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by | May 31, 2008 | 62 comments

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“I don’t want to be no ring-chaser, I don’t want to be moving team to team being a ring-chaser. I can’t do that. If I have to do that, I would definitely give it up. I mean, if I stay on this team another couple of years, we still have a chance, we just got to put our heart into it and do it.” Via Fanhouse

The quote came from MW at Fanhouse but I suggest you head over there and read the entire piece.

I mentioned that I was upset the Pistons didn’t accomplish their final task, but most of all I was devastated for Dyess.


  1. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Ok that is it Ive had it. Antonio McDyess is now my favorite player in the league. I hate when old guys just sign on to contenders and get a garbage ring. I love Antonio McDyess. I almost want to cry reading this.

    Anywho, I hate to say it, but I think Sheed and Flip will be gone next season, and possibly even Dyess. I think Dumars wants to shift something around, keeping some of the core intact, and try to inject enough life to give us the final push. I don’t want to see Sheed go at all, when he does eventually leave Detroit, it will be one of the saddest days of my life.

  2. Richie

    My heart goes out to #24.
    If Amir reads this, I certainly hope he lets Dyess know how much we love and appreciate him for his heart and effort. I too am moving him into the “favorite player in the league” catagorie.

  3. pistons4life122

    Awwww, that’s soooo sad =[

    I hate to say this, but I am 100% sure Sheed is out. I Think Stuck and Maxi are great! Jarvis has to go. He is awfully inconsistant.

    Chauncey and Rip for sure are staying.

    I’m not so sure about Tayshaun…
    And I really want to keep Dyess.

    I’m going to hate this whole summer knowing we could of won. It’s going to be a longgggggggggg summer/fall!

  4. baggtara

    This team has gone as far as they can go with the current roster. Rasheed needs to go and Flip needs to follow. They need more players with heart like McDyees. He wants to win. He has overcome many obstacles to get this close so many times and lose. They need a coach who can get the best out of the talent, not one who is their “buddy”. With their experience, they should have won the east.

  5. riphamcuz32

    all i can say is that this was a mental breakdown on the pistons. i am truly sad for dyess cuz this truly was his year. amir, tell everyone to keep their heads up

  6. claire

    dyess should keep trying until he can’t run anymore. never give up. and we will cheer for him until we can’t physically cheer anymore.

  7. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    I didn’t need to read the article (although i did) to make Dyess my favorite player. He was my favorite almost upon his arrival in Detroit. When I attended my first Pistons game this year (January 25 vs. Orlando) I wore his jersey, and we kicked Orlando’s ass hard. He doesn’t usually put up big numbers and he has always been the quiet one. This year he started to stick out and allow his voice to be heard. I am typing this with goosebumps all over my body and tears in my eyes… not for the disappointment I feel for this loss, but for the heartbreak I feel for Dyess. He deserves a ring because he is a true champion. He has the heart and mind of a champion and I believe he will continue to try as long as JoeD is willing to keep him.

    There is no doubt this was a mental breakdown. The talent and ability is there but the attitude and heart is lacking a bit. i know JoeD can see that because he is a very intelligent man. That being said, do what you must do JoeD, to “lead us from the fire” (a great motto btw) but keep Mr. McDyess – this team needs his heart – and please help him capture his dream. He wants to do it and he wants to do it in Detroit. I hope someone is whispering in Antonio’s ear to stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  8. khitz01

    This is why we love Dyess so much. Just a guy who has so much heart and also so sincere.

    Yes, i know joe D will make some changes next year. But I hope he keeps the core intact.

    Nat? I wish you will keep us posted on the changes during this offseason.

    Thanks Nat.

    After another season, nothing has changed, Im still and forever will be, a Piston Fan.

  9. Jess

    Like I said yesterday. When the game was officially over, ESPN pointed the camera right on McDyess and I started to cry for him. Its sad that once again he had to fall short because of others inconsistencies. I dont want to point fingers and I never talk about “possible trades” because I love every player on this team and would hate to see any of them go so I leave it to Joe D to make the right decisions whether I like them or not. Im sure if any of the starters were to go it’ll take me seasons to get over it.

    Nat I know you are trying to get over the loss like the rest of us, but will there be a recap to this game? Im not trying to rush you. You can take as long as you want. I was just wondering if there will be one?

  10. Dominic

    thanks for the mention of my motto redwhite n awesome I agree with what you said the pistons did have the talent to beat Boston in as little as 6 games considering their away record. This can only be contributed to a mental breakdown. We did not lose because of fatigue like last year or because Boston was the better team. The only thing left is a mental breakdown. But it doesn’t matter anymore.

    if anybody is feeling like me and is depressed about our loss and our future as a franchise next season I suggest you read this article about Rodney Stuckey. It puts Stuckey in the class with Deron Williams and Chris Paul. Think about it D-Will and CP3 guys who became superstars in their 2nd YEAR!!! If stuckey indeed pans out like that I can see him coming off the bench and being the Microwave that we need. That would be amazing for the pistons because I feel like that’s the only thing needed for us to win a championship. A guy off the bench who can score when the offense becomes stagnant and unmoving as it so often does. we’ve seen flashes of stuckey being that player in the Boston series. If he can become that type of player every game I would be perfectly ok with the team remaining exactly the same (Lindsey PLEASE STAY!!) but i’ve speculated enough its all up to Joe

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  11. Natalie Sitto

    Jess, No recap…no need. Your right, just trying to take a break. It’s pretty difficult for me just like it is for all of you.

    I’m here all season long, I’ll keep you up to date on everything, maybe a special surprise or two.

    Well sick by each other this summer, I’m sure there will be changes, good and bad.

    I heart Dyess…..

  12. uyen

    Nat, I cried myself to sleep last night. You are right no need for recap. Too painful. I can’t bare to watch ESPN, NBATV or read the internet. From the bottle of my heart I want to say thank you for all your hard work on this site.

  13. Vyvee

    sheed, tay, and dyess did not have good game 5 and game 6; sheed is always the lighting rod good or bad; so getting rid of him probably would be a good thing; because then the other players will be able to not be hampered by his emotional ups and downs. however, i hope everyone stops with the mcdyess melodrama (i thought sheed was the drama queen). enough already, he did not have a good game 5 or 6; these players are millionnaires three times over, many players do not win a championship;

  14. ric

    i feel the same way, dyess saying that about ring chaser just reflects how big of a character he is….so many players out there moving from one team to another just to try to get it, nat, any chance you read your email yet? im starting a pistons squad in los angeles, for anyone who wants to see it heres the link:

  15. palaceprince

    Dyess turned into my favorite player in these playoffs. He has so much heart and leaves it all on the floor.
    I hope Dyess can win a ring sometime and I don’t care what team it is for.

  16. ric

    i agree, no need for recap…were just putting more painful memories. i feel the same way, if any of our players, i mean anybody, leaves…it’ll be kinda’ sad, but im sure it’ll be for the best.

  17. ric

    i think nobody could argue that dyess has the biggest heart out of all the pistons roster right now. dyess will provide a good leardership to our youngs amir, max, stuck, samb and afflalo. this team’s success is based on team’s effort, so i think we shouldn’t point out who should get traded, or whos fault because when we don’t win its not anybody’s fault but its the team’s lack of effort that occured during the battle…

  18. The Fluidics

    He’s all heart, that’s about the best thing you can say about the guy.
    I’de love to see him back in Pistons Blue, Red, and White.

    I also trust Joe to make the best decisions for this team. Think about it this way, this group of players got to the finals 33% of the time, that’s pretty good!
    Detroit fans are so lucky, nearly half the teams don’t even make the playoffs. Look at Indiana and Chicago, there yesterday, gone today.
    Look at Phoenix and Denver. Those are very good teams, gone in the first round.
    Look at New Orleans, Cleveland, Utah, all excelent teams. Gone in the second round.
    Yet the Pistons get further than them year in and year out.
    Be very proud of this TEAM, they’ve done it the right way, consistant excelence.

  19. Whatabout87

    The commercials for the finals kill me with all the old footage and stuff from back in the day. this was planned all along. i bet the spurs and the pistons are off in a bar betting on gmes like the whole league does. (wait not the pistons)

    I think the Pistons are going to go through a renewing process and it scares me. The celtics and the knicks went through one and look at the knicks! i cant see the pistons like that.

  20. Whatabout87

    Why does everyone just get suddenly good when they play detroit? LB last year put up 50 in game 5 but this year couldnt get it done against the celts?

    Ray Allen sucked the entire playoffs and now he puts up 20 a night on us? The celts didnt win a home game in the playoffs and then win two in detroit! what is with everyone!

  21. The Fluidics

    Yeah, I notice that commercial shows three teams: Lakers, Celtics, Spurs.
    What, no Pistons love?
    No Zeke? No Joe D? No Ben and Chauncey?

  22. The Fluidics

    Just to be clear, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, just a general lack of respect, Pistons did it 3 times, going against the currents each time.

  23. Detroit 2hot 2 handle

    Dyess for president. He’s a guy that knows what’s right, knows what’s wrong, kows when to speak up, and maybe doesn’t know that he is the, that should be the captain ( with or without Chauncey Billups ). He isn’t the best rebounder, best scorer, best whatever…. But one thing is sure, there isn’t one guy in this league, that fights every night, like this guy right here.

    And to all the bandwagon guys, that are cursing around, and that think we should blow up the team, go and jump on that Boston-bandwagon, because those fans, we don’t need them.

  24. Vyvee

    the most glaring weakness of team is that they do not see to lose together, when things are going well, they always say the team, but now they seems to be throwing each other under the bus….i love the pistons but game 5 and 6 brought out ugliness. Pierce of all people, stated that he did not thing the pistons were as close as people think.

  25. The Fluidics

    Pierce wouldn’t know.

  26. pajacobs78


  27. OIG

    Yeah i always liked Dyess cause he is a true fighter but now i love this guy cause he was great in this Finals and without his rebounding it could have been ugly finals!
    RaSHEED was always my favourite player since portland days and my Desktop is still SHEED but if u think about why we lost this finals one big reason was Rasheeds inconsistent play and in game 6 he didnt seem to be focused so i dont want him beeing traded but i understand if other fans want it cause all that talk needs to be backed up!
    But i also would love to see this same team again next season cause it is a great team!!!


  28. amer-ican prince

    hey why is everyone telling Amir to give mcdyess our condolences. I mean how about some love for a guy who, I thought wrongfully, was taken out of the rotation altogether and had to watch his team lose and not be able to get on the floor. Amir better get more time next year. And Amir, work hard on your game this summer. Don’t let them keep you out. Do everything you can to improve, no excuses, just don’t give them an ounce of doubt in putting you in games. You have to eliminate their doubt for them.

    I love Dyess too, and I hope he comes back with a team who really wants a ship, not just guys who say they do

  29. DetroitGirl4Ever

    How would Pierce know? I wondered if he liked those guys on his team last year when he spent most of the season in a suit. I wondered if he liked all those guys when they were on that 17 game losing streak last year. He knows nothing.

  30. mannie32

    dyess is awesome… as bad as it is he hasnt won a ring yet (and each year makes it looks less and less likely when great opportunities go)… he’s not a ring chaser, and that more than anything is something he can hang his hat on and have pride in

  31. mannie32

    nat it’s obviously ur decision, and i understand why u’d want no recap… but i think once the pain goes away, a recap would be nice

    a recap that says in the end that we still like this team, even if changes need to be made… it was beautiful when we beat the sixers that the fans cheered for them… we need to do the same, i cant stress enough that as much as we think this team has underachieved, maybe it’s because they overachieved so much that we’re expecting too much for them… maybe it’s not that they ONLY won one title and went to the finals ONLY once… but more like “wow, they had so much heart to win a title against the likes of those lakers, to go 7 games against the spurs the next year, to have the best record the year after when there were so many other much more “talented” teams”… seriously, had we not won a title back in 04, would have anyone given us a chance against these celtics??? serioulsly.. they wouldnt have… if u go through our players on by one, we have some VERY good players, but no GREAT players… no KGs, paul pierces, kobe bryants, lebron james… yet without that, we have been so good that those teams with those players respect us, and play against us like they are the underdogs… just shows how good these guys are for the lack of PURE talent they have compared to some other teams… our success comes from effort and teamwork.. so to question the effort, is crazy… we’ve been to 6 conference finals because of effort, nothing else… not cuz we’re stacked with so much talent and little effort

  32. mannie32

    i meant to say finals twice, not once

  33. Dominic

    Mannie I think that was a very good point. I do expect perfection from these Pisotns. I just realize now how odd it is for me to expect nothing less than a Finals appearance by Detroit. Imagine the Knicks, who would be ecstatic if they had a 30 win season. We’re spoiled we have to admit it. But, that is still no excuse for losing Game 6, maybe not so much the series, but we were the better team that day we shouldn’t have let Boston come back and win but as for us winning the series against them, thats a different story but game 6 was ours and we let it slip away. I guess I wouldnt be so devastated if we had lost in a close nail biting game 7 but another Game 6 elimination is just too much

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  34. WLM1one1

    With another season coming to an end, there are a multitude of emotions Piston fans are feeling. At first, frustration and disbelief were what I was feeling after the Stones’ let Boston end the series on the floor of the Palace.

    I mean, how could a 10-point lead just vanish!? A season’s worth of work was flushed down the drain in a quick 8-9 minutes. No going back to Boston for game 7, no more chances to right the ship, no more dreaming about watching the Pistons destroy the Lakers.

    But worst of all, no vindication for the efforts that were made to correct the problems faced by the squad over the last couple of years.

    Damn…it feels like yesterday I was reading articles about Jason Maxiell and Sheed coming into training camp 25-30 pounds lighter, Chauncey signing his extension, and of course, Joe D. assuring the Piston Nation that complacency wouldn’t be tolerated this season.

    Hell, I recall reading somewhere that Sheed had called Flip Saunders and simply stated, “I let you down…I’m sorry” and that Flip responded by going to Sheed’s summer camp to talk to the kids.

    And Joe D’s plan of bringing in some youth to help rejuvinate the team was even paying off.

    I know I’m not the only one that thought after going 15-2 in December, that Detroit was well on their way to another title.

    Post-game quotes from Chauncey and Rip stating that the rest they were getting this season was giving them flashbacks of ’04…but, in the last eight minutes against Boston, it all came crashing down.

    Was it all really for nothing? REALLY!?

    Am I the only one who felt like this team was supposed to usher in a new era of basketball?

    One in which success wasn’t determined by how many superstars you had, but rather, whether or not your team played “the right way”…

    Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. Four years later, here we are as Pistons’ fans, seeing the rest of the league celebrate a return to the NBA heyday with the Lakers and Celtics in the Finals. And if that’s not bad enough, Chicago has the first pick of the draft!

    I could go on for hours about the chance this Detroit team had to forever change the way the fans approached the NBA, but I won’t.

    While some are calling this the “end of an era”, I’m more inclined to refer to it as “the era that never really was…”.

    But for the sad tale that many will recite when looking back on this team, there will be those, myself included, that will remain forever appreciative to one of the most unique teams in NBA history.

    So thank you Pistons, you’ve been one of the brightest spots in what would otherwise be described as a dark time in my life.

    I can only wish the best to everyone that was involved with this franchise for the last 6-7 years, it was too special to simply be looked upon as ulitmately being a disappointed.

    Should there have been more titles? Yeah, of course.

    But would that make me love this team more?

    Despite some of the sentiments expressed in the earlier part of my post…no, I don’t think more titles would further my devotion to this team.

    I hope everyone enjoys the summer and will be back next season…afterall, Joe D just might have a little more magic left up his sleeve…

  35. WLM1one1


  36. mannie32

    great post 🙂

  37. Dominic

    Wow wim1one1 that was indeed a great post You’re right I wouldn’t love this team anymore if we had won 6 Titles. But I definitely would have been happier

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  38. amer-ican prince


    I feel ya. I wish they had more titles, but at the same time I still have a lot of good memories from this group who can forget

    “Sheed,, from long range……… AHHHHHHHHH YES, YES, YES, YES”

    or how about

    “Rip along the baseline, shoots it up, and he got it. PISTONS WIN, PISTONS”


    “Antonio McDyess is still perfect from the floor.”


    “Shot blocked by Tayshaun. What a spectacular block by the palace prince’

    or even

    “Jason Maxiell with a DYNAMITE DUNK”

    and can’t leave out

    “What a defensive play by Lindsey Hunter.”

    wouldn’t be complete without mentioning

    “Chauncey stops and pops from the top, and it drops”

    And everyone’s favorite “Count that baby and a foul!”

  39. amer-ican prince

    there’s supposed to be WIN at the end of Rip’s

  40. Anonymous

    In a perfect world if you could just trade to pick up the pieces you wanted without worrying about salary cap this is what I would hope for. Acquire Dwight Howard and Jason Kapono. Kapono would be the perfect backup to Tayshaun Prince that we have struggled to find. If Prince had a better backup then Hayes he wouldn’t have to average 39 min in the post season, more than any other starter. If he was starting out weak you could easily sub in Kapono without any worries. As for Howard little needs to be said. The guy is young we have only begun to see what he is capable of. He would offer Detroit the true center we have been lacking since Ben Wallace left. Looking at this season numbers he would offer more on offense and defense then Ben Wallace ever did. Again this would be in a perfect world, but I can keep hoping that at least one will show up in the fall wearing a Pistons uniform.

  41. Anonymous

    I don’t know if anyone else saw this article in the Free Press about trading Rip it is absolutely ridiculous, but here it is. Also here is the response that I sent in regards to Sharp’s article. He needs to pull his head out of his a**.

    Trade Rip? What other Pistons player scored over 365 pts in the post season? There has been plenty of discussion of McDyess’ determination this post season. Little has been said about Rip. Rip showed up every night giving his best and nothing less. Watching the Game 3 and 6 losses at the Palace Rip was the only Piston who fought until the buzzer said 00.00. On a night when it may have been easier to sit (gm 6) he showed up and laid it all on the line for his team and the fans! That same night he and Billups combined for 61% of the Pistons 81 points. This man truly wears his heart on his sleeve and plays with determination that’s undeniable. Removing him from this team would be worse to the Pistons than anyone can begin to predict. Remove the bad apple(s) for next season. This will only allow amazing players like Rip Hamilton to truly influence and motive the rest of his team to play as hard or even 3/4 as hard as he does. Trading Rip is NOT the key to Piston success in 2008- 2009.

  42. Jess

    Amer-ican Prince

    Its amazing how yu mentioned all those quotes. It brings back all those memories and makes me miss Blaha that much more. We wont be hearing him for months.


    I agree that there should be a recap. It just doesnt feel right without the recap. It seems like something has been missing from the site for a few days. Like something is incomplete. There’s never no recap but, Ill accept whatever decision Nat wants to make. Its her site. I also understand why she wouldnt want one.

  43. claire

    I agree about the stupidity of the article that Drew Sharp wrote. Although Joe D would probably trade any starter if it means improving the team tremendously in the long run, but now is not the time for the Detroit press to scream “trade so and so.” That’s just plain stupid because these journalists wanted to trade Rip last season too. And their justification for trading one of the best shooters in the game: he has high trade values. Well, no shit, Sherlock! The man is not a 3-time AllStar for no reason. But just because most teams would want to acquire Rip in a heartbeat doesn’t mean we should give him up. Say what you want about how he “doesn’t create his own shots,” “loses his temper,” etc., but we wouldn’t have this kind of success without him. Who cares if he cannot make his own shots, the basketball still goes in the basket, doesn’t it?

    Plus, Rip’s salary is dirt-cheap compared to his ability and the salaries of some other 2-guards.

    Take a lesson from the Suns, every year they talk about trading Shawn Marion, and look what happened. Marion got fed up with it and demanded a trade, and now Phoenix is in all kind of trouble.

    These journalists are no different from some ignorant fans, except that they can put their stupid writing in the city’s newspapers. Disgusting.

  44. amer-ican prince

    agree with you anonymous and claire. Rip works hard, don’t know if he deserves to be traded but sometimes the player who did the best is traded while his stock is high, so could be on the bubble as much as anyone else even though I thought he played well.

    But one thing that bothers me is that although I predicted a lot of this would happen, and a lot of other fans saw things during the season that concerned them, and guys like Keith Langlois, or Chris McCosky and all the other beat writers kept dismissing the fans claims when they mentioned it during the season. But now they are saying the same things we were saying and passing off the same claims they dismissed during the season as their own ideas now. They did the same thing last year.

    Sometimes I just can’t stand those hypocrites. The only reason I read what they write is because on occasion they’ll have a good insight, but mostly it’s just the only avenue to find out behind the scenes stuff about the Pistons

  45. Bryan

    So… I’ve finally recovered from the hangover that seemed to flow naturally from the loss, and now I’ve been thinking about the Pistons and where we go from here. While I personally would love to see this team that I’ve watched for so long go forward as constructed, I think that shaking up the roster may be the only way to get them out of the funk that they seem to fall into in the ECF.

    With that in mind, I’ve been trying to think of players around the league that fit into Joe D’s style — underrated character guys with something to prove — that might be available this off-season. You know who I mean, guys like Sheed (too many techs, rep for being selfish, etc), Chauncey (five teams, no starting roles), and Tay (fell to #23 in the draft). So, with that in mind, I humbly put forward a short list of guys that I would love to see in Piston Blue next season in the hope of inspiring more suggestions. Here we go:

    1) Elton Brand (PF, Clippers)

    Pros: The guy is 29 years old, plays great defense, and loves to set up shop in the post. He’s an above average passer, doesn’t turn the ball over a ton, has nice moves, a great mid-range j, and shoots almost 75% from the free throw line for his career. He blocks shots and averages 20pts and 10rebs for his career. All of this, and he has never been to the all-star game. To paraphrase John Hollinger, he’s above average in almost every area (ok, he doesn’t shoot the 3), but he isn’t spectacular at any one thing, so he’s kind of overlooked. Kaman seems to have a hard time playing next to him, so the Clippers may be interested in moving him (plus, it’s the Donald Sterling way).

    Cons: He’s only 6’8″, so he’s undersized. Putting him out there with Max would make us VERY small. We probably couldn’t land him without giving up Sheed.

    2) Corey Maggette (SF, Clippers)

    Pros: The guy can flat-out score. He drives hard to the hole and creates his own shot. He led the NBA in free throws per shot attempt among perimeter players for the second straight year this season, and he shoots better than 80% from the line for his career. He would put the team in the penalty earlier, and we have a great free throw shooting team. The Pistons tend to rely on the jumper too much, and a slasher like Maggette would be a great addition on the offensive end, especially with the new handcheck rules in place. You can’t stay off of him to play the drive because he has a decent jumper. The guy is only 28 years old. He plays on the Clippers, so obviously he gets no respect. He’s a free agent, so a sign-and-trade might not need to include any significant pieces if we didn’t want to send them in exchange.

    Cons: The guy is a matador. My cat could drive on him, and my cat is old and slow (plus he can’t dribble). Basically, he doesn’t have quick feet. He ends up fouling once guys drive past him. The question would be whether the other vets on the Pistons could kick him in the ass and make him play D. He’s injury prone, but Arnie Kander can work his voodoo on that. He’s seen as selfish because he gets blinders on when he gets the ball. However, we’ve lived with Rip for quite a while, so it’s not like we shouldn’t be used to a player like that by now.

    3) Gerald Wallace (SF/PF, Bobcats)

    Pros: The guy is a beast on D. He gets 1.5 steals and 1 block per game for his career, with career highs in 05-06 of 2.5 steals and 2.1 blocks/game. He shoots 50% from the field for his caeer, and his free throw shooting has improved, with a career high of 73% this last season (the season before he set a new career high of 69%, meaning that he has improved the last two seasons in a row). He’s an effective driver from about 15 feet, and he can hit the J on occasion. He’s going into the second year of a 6 year, $57m deal, so he’s very cheap. He’s only 25. He plays on the Bobcats, so he gets no respect. He averaged 19.4 points, 6 rebounds, and 3.5 assists during the 07-08 season.

    Cons: Injury prone (again, Arnie can fix that). Who knows how much Charlotte will want in return. His shooting stroke is unorthodox. He gambles a good amount on defense (as evidenced by the high steal total). He has a tendency to turn the ball over (but most slashers do).

    So, what do you guys think? Any other names to add to the list? Any of these guys you really would NOT want to see on the team next year (and why)?

    I apologize for the length of this post as well as for the fact that there are two Clippers on the list (I live in LA, so I see them a fair amount).

  46. khajatiger

    Hey Nat this is my first year reading this blog everyday so I got one question for you, now I know you said no recap about the game but are you going to do a recap of the season, sort of like a year in review? Great blog and keep up the great work!

    “Lead us from the fire Joe D!!!”

  47. Richie

    I have already said that I’m sick of these trade talks but I am becoming furiously sick of them as the continue. They are nothing but pesimism. We’re talking about a team that was 2 wins away from the finals, and 8 wins away from winning the championship. Now we selfish “fans” have the nerve to insult the team by asking that it be blown up with its key components altered. Greatful fans would say, “thanks for the great season, fella’s” and move on, happy with the years of effort, but instead we pay back our team by complaining, not to mention walking out on them with over 3 minutes to go in game 6 when they were only down 6 points.
    Nobody was dumping on Chauncey last year when he was a free agent and we were begging him to stay.
    Nobody was dumping on Tay when he was shooting over 70% in the first two rounds of the playoffs and putting the team on his back. Not to mention when he was pinking up the slack whenever a regular starter couldn’t play during the season.
    Nobody was dumping on Rasheed while he was pulling us out of a 24 point dephicet on the road against golden state, or when he was sinking over 100 3 pointers and blocking over 100 shots during the regular season.
    Nobody was dumping on Rip for not being good at creating his own shot while he was shooting over 48% from the field and 44% for 3-pointers this season.

    “Lead us from the fire Joe”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? What fire?! How is not winning the championships every year “the fire”? That’s the most ungrateful BS of a motto I’ve ever heard. How about “thank you for the last six years of glory, Joe?”

    So how about we all take some time to think before we start ranting about what changes need to be made and show some grattitude.

  48. SoSickWitItYo

    Long time reader, first time commenting:

    I like the Elton Brand trade, except for the fact that we would be giving up sheed, and that won’t happen.

    if you take a look, all the pistons starters have either signed recently to big time contracts, or are really unwanted players (in a trading sense). Here is what I think needs to happen. A sign of maggette, or someone of his stature. A new coach, I was thinking more along the mlines of bringing Lindsay Hunter in. He has a great relationship with the players, and on top of that, he is one of the best on ball defenders in the league. He would be valuable to teach both young gaurds stucks and affalo. I would like to see Dyess come off the bench next year. Being a starter doesn’t really suit him very well. He would be a spark off the bench along with Max and Stucks. Those three could easily be game changers if they play with heart and determination.

    So basically, I would like to see them not break up the current team. Sure, we will lose Hayes and maybe Dixon. Hunter will probably retire. And hopefully he will be slotted in at HC next season. A player such as Maggette, or someone who can score, and can be signed on the offseason would be helpful. We could move Dyess to the bench, and with Tay Tay’s length, upgrade him to a PF position. And insert the oncoming player at the SF position, or if we sign a PF, just slot him in where Dyess was. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dyess, but the guy plays better with less minutes.

    Lets hope Detroit signs someone with a lot of heart and soul. Someone who will get the job done. I doubt you will see the team break up, especially because there is very little that we can get in return that will make the team any better. Joe D is not an idiot, and we just need to fix a few kinks!

    Nathan Jawai from ausi seems to be the detroit pick for this upcoming year… he apparently has a game similar to that of Elton Brand, and he packs much more size and could be easily inserted at Center or PF if need be. Lets see what happens in the draft before we talk pick ups and what not…

    it is also worth noting that if the heat do not exercise an option on shawn marion, signing him and dropping some other players to get him would not be such a bad idea. He could easily fit into the detroits offense, and could spark some big time plays. Okafor will also be done with his contract, and I would not be surprised if lots of teams went on to make offers towards him (unless he has already re-signed, i don’t know).

    Lets also not forget the farm system. Cheik Samb, and Amir, both young and athletic. They could easily be inserted and be affective. We will see what happens!

    Tha Good Life Reviews

    P.S. GO WINGS!!!

  49. amer-ican prince


    Nice picks, all of them can flat out score. If they are hard workers, high character, and are willing to play defense they are definitely guys I think Joe .

    The only thing is I think you’re right about Jason and Elton, it would make us too small. And I just can’t give Tayshaun up for either of the other guys. I think he has too much potential to trade him. And I remember Corey Maggette having a problem with coming off the bench in LA. Don’t know if it’s cause the team was losing or what.

    All I know is I heard rumors of a couple guys possibly coming here and let me say, Joe Dumars please do not go after these guys.

    1. Carmelo Anthony-all he can do is score, and is extremely selfish. He’s too much of a liability on the defensive end. And heard about issues in the locker room.

    2.Ben Gordan- same

    3. And no offense to Michael Curry, but I don’t think I could look and listen to him every game. There’s something about him that weirds me out. Whether it’s the calm way he talks or his eyes or something. Not sure maybe I’ll get used to him. But also having a preexisting relationship with the team as an assistant then going to a head coach I don’t think is a recipe for a championship. Maybe playoffs, but not championship. Plus no head coaching experience

  50. SoSickWitItYo

    Lindsay should fill in. He is practically coaching as it is during the season. lol. I am not ragign on FLip, i think he did an alright job

    If we want to keep this core groupd of guys together, then you need to bring in a coach that unifies them. Someone like larry brwon, who took Sheed to the next level, that made Billups into Big Shot, that made hamilton only better. Hunter is one of the only guys in my opinion who can do all of that, a guy who knows this team, “GETS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A PISTON,” and can truly elevate the team’s play

  51. amer-ican prince

    I don’t know if Lindsey is HEAD coaching material yet. Plus I’m still holding out hope he’ll play one more year. And also I think they need someone who wasn’t around this year. Someone strong willed who can come in the first year and really change the mentality of the team. Because team’s eventually take on the mindset of their coach.

    ric that’s a good list, Do you think Chuck could coach in the modern NBA, with all the new rule changes? If so he’s my top pick. Lambier and Curry I just have some reservations about, but I know they both bring something to the equation.

    Also I thought we were getting all these expiring contracts to play in the free agent market. So how are we over the salary cap, with only a $5.5 million mid level exception?

  52. mannie32

    LMAO if u think hunter can go directly from being a player (even if it was player-coach) to coach… im sorry, but i think that’s crazy… not just from an x’s and o’s point of view… but respect? c’mon now, he may have the respect of the rookies… but u think the veterans who see him as a friend, a former teammate one year removed, would take him more seriously than saunders when he wants them to do things differently?

  53. ric

    hunter needs to be an assistant coach…theres no way he can be a head coach, maybe in d-league, but now way in hell in the nba. he has some work to do.

  54. ric

    mannie32…thats my only concern about michael curry, the zoo crew are totally dedicated and respectable that they’ll do anything with curry’s guidance/mandate…but the veterans, thats a ???, not sure if they will, which leads us back to the same problem of having a coach thats incapable of demanding to our vets…..i really elect chuck daly, but i don’t think he’ll be back, so realistically, i elect bill laimbeer, won 2 champs as a player, and won 2 champs as a coach…..perfect match!

  55. ric

    prince, good point/question, chuck daly’s physical defensive mentality may conflict on our modern nba officiating rules…..but i’m sure hes already aware of that assuming hes actively watching the games…as for any great coach like him, he should be able to make adjustments. getting him back as a coach is a different story for the fact that hes retired.

  56. ric

    at this point, i kinda’ don’t like to talk about who should get traded, but in the open market, my top pick is shawn marion!

  57. SoSickWitItYo

    While many of you say Lindsay would be a bad decision, I truly think you are all not really giving the guy some fair thought.

    It could be a terrible idea, but I would rather he be coaching my team, rather than Michael Curry. No offense to Mr. Curry, but the guy just doesn’t seem like the “fire” that this squad would need.

    To be honest, when Flip first came to Detroit, I could tell he was not going to be the coach that this squad needs. He has done more than I thought he would, but a coach like Larry Brown, who catered to players like Sheed, Billups and Hamilton (and Prince too) is someone that this squad needs if they don’t want to break the team up. We will see what happens, but I am sure Joe D will make the right choices!

  58. detpistonsfan

    I agree with the Drew Sharp Article. If Stuckey is as good as people say, he should start in Rip’s place. Deng is the Prince backup we desperately need and Gordon can be the spot shooter in place of Hayes. He can fill it up better than hayes. We don’t have to start Gordon, he is kind of selfish so we can just use him when we need points in our cold streaks.

  59. CarolinaGirl

    Wow, I am cruzing the web today and I stumbled hear. So happy I did. I am delited to see that so many people have the same type of feelings and emotions I have for Antonio Mcdyess. I love him for so many reasons. He is he most dedicated player on the team. He is so real, so sexy, so fine. We know that we dont acutally know the personality of these ballas, but u can really draw a lot from my baby Mcdyess. He is real as hell. I was actually considering taking him for about a week, I was going to return him and turn myself in and serve my time! LOL. I am mad serious, I would kidnap him and he would enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy watching him so much. I was broken hearted to he got married last summer. Someone is lucky. But back to business, if there is no Chauncey or McDyess, it would just not be right. I can get over the lost of Sheed or Rip, but my Chauncey and my McDyess, no, no, no!!! HELL NO! Joe D needs to slow his roll. He did the #1 right thing, to send Flip a– sailing. I do think Tayshaun, Jarvis is to inconsistent. Rasheed has mouth issues, but he is one the best playas on the team and Curry will bring it out of him every nite. But back to my baby McDyess, I need u there in Detroit. I go to see you every game u play the Bobcats in Charlotte NC. I watch every game on NBA League Pass. *****yall please go to HOOPSVIBE.COM, THEN GO TO NBA PLAYAS AND CLICK ON ANTONIO MCDYESS AND READ ALL THE SWEET SAYINGS FOR MY BOY. I BLOG UNDER, CAROLINA GIRL MOSTLY. MY COMMENTS ARE SO BAD, I GO UNDER ANOTHER BLOGGER sometimes. BUT FOR THE LADIES THAT FEEL ME AND THE PAIN FOR ANTIONIO FOR LAST 3 YEARS HIT ME UP. *********************LOVING YOU ALWAYS ANTONIO, I FEEL U SO MUCH U WOULDNT UNDERSTAND IT. MY HUSBAND CANT BE HERE NOW, SO DETROIT BASKETBALL IS WHAT I HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH UNTIL HE RETURNS, AT LEAST ITS SAFE!


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