Rip Will Play

by | May 30, 2008 | 11 comments

“I ain’t got no choice,” Hamilton said. “I told guys today don’t look at me as a handicap out there. I am ready. I am good to go.”

Hamilton said he talked to his father Thursday, and his dad simply told him to “spit” on it.

“This is now or never,” Hamilton said. “Usually when you talk to your dad he is like take your time son. But he said spit on it. You are at war right now. You ain’t got no choice.” Via The Detroit News


  1. ric

    very good sign for the pistons that rip can play…im starting to see some UNITY in pistons, everybody needs to be in the same page!

  2. claire

    you know what i was thinking when i watched the below video of lindsay hunter? i thought that after hunter retires, TNT needs to contact him ASAP to join their “TNT halftime” crew! Hunter is witty and humorous enough to light up that crew even more.

    but ahem on to the more important thing here, it’s good that rip is gonna play tonight. he won’t let this team down.

  3. pistons4life122

    ^^Totally agree. Thats what I was thinking. He showed some personality and he speaks his mind!

  4. The Fluidics

    I’m gonna miss TNT for the next few weeks, I want to see what they have to say about the Pistons championship.

  5. Dominic
    NBA tries to cut down on flopping

    Well it’s a start, I would love technicals to be handed out to floppers but that puts waaay too much power in the hands of the officials. I can see it now, Tayshaun slides his feet into position as Lebron drives the lane and draws a clean charge, whistles blow from all 3 officials and Tay is T’d up it’ll be too easy to sway games. Still I hope this’ll dissuade Manu Ginobli, Anderson Varajao, Raja Bell, and Steve Nash from falling on their asses every damn game of thier life. If Detroit does get ousted (WE WON’T) this playoff series, I would like to keep the core intact 1 more year to see how this rule will affect the way we play. This fine plays right into our hands but guys like Ginobli and Nash make so much money the fine will probably be chump change anyway, hopefully not.

  6. Aviv Israel

    Pumping fake, causing the defender to jump in the air and than intentionally (and sometimes violently) jumping on the defender to draw the foul should also be considered as a flop in my opinion and should be a no call (or offensive foul if the result really hurts somebody).

    I really hate that lame play. It shouldn’t be part of the game.

  7. WLM1one1

    If a defender bites on the pump fake, then he deserves to be whistled for a foul…he gave control of his body up when he left the floor.

    That’s not flopping, it’s being one step ahead of your defender.

    Drawing shooting fouls with pump fakes is legitimate…don’t lump it in with flopping, that would be a mistake.

    BUT…..if you do see some flops that are whistled and you know are bullshit, feel free to vent about it at

  8. ric

    guys, guess what! in LA, everybody wants to go to game 7…some prefer to play pistons!!!? are they kidding me!!!? they don’t know what their asking for, but hey, can’t really complain or/and disagree with these ignorant fools against pistons because i want the same thing.

  9. Aviv Israel

    If the pump fake causes the defender to jump on/towards the defender and causes him to lose control on his body (and the contact is the result of that), that is one thing. That is “drawing a foul” and being one step ahead of your defender, also in my book.

    I’m talking about the flopping that is taking advantage of the above rule, when the pump faker waits for the defender to be in the air and intentionally rams into him with force so he will be rewarded with a foul. To understand what I’m talking about, imagine the defender committing a perfect vertical leap upwards for the block, without losing control and without getting closer to the pump faker, and than the pump faker jumps on the defender and throws the ball to a silly direction (or to the basket) while flapping his hands in the air and other melodramatic special effects.

    The first is a legitimate play and the second should (and isn’t) considered a flop in the NBA for some reason.

    This is my personal opinion of course (which is based on my own preference in the aesthetics of the sport). I know that many disagree with that opinion.

  10. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    No doubt in my mind that the Lakers would prefer to meet the Pistons in the finals. They want revenge from ’04 and I don’t think they are afraid of Detroit as much as they are of Boston. They should be more afraid of Detroit, but the Celtics had such a good season that got so much hype that most teams would prefer not to have to face them. Detroit also had a wonderful season and performed better in the playoffs, but the media was up Boston’s ass all season and somehow that makes them more of a threat. Honestly, I don’t think the Lakers fear anyone right now — they are playing very well and are going to be serious competition for whichever (DETROIT) team gets to play them.

    Lindsey has always been a card. He would make a great addition to the TNT team. I would rather see him as an assistant coach or defensive specialist for the Pistons. I would much rather see him play another season with the Pistons but I don’t think he will. He would make a great mentor and teacher for the young guys. I will miss seeing him play so much when he retires. I hope he finds some way to remain in the public eye because I love his personality.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  11. Paul Wall

    ain’t ain’t in the dictionary rip!

    I may sound like im hating but its kind of sad players like rip making millions and still using such poor grammar. How inspirational is that to any kids growing up listening to him talk? They “aint” getting a good professional job talking like that. Im not saying my grammar is perfect, however, I wouldnt say “aint” 2 times in an interview that is going pubilic. Sorry for my off-topic-ness but that irked me pretty badly for some reason lol.


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