had crucial offensive rebounds. Sheed does not need to be traded, just needs to be a bench player and a post-only player. Teams will want him, but they will want more than one starter if something good is comin over here. What Mcdyess said is great. This team is not done. They’re gettin old but the only thing they’re losing is their mental toughness. If there is no mental toughness, then why would any of them want a rebound. I think a free agent or a trade will bring someone that will help for this, like a marcus camby or elton brand or someone that will want to average more than 6 to 7 rebounds.

  42. palaceprince

    i am hoping that whatever joe does it is for the best intrest for the team. I trust joe and everyone should too.

    Lets hope the Red Wings can bring the cup to detroit tonight.

  43. ric

    greg the rebound issue isn’t crucial however, improvement could be done, but just like everywhere else. the rebound meltdown that happened during the ecf is due to the breaking the pistons defense thats causing the frontcourt to help, and lose position to rebound.

  44. justsayno5526105

    I guess leaving long comments with a request for responses kinda leaves you nowhere… Just like the Pistons. So I’ll reiterate: Keep Sheed, Fire Flip.

  45. andyfrombrooklyn

    natalie, great post about keeping the site name. the pistons played hard and damn well all year. this team has nothing to be ashamed about. sheed is a nutter but everybody knows that. he is a sore loser but again, everybody knows that. he is also a real good player with tons of non statistical positive contributions. he sure is funny and entertaining. when was the last time k.g. made any one laugh? this was the celtic’s year. they got the breaks. only one team gets to be champion. as manny ramirez pointed out last year… i can’t remember his exact words…life will go on if we lose, it doesn’t really matter in the big picture. of course the redsox went on to win so…KEEP SHEED< THE PLAYER AND THE NAME...we try again next year.

  46. andyfrombrooklyn

    i am torn about flip. i like him and the record is good but i coaches need to be hardasses or communicate supreme command. larry brown was a sheepdog, always barking, popovich looks perpetually angry and coplike. phil jackson conveys control. riley conveys cool and saavy. poor flip appears bedraggled and worried. constantly challenged by players. not good imagery and aura…still he sure has won a shitload of games.

  47. Piston's #1 fan

    Why is it that they ONLY player that played with passion with the want to win…for every game in the playoffs (Rip) is even thought of as being traded..
    I just do not understand it!
    I want them all to stay.. But if you watch playoff games in the past
    its Rip with the heart…

    He made points this year averg i think at least.20-ish pts per game .. the only player with any sort of consistency…He fought through an injury…he played like he wanted it…

    why would he be the one to go?

    One thing i know for sure..I will be passing on my season tickets this year if Rip is gone… In reality I wont even watch them any more… if they can dump Rip who embodies the thing Joe was looking for at the beginning of the season.. I’m just done… Id watch them take a loss every single year from here on out.. if they really went with the theory that constancy was the truth …What they said they wanted was the truth

    I love this team..I love the thought of the pistons..But it wont be them not winning in the playoffs that will turn me away..It would be the BS they spout about consistency…
    Rip is the one with heart Rip is the one who wanted most next to Stucky& the bench(IMO)

    They might have all wanted it.. but only Rip played like he wanted it and i’ll give cred to the bench they wanmted it too……

    My season pass sales man call this morning…..I said No… call me when Rip’s locked in..other wise don’t bother… I love basketball! I sleep.. eat..wear Pistons…The trade of Rip will just be the last straw…No matter how much I love the Pistons..
    Again i want them all to stay.. Maybe joe will keep them all… But im scared and worried and frustrated…( not at the loss)

  48. andyfrombrooklyn

    totally agree about rip playing hard and well. don’t think he is on the block. don’t worry.

  49. Belal

    today is a sad day in pistons history. this will lead to our downfall…


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