Game Six – 2008 Eastern Conference Finals

by | May 30, 2008 | 299 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. Boston Celtics ECF
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We know Rip is going to give it a go tonight, let’s hope his elbow doesn’t bother his shot too much.

Sheed needs to bring his game, not his mouth.

Chauncey need to be Big.

Tayshaun needs to play up to his abilities.

Dyess needs to bring his heart.

And everyone else needs to play like they want it.

A little inspiration.

And a little more from Rasheed Umar, a member of Team Need4Sheed who has no idea I am posting his inspirational e-mail he sent me last night.

“The sky is calm on the eve of the biggest game of this era. Time to focus, play through injury, and frustration. This is what we live for an opportunity to go against the grain and prove the naysayers wrong. The city and the fans are behind you and we know you believe. Never mind the referees, your opponent is yourselves. People will gather, faces painted, Thundersticks clapping, music blasting at inhuman tones. The ball will be tossed and the work whistle will blow. Punch the clock at 9- play hard, shout, block shots, rebound, dribble down the lane, and finish the job-punch out at five. At the end of the night the place will be in rubble, series tied -the Pistons were here.”

Tip off is at 8:30 PM and will be Nationally televised on ESPN. If you can’t catch it on the tube you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, or stream it live through your computer at .

I’m off, with my throwback Chauncey Jersey, my Pistons kicks, my obnoxiously loud whistle and a Ice For Dyess poster.

Noting more to say but, the comments are yours! Win Or Go Home.


  1. claire

    no elbow/hamstring/celtics are gonna get in our way this time.

  2. Jess

    I have high hopes! I hope they come through tonight. I know they will. I trust in them (Pistons) and I trust in GOD and I know he’ll be watching over them (closely) tonight.

  3. pistonsbaby01

    I got chills watching that video especially when Rasheed made that 3 from downtown

    wearing my red Chauncey jersey all day and hoping it will bring us some luck since they’ve won every time I have worn it

    Let’s Go Detroitttttttt!!!!!!!

  4. The Fluidics

    The Pistons just have to play a complete game.
    Boston had their best game of the playoffs the other night, and barely squeeked out a win. They won’t be able to manage that level again, Pistons can certainly play better.

    Look at it like this, if Perkins had a Perkins game, they would have lost. If Dyess had an average Dyess game, Pistons win.

    Detroit is simply a better playoff team, and won’t let a worse team beat them again. Not this season.

  5. ric

    love the inspiration!!! look for chauncey and sheed gets a good start on offense. also, look for dyess/sheed’s interior defense and rip continuing to run through his curl…prince needs to be aware of his mismatch if pierce switch with allen due to rip’s curl….just like nat said…win or go home!

  6. ric

    i agree with rip, we are at war!!!

  7. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    You rock that ice for Dyess poster Natalie!! I hope it’s a BIG one and I get to see it on tv 😉


  8. ric

    its time!!!! its time to focus, defense, teamwork! its time to unite as a team!!!!

  9. Aviv Israel

    As the ancient saying goes:

    “When the going gets tough, the tough kicks KG’s ass so hard that he runs crying back to his home court, praying (in vain) that home court advantage will do the trick.”

    This is not a time for a win but for a blowout. Urgency, urgency, urgency from the get go.


  10. The Fluidics

    They just interviewed Perkins.
    He sounds like Bubba Blue.

  11. ric

    did he sound like and look like “i got this game”?

  12. The Fluidics

    he was wearing a sweater vest. He ain’t got shit.

  13. ric

    i wish u can say that in his ear…hahaha!

  14. Jess

    I dont know the name of that guy who is making predictions in the pre-game show but he seriously just pissed me off!

    This isnt the exact quote but it went something like this or had the same meaning…

    “This is done! Lakers-Celtics lets go! Bring it on!”

  15. ric

    dumb idiots jess!

  16. The Fluidics

    that was stuart scott, well known for being partial.

  17. Jess

    I know Ric and I cant wait for the Pistons to throw it in his face!

  18. Jess

    Thanks Flu!

  19. jph1977

    Stuart Scott and his creepy glass eye. I would love to shove that eye down Posey’s mouth.

    Tay needs to quit shooting.

  20. claire

    anybody on the need4sheed’s chat thingie?

  21. amer-ican prince

    they look bored, I really thought they were going to come out harder, and I thought they made an emphasis on rebounding, no one is under the basket

  22. OIG

    its too early to judge Sheed but he does not look aggressive at all and i just dont get it

  23. jph1977

    here is the difference in this game so far… pistons can’t hit wide open shots, celtics can…

  24. claire

    lol did jon barry say he was trying to set dyess up with his sister in law?

  25. jph1977

    that was a bs call on sheed… i hope stern chokes on a dick tonight

  26. amer-ican prince

    tayshaun didn’t even try for that loose ball

  27. jph1977

    why does perkins look so angry all the time… man that dude is ugly… he is close to cassell for ugliest player.

  28. claire

    someone please light a fire under sheed and tay’s asses now!

  29. amer-ican prince

    what is Sheed doing, he’s walking around. He does realize he’s one of the players, doesn’t he?

  30. Aviv Israel

    The prince lost his mojo. Hope he will get it back today.

    Flip – you have a strong bench. Your starter is consistently struggling. User the bench!

    Go Pistons.

  31. Aviv Israel

    User == Use

  32. The Fluidics

    I gotta give Ray Allen credit for not poking Rip in the eye yet.

  33. claire

    new game plan, rip’s gonna do all the scoring, the rest of the team: DEFEND!

  34. jph1977

    do eddie house and james posey have to pop their shirts and pump their fists everytime someone hits a shot? at least eddie house’s ugly little kid isn’t there

  35. The Fluidics

    way to go NBA.

  36. claire

    whatever, refs. nothing’s gonna stand in our way tonight.

  37. amer-ican prince

    agree Aviv Israel, the bench has been consistent, give them minutes tonight

  38. claire

    if i was rip, i’d take ray allen’s name off of my contacts list.

  39. OIG

    Thank God Rip can play tonight oh thank u Lord and B-B-B-Billups looks aggressive too now please SHEED PLEASE get started u talked enough now do ur thang cause we kneed u at ur best!!!!!


  40. The Fluidics

    very dirty play from cassell

  41. claire

    someone other than rip needs to start knocking shots.

  42. Jess

    Im starting to think they are trying to hurt RIP purposely.

  43. The Fluidics

    Jess, they are.

    I’ve been calling for Dirty ball for two games now, Boston is the only team playing it.

    Hurt allen.

  44. claire

    jess, that makes 2 of us. obviously all the hits from the other night are not stopping rip.

    turn up the defense, pistons.

  45. claire

    damn, rip sat down for like 2 seconds.

    okay, someone needs to knock rondo down. i’m sick of how he’s knocking the ball off of other players.

    btw, celtics got some ugly players lol (cassell, perkins, pj brown just to name a few).

  46. claire

    WTF! PRINCE!!!

  47. Aviv Israel

    Let Prince rest. I love that guy, but please let him get his freakin’ rest.

  48. The Fluidics

    Tay is bugging me.
    Do you ride him and hope he snaps out of it? or do you go with AA.

    Gotta stick with Tay, he has more playoff experience tonight than showtime has in his career.

  49. Jess

    Shit they can hurt them all. Allen, KG, & Pierce. THE BIG 3 LOSERS!

  50. The Fluidics

    shrimp salad, shrimp kabob, shrimp steak, bbq shrimp, shrimp sandwich…

  51. Aviv Israel

    I don’t think Prince will snap out of it. I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t gamble on hope. We have consistent tools on the bench.

  52. claire

    fluidics, are those the nicknames you made up for the celtics?

  53. Aviv Israel

    B is the kink on the court today. A ruler!

    King B!

  54. The Fluidics

    no, thats kendrick perkins talking

  55. Jess

    I gotta agree with the rest… I love Tay and all but, let him rest for a minute.

  56. claire

    DAMN!!! FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!! that was a beautiful 3 too! FUCK YOU, shot clock!

    ahem..excuse me

  57. OIG

    at least we are Rebounding the ball thats why we still in the game besides Rip and Chauncey time for the others to step up and knock down shots!!

    Go Pistons

  58. The Fluidics

    I thought Boston had the ball, there was a pass, even if it was on the floor. 3 should have counted.

    Keep playing hard.

  59. Aviv Israel

    They didn’t really had possession. It was more like a pin ball machine.

    That was a good call fluidics.

  60. The Fluidics

    home team should have gotten that call.

    Pistons looking a lot better.

  61. claire

    good energy and effort from every body so far (read: Tay needs a rest).

    just keep defending. never give up.

  62. mannie32

    not how i wanted the first half to go, but i have faith… only 3 down

    but wow, i dont think ive seen our statrting backcourt play THIS good at the same time in a while… they are playing perfect basketball… now we just need tay to get a couple shots in

  63. jph1977

    31 of 37 points back the backcourt… can’t win that way, but what do you expect with prince’s clankers and sheed’s 3’s

    doc rivers complains more than anybody on the pistons… i wonder why it is never mentioned when it is so easy to hear his annoying screachy voice

  64. amer-ican prince

    Tay has had enough rest before the series, everyone else has played harder than him all series and they are still not tired. This is an elimination game, if Tay needs rest in this game he doesn’t belong on the floor. I just don’t think he’s hustling that;s the problem, though he is starting to a little bit

  65. T. Kinslow

    I’m confident guys. Sheed and Prince have been so bad on the offensive end, the C’s have hit 5 threes and we’re only down 3 at the half.

    Keep the faith.

  66. jph1977

    I agree… prince doesn’t need a rest… he is young and doesn’t look tired. He is getting lift on his shots, but he is (and always has been) a streaky shooter. He should try to go down on the block instead of taking jump shots. But hey, so should sheed… i think piston big men are allergic to the paint.

  67. Aviv Israel

    “Sheed and KG hurt each other while they were hugging in the previous game.”


  68. jph1977

    I wonder if stern will somehow try to get a knicks/bull ECF next year so he can again try to relive some old playoff memories for ratings. the man should be fired.

  69. ric

    theres no doubt about tay, i really believe hes gonna come out of it in 2nd half, regardless how frustrated i am about him. he is so DUE for a better game at least, i love what i see with chauncey…the only thing i like about espn comments is chauncey coming up big in the offense, his team will follow, rips the only one right now….they need to bring everything in the beginning of 3rd, i really hope we get a big lead in the 3rd, sheed needs to play smart, not just aggressive knowing garnett isn’t gonna come in anytime soon. i would for prince to take it to the hoop now that garnett is won’t be there right away due to foul trouble. go pistons!!!! lets put in all our effort to get a good cushion in the 4th and eventually rest our guys for game 7!!!

  70. mannie32

    please stop with the conspiracy theories… please???? just makes us look bad as pistons fans… not all of us look for excuses… really bothers me… ive only seen one year where i felt we really got screwed by officiating and that was 2006… otherwise, it’s bad calls that go both ways

    there is NO doubt stern wants to celtics and lakers… he is a business man… but to assume he has an impact on the game? i dunno

  71. Jess

    I dont exactly mean Tay needs rest… he should just take a seat cause his shot is just not falling! So let him hit the bench (get that rest… needed or not).

  72. jph1977

    i live in cleveland, and the funny thing is even local sports radio here discusses the boston/la conspiracy… and they HATE all things detroit… it’s curious

  73. claire


  74. The Fluidics


  75. jph1977

    wallace looks like a zombie/prince finally hits one

  76. iloveblaha01

    I really do hope they win this. Sigh.

    Keep the faith!

  77. The Fluidics

    Sheed in the paint. That works, stick with it.

    And shut up.

  78. The Fluidics

    Garnot is gonna have to sit again.

  79. jph1977

    jeff van gundy needs to shut his bald ass head

  80. claire

    can someone please pull sheed away? you can’t get another tech sheed!

  81. claire


  82. jph1977

    that should not have been a foul on sheed… just boston ball… but his rep precedes him

    if chauncey played like this all series long… we would have won it by now

  83. Aviv Israel

    I got 1 thing to say. I’ll say calmly:

    Chaunceeeeeeeeeeeey B B B B B Billups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. The Fluidics


  85. claire


  86. Jess

    Tay has officially snapped out of it!!!!!

  87. claire


  88. claire


  89. Aviv Israel

    Goooooood morning Tay.

    The prince is back in his palace.

  90. The Fluidics

    Yep claire, if they play Detroit basketball, boston can’t cope.

  91. claire


  92. claire

    jeff van gundy, shut the **** up.

  93. claire

    YES BABY YESSSS!!!!!!!!!

    excuse my caps and multiple posts. just can’t contain the excitement.

  94. Jessi

    ok I put on my tay jeresy at half time in support of him having a good third and well he done just that… 9 points in the third pistons up by 8 keep it up in the forth…

  95. Jessi

    I didn’t go to the gym tonight but I am sure getting my cardio tonight, I can’t seem to stay in one place during this game… I love games like this now the pistons need to play detroit basketball for 12 more mintues…

  96. mannie32

    LMAOOOOO hahahah holy crap… after i wrote my last post, they called the stupidest foul on sheed… it wasnt even close to a foul, so im thinkin “damn i look dumb, i said bad calls go both ways but c’mon”… then the refs must have been reading these comments and wanted to prove they dont want the celts to win, and call the most bogus foul on pierce hahahah… wow that was so bogus, if they call that foul, they should do the same on billups for initiating contact

    anywho, put a smile on my face… cuz just shows, eventually the calls will go both ways… and pistons need to capitalize with the biggest lead of the game heading into the 4th and bring it back to boston!

  97. Aviv Israel

    Jessi, Tay’s return is on you!

  98. claire


    Jessi, definitely a great cardio work out tonight for us fans.

  99. Aviv Israel

    The call on pierce was not bogus at all. That was a good call. He side stepped (traveled) in order to draw contact from the defender that was in mid air. That was the right call.

    An illegal play to draw unnecessary contact in order to fool the refs to call a blocking foul. That is an offensive foul.

  100. claire


  101. claire

    wow sheed…”get that camera out of my face” (with some profanity)

  102. mannie32

    haha gotta love sheed being pg13 on camera lol

  103. jph1977

    i WAS feeling confident until sheed came back into the game and ruined the flow.

  104. mannie32

    i can see u arguing it wasnt a bogus call, but then u gotta make that call all the time… how many jump shooters, especially especially billups do the exact same thing and get the call

    if anything, maybe the travel, but the foul? thats never called (whether it should be or not)… refs need to be consistent… boston got the bad end of the stick that time

    we’re up 3… and close to on our way to game 7!!! boston have a little momentum, but i think they’ll lose the momentum and will ultimately lose

  105. Jess

    Nat you have to put up that video of Sheed! He cussed that camera man out! LOL Than he threw the towel at the camera!

  106. Aviv Israel

    No, you don’t got to love that. Sheed is starting to go over the line in my humble opinion.

  107. jph1977

    if you go straight up into the jumping defender… it’s a defensive foul..

    if the defender is in the air and would jump by you and you side step into him.. offensive foul

  108. Jessi

    now this is not the detroit basketball I was talking about..

  109. sweetiem326

    What the hell is going on! Get back into it.

  110. claire

    MAX POWER!!!!!

  111. claire

    MAXX!!! i’m gonna cry!

  112. jph1977

    fucking pierce gets away with traveling more than princess james!

    that’s bs

  113. uyen

    This game is seriously making me sick. The crowd need to get into NOW.

  114. Jess

    Aviv Israel,

    Im not saying it was right but it sure as hell was funny. And I only mentioned it because I know Natalie is not watching it on TV so she sure missed it and Im sure she’d like to see it.

  115. mannie32

    yea exactly, earlier in the game billups got the foul on rondo sidestepping into him

    but w/e i dont care… at least i feel like im being an impartial spectator here… and saying that that was a terrible call (either that or refs always make the terrible call on that play, and finally made the right call)

    but like most calls, it can get very subjective… boston just tied it and pierce has a chance to get the lead… but our young guys are playing well, and hopefully can get us this win… most important win of the season

    as for sheed… love that guy, BUT i do have to say… this series, he’s kinda disappointed me, not by his play but what at least comes across as being a sour loser… sure some bad calls, but now he doesnt even look happy out there half the time… doesnt seem like sheed actually, something seems off with him in this series

  116. jph1977

    pistons are choking

  117. uyen


  118. jph1977

    19-4 run… this is the championship mettle that everyone talks about? the pistons playing with their backs to the wall… the run is over.

  119. The Fluidics

    keep the faith!

  120. sweetiem326

    WTF!!! Please take sheed out!

  121. jph1977

    i would keep the faith if i haven’t seen the same thing time and time again… this team doesn’t know how to deliver a knock out punch… a 10 point lead and they relax…

    they need to realize that they will go down as one of the most arrogant teams in history, and their success doesn’t justify their arrogance, i just hope the young guys didn’t pick it up from the others

  122. claire

    come on, pistons! give it everything you got!

    they’re in the penalty down, can’t be as aggressive on the D. ugh.

  123. uyen

    What is going on Sheed? He fucking need to stop hugging KG after each and every fucking game. This shit is fucking unbelieveable

  124. The Fluidics

    Don’t give up, they are still playing ball.

  125. uyen

    I can’t watch the game. Can anyone tell me what the score is pls?

  126. amer-ican prince

    why would Tay nor run the fastbreak, stupod

  127. jph1977

    at least we were beat by a better team this year… not the piece of shit cavs, but what an embarrassing way to lose at home

    i would say trade sheed, but who would want him?

  128. claire

    come on, i know you can do it, pistons!

    just calm down and play hard!

  129. jph1977

    i hope the lakers wipe the floor with this undeserving piecemeal team

  130. mannie32

    what a meltdown…. speechless

    3 years in a row… different strategies… same result… but hey, at least it’s been us in the conference finals each year, the team that beats us never comes back

    unless there’s a miracle here, im hoping kobe kicks their asses… he’s my fave player and lakers are my second fave team… but fuck… the pistons are my fave team, and i wanted to see dyess win that ship… im always optimistic… but ill say it, game is over… they’re free throw shootetrs are too good

  131. Aviv Israel

    This is over 🙁

  132. Jessi

    I beleive…

  133. Aviv Israel

    This is not over 😐

  134. amer-ican prince

    come everyone in unison, WIN PISTONS WIN

  135. claire

    i’m proud of this team.

  136. lavinius

    Hey, at least we *got* to the ECFs again. I mean, a lot of teams would die to be in our position.

    /throws up

  137. jph1977

    well, this is boston’s only chance to win it the finals… they are too old and have bet the bank on this year… i hope they get torn to shreads and the series a short one so stern can suffer.

    time to break up this team. it just isn’t doing it… accept the reality… can’t bet the future on this bunch of underachievers.

  138. claire


  139. jph1977

    I am NOT pround of this team.

    I would be proud if they lost putting forth their best effort, but it’s the same thing every year in the ECF… no effort until it is too late.

  140. Jessi

    I am sorry but its over and its because of foul trouble… I can’t beleive that the pistons made it as fare as they did last year… I wonder what will happpen in the off season.. the pistons had this one when they lost the finaly lead I knew it was over so many times this season I have seen detroit lose lead at the end of the game and lose…

  141. mannie32

    in the end, the better team won… but proud of these pistons… but celts proved to be the better team… kudos to them… kobe for his 4th ship, and 1st finals mvp to go along with his 1st mvp

    anywho, i hope the crowd gives the pistons a standing ovation like philly did the 6ers… doubt itd happen, but would be a nice show of appreciation

  142. Aviv Israel

    now it is over 🙁

    Good effort by most pistons.


    Alas, Sheed was all mouth.

  143. jph1977

    Okay … now i hate pierce more than ever… popping his ugly green jersey before the game is over…

    i hope he gets involved in a nice detroit driveby tonight

  144. Jessi

    I really think this ended the way it should have everyone wanted to see boston and the lakers and they have it… I would have loved to see a game seven however, oh ya I do not like paul and becuase of that I do not want them to win, I think all and kevin but paul just bugs me and he couldn’t get his team there with out all and garrent…

  145. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Its over. Its all over.

  146. mannie32

    bah… still hurts

  147. jph1977

    wow paul pierce sounds like the most uneducated idiot

  148. claire

    it’s over. but we’ll come back again, like we always have. i don’t care how long it takes, i know this team will win another title.

  149. The Fluidics

    Not enough Pistons fans there for a standing O.
    Pistons fans give up on this team so easy, it’s sad. I never lose faith until the buzzer. I’ve never left a game early, I show up and wait for the doors to open, and I see so many fans give up at the first sign of trouble.

    I’m proud of this team. They are relevent into the deep playoffs every year. I’d be disappointed if they never won a championship, but they have, they’ve got hardware. You always want more, but there are so many towns that haven’t got anything on their rafters.

    Best of luck to the Celtics in the finals, I’d hate to go out for nothing.

    Thank you Pistons, from the bottom of my heart.

    Go Shock!
    Go Wings!
    Go Tigers!

  150. Jessi

    I really hope joe keeps this team together one more year, this season was differnt because boston build their team for this and I think that no matter what it was going to end this way, I wish it was on the road however but I think that with our bench and our starters we have a good team, dycess will propably retire and max will take his place and next year would be it but for some reaons I think joe might trade some of the core maybe rip or tay or sheed but I really hope not.. I know they didn to make it to teh finals but this year was diferent than last and I am ok with the loss not really but ok..

  151. Richie

    Well, there goes another good season. There’s a lot to be said about it. A lot of things that I wasn’t really happy with in this series, and a whole lot of adversity that needed to be overcame. However, instead of us ranting all summer about how this team should be blown up, and whining about things that none of us understand as well as Joe D, let’s all just appreciate what this team has given us for the last 6 years and have a moment of silence for McDyess.

  152. Jessi


  153. jph1977

    i’m sure they will eventually win another title.. but not with this group… the rest of the conference is getting younger and better, and teams are leapfrogging us… unless joe can pull off a killer trade by only losing a couple pieces… say bye bye to this team… it will NOT be 7 straight ECF, and besides, I would rather them not make the playoffs thejn not show up. at least we can get a good draft pick then

  154. Jess

    Im gonna admit I was cryig before it was over (but still had faith). I continued crying… than when they put the camera on Dyess, I started boo-hooing and still am. Im speechless.

    Im going to bed.

  155. Dominic

    …The Celtics winning doesn’t hurt me as much as the fact that this could be the end of our Pistons the Going To Work boys who we’ve known and loved for years. Everytime I think this may be the last time I see Sheeds pre game dance, Rip fighting off screens, Dyess’s heart, Chauncey’s big shots. It just makes my heart ache. It’s just unbearable, but so is the possibility of going into another season and having another dissapointment happen at the hands of Boston or worse, Cleveland. I really don’t know how I feel about the future of this team. I want our boys to stay together but I don’t want another dissapointment. Don’t bash Boston. Theyre a great team and deserve it Paul Pierce is a great player not an idiot. He’s excited to finaly get there. But I just wish it was us…

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  156. Aviv Israel

    Next year: more time for the younger guys.

    This team has lots of talent (best in the NBA in my opinion), but they need to fix the emotional hiccups of this team.

    I’m going to dare saying it in this site: if Sheed stays then use him as a powerful weapon of the bench.

  157. amer-ican prince

    Amen richie, dominic, and aviv israel the silence for Dyess, but the thing that kills me is this is how Lindsey’s playing career is gonna end. I really wish he got to play at the end of the game, he could have helped I think. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I really don’t want to see anyone go, I hope this team isn’t blown up, but we need new blood in the starting lineup. That doesn’t mean a trade, but something has to happen.

    Pistons no matter what, you’re still my team, win or lose. Bring it home next year.

  158. gordbrown

    The game turned on the steal that Posey made of Tayshaun. Did anyone see the first reply. Posey’s hand didn’t get within six inches of the ball. And yet they were in the penalty and we weren’t. The Celtics won’t know what hit them when they see the Lakers and don’t get their asses carried over the finish line for them!

  159. jph1977

    Pistons will always be my team. When I lived in Michigan, or California, or now in Cleveland… through ugly turqoise uniforms… and all the other horror in the 90s.

    but the current team is frustrating… they used to have an edge and killer instinct and unfortunately the started believing they are invincible, even when they got beat. They have blinders on, and are emotionally strung out. break them up

    At least I can save some nights since I will NOT be watching these fixed finals… but hopefully the lakers win

  160. illmatic774

    need 4 sheed my ass.

    he’s no primetime performer. he’s a cotdamn loudmouth bum.

    i’m not even blaming Flip.

  161. Dominic

    And if anybody feels like Jumping ship, don’t leave fuckin comments, you’re not a real Pistons fan anyway save us from your stuipidity (nobody in particular btw) I for one will stick with this team whether we win 60 or 20 and I trust Natalie, Richie, American Prince, Jessie and other frequent commenters on Need4sheed will do the same

    Lead us from the fire Joe (my new motto)

  162. lavinius

  163. mannie32

    gotta agree on pierce… great player, and gtreat guy… he is probably the toughest player in the league or one of them.. if u follow him thru the years, he is a warrior… kg is also probably top 5 in this league… allen is the only one i thought was the least valuable of the three (even before these shooting woos”… he helped them win this series tho

    lakers however have kobe, and the best bench in the league

  164. Dominic

    Well illmatic I guess you’re the first bandwagoner I warned em

  165. claire

    the fluidics, you pretty much said what’s on my mind.

    i think the pistons deserved a standing ovation too. i think the pistons have been so good for so long that anything less than a championship means failure to the fans in detroit. i just want to say that we are (pistons fans in general, and pistons fans who live in detroit in specific)ones of the luckiest fans in this league. Last year, we let our chance slip out of our hands, but this year is a hell of a different year. young guys like jason maxiell and rodney stuckey are growing up so fast right in front of our eyes. vets like rip, chauncey, and dyess laid everything out on the floor, literally. philly has dyess’ blood stain on its court, orlando has billups’ hamstring, boston has rip’s eye and elbow. give these guys credit for their toughness.

    sure, we lost, it sucks. but let’s not punish this team for being great. good teams don’t go to the conference finals 6 years in a row, great teams do.

    i live in houston, tx and have never been in michigan. but let me tell you something, we would kill to have the rockets in the second round of the playoffs. just the second round.

    detroit, appreciate the pistons.

  166. Dominic

    Wow just listen to these SportsCenter announcers their so pleased with their pay raise they’ll get out of their Celtics Lakers Finals. No conspiracy theory here, just saying how happy they are that we lost, aside from Jon Barry,

  167. jph1977

    I don’t see it in Pierce. I think he is overrated and cocky. I liked KG before he came to Boston, but his constant screaming, fist pumping, and jersey popping annoy me. I could care less about ray allen.

    I don’t think the finals will be as competitive as espn and the league want us to think. I think it will go 5 or 6 with the lakers winning. They have the best bench, the best player, and the best coach in the league. They are playing great basketball, and are never out of a game. Boston shakes easily and should have lost this series if detroit didn’t constantly choke… if we had an actual closer we would have won. the lakers have the best closer in the game, and i think we will all see why kobe is indeed a MUCH better player than princess james

  168. mannie32

    i am far away from blaming sheed, i still think he played great D out there when he wasnt in foul trouble… but ill admit, for the first time in my life (not even the ejection in game 6 last year made me feel like this)… he’s disappointed me BIG time… out on the floor, still one of the best even if his numbers dont show it… but he needs to stick to playing the game and not blamin any refs… before he was always vocal, complained on fouls… but now it;s different, he’s gone with the conspiracy theory even when it’s not there… definitely not this year… last year only game 5 (with that bogus mcdyess flagrant 2 that got him an ejection – sooo bullshit) was decided by the refs… and 06 was just terrible with the heat (only year i think refs decided the outcome)

    at the end of the day tho, he’s a great player, and witout him, instead of just one ring in 6 years, what about 0 rings? yup, thatss what it would be… this is a great team… and someone mentioned it earlier, it’s more than just winning… but no other team looks as much as a family out there like these guys… IF they break up… yea ill miss the sheed dances, rip punches before the game, the jokes among the hunter, sheed, maxiell etc….

  169. downtown

    Well, thanks for the all great games guys. We’ve seen many great nights from all the players. It’s a tragedy for Dyess for sure. And Flip in a lot of ways. It’s great to have Stuckey, Maxiell and some of the vets to work with going forward. But I really have to say.. I’m having a hard time warming to the idea of another playoff run with Sheed. He’s an awesome talent, he’s given us the greatest highs of the last several years.. but.. well.. another year on the rollercoaster..

    Thanks for a good 08 run. Good luck to KG in the finals.

  170. The Fluidics

    It’s always tough to lose, but the future is still pretty bright for the Pistons.

    Stuckey is a revalation, and will only get better.
    Max is a beast, and will only get better.
    Tay is young, and has the D.
    Amir is pure energy, and will only get better.
    Maybe Herrmann can stick around, that would be nice.

    I’d even keep Flip around, he showed so much improvement this post season, and who would you replace him with.

    I know who I would, but he already has a coaching job in Detroit.

  171. T. Kinslow

    You’d think with all the times we’ve fallen short recently it would sting less but it doesn’t.

    I really thought in the third we were looking at a game 7. I could taste it, and so could the crowd. Then we took our foot off of their throats again. Happens all the time almost every year since the title in 04.

    The sad thing is that Flip is going to get canned for this, just my vibe and it stinks. I think he did his best job yet in the postseason. I mean if Larry Brown couldn’t get them to play all the time in 05, what shot did Flip have?

    I don’t know what was wrong with Sheed but other than Game 5 he was garbage all series. This team needs a major attitude adjustment. I don’t think we should break up this team but something has to be done to send a message to this team.

  172. illmatic774

    oh to hell with you dom. where the **** did i say anything about jumping ship?

    reading comprehension is fundamental.

  173. Dominic

    I completely agree Mannie give Sheed some credit, everybody has some bad nights this just sticks out because it was a do or die situation. Give Sheed a break, I am loathe to blame Tay because so many Need4sheeders do it for me but I think he was a big nonfactor in this whole series, after talks of Finals MVP he was a complete NO Show in the Boston series

  174. claire

    i won’t deny that the pistons need some help on their rosters. but whatever happens, we cannot and must not lose our backcourt. Times and times again, our 2 guards put this team on their backs and carried them, as far as they can. You simply cannot find another backcourt like this in the NBA.

  175. iloveblaha01

    poor dyess.

  176. Dominic

    I just got hit with another wave of sadness I need a Mountain Dew

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  177. The Fluidics

    Tay wasn’t a non-factor, it’s just that Pierce was a factor, took him right out of his game.

    Claire, hats off to you for getting it about the Pistons. Us Detroit sports fans are spoiled.
    The Pistons give us consistant excelence. If this was the NCAA, thats 6 straight final fours, that’s awesome.

    I’m not saying fire Flip, but come on, Bill Laimbeer will beat their asses for letting up.

  178. ric

    claire or fluidics…..seems like u guys been in need4sheed for over a year???? if so, what do u guys talk about here during off season after being eliminated????

  179. ric

    i wonder if nat we’ll change the name of the site if sheed gets traded?

  180. jph1977

    I don’t think we should get rid of either guard, or tay. I think sheed needs to go. He is an emotional drain on the rest of the team. He is out of control half the time. He doesn’t play to his strengths.

    If Boston can go from the joke of the league to possible champs in one year, there is no reason to think that one or two moves can’t get us back there… but it can not be this same exact team again… it just won’t work anymore

    btw.. this is another reason i will not cheer for the celtics… i just don’t like the fact that they haven’t gone through the growing pains to win a championship… they were thrown together and get there in the first year

  181. uyen

    ric, nat said she would not change the name

  182. ric

    fluidics, i agree with u about flip being consistent on strategic coaching, with consistency, the problem with him is his not getting into players head!!! we need to get a guy whos capable of getting into our heads, and we can’t afford to trade players vs. coach…..our backcourts are fine, especially with the emergence of stuck…..but our frontcourt needs to pass the era to our youngs, maxiell leading, amir and samb from behind.

  183. claire

    ric, lol you make me sound like a loser who’s on this site 24/7 (its alright, i am >.<) last season was an interesting one, i remember i was busy shooting down bandwagoners who demanded this team to be blown up. hopefully, this summer, need4sheed won’t be infested so much. so oh yea, basically just defending the pistons. i just love this team too much.

  184. pistons4life122

    I’m heartbroken with tears.

    I wanted this for them more than i’ve wanted anything in my whole life!

    I was sooo happy what we looked like during the 3rd quarter, and i got too overconfdifent. Obviously, they did too.

    I think Tayshaun is great, but I think he needs to go. Yes, he is a great defender, but his offense in the ECF the last few years has been awful.

    In Detriot, there’s dark skies and pouring rain…it goes along with what just happened.
    ^Sooooo depressing.


  185. ric

    it’ll be another busy summer for joe! any coach in mind??? again, this is not flip’s fault, this is a team’s fault, but flip is just not the type of coach that our current roster listens to.

  186. The Fluidics

    jph, thats what pisses me off most.
    They just bought a team, went straight to the finals.
    Pistons are an oddity though, most teams don’t stay together like this.

    I don’t know who I would replace. Pistons are a very good team, and I honestly can’t tell you how to make a team just TWO wins better. There seems to be just one piece missing, don’t know what it is though. We thought it was home court last year, that wasn’t it.
    We thought it was rest and a bench this year, and thats not it.
    Coach Brown couldn’t do it twice, Coach Flip can’t do it either. I don’t really think thats the problem though. It’s gotta be attitude, but who can reign that in?

    WE need that one piece, whatever it is. I do know this, I trust Joe to figure it out.

  187. jph1977

    i hear van gundy is available 🙂

  188. ric

    sorry claire, it was suppose to be a compliment by assuming u and fluidics are the easiest people to get a response from. hehehe. anybody else wanna tell me what need4sheed member talk about during off season after elimination?

  189. Dominic

    The weather reflects my mood.

    Lead us from the fire Joe (my new motto for the offseason)

  190. Danafesto

    I just got home from the bar and friends who I had to have around me for this game. Listened to the last 2 minutes by Blaha, that is my own back in the day comfort mode. Listening to the ends of games in the car with Blaha.

    Anyway, had to check these comments, and give love to Pistons and their fans the world over. In good times and in bad.

    If it can’t be Dyess, I guess I’m hoping KG’s team knocks the Lakers on their asses.

    Goodnight, 50th season. xo

  191. ric

    jph, so as many other coaches…..i think we need someone who can get to our current rosters head, demanding in the right way, and with a defensive mindset…..damn!!!! poppavich signed another contract with the spurs!!! now thats a big catch for pistons if we get him.

  192. The Fluidics

    ric, Bill Laimbeer is the only coach I can see hadling this team. Sure, he’s never been an NBA coach. But he hasa banner at the Palace that says he can indeed coach. I’m sure the vets would listen to him, he’d whoop ass if they didn’t.

    I’m willing to stick with Coach Flip though.

  193. jph1977

    I just can’t blame flip for their attitude problems. They would probably disrespect the next coach as much as they disrespect flip.

    I agree… we need a pure scorer to take us out of tight spots… someone who can penetrate and create his own shot (not like when rip tries to create his own)

    i think dice will retire or go to another team. trade sheed with his expiring contract… keep the backcourt, get a good PF/Center, start maxi, and get a swing guy off the bench

  194. amer-ican prince

    I’m not saying I want Flip fired for this, because even though he made some mistakes I can’t say we lost because of him.

    But I am entertaining the idea of Avery Johnson, I notice he still doesn’t have a job. Maybe he is waiting for the right team.

    And I am wondering, is Sheed’s knee still hurt? Because i thought his biggest problem was quickness.

    Hopefully we can get someone at SF. It has to be a defensive energy guy. He can’t be a shooter, that will never work out on this team. just a guy who hustles and is willing to do all the little things.

    I just don’t know what to do right now? It’s too late to go out and there is no way I’m gonna be able to fall asleep now. There’s no way I’m gonna watch those ESPN guys either.

  195. amer-ican prince

    i meant backup SF, if Tayshaun learns to dribble with his right hand and learns to not wait for plays to be called for him, he can dominate. But he has to lead as well as score if this team is gonna get back to the finals with him

  196. Dominic

    Trying out the trade machine: How about this one?

    (BTW not suggesting we do it, just letting people know we can get alot for what we have)

    Incoming Players:
    Tracy McGrady
    Yao ming

    Outgoing Players:
    Richard Hamilton
    Rasheed Wallace
    Tayshaun Prince

    We can start Stuckey and finally get a guy who can create his own shot. Injuries won’t be a problem with Arnie Kander and this will greatly help out the Rockets. They may switch out Rip or Tay with Chauncey in which case Stuckey will start at PG.

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  197. jph1977

    sheed is a cancer
    does this mean atlanta is better than us since they took them to 7??

  198. ric

    prince, i know what u mean, im drunk enough but still can’t sleep….energy guy, small forward, i have 2 words for u…..shawn marion!!! is he free agent or he can opt out? but i do wanna keep our core, forgive me for saying this, just my opinion, but i think prince or sheed needs to go, more on sheed coz of age factor

  199. renee

    NATALIE do you think that Chaunce, Rip, Tay, Sheed, or Dyess will be back next season?????????????

  200. Jess

    Ok I cant sleep. I cant stop thinking about this team. I love them too much. I hate to see any of them go. When Ben left, it took me a long time to get over it.

    I do agree that Flip improved this season but I doubt he’ll stay. I would LOVE to see Laimbeer as head coach… he has BAD BOY blood in him.

    Ric during the off season Nat ALWAYS keeps us updated on rumors, trades, talks, new positions, players and new teams. Everything you want to know she posts it all.

    And Natalie has said time and time again that the name of this site will NEVER change. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A NEED4SHEED.

    If he’s with this team or not, everybody has a desire 4SHEED!

    I have been following this site almost since Natalie first started it (after the won the ship in ’04). I didnt start commenting until months later and now Im addicted to this site.




    (sorry for the long post)

  201. The Fluidics

    Tay is too good to let go. I’d hate to come up against him one day.

  202. Reece

    i hope that we make 0 changes in the off-season. if joe d absolutely has to make a change i hope its fire flip and sign avery

  203. The Fluidics

    Can’t lose Chauncey, there isn’t a better replacement available.

    I wouldn’t willingly get rid of any of the starters, though it’s naive to think they will all still be here. I’d hate to think one of them wants to move on, but I wouldn’t be shocked. I would definately NOT say blow it up.

    Thank you for an excellent 14 years (give or take a few with LA) to Lindsey Hunter.
    A great Piston.

  204. ric

    renee, i know im not natalie, but i think its less chance that they will….i have a feeling dyess will retire. joe will never separate rip and chaunce, he knows this through him and isiah….sheed or prince are joe’s weapon to get a key player. but first order of business is flip.

  205. ric

    nat, will u change the name of the site if sheed gets traded? just curious.

  206. ric

    ur right fluidics…unless its chris paul…hehehe. chauncey is lock for another 2-3years i think, he’ll retire as a pistons….rip will never go away, unless he wants to.

  207. ric

    dominic, i would never trade sheed for yao…hes so weak!

  208. amer-ican prince

    I don’t think Dyess can retire. Doesn’t he have another year or two on his contract?

    In terms of coaching, I gotta disagree with everyone saying Bill Lambier, I watched him coach last year, and really his only play offensively seemed to be give it to Deanna Nolen and everyone else just stand there. I still think Avery would be the best bet (other than Flip, I still think he did a decent job this year, if the players had executed better they would have done a lot better)

  209. Jess

    Ric I think you should read my last comment. Itll answer some of your questions.

  210. The Fluidics

    I just keep thinking back over this season, there were a couple of games that I had to drag myself to the Palace in a blizzard, and a one hour drive became a 3 hour drive, cars crashing all around me, wet feet and jeans in the stands cheering GO PISTONS. It was a good year, can’t complain about much.

    Expect a 1 and 32 in the rafters, both those guys should retire as Pistons.

  211. palaceprince

    i can’t believe that it is actually over. I am scared to see what happens in the post season but looking forward to new faces that are bound to join the team.
    I feel for Dyess. I hope he plays one more year. Good Luck in 09′

  212. amer-ican prince

    the fluidics
    Great shout out to one of the 50 greatest Pistons players, Lindsey Hunter. He has been fun to watch and a guy you always cheered for. I especially loved it when him and Dyess were on the floor together, that was a lot of heart on the floor at one time

    Lindsey come on one more year won’t kill ya, right? I mean I hope not. But good luck in whatever you do

    And I would love to get Baron Davis, although we have a young Baron with Rodney so I don’t know if that will happen. Is Edwardo Najara a small forward or power forward? Cause he could be a good backup for Tayshaun.

    I hope they keep Walter Herrmann,

  213. ric

    prince, avery is on the top out of all the coaches available in nba, seems like he can get in to pistons players head in demand….except, i never saw dallas with a defensive threat, thats my concern.

  214. vic-roc

    Sad day for Piston fans. all in all, pistons had a good season, just couldn’t finish it up. dont no wats goin to happen to the group they have. Roscoe and Dyess are getting old, flip may lose his job. Only time will tell.

  215. The Fluidics

    It’s such a puzzle, because I don’t see a single position or backup that is a problem. Whatever the Pistons problem is, it’s in their heads, and something they have to figure out for themselves, cause no coach can do it. Joe can do it, but no coach.

    I’m already sick of the finals hype, it’s been an hour.

  216. Dominic

    I am dreading the morning when all the bandwagoners come out from under the bridges and send hateful comments to the players we have stood by with unwavering support

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  217. Dominic

    Sheed and Avery at the same press conference LOL!

  218. Danafesto

    Maybe we could play a silly game in the off season, like “Survivor: 6 years of postseason” or whatever it is…and we rank by votes and polls what our favorite playoff games were and why.

    I just want to have dumb fun and games for a little while. I don’t want to think about players leaving yet. Flip can leave. Lindsey can retire, if he must (Joe says he’ll be around the office though?). I want everyone around for awhile still, even Hermann. Until the pain stops. 🙂

  219. ric

    dominic, at least ur not leaving in LA or Boston…its so freaking annoying here in LA! i just want them to shut the f up, and by doing that, to beat them, by the team who beat us, bitter sweet!

  220. pistons4life122

    I also want to point out that last year and throughout the season, I disliked Flip Saunders.
    Now, I actually like him…and do NOT blame him for the loss. I think he learned from the past few years, he made good plays and tried his hardest to convince our ball club about the championship. He did the best he could, and if he left, ehhh I wouldn’t be upset, but I feel bad for him.

    I know this site is to dedicate our love to sheed, but he just really pissed me off. The look on his face didn’t look hungry. Sometimes, he plays like its a pre-season game. One day he is consistant, and the next he doesn’t do anything. He is always saying, “we will win” and stuff like that, but he didn’t play with his best effort.

    I think we lost to Boston more because of fatigue and because they had a lot more talent and consistancy of players. The Cleavland series was awfullllll because i KNEW IN MY HEART that the pistons were better then lebron and Co.

    I don’t know which team to root for in the NBA finals…i would of never of thought i would have to choose because i thought the pistons would be in it.

    A whole summer without Deeetroit Basketball sounds upsetting. I wish this was all a nightmare. God, this sucks!!

  221. BiGAL2588

    i hate to say it guys but i think this might be the end of the current starting 5 and all fingers point to rasheed wallace or prince leaving. I don’t even know how to explain the pain i feel.

  222. Dominic

    I feel you on that ric but imagine if we had won it in Detroit My neighbors wouldn’t get any sleep for weeks! Just the thought makes me all sad and depressed again sigh

    Lead us from the fire Joe (offseason motto)

  223. ric

    tay will always be behind rip and chaunce……he’ll never lead, he always put himself as second best leader….

  224. Danafesto

    Much rather have Bill Laimbeer than Flip. Much.

    I just had a morbid thought–those effing T-shirts they made are going to get some use after all, and not in the ironic sense. 🙁

  225. amer-ican prince

    That’s true ric, but to be honest, I don’t think they had a lot of good defensive players, we have a bunch I mean Dirk , Josh Howard, Jason Terry, etc. We have Sheed, Dyess,
    Tayshaun, even Rip is underrated as a defender. Although he did learn from Don Nelson so you might be right about his defensive abilities as a coach.

    Ultimately I think what these Pistons need more than anything, is a coach who won’t let them let up. That is bigger than play calling (although they do have to be good at that) Because we have probably the deepest roster in the NBA of people who can contribute.

  226. ric

    i saw a similar story in this elimination/series…tay disappeared, sheed were not the same, but closely similar with 6th tech, only chaunce and rip came consistent, despite their injury…they own to stay in detroit and so as the bench…tay, sheed, and hayes, flip… long…..our frontcourt needs to be inserted with youth, max, amir, samb, along with chaunce, rip, stuck, and afflalo… problem looking for an sf….

  227. Dominic

    Call me crazy, and I probably am for saying this, but I think Isiah will be a good coach for this team. Before you call me the stupidest person to walk the earth, think about it. Did you see the respect our boys had for Isiah in the 50th season celebration? They revered him! I can see him convincing the Pistons to play hard all 48 minutes but this time they will listen think if Joe was out there telling them to play hard? Will Sheed Chauncey and Rip listen? hell yea because they respect Joe more than flip. it might work I would love to see stuckey tutored by Thomas

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  228. ric

    the only coach available right now who won’t tolerate let up is scott skiles…although i don’t know the real story behind him being over demanding to the bulls, maybe its true, maybe its not…who knows.

  229. The Fluidics

    Chauncey can call the plays, Lindsey in a suit can call the plays, they just need a motivator.

  230. Aviv Israel

    Saying that this team should be blown up is kookoo talk. You don’t break a lean mean working basketball machine because the franchise need to learn how to use it more efficiently.

    Trade Sheed? trade Tay? you must be nuts.

    In my opinion, what the Pistons need is a fine tuning in their rotation and a more professional attitude from some of the players. Nothing more and nothing less.

    MAX should most def be a starter in my opinion and stu-stu-Stuckey has earned to get MUCH more minutes during the regular season next year and grow to be the NBA superstar that he most def have the potential to be.

  231. ric

    dominic u ask for it, u got it….YOUR CRAZY!! hahaha! interesting suggestion, i do believe they will listen to him, coz of his reputation as a pistons….but isiah is a soft spoken man, way too far from being feisty! another thing is, don’t know about his coaching strategy, and his resume as a coach, doesn’t look good. its almost hiring a friend without having a good experience that can lead to ruining the friendship…isiah-joe.

  232. amer-ican prince

    actually ric John Hammond snatched Scott Skiles up for the Bucks. That butthead (just kidding)

    And dominic I don’t know if they’ll listen to Isiah. He said “no matter what you do, just beat Boston” and they didn’t do that. Plus Joe D likes high character guys.

    btw I am liking the motto. it’s inspiring yet real.

  233. ric

    aviv, i agree with u…except what u just said has been suggested for couple of years now. same mistake over and over again.

  234. Dominic

    Well I expected the accusations of the welfare of my sanity. I was just going out on a limb to be honest and Isiah is already in that obscure head coach yet still not a head coach job with the knicks anyway. (never understood that). Glad you like the motto Amer. Prince feel free to use it if you want, we could all use a little guidance with Joe holding the torch of course

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  235. ric

    i think we can all agree on flip, that its time end it…..but offcourse everybody has a different reason, mine is, not his ability to coach, but his inablity to demand and get into our players head.

  236. Jess


    “i think we can all agree on flip, that its time end it…..but offcourse everybody has a different reason, mine is, not his ability to coach, but his inablity to demand and get into our players head.”

    –I couldnt agree more. All season all I wanted from him is to be more vocal and demanding.

  237. Richie

    Ughhhh. All of this rediciculous trade talk is getting very old very fast. This is exactly why I asked for a moment of silence for #24.
    Claire, your poetic discription of how these players laid it on the line was beautiful.
    I will defend our players later, but right now I’m emotionally drained, and if I am then I KNOW they must be, so how about we stop generating crazy ideas about trades etc?

  238. claire

    haha you guys are some of the greatest sports fans I have ever seen.

    Lead us from the fire Joe, indeed. But whatever happens, I just feel that the Pistons’ greatest assets right now are the backcourt, Stuckey, Maxiell. We cannot let these guys go. And I pray to God that these guys will not leave.

    I agree with Stuckey becoming a superstar. He definitely has the potential. He and Horford are the 2 rookies who impress me most this year. They both display nerves of steel in the playoffs.

    And Maxiell, the guy is blocking, rebounding, defending, dunking, making jumpshots…WOW! Don’t be surprised if he’s gonna start knocking down 3’s next year.

  239. ric

    richie, to some people, its the only way to ignore heartbreak.

  240. claire

    richie, you’re right. No talk about trades. we’ll leave it to Joe. I’m more about “don’t trade so and so” than to “trade this person for that person.”

  241. GTjqUoEIpo5AqoohzEEuzMhrPcw-

    I am so sad and again so nauseated by how this game is officiated.
    I don’t give a hoot what the hell you think, Celtics pull that shit with Atlanta and Cleveland and they were in constant foul trouble and “almost never covered the point spread”. Meanwhile against Detroit they are allowed to get away with poking the eyes, hands right in the face and the foul gets called on the Pistons.

    David Stern, you’re a fucking idiot and I am still waiting for the FBI to charge you for fixing games . By the way, you lost several billion viewers in Asia because they have more important things to deal with like Earthquakes and tycoons. So I hope this year’s finals stink to hell too!

  242. ric

    throw in amir and samb in there claire. hehehe!

  243. M

    true true, seriously, WE COULDN’T BLAME FLIP THIS TIME, IN THE PLAYOFF THIS YEAR. we can only , sadly , blame ourselves, our players….
    But Flip MUST go, sry, man, he needa go because it’s time for us to get some enw changes, like the Mavs, who fired avery not because he is a bad coach.
    Avery for coach, it’s gonna be interesting

  244. The Fluidics

    The only reason I’ll entertain trade talk and stuff tonight is because I know 75% of the people on the blog tonight won’t be around tomorow.
    Everyone will move on, cheer for the wings and hit that parade (yeah, I said it).

    I only really follow two sports. The NBA and Formula One. To me, the NBA is done. I lose all heart when the Pistons get bounced. It’s funny, because I’ll watch the national games all year, I’m a season ticket holder, I catch all the TV games, watch EVERY playoff series, but one the Pistons get knocked out like this, I lose the heart to watch how it ends. We’ll see.

    Keep these guys together if you can Joe. They are still one of the NBA’s absolute elite teams. Find that missing piece Joe, get them to the mountain top.

  245. amer-ican prince


    That’s it let it out, we’re here for you, just try and focus on something positive.

    But yeah I’m definitely not a fan of what Stern has done to the game, and we all know this is the match up he craved. I just can’t get on the refs because to me what they do is much harder than Stern because they have to make decisions almost instantly, and they get 0 credit for what they do.

    Blame stern for what he’s done, but don’t blame the refs for working in his system

  246. Natalie Sitto

    I feel so bad for Dyess. It was hard actually being at the game and I still can’t believe it. They weren’t the better team today.

    I stayed to the final buzzer to cheer for their efforts.

    Thanks Boys….I enjoyed the season.

    Sadly I can’t cheer in the Finals..I hate the Lakers and The Celtics.

    GO WINGS..

  247. M

    yeah, dyess, man, ice for dyess, he definitely deserves one. i think he was driving home with his jersey on again…

  248. The Fluidics

    Ouch, just noticed the background change and the 1-16 is gone. I feel bad for you Nat, cause you can’t step back like so many others can. You gotta write the code and keep plugging away.
    Thanks for all the hard work, you make being a Pistons fan so much more fun. Thanks for sticking to the end, I effing can’t stand all of the people who leave early to beat the traffic, when 20,000 of them do it at the same time. You are the best kind of fan.

    Hope to catch you at the draft party.

  249. amer-ican prince

    i’m with the fluidics, thanks for everything.

    That should be the mantra for next year.

    Ice for Dyess, cause Dyess is nice

  250. Bunyan71

    Billy D. needs to dig in the coiffers and break bread for The Matrix or a similar fast finesse player. Joey D. needs to pop his collar a bit and pull down a star. The Core4 is probably gonna be a wrap, but its ok. We have a bright future with Stuck and Max.
    I love Sheed but he didn’t get it done tonight. We didn’t crash the boards. We played lousy D in the 4th Q. And, worst of all, we got physically dominated. 3 years in a row of this crap is frustrating. Time for change.
    I’m still very proud to be a Pistons fan and a Son of Detroit.

  251. ric

    nat, thanks for making this more fun, i had so much fun compare to last year and big part of it is being in need4sheed! im with u guys through good and bad times, pistons till the end…that day will come, the day will win it all…ill definitely be in the fan day in michigan celebrating with u guys!

  252. ric

    nat, my support for the pistons, including need4sheed, ill be there/here, off or on season…there ya go claire, im like u now…hahaha!

  253. claire

    hahaha ric, i’m always on this site. when i’m not studying, not shopping, i’m on this site, typing my life away.

    Natalie, thank you very much, for everything. Your site indeed makes it a lot more fun to watch DEEEETROIITTT BASKETBALLLLLLLL

  254. The Fluidics

    Just a hunch: #10 hangs in the refters next season. Anybody?

  255. amer-ican prince

    it better.

    But really, would one more season kill him?

    come on hunter I’ll take you to McDonalds if you play one more season

  256. The Fluidics

    thats the spirit.

  257. Dave

    I can’t really put all that I’m thinkin right now.

    I’m still trying to figure how much to balance between how well Boston played compared to our shortcomings. Also still trying to figure out how we lost the lead. And how we’re out for the 3rd year in a row.

    But first, as we all try to figure out what is next and what just happened, I think we can all agree that the last 6 years have been great and we have all been lucky to be able to watch such a great team and such a first class organization continually put out a first class product. I have enjoyed the highs and lows of the last 6 years and look forward to the highs and lows of the next 6.

    A few thoughts on next year:

    I cant believe I am saying this, but it is really is a shame that Flip will most likely be fired. I think that he did a great job this post season. There were numerous times when we could’ve fallen apart, but we didn’t. And Flip made numerous great adjustments in the playoffs. We didn’t lose to the Celtics b/c of him and he is going to lose his job. Ughhh!

    2nd, it looks like Lindsey is now done. What a great career he had! We all owe him a great deal. From the end of the Bad boys to the teal days to the Championship team to the last 5 years… what a career!

    Some brief thoughts on:

    We don’t really have cap room to sign a big name; we have a low draft pick this yr, the 4 picks next year, our mid level, some contracts going off of the books this year, and our current contracts to mak changes.

    The untouchables, as I see it, are : Chauncey, Tay, Stuckey, Maxy, & Amir. It absolutely disgusts me to say it (and I get sick just thinking of them in another uniform) but our best options to move big contracts (if that is what we wanna do) are Rip and Sheed. Sheed, like many have said, could find better taker around the trade deadline. Rip isn’t in his prime yet and has value.

    Ughhhhh, did I just type that we could trade Rip and Sheed? I hate it! I have no idea what Joe should do – I love our team and want everyone back!

    Some realistic free agents we could sign:

    Salim Stoudamie, Chris Duhon, Jason Hart, Brevin Knight, Azubuke, Quentin Ross, DJ Strawberry, Matt Barnes, Kareem Rush, Trevor ariza, Adrian Griffin, Stromile Swift, Channing Frye, Jamaal Magloire, Lorenzen wright, DeSagna Diop

    Potential Draftees (if we keep the pick) (just a few guesses):

    Ty Lawson, Joey Dorsey, DJ White, Will Daniels, Bill Walker, Chris Dougls Roberts, Mario Chalmers

    How do we all feel about Michael Curry as head coach? That’s all that the rumors have said if Flip would be fired. Man, I really thought Flip was really doing a great job this post season.


  258. dshiver

    We should just have a parade for these guys anyway! I can’t believe that the greatest fans in the world would walk out on the Stones’ last minute of play in a GREAT season just because they didn’t get to the Finals! yeah it’s heart-breaking, everyone wants to see these guys win, there is no doubt about it, but you have to give these players a reason to play, a reason to want to stay in Detroit and play for the Pistons; fan appreciation is a big factor.

    Yep, you’re right, they lost; big deal, they sure made it a hell of a series and a hell of a season. 50 seasons, one reason and the fans can’t even say thank you at the end of it all? What if this was McDyess’ last game? What if Theo is done? What if anyone of these guys gets traded? I mean, with the exception of McDyess for B Wallace, this core has been together for what… 5 years!? And they may not be there again and the Pistons’ fans couldn’t just cheer on their home team down the stretch, even when the game looked over and done? It just sickens me that I have to sit up here in the UP and watch the Palace clear out before the final buzzer.

  259. The Fluidics

    Curry is too close to the current coaching situation, if Curry was the coach, they might as well keep Flip (wouldn’t upset me.)

    I heard Curry was on the short list for Phoenix.

  260. claire

    i wished the pistons could see these things that we have posted. the majority of us pretty much said “thank you, pistons, for another great season” here at

  261. Marek

    Natalie should name this site This lazy bum couldnt do anything today and neither could anyone else. Detroit basketball is too old and too careless. Prince losing this ball in the end, c’mon…this aint professional playing, just a talented kid, but these always get beaten…sad to see Detroit to lose…but they were not worth the finals this time, by a long shot

  262. Piston Proud

    A couple of points…

    The coach played Tay to much research his minutes, he played more minutes in this championship run than any of his team mates.

    Where was Chauncey this whole series? His best game in the series was tonight.

    I love Sheed but Rasheed is a big baby. Nothing more nothing less. He hurt any chance of the teams success in the series because he was a distraction.

    Flip is a flop! Why not play the bench. The whole bench when your starters are TIRED. This man should not coach the best team in the NBA.



    I’ll start off by saying that last night after the game I wasn’t really that disappointed. I’ve half expected this all year. Even thought Boston was just slapped together they still are a great team and their guys just wanted it really bad. As much as everybody said that the pistons came with a different attitude this year I never fully bought into that. You could see a lot of times this season that this wasn’t the case. And as much as I don’t want it to happen I think some changes need to be made. These guys are just too comfortable together.

    I don’t know if canning Flip is the right thing to do or not. But man did their offense just look terrible at times in this series. Maybe we need to credit Bostons defense a lot more. We didn’t seem to have these problems in the first two rounds. Like other people have said we need a coach that will lay into these guys once and a while. I don’t see a lot of accountability on this team.

    I’m from the Grand Rapids area and I heard an interesting comment on the radio today. The one thing that the pistons lack that the rest of the conference finals teams have is a dominant player of any type. Like Kobe, Duncan, Garnet, Pierce, Lebron last year, ect. And if you look back at the bad boys Isaih and Joe. Maybe we have that in Stuckey eventually but it will be interesting to see what Joe does this summer.

    I’ve thought about the Avery Jonson idea also. I think it’s interesting that he hasn’t taken a job yet. I have to think that the bulls made a hard run at him. Like someone said earlier, It’s almost like he’s waiting for a good position to open up. Like Boston or Detroit. He seems to be a very defense oriented coach and I’ve seen him get it Dirk’s face plenty of times in Dalas.

    As for Tay, yes he disappeared this series but you have to ask the question, were they really running any plays for him. All I saw him do the whole series was iso outside the paint or at the 3 point line. That’s not really his strength. And he also shouldn’t be handling the ball as much as he does. I just think offensively his strengths are not used. And let’s not forget that Pierce didn’t dominate at all this series and Tay is the reason for that.

    Oh well, I’m done ranting for now. Sorry so long. Thanks for another exciting year pistons. Hopefully we’ll be back again next year.

  264. Vyvee

    the celtics are better; last year the cavs were not; joe has some big decisions..hopefully the pistons will stay on top…i am rooting for lakers; can’t stand anything from boston

  265. Vyvee

    thank you natatie and staff for a great year; i really appreciate need4sheed even though the namesake had a poor series

  266. Danafesto

    I feel like boycotting the finals. I hope they lose viewers. (Probably won’t.) Even though I would be (mildly) rooting for Boston, I can wait 10 days and hear about it when it’s over. I will not watch Kobe get finals MVP.

  267. Danafesto

    Maybe I’ll wax nostalgic and watch the 04 Championship dvd.

  268. The Fluidics

    I just can’t handle Boston going to the World Series, Superbowl, and NBA finals in the span of just over half a year.
    Detroit fans think we have it good… I’m mostly pissed because I wanted to see what they would do with the gatorade commercials.

  269. claire

    omg, i was reading and, and i swear, it was like trading central or something over there. They’re all like trade Rip, he has good trade value, trade Sheed, and get this: trade chauncey billups! who’s gonna run the floor for you then? brainwash chris paul into coming to Detroit? who can the Pistons trade that is better than the current player without losing too many pieces? remember the tay and rip for shawn marion deal last summer? tracy mcgrady? since the rockets fans are probably crying for him to be traded as well.

    i hate how the hometown media shows no respect for this team. it’s always “championship or break up” to them. i’d like to give these journalists a middle finger.

  270. The Fluidics

    Thats why I’m so glad it’s the weekend. No sports talk radio to get me down. Thes welling will go down monday morning, and that talk can be had.

    I don’t think it’s a matter of taking something away from this team, it’s a matter of adding to it.
    Pistons greatest strength also appears to be their greatest weakness: familiarity.
    I think it will work though, but time is thin.

  271. claire

    i agree. we just need to add more to this rosters. the bench has a bunch of expiring contracts.

    i just can’t stand the thought of professional writers, who earn their paychecks by following the Pistons, can say things like “This is the end of this team, alas they have failed again. It’s time to trade [insert name]. I wouldn’t be so mad if they said things like “Joe D has a lot of tool sharpening to do this summer, let’s see what changes will be made.” It’s not that easy to find a good deal that would make you good in the long run, we found one in 2004, and the celtics found theirs in 2008. I’m not saying no changes need to be made, but the press doesn’t have to put it like that. These journalists give me the feeling that Detroit doesn’t appreciate the Pistons. And that’s just heart-breaking.

  272. claire

    “I don’t want to be no ring-chaser, I don’t want to be moving team to team being a ring-chaser. I can’t do that. If I have to do that, I would definitely give it up. I mean, if I stay on this team another couple of years, we still have a chance, we just got to put our heart into it and do it.” – Antonio McDyess

  273. dirge

    It’s a heartbreaking moment, but it happens. We have a team that finished second in the NBA this year. That’s something, if a few games short of what we all wanted–both the fans and the players.

    Consider the bright points.

    Maxiell had some monster games in the post season. He wasn’t consistently eating up the stat sheet, but he was a big factor every time he got on the floor.

    Stuckey brought a very different look to the backcourt, a slasher that actually beats his man off the dribble and can get to the rim. He struggled in spots, too, but it was a heck of a rookie season.

    Amir Johnson didn’t get the burn he probably deserved in the playoffs because of Theo Ratliff. I had a hard time with that, even though Theo is vastly more experienced and a true center. Even if Theo retires or signs with a different team, Amir is going to improve. I think he has the potential to be the best young guy on the team.

    The Jarvis Hayes experiment, which was helpful in the regular season when defense was lax, is over. Perhaps Joe will resign Hermann. Another year might make him the relief Tayshaun needs.

    Arron Afflalo will be filling Lindsey’s role–a defensive stopper with the occassional open play, a smart shot here and there. I think he can, and I’m glad he had a chance to play with Lindsey.

    Tay and Rip are both young, talented players, and I think it’s obvious Rip can put up big numbers when he’s not playing with Mr. Big Shot (two 30+ point games, even when Stuckey scored 15+). I think he’s undervalued by fans outside of Detroit because his scoring comes in the form of mid-range jump shots, not dunks or three point bombs.

    I see the next year being one of change, but I’m not sure where it’ll start and finish. I’m afraid it might be Sheed, but we’ll see. I still think he’s very, very important to the Pistons, but he’s entering the twilight of his career, like McDyess and Billups. His voice might be too loud if they want to focus on a different approach.

    Or Joe might give me my wish, and put Bill Laimbeer in the coach’s seat.

    Oh, and we have a pair of draft picks. Even with #29 and #59, I have faith Joe will improve the team. Perhaps the Timberwolves will give us that nice second round pick they have (they owe us this or next year’s). The are considering trading the first rounder. If they don’t get anything, why draft a second rounder when you’re already full of young players? Wishful thinking, perhaps, but a borderline first round pick would help out considerably when coupled with #29. They might be able to bundle them and trade up or something, or just find another Maxi, Prince, Afflalo, Amir, Samb, or Stuckey… :>

    Thanks for the hard work, Pistons.

    Thanks for the hard work, Natalie. I’m sure you’re having a rough day. Like you, I also tend to get physically ill when the Pistons fall short. Nerves, I guess. I’ve been playing NBA 2k on my PS3 with my finely tuned Pistons team and winning more than any team should (mastered the pro setting finally). Yeah, it’s a game, but so is basketball. I like to think of it as therapy.

    As always, best wishes Detroit.

    ~dirge, stuck in Seattle where we’re watching the city’s team run away

  274. dirge

    It’s a heartbreaking moment, but it happens. We have a team that finished second in the NBA this year. That’s something, if a few games short of what we all wanted–both the fans and the players.

    Consider the bright points.

    Maxiell had some monster games in the post season. He wasn’t consistently eating up the stat sheet, but he was a big factor every time he got on the floor.

    Stuckey brought a very different look to the backcourt, a slasher that actually beats his man off the dribble and can get to the rim. He struggled in spots, too, but it was a heck of a rookie season.

    Amir Johnson didn’t get the burn he probably deserved in the playoffs because of Theo Ratliff. I had a hard time with that, even though Theo is vastly more experienced and a true center. Even if Theo retires or signs with a different team, Amir is going to improve. I think he has the potential to be the best young guy on the team.

    The Jarvis Hayes experiment, which was helpful in the regular season when defense was lax, is over. Perhaps Joe will resign Hermann. Another year might make him the relief Tayshaun needs.

    Arron Afflalo will be filling Lindsey’s role–a defensive stopper with the occassional open play, a smart shot here and there. I think he can, and I’m glad he had a chance to play with Lindsey.

    Tay and Rip are both young, talented players, and I think it’s obvious Rip can put up big numbers when he’s not playing with Mr. Big Shot (two 30+ point games, even when Stuckey scored 15+). I think he’s undervalued by fans outside of Detroit because his scoring comes in the form of mid-range jump shots, not dunks or three point bombs.

    I see the next year being one of change, but I’m not sure where it’ll start and finish. I’m afraid it might be Sheed, but we’ll see. I still think he’s very, very important to the Pistons, but he’s entering the twilight of his career, like McDyess and Billups. His voice might be too loud if they want to focus on a different approach.

    Or Joe might give me my wish, and put Bill Laimbeer in the coach’s seat.

    Oh, and we have a pair of draft picks. Even with #29 and #59, I have faith Joe will improve the team. Perhaps the Timberwolves will give us that nice second round pick they have (they owe us this or next year’s). The are considering trading the first rounder. If they don’t get anything, why draft a second rounder when you’re already full of young players? Wishful thinking, perhaps, but a borderline first round pick would help out considerably when coupled with #29. They might be able to bundle them and trade up or something, or just find another Maxi, Prince, Afflalo, Amir, Samb, or Stuckey… :>

    Thanks for the hard work, Pistons.

    Thanks for the hard work, Natalie. I’m sure you’re having a rough day. Like you, I also tend to get physically ill when the Pistons fall short. Nerves, I guess. I’ve been playing NBA 2k on my PS3 with my finely tuned Pistons team and winning more than any team should (mastered the pro setting finally). Yeah, it’s a game, but so is basketball. I like to think of it as therapy.

    As always, best wishes Detroit.

    ~dirge, stuck in Seattle where we’re watching the city’s team run away

  275. Natalie Sitto

    By the Way I appreciate the Kind words from everyone. I feel as though we are a really Team Need4Sheed, so as much as I do, you do too.

    Please though, I would appreciate it if you would stop with the and getridofsheed and so on comments. Funny yes and I can understand why your not happy with Sheed today, but it happens.

    I said it before and I’ll say it will always be Need4Sheed no matter what.


    Just an idea. I’ve thought about this many times before. Would it really be that bad to swap some starters with bench players. Like maybe have sheed or tay come of the bench or something like that. We always here about how these guys don’t have big egos so why not just try it next year. Assuming not much changes roster wise. The Spurs do it with Ginoboli. And it would allow more of our starters to dominate at different times. Maybe Tay would thrive if he was the #1 scoring option coming off the bench or something. Like I said just an idea.

  277. Timothy

    Fire Flip, hire Laimbeer.

  278. toclark77


    think you ought to post this for sure:

    i really wouldnt mind seeing dyess come back, maybe off the bench but either way i really love that guy. this team can definitely win it all, sucks to come so close again but think of all the great teams who didnt make it as far as us. this team will get a ship. I really doubt joe will blow it up. Gotta keep rip and chauncey for sure and even though last night was rough i still love sheed. everyone that wants to get rid of tay, remember that we probably would have gotten through the first 2 rounds without him. injuries + poor shooting at crucial times killed this team, not any individual player. future looks bright with max and stuckey. im still proud of this team, my best friend is a nets fan so that keeps it all in perspective.


  279. toclark77

    opps i meant wouldnt have gotten through the first 2 rounds without tay…

  280. Natalie Sitto

    M..I know your not blaming him it’s just way happenpens this time of year at Need4Sheed.

    And Just so you all know, I have been trying to put that post about Dyess up for more than a couple of hours but my blogger software isn’t letting me.

    It will show sooner or later.

    An overhaul of the site is coming soon so bugs like this don’t happen anymore.

  281. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    First things first, hats off to the Celtics (unlike Cleveland or even Boston fans, we know to lose with dignity!). They won because they wanted it more than we did, bar none… no ands, ifs, of buts. Good luck representing the Eastern Conference against the Kobes (yes, I’m still waiting for the implosion to happen!).

    About us? Well, first of all, it’s a bit disappointing to lose again, but putting things in perspective… in this same time span, the Knicks have been to the lottery almost all 6 years, as have the Clippers, the Wolves, etc… even Miami is in the cellar and couldn’t hold a consistent run. Only the Showtime Lakers of the 80s and maybe the Celtics dynasty of the 60s have been able to sustain such levels of steady competition. Yes, I’d also like to see a little more bling to back this up, but it has been an amazing run so far…

    Was this a make-or-break year for the Pistons? Well, it’s hard to tell… But I think there need to be a few changes. What changes? It’s hard to tell right now… but I get the feeling that it’s time to shake up the starting line-up a little. I don’t think it’s time to hit the panic button (and most of the postings here seem to agree), but Joe D needs to really rattle the locker room some.

    Was the year a total loss? Definitely not! I think about 28 other teams would like to have had the season we did… Plus, we discovered a legitimate threat at point guard in Rodney Stuckey and Jason Maxiell has definitely become the yardstick for undersized power forwards in the NBA. Regarding Rodney: KUDOS to Lindsey Hunter for his mentoring of Sir Rodney. If Joe D paid attention, Lindsey deserves a spot in the coaching staff as soon as he retires, before someone else takes him away! Arron Afflalo was also impressive, not Stuckey impressive, but he’s a reliable option. Amir has shown some glimpses of potential. I am yet to see Cheikh Samb, but I can see him in some sort of Theo Ratliff kind of role. I think “Fabio” Hermann needs to be given more minutes from the bench, a la Manu in San Antonio.

    One thing I can assure you is that we’re not going to have the implosion after the Bad Boys era.

    And, I’m disappointed in the end, but I’ll never stop rooting for MY PISTONS!!!!!

  282. detpistonsfan

    We all agree that the pistons need a pure scorer that can take over games (better than rip and chauncey), however those kind of guys cost money? Who do you want, Kobe, Redd, Pierce? I say we should keep the team the way it is now. They will just get better next year with the young guys and maybe a free agent. If boston got that #1 pick, we would be in the finals easily. But since they didn’t, they got Garnett and Allen instead and later on got more guys. Is it just me or should they be way over the cap. It seems impossible to build a team like that in one summer.

  283. detpistonsfan

    I hope they can get back to the finals next year, but I feel that Chicago might be that next road bump that might hold us back. Everyone should keep their eyes on what the Bulls do. They got Hughes, Hinrich, Deng, and especially Gordon. With a big like beasley they can be a lot better.

  284. M

    Natalie Sitto, i know it sounded a little bit silly but since there wud be an overhaul, what happened if sheed did get traded (i realli think that joe d is gonna make a move toward sheed this summer)?
    n i realli feel bad for dyess, like almost everyone has said it before, he does deserve a ring. i think he is gonna remain in da squad next season, so when we win the champs, he wud be around us as well.

  285. Jessi

    ok I am not sure if anyone will read this but I hope you do,ya tay did not shoot very well in the ecf but please do not forget up was there when no one else was tay if it ws not for tay and dycess the pistons may not have even made it to the ecf this year. I am not mad at tay for this offense this series and the biggest reason is look at the regular season stats he did not play well offense against bostons so coming into this series I knew he would not be a very big factor on his offense and well he wasn’t however it was tay how came olive inthe third to help the pistons take the lead he had nine points which put them up by 8. This game was lost by foul trouble at the start of the forth the pistons were in the pentally I think 4 or 5 mintues into it which changed the game becasue they could not defend detroit basketball way which allowed bostons back into the game. I sad this before I am not as upset as I was last yr about this one because everyone except detroit fans wanted boston in the finals against the lakers hell NBA already has a artical thats says “Dream NBA Finals are Greenlighted” I think detroit played hard this series and if game three was won I think that things would have been different this game and the pistons would have been in the finals I am not sure what would have happened in a game seven I would hope for the pistons to come out but for some reason I think it would have been boston in the end. I know that joe keep this team together after last yr but I really think one more season together will make a differce, the learned from last yr and stuckey and aaron will have some playoff games under them. The one change I would like to see is a better back up for tay, I mean he is good and can play the minutes but when he is not on his A game it would be nice to have someone because to come in and play solid minutes. Well anyway I justed wanted to say the year you can not blame anyone for the put come, detroit is a good team and I think each of us knows deep down inside even if we can’t admit it this years finals ended the way everyone else wanted it to. I am proud to be a pistons fan I got a new sweater in the mail that I order on on thursday and I said when they win friday I am going to wear this to work on saturday I still wore it and told eveyone how prond I was of detroit and when everyone tried to put them down or laugh I backed everything up with sats, one more point I even had a person wearing a heat shirt in the shoe store I was at come up to be and say Detoirt played well this year I thought they would win but looks like the NBA got what they wanted, I was again proud to be a pistons fan and proud of the pistons this year unlike the way it end last season.

  286. Dominic

    I woke up this morning finding myself shouting at people who didn’t deserve it, struggling to smile, and wishing to be stuck in the house even when the sun is shining outside. I wonder if this is how Dyess is feeling

    Lead us from the fire Joe

  287. Baby Jesse

    “i think dice will retire or go to another team.”

    Doubtful, especially after he just said this:“I don’t want to be no ring-chaser, I don’t want to be moving team to team being a ring-chaser. I can’t do that. If I have to do that, I would definitely give it up. I mean, if I stay on this team another couple of years, we still have a chance, we just got to put our heart into it and do it.”

    And I’m good with coach Flip too, but if it has to be someone else, I would want it to be Laimbeer.

  288. K-Han

    yeah i also noticed that everytime tay took it up THIS YEAR anytime someone kinda stepped up to him he always put his back to them and just started dribblin back with his left hand. That always threw that particular play off and we’d never get a good look.

  289. iloveblaha01

    One thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

    Philippians 3:13-14

  290. Richie

    I will put my disgust for the trade talk on hold for now. I did just want to say that the complaints about the officials in this game are very ill-founded. I thought they called a very fair and consistant game. Sometimes I’m not happy with them, but in this game I was and it’s time to accept that the Pistons don’t need an excuse for losing.

  291. M

    yeah look at the cetlics, who played through adversity. dat i have to give them credit for their perseverance. but man, like what dyess said, we needa have no excuses; game 3 jsut haunted us down forever.
    but sadly, one possible trade that joe might consider is sheed for brand.

  292. The Fluidics

    I thought that the game last night was called fairly, except for that Chauncey 3 that got overturned.

    But Shee’ds and honest guy, he flipped out about the refs, got fined, it certainly wasn’t for lying.

    Didn’t realise Dyess has 2 more years…

  293. claire

    jessi, you said you order a pistons sweater from How long did it take for the item to arrive? Because I just ordered my Rip Hamilton T-shirt this morning, and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

    I can’t wait to rock that shirt when school starts. My school is full of Mavs, Rockets, and Spurs fans.

  294. ric

    claire, im thinking the same thing, to wear my billups jersey, even after getting eliminated…theres so many bandwagon lakers fan here in LA just because their winning, by wearing my pistons jersey, will give me an opportunity to tell them, “where was your lakers jersey, when they got knocked out so many times in the playoffs???”

  295. JAckson011

    I know this site is called Need4Sheed. I am huge fan of sheed. He is a truly amazeing player. But at this point and for the three years i’ve been asking myself WHAT IS WRONG with this team? I think SHEED NEEDS TO GO. He simply doesn’t seem to step it up in huge games. He doesn’t seem to be consistant when we need him to be. He doesn’t seem to drop thoes big three pointers when we have to have them. He’s a huge liability with his mouth and his techs as well. I think he’s become more of a distraction as well. I thought this years team was far better than the team that won the championship. I can only hope maxiell and stuckey step it up even more next year.

  296. Jess

    “I woke up this morning finding myself shouting at people who didn’t deserve it, struggling to smile, and wishing to be stuck in the house even when the sun is shining outside. I wonder if this is how Dyess is feeling” –Domonic

    I have been doing the same thing all day too. I think I was so crabby with customers at work too. I even raised my voice at my manager. Im surprised she didnt fire me!

  297. ric

    after watching the video

    its more heartbreaking to see these people go separate way. i don’t want anyone to leave detroit, if anything, they should just switch rotation…i love all of them….by the way nat, thanks for everything! and heres a blog to all pistons fans in los angeles that i just started.

  298. khajatiger

    GOD THIS IS SO HARD AND SUCKS!!! God today I did absolutly nothing, I couldn’t go to sleep last night after the game and just layed in bed for like an hour thinking if that was the last time I would see this core 5 together again. Today I went outside and spent most of the day shooting hoops in the driveway but it didn’t feel the same, food didn’t taste the same, nothing felt the same, I felt like someone in those quit smoking commercials where they don’t know how to do anything w/o a smoke. I really feel bad for Dyess, during the playoffs everyone talked about how they are going to step up for him and at times it seemed like it but during this series we seemed to go back to feeling that it was all owed to us!
    I just don’t know what Joe might do, but I do agree with Tay that this one isn’t Flip’s fault, yet deep down I know that it will probably be put on him and he will be gone! It’s really sad too because we did everything that Joe wanted done except win it all, we got the bench developed, rested the starters, played with a sense of urgency for the most part.
    Hunter will retire, Theo will probably move on to another team, Dixon will also probably move on also because of the depth of the backcourt. I think Samb will probably be sent down to the D-league again (if he still can be, don’t know the rules on all that) but will spend most of the time with the Pistons on the sidelines, I hope that he will get some playing time in some games so we can see what he can do for us. I hope Dyess will stay on for another year, but I know it’s going to be hard to decide for him cause he’s not going to go anywhere else he will retire he says, Amir needs to get more playing time in games he’s got it in him even if all he does is grab boards that will be HUGE and we need them. If Dyess comes back I think we bring him off the bench. I think that we should let Hayes go he loves to jack it up to much and it just doesn’t want to fall! And there is Walter, I say resign him and give him playing time and see what happens I mean everyone loves him!!! Which leaves us with SHEED, I love the guy to death as much as the next person, I love his realness and all but sometimes he just doesn’t know when to stop the yelling at the refs, he is still a great player that could get us something in return. If we do trade him I think we should try to get a center in return and a SF, though there are some decent SF becoming free agents this summer, but we need to get a center either from trade or free agent. If we got a good center then we could have CB and RIP in the backcourt, start MAXIELL, and whoever the center is, and then maybe think about getting a good SF and starting them and bringing Tay and Dyess off the bench, because then Tay could be the first or second option off the bench behind Stuckey. Then that would bring Arron in behind RIP, Amir in behind Maxy and Dyess in behind the center.
    As for Flip I have wanted him gone for awhile but I finally saw the light with him and realized he isn’t that bad of a coach, so Joe D please bring him back!
    GO PISTONS!!!!
    and Domonic I hope you don’t mind me stealing this from you because I really agree with you on it, it’s a great saying!
    Lead us from the fire Joe!!!


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