Rasheed Fined for his comments about Officials

by | May 30, 2008 | 14 comments

“Rasheed Wallace was slapped with a 25,000 dollar fine for criticism of officials after Wednesday’s 106-102 loss to the Boston Celtics in game five of the semi-finals.

It was just the latest outburst from the outspoken Wallace, who ranted about the rampant flopping in Wednesday’s National Basketball Association contest as players tried to bait officials into calling fouls.

In a profanity-laced tirade, Wallace specifically called out referees Mike Callahan and Kenny Mauer, saying it “ain’t basketball out there.” Via AP


  1. ric

    heres the thing, what i don’t understand is how can you accuse a guy of such (profanity) claim by making a fine of $25K and then, planning to change the rules/regulations which is closely acknowledging the claim that was just made??? its almost like getting punish for telling the truth! i thought its the other way around??? u get punish for telling a lie????

  2. ric

    nat, what am i gonna do with these people around my work area talking about the lakers…should i hang myself up or put some docktape around their annoying mouths?

  3. Natalie Sitto

    Interesting way of thinking Ric, you know they can’t let anyone mouth off. I understand that..

    As for your Laker Fans…just wear some Piston gear, that will shut them up.

  4. ric

    i claim yesterday that sheed is gonna come up big in game 6 after his tech, a lost and 25K fine, which are always motivational to him but today ,after seeing him on video, and rip’s injury and hunter getting upset at flip for taking him out, im a little worried because im sensing people are not on the same page. if u were to ask me to describe pistons in one word, its either “UNITY” but im not sensing that…tell me im wrong.

  5. Richie

    This is what Bill Laimbeer would call “the cost of doing buisness.”

  6. The Fluidics

    At least he has the guts to say it, kudos to Sheed for that.

    With as many people out there talking about the league being rigged, fining a guy $25,000 for talking about refs doesn’t do much for the leagues image.

    Pistons have to play over all that stuff like they did in game 4. They aren’t going to get the calls, they are going to be in foul trouble, they just have to lay it all out there and get the job done regardless. The only way to take the officials out as a factor is to bury the Celtics, so that is the task. It’s hard to change the course of the game with a whistle when one team is down 25.

  7. Darksideryda

    I am just so worried STERN is gonna get what he wants, a CELTICS-LAKERS finals , so the NBA can make a huge profit off this match-up. You would think people would really want to see the LAKERS VS PISTONS 2K-part 2. Which would be a pretty damn good rematch.

    GO DETROIT!!!! Let’s mess up Stern’s plan by playing our game and making the Celtic’s look ridiculous.

  8. Ruben

    Sheed is dead on accurate and you gotta love that he has the heat to speak what’s real. Shit, ain’t like he gets the close calls anyway, so why not pop off.

    i’m not the type to pass the blame, with my team or in life but damn.

    The foul on Dyess after the block on Pierce. I have never seen that called and either has Van Gundy. He said it, check the tape.

    THe Perkins steal on Rip. He hit Rip’s elbow sleeve, at mid court, NO CALL!!!

    Pierce getting fouls by Ripping his arms thru Pistons extended arms. I can remember once on Tay once on Rip on trap when Pierce was in trouble and shot clock expiring.

    The Perkins tech was delayed. The ref did the math, you can see him thinking it out. I just hit Sheed with a BS tech, without it being felonious, I gotta give perk one.

    Its hard to win 5 on 8 on the court and the NBA and ABC and ESPN against you. Still, let’s get this game.

  9. KB

    I feel the same way Ric…not sensing the unity right now. Don’t feel good about tonight. Could get ugly on the court if we lose. Hopefully I’m wrong!!

    Go Pistons!

  10. mannie32

    love sheed, always have, always will… but i disagree with him this time around… hard fought match, tough calls went both ways in that night… overall decently reffed game… game 4 i totally see him saying that tho (but they won anyway)

    ah well, hopefully they just go out and play ball tonight

  11. ric

    good news guys, rip is ready to roll…im confident he’ll be good. he got some words of wisdom from his creator….his dad!
    “were at war!!!”


  12. Aviv Israel

    Sheed is right and wrong at the same time. He is right that the way the game is being played right now is problematic and somewhat unsportive. The rules in the NBA are taking flopping too lightly and it ruins the sport. It makes acting and the deception of the refs an integral part of the game – AND THIS UGLINESS GOT TO STOP!

    BUT that fact is a very lame excuse for losing games. That ugliness goes both ways, and even Billups (and also Hamilton at times) know (and do) draw fouls by using that same very tool (Billups brought the drawing of fouls in jumpshots to an art form. Too many times I’ve seen him concentrating more on drawing the foul than on making his shot).

    Sheed, these days, reminds me of a veteran but embittered worker. You know, those highly skilled guys in a corporation that are the most experienced and talented but with lower output and lower motivation because of years and years of disputes with stupid management and because the company is not as good as they always thought it could be.

    Sheed need to throw all these thoughts and feelings away, right now. The game, currently, is what it is. Forget about the refs. They don’t exist. Regard their decisions as acts of God or as the natural order of things. Detroit has a need for a focused, motivated and hungry sheed right now.

    Enough with the excuses. DET really have a Need4Sheed right now. Go Pistons!!

  13. mannie32

    LMAOOOOO hahahah holy crap… after i wrote my last post, they called the stupidest foul on sheed… it wasnt even close to a foul, so im thinkin “damn i look dumb, i said bad calls go both ways but c’mon”… then the refs must have been reading these comments and wanted to prove they dont want the celts to win, and call the most bogus foul on pierce hahahah… wow that was so bogus, if they call that foul, they should do the same on billups for initiating contact

    anywho, put a smile on my face… cuz just shows, eventually the calls will go both ways… and pistons need to capitalize with the biggest lead of the game heading into the 4th and bring it back to boston!

  14. DetMama

    Sheed, you gotta stop getting so darn mad, put that anger underfoot it destroys your game. And if you just wanna give money away, call me.


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